24 March, 2023

The 10 Best Streaming Platforms To Create A Video Streaming App In 2023

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The big black box (your TV) that was once the most popular media channel is slowly taking the back seat. Two of the most crucial factors that have led to this video streaming app development with the availability of high-speed internet and the affordability of internet-powered smartphones.

Did you know that, 

  • By 2027, the live streaming market is anticipated to be worth $184. 3 Billion – (Businesswire)
  • In Spain and Austria, video and TV streaming consumption increased by more than 40%, while Germany had a 32% increase. (Statista)
  • Forecasts indicate that live videos will account for 82% of internet usage by 2022. (whatsnewinpublishing)
  • In 2022, the video streaming market is expected to be worth $50 Billion. (Fact.MR)

Deep internet penetration together with affordable smartphones has helped to lay a strong foundation for online video streaming platforms.

(Over the Top) OTT platforms leverage the internet to deliver content directly to users and provide a buffer-free streaming experience. Working on the principles of ‘on-demand content’’ the online video streaming platform have a major advantage over the traditional cable subscription as they provide more autonomy to the user to watch their favorite content without any time or place restrictions.

The Video-on-Demand (VOD) mobile applications can be described as online video platform that allow users to stream their favorite content from a pool/library without any restrictions on ‘when’ and ‘where’ they can access the content.

The users just need to install the video streaming apps and choose a video subscription service plan based on what type of content they want to watch.

There is a growing demand for video content by internet users worldwide. You can assess it from the fact that the mobile video streaming app category on the app store witnessed a huge surge in the number of apps available for download.

When it comes to android video streaming apps the figures are even higher as Android dominates the share of mobile markets worldwide, approximately 74% of the overall share.

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How To Build A Video Streaming App In 5 Steps (2023)?

You need to spend a significant amount of time on research to build a video streaming app that is dynamic enough to entertain a wide range of audiences. However, we did all the heavy lifting for you and narrowed this tremendous work into five simple and practicable steps. 

So, here is the 5-step complete guide on how to make video streaming apps that can deliver a buttery-smooth viewing experience and entertain a wide range of audiences.

build a video streaming app

Step 1: Define Your Market

You shouldn’t design a live-streaming application based on speculation. Instead, you should find out the app’s actual users’ wants and preferences. 

Then, arrange and conduct user interviews to find problems as they arise. Finally, you should identify a market niche to design a profitable app. There are numerous alternatives to on-demand video streaming services. 

Step 2: Define Your Target Demographics

Decide on your target demographic and the platforms for which your app will be available, either on a website, an iOS/Android video streaming app, a smart TV, or a desktop OS. 

You will learn the technology stack required to construct the product based on your choice in this way.

Step 3: Decide On The Content Availability & Content License

Will the content provided by third-party distributors and content developed by you, depending on the project type, be made available? 

In any instance, copyright protection techniques and legal implications must be compulsorily considered.

Step 4: Decide On the Monetization Models

Decide on your streaming service’s monetization model. Of course, there must be more than a clever technical solution to build a long-term business. Knowing how to make money by creating a video streaming app is also essential.

Step 5: Develop a Video Streaming App

You may validate your video streaming ideas in the real world faster by creating apps at zero risk. 

You can launch a video streaming app via full-stack app builders with added perks or hire a dedicated movie streaming app builder like VPlayed.

Hiring a professional video streaming app builder is advisable, especially if you lack experience in this industry.

Planning To Build A Video Streaming Platform?

What Are The Key Features Of Video Streaming App?

One of the most important things to do when it comes to video streaming app development is to plan on the features that your app will have. The best online video platforms should be dynamic enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the users.

features of video streaming app

It should offer a simple and intuitive user interface that allows anyone to easily access their preferred content without having to scratch their heads. Let’s explore some of the must-have features that will help you deliver the best user experience.

1. Profile Access

It is one of the most important features that your online video/audio streaming platform must offer. It should help the users to register and make their profile easily so that they can access the saved content and create their watch list. It helps to deliver a personalized experience to the users.

2. Push Notification

push notifications allow you to send important updates and marketing communication to your users in real-time.

It helps to boost user-engagement and traffic on your online VOD platform. The third important feature that your application must have is ‘Multilingual support’, your application should offer the same content in multiple languages to entertain a global audience, language shouldn’t be a bar for people to enjoy your content.

