Hire Full Stack Developer for Your Web Development Project


According to the US Bureau of Labour, within 2024 Full stack Developers are predicted to increase from 135,000 to 853,000.                                                                      

Hence the demand for hiring a Full Stack developer is gaining great momentum especially in IT-driven countries like UK, Canada, USA, Asia, Germany, etc. In today’s competitive market, every business strives hard to mark a strong digital impact in web development & app development services. Read More »

Mirrorfly – A Better Chat Alternative to Layer Messaging Platform

“There is always an alternative to every solution that gives a bit of mileage to your needs.”

Chat solutions have always been a significant tool for businesses to communicate, but choosing the ideal solution has been a tricky one. Read More »

A Unified Messaging SDK And Chat API Integration for Website & App (Android, iOS)

​​​​​​​Set a timer for 10 minutes. Count the number of message notifications you would be getting. Too many right? Well, that’s how integral instant messaging android SDK / messaging iOS SDK has become to our business. Read More »

How to Build Radio Station App for Android & iOS That Attracts Millions of Audience?

build radio station app like pandora

Online radios are gaining grounds in recent years. In fact, radios never went out of style since the late 1800s – the time since it was invented. It was the medium in which it has been connecting through kept shifting. Read More »

Best Chat Solution to Build Messaging App like WhatsApp in Android, iOS & Web


What would you say that WhatsApp was valued at just around $1.5 billion in 2013?

But now we all know that Facebook paid $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp. Read More »

How to Build One to One Chat App Using Ejabberd & Erlang from Scratch?

In this article, the development of one to one chat app from scratch is discussed in detail. The technical stack involved in WhatsApp like chat app are Erlang (Language), Ejabberd (Framework), XMPP protocol, MySQL (Database). Read More »