Live Streaming Solution / Platform / Service for A to Z Media Purposes

Live Streaming – the latest lifestyle hype has taken the world by storm. From action-packed sport events to marriage events; everybody wants to live stream something.

Of course, there are plenty of apps for that. But a solution to build a live video streaming web application or mobile app is hard to come by.

That is where Contus Vplay comes into play. It is envisioned as a live video streaming solution equipped to build and manage live streaming without any fuss.

From life television broadcasts to live streaming to mobile and tablet devices, there is so much that Contus Vplay can make possible.

Contus Vplay Live Streaming Platform – Under the
Hood Components

Contus Vplay is a readymade video on demand solution that offers scalable and reliable live streaming. It is equipped for digital age live video streaming that demand high security and delivery optimization for several screen sizes. Using the live streaming solution, video content can also be optimized for multiple revenue models.

  • Hybrid Platforms
  • Live TV Streaming
  • Live event streaming
  • Embed Live Streaming
  • Live streaming Monetization
  • Quick scalability
  • Security

Hybrid platforms

Render maximum flexibility to your video business with Contus Vplay live video streaming solution that can handle both live streaming as well video on demand requirements with equal ease. It is also optimized to scale up volumes rapidly when peak traffic rushes in for your video service.


Live Event Streaming

Understanding the need for private event streaming, Contus Vplay is equipped to enable a live streaming platform stream contents straight from camera in RAW formats, transcode them into suitable formats for delivery across multiple media outlets. Features like live editing, pause, play, rewind, record are further value additions to live streaming.

Live TV Streaming

From football stadium in UK to television screens in Australia, Contus Vplay can deliver live TV streaming with state-of-the-art visual clarity. Contus Vplay uses custom-built video encoders that consumes less resources but deliver captivating media quality.

Embedded Live streaming

Embed your live streaming feed into your website, mobile app or even your social channels to maximize engagement. Also, Contus Vplay can help you track and analyze the engagement through detailed analytic reports. Of course, the embedded live streaming content gets streamed across all devices including mobiles, desktops and tablets.

Live Streaming Monetization

If your live streaming service are peaking in traffic, you can cash in on the traffic through multiple revenue models. Contus Vplay offers several live streaming monetization options that your business can make use of. To mention some – sponsorship, Pay per View, Banner ads, etc. The live video player can be integrated with payment gateways so that users can pay for the video without having to leave the window.


Quick scalability

Contus Vplay is engineered to run on the cloud. The cloud-readiness gives robust scalability that enterprises and media houses need to conduct their video business smoothly. Storage, streaming and monetization can be ramped up or scaled down on a need basis using.

Security measures

Video content ranks amidst the most commonly stolen and pirated media assets in the world, almost at close quarters with software programs. Contus Vplay ensures that enterprises are able to secure their video assets with multiple security measures.

Digital Rights Management (DRM): Copyright protection and management for all your videos made possible in a single interface. DRM Support for TV standards like HbbTV is also included.

Encryption: Prevent possibilities of content being copied, downloaded or pirated with encryption technology. AES level encryption ensures your video security stays top-notch at all times.

Access Control: Set access control for your videos to keep unsubscribed viewers from accessing premium content.

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