3. Content Categories

One of the most important features that work along the lines of organized offerings is having different types of content in respective sections help users to easily access the desired content without spending much time finding it.

It helps to improve the navigation and adds to the good user experience quotient.

4. In-app Purchase

A good way to increase your revenue figures is by adding value to the visitors. It helps to provide additional features for minimal fees that are beneficial for users.

Think of in-app purchases like upsells for your video streaming platform.

5. Video Monetization

Having multiple video monetization platform provides creators and broadcasters with the flexibility to choose a reliable monetization method for revenue generation.

6. Real-Time Analytics

The feature in a video on demand app helps to gather useful data and get insights related to your audience.

It can help you improve by creating content that your audience likes to watch based on the engagement stats. It will also help you avoid general mistakes. Payment getaways help you collect payments from users based on their subscription plans.

7. Payment Gateway

It should offer users multiple payment methods to pay for their subscription plans. It should not restrict them with limited options, it should accept payment methods such as debit card, credit card, net-banking, digital wallets, etc.

8. Reliability

Your online video streaming platform should be reliable enough to deliver a glitch-free experience to the users. Your online video streaming solution should be free from technical issues.

You should always opt for solution providers that offer global or multi–Content Delivery Network (CDN) and low-latency video streaming. This helps to provide an uninterrupted experience even at low internet speed.

9. Security

In the digital age, cyber-theft is a major challenge for online solution providers. Your app should deliver a secure video streaming experience to all your users and should not compromise with privacy standards.

Having strong encryption and digital rights management systems will help to protect the copyright of content on your platform and limit the illegal distribution and access of the same.

10. Customization

Customization plays a major role when it comes to deliver the personalized experience to  users. Personalization has a huge role in the growth and success of your online video streaming solution.

You should choose the best video streaming services for your video streaming app development that allows enough customization to help you create your brand and deliver white label OTT platform.

11. Beneficial Features

Your iOS or Android video streaming app development solution provider should offer you all essential features that don’t limit your creative execution. From content management systems to integration and monetization options, you should evaluate all features offered by your service provider before making a decision.

Some of the most essential features that you must check for include video editing tools, search bar, customizable video player, captioning and translation tools, social media connect, video marketing & analytics, etc.

Top 10+ Best Platforms To Develop A Video Streaming App in 2023

Create a video streaming website or app can seem like a challenge when you can’t find the right solution for your needs. Here are the 6 best video streaming solutions provider that might help end your search for ‘How to make a video streaming android app’.

1. VPlayed 

The #1 Solution to Build a Video Streaming App

  • 100% Customization
  • On-premise or On-cloud Hosting
  • Multiple Video Monetization Models
  • Stream via HLS Video Player
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VPlayed offers a feature-rich solution for creating best online video platforms that are also very dynamic. It offers the maximum level of customization possible by offering you with custom UI/UX designs, power-packed CMS, multiple monetization models and a global CDN. You can easily build a white-label video streaming application using VPlayed.

It gets more favorable when you come to know that your entire online video streaming app or platform is built at a rapid pace of nearly 50% faster implementation. VPlayed empowers you a professional-grade cloud video streaming platforms where 150+ features capacitates to stream any number of services that you’d like to offer to your audience.  

Key Features Of VPlayed’s Video Streaming Solution Includes:

  • Leverage 100% customization with spectacular streaming functionalities  
  • Platform integration either on-premise or on-cloud hosting facility 
  • Stream via HLS video player which is completely hassle-free 
  • Assemble your assets categorically with in-built Video CMS
  • Ascertain security for your videos using a multi DRM platform
  • Grow unanimously with powerful 6+ monetization models 
  • Track video progressiveness with best analytics solution 

2. Dacast 

Best Online Video Streaming Platform With Streaming Facilities

online video platform

Dacast streaming offers the easiest way to create a video streaming app for Android or iOS. It offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) for both Android and iOS that simplifies the development process for the whole mobile market. The unanimous streaming solution provider of Dacast ensures you to have extensive video hosting infrastructure along with a compatible live streaming facility. 

These Software Development Kit (SDKs) help you to efficiently build and even test your mobile applications before submitting them on the app or play store. It takes care of all essential features such as analytics, monetization and security of your application. If dacast users may always talk to anyone about their business growth and its successful ventures then all thanks & credit goes to their 24/7 support.

