17 April, 2024
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Top 6 Companies to Hire SaaS Developers to Build Your Software Product

Learn About SaaS Development

The SaaS industry is booming all over the world. 

According to Global New Wire, the global SaaS product development market, which was valued at $237.48 in 2022, will see a three-fold increase by 2030 and reach a massive $908 in 2030. 

If this isn’t huge, then what is?

What do you think has fuelled this SaaS revolution?

Well, there are multiple factors at play like subscription-based service, regular updates with the latest features and security patches, etc. 

There’s also one hidden, often overlooked factor at work here. 

Overdependence on SaaS apps can sometimes lead to platform lock-in. It is a situation where users find it costly and difficult to switch over, once they’re integrated into their existing workflows. 

Clever, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, identifying a problem, finding solutions with technology, and marketing it with a SaaS product is a proven strategy to success for thousands of entrepreneurs across the world. 

Are you planning to launch a SaaS product?

Then, we made this article for you.

We will see why you need a SaaS developer in the first place, where to get started and some of the best companies to hire SaaS developers in the next few minutes.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a SaaS Developer?

Although there can be plenty of reasons as to why you should hire a SaaS developer, let’s see some of the solid reasons to hire one here.

1. Specialized Expertise

SaaS software development requires specialized skills in cloud computing, scalability, and data security. Experienced SaaS developers mostly bring expertise in top programming languages like Python, Java, or Ruby on Rails. Along with this, they are also proficient in frameworks like React or Angular. 

For example, a skilled developer can optimize database queries for super-fast response time to ensure a fluid user experience and better customer satisfaction.

2. Efficiency and Speed

In addition to their expertise, a professional SaaS developer efficiently speeds the development process, ensuring the software goes into use. With their expert knowledge of best practices and efficient coding, they can avoid numerous common pitfalls by producing high-quality code within a given period. For instance, pre-built modules, or application protocol interfaces can

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability is one of the key requirements during SaaS development since developers have to be ready to accommodate larger user bases and huge data loads. Experienced developers design software using cloud infrastructure and microservices architecture. They develop solutions that can scale up or down within seconds when a new user comes or is leaving. For example, using containerization technologies such as Docker implies a simplified deployment process and scaling of the application components. 

4. Security and compliance

SaaS applications work with lots of user data, which is why professional development studios ensure best practices to keep sensitive information secure. They use data encryption technologies, employ access control, and authentication methods to prevent data breaches or unauthorized access. 

In the post-COVID era, data protection in apps has become a must, and any product development company has to comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, or any other data protection act.

5. Maintenance and Support

SaaS products require regular maintenance and support to fix bugs, add more features, and improve performance. Professional developers deliver reliable support, swiftly solving encountered issues, and providing regular system updates to maintain a stable operation. They also ensure that the system is performing well and predict possible challenges to solve them proactively.

For example, developers apply several automated testing procedures and detect bugs before implementing the final code product. That way the SaaS product has durable performance throughout the work cycle, and potential troubleshooting activities are minimized in the future.

Are You Looking to Hire SaaS developer?

6. Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Professional developers come up with novel ideas that help your product survive in today’s super competitive market. They can deliver solutions that are unique and different from others due to their expertise in changing technologies and trending novelties. For example, they use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) to personalize and predict the interaction of their product with the customer.

Top 6 Companies to Hire SaaS Software Developers

We will see where some of the top companies hire SaaS developers in Asia-Pacific and across the world. 

1. CONTUS Tech

Elevating your SaaS vision, one expert hire at a time

CONTUS Tech is a well-known SaaS product development company, based in Chennai, India. They provide services to more than 40 countries around the world. So, they do end-to-end SaaS app development services — from product discovery, design, development, and deployment, to ongoing support.
One lesser-known fact about CONTUS Tech is they’re the makers of user-friendly, scalable applications, like Gudsho, MirrorFly, and VPlayed, CONTUS Tech creates innovative SaaS products for various businesses. They have an elite, in-house team of 300+ SaaS developers, averaging 6 to 10 years of experience.

