Ways to Optimize Your Online Store In-order to Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates happen to be one of the major concerns of ecommerce sites. In order to increase your site’s conversion rates, first of all you need to focus on your site’s look, feel and overall user experience. Prior to investing any money into paid search engine campaigns, display advertising or social media ads, it is quite important to get your site’s homepage and site structure perfect. With these sorts of paid services, obviously you can drive a very good traffic to your site, but until and unless you optimize your site design for conversion, you wouldn’t be getting the right result for the investment you make on these services.

First off all wear your customer’s shoe and look at your home page! Question yourself whether a shopper can trust his /her credit card to you or whether he can tell what you can sell within five second. If your answer is ‘No’ to these questions, then the time has come to work on your site. Though there are a plenty of areas to improve your conversion, let us begin with the most important thing – the design.

Clean Design That Projects Your Products

When someone is visiting your website, the person should clearly understand what you are selling, at the very first sight itself. But think, most of the sites which we come across the web confuse us or do not directly show off what they sell, even at the home page itself. This is never ever a wise thing when it comes to conversions. The best way to overcome this is by keeping your store design clean and professional. Dress up your home page with lots of large and high quality images. Complicated and irrelevant images divert your shoppers from what you actually want them to do on your site.

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If your home page is full of text, know that no one is going to spend time sitting and reading it. Meanwhile, putting on relevant images will easily let them know what you do and what service you provide them. A recent consumer study conducted by Oneupweb said that around 70.8% of shoppers feel that having products displayed on the homepage is an influential factor for making a purchase. And remember that, choosing images to feature on your home page is the best practice to display your most popular products. If your product is a sort of vague to cover customer interest, groom them in a pleasing way to help increase shopper interest on your store. You probably know your bestsellers and hence put them up on your home pages to trigger customer’s interest.

Make them easy to call you

Help increase your conversions by letting your customers know your contact information in an easy way. Display your phone numbers prominently on every page, preferably at the right side of your site header. This brings-in people confidence to your site and let them know that you do not own a fly by night business. They will also sense that if they get along with any issues or clarifications on your product, it could be rectified with a simple phone call.

Shipping Factor

Most of the sites would have mentioned in their company policy statements about free shipping and refund policies. These policies play a vital role in convincing customers to a great extent. Check with such kind o sites that offer such polices. See how they mention free shipping, their easy return policy and their low-price guarantee. Are they mentioning them at the top of the site for all to see? If yes, then note it down that they’ve addressed it in this manner so that visitors can shop without worrying about them. Shipping happens to be the most important factor to address, as it is the major reason for shoppers to abandon a shopping cart. A recent Forrester study reported that 44% of shopping carts are abandoned just because of high shipping costs. Next is the price factor, which also falls to be an issue and hence refund policies are a big deal for online stores.

Display Prices and Shipping Clearly

The same Forrester study mentioned above also showed that 25% of shopping carts were abandoned just because of the more than expected product cost and 22% because of shipping costs were listed too late in the process. This indicates that a full 91% of carts are abandoned for price- or shipping-related reasons. Also the Oneupweb consumer study mentioned earlier said that 95.5% of respondents cited clearly stated pricing and shipping information as an influential factor in making a purchase decision. Hence make sure that a product’s price is clearly stated either on your home page or product page.

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