Key Features Of Dacast’s Video Streaming Website Includes:

  • Reliant and flawless events that are conducted live with top CDNs 
  • Top video streaming with security-graded unified platform 
  • Ensure streams to be under low-latency & buffer-free via HTML5 player
  • Crucial live encoding support for real-time content delivery 
  • 3rd party player integration with wide range of system compatibility
  • Multi-bitrate streaming at adaptable internet connection speeds

3. Muvi

Create a Video Streaming App Instantly

Create a video streaming app for android

If you are wondering how to create an android app tv app easily and deliver a great streaming experience to your android users, Muvi should be your go-to option.

Muvi takes a holistic approach when it comes to building an online video streaming platform for Android users. It allows you to build, deploy, launch and maintain a branded, customized Android video streaming application right from scratch. 

Muvi provides you with a totally white-labeled platform to meet all of your video streaming demands in no time, as well as smart TV applications are tailor-made to enhance your audience’s entire viewing experience. Whether you want to launch a video-on-demand, live streaming or a live TV application, Muvi will help you out.

Key Features Of Muvi’s Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  • Create easy-to-use intuitive apps to engage viewers 
  • Enterprise-grade Security with Multi-DRM protocol
  • Content monetization models like AVOD, SVOD, etc 
  • Seamless Integration with API & SDKs for enhanced UX
  • Real-time analytics to track performance of your content 
  • Backed by AWS cloud front CDN making streams latent-free
  • HTML5-based online video player that’s totally customizable 

4. Panopto

Top Video Streaming App Builder

Develop a video streaming app for iOS

A video platform in your pocket, that’s what Panopto is all about. Panopto’s remarkable mobile video platform allows one to record, schedule, search and share videos instantly.

With Panopto, you can build an application equipped with an HTML5 video player & customizable video layout. It provides an easy OTT TV app development solution for both your iOS and Android users with exclusive features such as automatic app detection.

Panopto serves an audience of 10 Million users and has been associated with the streaming industry since 2007. In the year 2017, they successfully introduced 360° and VR video support that is aided with speech recognition in 9 languages who later on partnered with Zoom in August in the very same year. 

Here Are Some Best Features Of Panopto Online Video Platform:

  • Video management with ready-made LMS for education
  • Top video conferencing solutions with built-in streaming software 
  • Lecture capture with recorded video courses anywhere
  • Employee onboarding with new hire tutorial videos
  • Professionally organize live & record town halls, speeches, etc
  • Remote working with media-based meeting intelligence solutions

5. Brightcove 

Video Streaming Software for Business

Make a video streaming app

Brightcove offers you an instant app building solution by offering features such as Software Development Kits (SDKs), intelligent device detection, mobile-ready encoding, etc.

You can easily build a robust mobile application for multiple Operating Systems (OS) without much coding knowledge. You will also have access to complete documentation and developer articles in the cloud support center section that you can use to accelerate your app development process.

Brightcove has a few important insiders that allow them to overcome ad blockers and deliver appealing promotional video content to its viewers, resulting in higher customer conversion rates. No wonder it has leisurely, provided an unrivalled video viewing experience that is streamed across all platforms.

Key Features Of Brightcove’s OVP Platform Includes:

  • OTT Video monetization models for every industry 
  • Superior video marketing with top-class advertising tools 
  • Live streaming facilities with profound marketing features 
  • Customizability to add on any upgraded USPs, functionalities
  • Video analytics for in-depth insights of user preferences
  • Reliable technical support with Video CMS, CRM integrations
  • Frameworks for sophisticated content security on the top tier

6. IBM Cloud Media

Best Platform for Creating a Online Streaming App

Launch a video streaming app for Android

The IBM Cloud Media can easily help you create an iOS or Android video platform and broadcast content for a global audience. Features like third-party devices and encoders help to provide you with much-needed flexibility when it comes to offering an online video streaming solution. The multi-CDN infrastructure aids in delivering a buffer-free video streaming experience to your users.

IBM Cloud Media is a business-oriented OTT video hosting and streaming platform. Its powerful video solution is jam-packed with features and functionality intended primarily for large-scale operations, and it supports both live streaming and VOD. Also, they help you create consistent revenue while enhancing overall engagement, from live streaming to auto-archiving as on-demand videos.