Their portfolio includes some big names in the industry, which also includes many Fortune 500 firms like ICICI Bank, Hyundai, Daimler Trucks, Tata, Coca-Cola, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and many others. 

Funded in: CONTUS Tech was founded in 2008.

Headquarters- Location: The company is headquartered in Chennai, India.

Employees: CONTUS Tech has a team of 350+ highly talented engineers and experts specialized in SaaS.

Types of SaaS Services Offered: Multi-Tenant Architecture, SaaS Application Development, Cloud Migration to SaaS, UI/UX Design, SaaS Consulting Service, and Custom SaaS Solutions.

Cost: The cost of their services is not explicitly mentioned in the provided sources. You can contact their sales team to know the exact SaaS development cost. 

2. Radixweb

Empowering businesses to thrive with top-tier SaaS developers

Radixweb is a prominent SaaS software development company that prioritizes custom SaaS development and product solutions. As a service provider with 20 years of professional experience and a background of 2900 plus clients across the globe, Radixweb is a leading participant in the fast-expanding SaaS apps market. 

With features including the entire SaaS software development cycle, from idea to deployment, the services it provides vary greatly. They serve diverse software requirements of clients across various verticals around the planet. Focused on rapid innovation and a strong level of customer service, Radixweb has established itself as a trusted provider in the sphere of SaaS product development.

Founded In: Radixweb was founded in 2000.

Headquarters- Location: The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India.

Employees: Radixweb has a team of over 650 SaaS specialists.

Types of SaaS Services Offered: SaaS Product Development, SaaS Application Development, SaaS Consulting Services, SaaS Migration Services, Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture, SaaS Web Development, SaaS Mobile Development, SaaS API Development and Integration.

Cost: The cost details are not explicitly provided in the sources. You have to contact their team to know the exact pricing. 

3. ScienceSoft

Transforming ideas into reality with elite SaaS developers on board.

ScienceSoft has been providing reliable, secure, and scalable SaaS solutions for more than 30 years now. They have a 3600+ strong team of experienced consultants with competence in SaaS product design and development. This Texas-based SaaS Product development company serves different industries, like healthcare, BFSI, and telecoms. The company can provide detailed software requirements specifications, with information on both functionality as well as architecture, and cost-benefit estimations. ScienceSoft is known for its scintillating architecture patterns, cybersecurity, and identity management. With the use of the latest technologies, this company can offer innovative and efficient SaaS applications for the educational sphere.

Founded In: ScienceSoft has been in operation since 1989.

Headquarters Location: The company is headquartered in McKinsey, Texas, USA.

Employees: ScienceSoft has a team of over 3600 professionals.

Types of SaaS Services Offered: ScienceSoft offers a wide range of SaaS services, including SaaS consulting, development outsourcing, modernization, and support.

SaaS Development Cost: The specific cost details for their SaaS development services are not provided on their website. Going by industry standards, it may cost between $80,000 to $150,000. You have to contact their team to know the exact pricing. 

4. Bacancy

Unlock the full potential of SaaS with our dedicated developers.

Bacancy Technology is a famous digital agency and worldwide supplier of top-notch digital product management services for governments or businesses. With a philosophy grounded in “customer-centered innovation,” their eponymous software company plays off a variety of other innovative technologies to provide customers with tailor-made solutions that meet specific business needs and bring efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Bacancy works with our client’s developers, designers, and product strategists in an extremely interactive and collaborative studio environment designed to maximize the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), ensure security levels for any product we develop whether it’s new or existing technology; together this can make quality products. They also help enterprises to migrate to the cloud, create APIs, and provide advice on SaaS. As all these are key values in modern business practices, Bacancy is a popular option for those looking for a reliable SaaS software development company for their needs. Their ongoing commitment to service and feature enhancements ensures uninterrupted product operation and further enhances their reputation as one of the industry’s leading providers of SaaS development.

Founded In: Bacancy Technology was founded in 2011.

Headquarters- Location: The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India.

Employees: Bacancy Technology has a team of over 1000+ employees.