Highlighted Features Of IBM Cloud Media’s Online Video Platform Software Includes:

  • Online video content monetization with white-labelling capabilities
  • Content delivery server with in-built CDN support
  • Expert video security with password-protected channels 
  • Streaming with monetization models like PPV, SVOD, AVOD, etc
  • AI-driven captioning for live streaming services
  • Quality of video service player with clickable video overlays
  • Mobile compatibility across devices with real-time video analytics solution 

7. Vimeo OTT

Excellent High-Quality Video Streaming Platform

best video streaming platforms

Vimeo OTT debuted its video streaming platform in 2004, allowing content aggregators and artists to generate stunning videos and display their artwork. The platform caters to every audience who are in need of video viewing requirements, and offers a feature rich video player that can be customized according to the business needs. This online video streaming app or platform provides powerful content management, analytics, and monetization tools. 

Vimeo OTT provides a variety of video-related solutions for various strategies and sizes. Creators and organizations alike can opt for extensive functionality with all the bells and whistles or a simplified plan that still meets most of the content owner requirements. In fact, Vimeo OTT was one of the first OTT platforms to support High Definition video streaming. Currently, Vimeo OTT has been picked as one of the top viewing destinations for any type of content that you would like to share.

Do you want to discover what their features are?

Key Features Of Vimeo OTT Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  • Post-production and support for global audiences.
  • Vimeo’s top CMS makes content storage and management easy.
  • Privacy settings can be a valuable resource for keeping video content safe.
  • Custom video gallery pages. 
  • Effective security tools. 
  • Personalization for on-brand streaming. 

8. Zype

Robust Video Platform Solution Provider

video streaming solution

Since its inception in 2014, Zype has grown rapidly and now supports the video infrastructure of over 300 customers, including well-known brands such as Crunch Fitness, Vox Media, People TV, Xponential Fitness, and America’s Test Kitchen. Some of its serving industries include fitness, education, media, and entertainment. Zype provides a full-stack video platform for building, operating, and growing any OTT video streaming business

The platform offers an open framework as well as a set of developer-friendly APIs for creating bespoke video streaming solutions. Instead of implementing critical video stream app functionality from scratch, developers can leverage a collection of ready-made APIs for video encoding, player management, linear video, and live-streaming. Zype offers a genuine end-to-end video platform as well as the appropriate bundle to fulfill all video streaming requirements. It offers tools for managing content and audiences, as well as encoding, storage, monetization, and distribution to digital platforms. 

Key Features Of Zype Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  • API endpoints for custom video streaming app development. 
  • Multi-platform social sharing with multi-screen capability.
  • Over 28 pre-made video connectors with leading OTT/CTV distribution channels.
  • Content categorization with search/filter options
  • Native integration with over 1000 major SaaS platforms.
  • Enterprise-grade video CMS software with faster, automated workflows.
  • Customizable branding with whitelabelling feature.

9. Wowza

Great Video Streaming Platform To Stream Content

video streaming solution

Wowza is a dedicated live streaming software that has the capability to stream content via the cloud or live encoders. It will send your content to a variety of devices, and also provide developer tools such as a software development kit (SDK), allowing you to become more involved in the overall process. Wowza can be described as a fully functional OTT platform designed for professional broadcasting. Furthermore, the technology enables you to stream the live content without any interruptions or errors.

Wowza enables broadcasters to create highly customized streaming workflows using third-party integrations, APIs, and other advanced features. This platform is well-known for its scalable, highly flexible broadcasting options as well as its cutting-edge streaming infrastructure. Wowza’s streaming technology allows broadcasters to provide buffer-free content to a wide range of devices. The platform also supports virtual reality, 360-degree films, and ultra-high-definition streaming (4K). 

Key Features Of Wowza Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  • The platform gives streamers access to full platform API and SDK. 
  • Plenty of customization options and opportunities for third-party integrations. 
  • High-level security features. 
  • Transcoding in real time. 
  • Stream content to any device from anywhere.
  • Captions can be added to any live stream. 
  • Wowza’s solution incorporates cloud transcoding, which means broadcasters won’t need any encoding hardware to get started.

10. Kaltura

OTT Video Streaming Solution For Content Owners 

best video streaming solution

Kaltura provides live and on-demand video solutions to businesses all around the world. It can connect teams to their advanced platform for any sort and size of the meeting, from online training to executive communications. When it comes to live events, Kaltura really shines, it allows you to broadcast live events to any screen and control or access them later using its administration console. In fact, the platform allows one to create, manage, and measure insights of the events.

With Kaltura, you can hold virtual meetings with any number of attendees. Its powerful analytics capabilities for VOD and live streaming allow you to monitor the performance of your videos in real time. Furthermore, it comes with a cloud platform ready for TV shows, allowing you to meet all of your video-streaming needs. Kaltura also provides an open API-based architecture that allows for reliable integration with any system, including Zoom, Teams, Webex, data systems, marketing automation, and others.

Key Features Of Kaltura Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  • Adaptive video streaming with several bitrates.
  • Total video and player API access.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Monetization alternatives (SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD) via integrations.
  • Options for authentication and encryption to improve security.
  • Customizable layouts for easier live broadcasting.


If you are looking for a reliable solution provider that can help you build a highly-secure and customizable online video streaming application, you can choose one from the above-mentioned brands based on your needs and budget.

You can assess the features offered and match them with your requirements to shortlist the most suitable service provider. CONTUS VPlayed offers one of the easiest ways for you to build an online video streaming app that is also highly scalable and feature-packed!

If You Already Have An Idea To Build A Video Streaming App, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Is It Hard To Make A Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

However, building a video streaming app that can compete with Netflix’s content library, user experience, and comprehensive usability isn’t that difficult; as you can just quickly release any video streaming app with some primary features and expect consumers to interact with your brand.

2. What Are The Main Features Needed To Build Video Streaming App?

The top key features that can create a video streaming app needs to be packed with complete customization, flexible platform deployment solutions, advanced robust player, scalable video analytics, end-to-end encryption & lots more.

3. How Much Time Does It Take To Launch A Video Streaming App?

In general, the time it takes to establish a new branded online video streaming platform, which is delivered as a full-stack SaaP-based solution, is about 3-5 working weeks. Having said that, some criteria’s like customized requirements also determine the time to create a best-suited video streaming app.

4. What Are The Technologies Used To Create A Video Streaming App?

Choose a technology stack depending on your company’s specific requirements while building a robust video streaming app. High system resilience, streams availability during peak loads, ease of infrastructure maintenance, scalable & secure data storage are all common technical requirements.

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    Hi, Looking to build a streaming app for an artist with special functionalities. A video streaming app for IOS and Android. I want the App to have features like Netflix. Moreover I also want to have a back end where the contents can be uploaded by a novice as well.

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    Hello, I would like more information on how to start a video streaming app.I want to know about video streaming host price. I want to use video upload and share with a website and mobile app. Please help me to get my required demand and price for that.

  42. Lana Allison Reply

    HI, Need to create a video streaming app that is subscription based with an admin dashboard to approve subscriptions depending on mode of payment; a video streaming app to launch a feature film.

  43. Silvia Bowman Reply

    Hello, Looking to develop a video streaming app along with a live tv option. App would be subscription based with advertising. What will be the pricing?

  44. Sidney Lamb Reply

    Hi my goal is to create a video streaming app so I add a wide rage of media and some selected shows that are not available on most platform such as netflix that I can be in control of what content is shown on the platform content like Netflix, Hbo, Hbomax, Amazon etc I plan to add to the platform I like the payment system Netflix has like coarse i not sure I have rights to ask a fee for my platform as im just distributing a bunch of other platforms content. Can you help me with this?

  45. Angel Williamson Reply

    I’m looking to build an app for streaming mainly anime content. Please help me in knowing the permission required in order to do so. What is the costs to build a video streaming app?

  46. Rochelle Payne Reply

    Good evening, I am the Project Manager for YellowDot Africa here in Nigeria. We are a Mobile value-added service company and we are interested in acquiring your white label solution for video streaming app development with our intended app. We will love to kick off the conversation on this immediately. kindly advise on how we can proceed. Hope to hear from you very soon . Best Regards

  47. Jimmy Robinson Reply

    Hello, We are interested to know more about your video streaming app. We need to build a web/mobile app that can: – play pre defined playlist in sequence; – download and play offline video (drm – only through the platform ) – Add custom video ads to play within playlist Kind regards,

  48. Regina Briggs Reply

    Good morning! We are interested in creating a video streaming app & the cost, so we would love to get a demo from you. Best regards,

  49. Courtney Lucas Reply

    Hello, I want to create a video streaming app with live streaming and a library of videos. Also, I would like to include a built-in video editing feature. kindly reply ASAP thank you in advance.