Types of SaaS Services Offered: Bacancy offers a range of SaaS services, including SaaS consulting, development outsourcing, modernization, and support.

SaaS Development Cost: The specific cost details for their SaaS development services are not provided on their website.

5. Pixelcrayons

Crafting SaaS excellence through skilled developer hires.

PixelCrayons is a SaaS software development candidate that has positioned itself well for the project. This candidate has successfully specialized in custom and platform-based web applications, native mobile apps, hybrid apps, and Progressive Web Applications. PixelCrayons’ SaaS are scalable multi-tenant-based applications that provide integration with third-party services. Other than the regular SaaS development services offered, PixelCrayons also provides SaaS consulting, development outsourcing, and modernization and support services. PixelCrayons has a robust, multi-functional team of competent SaaS developers who have a rich history of 18 years in SaaS software development.

Founded In: PixelCrayons was founded in 2004.

Headquarters- Location: The company is based in India.

Employees: Pixelcrayons has a team of 500+ professionals. 

Types of SaaS Services Offered: PixelCrayons offers services like SaaS consulting, SaaS Architecture, UI/UX, Custom Product Development, Product Testing, Support & Maintenance, API Integration, Data Security & Compliance, etc. 

SaaS Development Cost: The specific cost details for their SaaS development services are not provided on their website. You can request a free consultation to know their pricing. 

6. Syndicode

Hire Our Innovative Developers

Syndicode is a value-driven software development partner. It also provides many SaaS services, such as Data Engineering solutions, Digital Products, custom Marketplaces, Product Design services, Web & Mobile solutions, SaaS, LMS, and CRM Systems. With a team of globally distributed engineers, designers, architects, and IT managers, Syndicode has ten years of experience providing end-to-end software development services to over 100 companies around the world. Their expertise is mainly in developing strong and cutting-edge software products. They work within your time zone and have a quick onboarding procedure, which is why they are a critical player in presenting digital transformation and excelling at customer expectations. 

Founded In: Syndicode was founded in 2014.

Headquarters- Location: The company is based in San Francisco, USA.

Employees: Syndicode has a closely-knit team of 80+ in-house engineers, designers, architects, and IT managers.

Types of SaaS Services Offered: Syndicode offers a variety of SaaS services, including Data Engineering solutions, Digital Products, custom Marketplaces, Product Design services, Web & Mobile solutions, SaaS, LMS, and CRM Systems.

SaaS Development Cost: The specific cost details for their SaaS development services are not provided in the sources. You have to contact their team to know the pricing. 


That’s it. We have come to the conclusion. 

What are the takeaways?

Creating a SaaS product from the ground up can be daunting for newcomers due to its multifaceted requirements. 

Beyond mere resources, it needs dedicated SaaS developers, robust, scalable architecture, consistent updates, seamless integration with other platforms, adherence to regulations, and many more. Managing these elements demands expertise in cloud computing, cybersecurity, full stack development, and so on. 

However, starting from scratch with an in-house team isn’t the sole path forward. Companies like CONTUS Tech specialize in SaaS product development, bringing years of knowledge and experience to the table. 

With a successful track record of over 15 years and a portfolio boasting 100+ successful SaaS products like MYn, NETVERSE, Practyce, BigFan, and Skempi, we operate globally, serving clients across 5 continents, 10 time zones, and 40+ countries.

Our team comprises 300+ professionals, including proficient project managers, skilled product engineers, insightful business analysts, and rigorous QA specialists. We offer tailored SaaS solutions, transparent MVP estimations, and guarantee punctual deployments for all our clients. Additionally, we provide outsourcing options for dedicated SaaS product developers to complement your in-house teams. Contact us today for a high-performing SaaS product development.

Reach Out to Us to Hire Experienced SaaS Developers Within the Next 48 hours. We Have an Amazing Sales Team Who are Operating Across Major Time Zones.

Lokesh Kumar is a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in SaaS product development. Passionate about innovation and technology trends, Lokesh thrives on bringing cutting-edge solutions to market.

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