  50. Grady Burns Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to request a quote for building a video streaming app. I would like to know the price for a site and app with all the mentioned add on features. Please let me know what information is needed from my side in order to obtain the quote. Please note that we are considering starting an online entertainment streaming platform, which has a population of only 3.7 million people. Please take the above into consideration when formulating a quote as for the moment we do not intend to stream the content outside of Georgia. Thank you in advance Regards

  51. Malcolm Woods Reply

    Hi, I want to make a video streaming app for IOS and Android. I want the App to have features like Netflix. Moreover I also want to have a back end where the contents can be uploaded by a novice as well.

  52. Claude Gilbert Reply

    Hi, I’d like to know how much it will cost me for video streaming app development (per month/year) to stream up to 100 videos, if you have video streaming, and if you have an app for mobile devices. I currently represent about 10 artists in an economically challenged state, who cannot sustainably afford a traditional distribution model.

  53. Roderick Barber Reply

    Hello, We’d like to test proprietary features on top of a white-label CDN for video streaming application development. They’ll involve embedding our own media player and pairing a connected with a mobile app for interactivity features.

  54. Dora Soto Reply

    Hi, I’m interested in the demo and curious about customization for ‘basic’ wireframe and capacity for staged features to create video streaming app? Possible to launch a Beta and then upgrade the app as more users onboard? Is this a no-code app in a box solution or fully customized and launched by contus? If the latter, what is the base fee for the build and hourly rate for custom solutions? More questions in the icebox. I look forward to connecting with you.

  55. Leland Sharp Reply

    Hello, I want to build a Movie/Series Streaming app to be available on Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei App Gallery. With Various monetization methods, eg: Apps can start monetization with ads at first, then offer a subscription discount let’s say for 3 months then users will have to pay the regular price for subscription. I really need to know about video streaming app builders & the cost I need for such a project and whether you have a marketing plan to help such projects succeed.

  56. Marjorie Weaver Reply

    HI, I want to make a video streaming application. Need to have my own ux-ui design. Also need to understand if you provide the video with rights for its public performance or I need to collect my own video content on the server?

  57. Matt Roy Reply

    Hi, I have an idea for a particular genre, and would like to build video streaming app only showing such movies. Would I be able to obtain any movie I wanted? and could this be an app on a TV which you can download and pay a subscription for? I have more questions.

  58. Sonia Holt Reply

    Hello, I’d like to know more about pricing as I am pretty much aware of all features. We’re planning to build either an Android or iOS app with limited features for now until we’re fully equipped with more contents & how much does video streaming app development cost. Looking forward to speaking with someone.

  59. Sherman Holmes Reply

    Hello, I work for a digital agency specialized in the creation and development of web applications. As part of a request for proposal for one of our clients who wants to create its own OTT application for video streaming, I would like to learn more about your solution to know if it corresponds to our needs. Thank you in advance. Best regards,

  60. Jenny Miller Reply

    Looking to build a video streaming app similar to netflix or Prime. I currently have a streaming license through my live stream company and I’m looking to expand the company’s footprint with a video streaming app.

  61. Leslie Singleton Reply

    hello i have a streaming app idea creating a video streaming app that i truly believe can change the world for artist of all sizes and creative outouts. i just need help bringing it to life. Tranquility is the peace love rock n roll band. GLOW is the brand.. and creating Harmony on earth is the plan.. hope to hear back from you soon, thank you

  62. Roy Schmidt Reply

    Dear Team, For our Android, iOS, and browser apps, we are searching for a low-cost encrypted video streaming solution. We are in the preliminary stages of comparing several video hosting services, hence we are interested in your cost structure for developing a video streaming application.

  63. Florence Santos Reply

    Hello, I was searching for a way to create a video streaming app when I came across your solution. I believe you offer a comprehensive solution for the streaming app. We are a sizable advertising network that wants to develop a video streaming application. Do you also have a way to display pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements when a video is playing? I’m eager to hear from you so we can talk about the options. thank you

  64. Amber Martinez Reply

    Thank you, I’m working on providing certain clients with a video streaming service. To upload the video content, we need to know how to construct a streaming application. We want to be able to broadcast live streaming events via a smart tv app, as well as incorporate licenced video content. Thank you

  65. Melissa Ortiz Reply

    Hello, I’m a short film creator, and I want to create a streaming video app for my films. For video conferences, we want to incorporate a unique live streaming solution with scalable features.

  66. Frances Graves Reply

    Hello, In order to building a video streaming app in Austria, we are looking for a technical partner. To disseminate internally produced video and audio content, we require a partner who provides the technological foundation, web presence, app solution, live streaming capabilities, and CMS.

  67. Ignacio Briggs Reply

    Hi, We want to build a video streaming app similar to disney plus or Netflix. We need to know what technology you use to build the client app. Would like to see the demo of the product.

  68. Christy Richards Reply

    Hello, I’m interested in developing a video streaming app for an area tv station that is compatible with Android and iOS. This app would need to integrate with an existing website in addition to push notifications, broadcast live video, provide access security, utilise Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming, have a low latency video player, integrate social media, list scheduled programming, offer video on demand, and have a dynamic content management system.

  69. Abraham Robinson Reply

    Hello, I would like to learn more about developing video streaming apps. I wish to distribute and post videos on websites and apps for mobile devices. Please assist me in obtaining the demand and pricing I need for that. Please include technical personnel in the demonstration/discussion as we will have technical questions as well.

  70. Meredith Curry Reply

    Good Day, my name is Meredith Curry and I am a Canadian based in Kenya where we are launching our startup afrikky.com. We are interested in a Spotify type audio focused platform with video and streaming capabilities. However, we are looking at indie videos and not licensing mainstream or label music like ed Sheeran etc. Looking for it as an video streaming app development for iOS and Android and desktop capabilities and smart tv etc Thank you

  71. Kelly Aguilar Reply

    Hi, very interested in trying your service. I’m interested in working with a team to build my own video streaming app marketplace.

  72. Stephen White Reply

    Hello, We are looking for our client’s best streaming app for android where we can host all videos categorised by topic/theme and easy to search and view. The requirements are: – During the conferecne after each session we need to upload the video recording to the ondmenad platform easily and fast to be available after the session (no need streaming) – Attendees can search on the ondmenad laptops any content and preview all videos. – The ondemand portal should be integrated in our Mobile app (can be done with a URL responsive to be open within the app, so no one can identify the url becuase aonly attendees can see videos – We shouldn’t import accounts etc.. due to badget and complexitiy doing an integration. NOTE: We can have a quick call if you want. I’m in Spain,

  73. Ollie Rivera Reply

    Hi team, We are looking for video streaming app development company which supports all the platforms. Additionally looking for a Video Chatting app which has all the features to Chat, Share media and Create Groups.

  74. Lyle Stanley Reply

    Hey there I’m Lyle Stanley, PM at Playtoome. We are India’s first performing arts OTT Platform. We are looking for video streaming application development and considering the SaaS OTT Providers for plug & play setup. Let me know if we can get a demo

  75. Gretchen Hopkins Reply

    Hi my name is Gretchen Hopkins, a software engineer , one of my clients have requested to build video streaming app that works in a similar fashion as Spotify , found your company at a google search and wanted to ask 1-do you provide the code for our developers to manage or is it strictly managed solution ? 2- how much and how your pricing work ? thanks Gretchen Hopkins

  76. Walter Hicks Reply

    Greetings! This Ilamu from Ethiopia (Sport Journalist). I want a video streaming app builder to create a video streaming app, live audio and video contents. I want the app to provide written news and articles for my audience. I also want Q&A features to create more audience engagements and generate revenue. Thank You

  77. Preston Rios Reply

    Hello, We have a video streaming platform with over 20,000 paying subscribers. We need an app built asap. Thank you.

  78. Margarita Shaw Reply

    Hi, GNFC is Looking to create International ios video streaming, where users can see Georgian heritage movies for free after registration/subscription. One of the key thing for us is that platform must be Fast and Light, security from stealing the films, while watching movies shouldn’t freeze or crash and having a multiple apps – for Desktop, Mobile app (Android/iOS), Smart TV. Also platform must have 2 languages – Georgian and English. In this year we are planning to upload approx. 20 heritage films.

  79. Armando Wright Reply

    Hello. I run a youtube kids channel with 80k follows. I am interested in create a video streaming app for our company. We may want to scale upwards as it grows, but I’d really like to get some pricing info from you guys. For instance how much do you charge for an iOS app? How much for a roku tv app? We’re just shopping around right now and trying to get some price info. Thanks

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