18 April, 2024
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6 Best VOD Platforms To Build A Advertising Streaming Service In 2024

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Admittedly video has become an indispensable visual medium for us all in the recent age. It can conduct a one-way instruction or two-way communication to get a certain message across. It has taken education up to its level and rendered a channel of knowledge without any classroom. 

In the very recent years too, under the rule of pandemic, video medium has surpassed its previous range of capabilities. To stretch across mountains and seas, to every possible nook and cranny for sustaining our livelihood, education, mental health and overall wellbeing.

This unprecedented surge in mankind led up to a revolution in video on demand platforms. And so the key players of the field popped up one by one, the giants got even bigger.

If you look at this piece of statistics that publicizes the successful penetration of vod streaming services into the French market by numbers, you shall get a grasp of its peak status.

More than half the population of French citizens went up on a top VOD platforms– either Netflix followed by Disney+- to gratify their entertainment needs.

They seem to have watched at least one program a month on the platform with 18.8% of respondents streaming everyday. All of this has pushed up the market value to a figure close to 2 billion euros.

The North American market is noted to have held the largest market share in 2019. This growth would have been due to the expanding VOD market joined by the depreciating market of live TV broadcast.

There can also be a spike in demand for video streaming services arising from a greater affiliation for music streaming services.

It is expected to go up and touch a staggering sum of 330.51 billion USD worldwide. This will indicate a 21.3% increase between 2022 and 2030.

The forecast being based on the progression of technology as with implementation of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to attain high clarity videos, that is bound to take the business up in the respective manner.

What Is AVOD?

In order to delve into what is Advertisement Video-on-Demand or AVOD streaming, there ought to be awareness of the whole concept from which Ad Based Video On Demand streaming came about. The business of video on demand can monetize based on three distinct models in general. You have, AVOD (Advertisement Video-on-Demand) 

SVOD (Subscription Video-on-Demand), TVOD (Transaction Video-on-Demand) ..You also have PVOD (Premium Video-on-Demand)

Though let us elaborate on the model considered to be the most accurate way of monetizing. The AVOD video monetization conducts business based on the exchange of money for views on the advertisement streamed within the platform by a commercial brand. 

The advertisement typically gets stitched into the media programme content by one or more ways and the views garnered by the show are taken equivalent of the views for the advert. This model also goes by the name of ‘pay per view’ since revenue is on a per-view basis. That is also probably why it is regarded as a precise model for the business. 

The Attraction of AVOD

AVOD is cost free thus making it a choice of platform most consumers could turn to. As for the commercial brands willing to advertise with an AVOD OTT platform, they are essentially looking for a wide audience base to place their product in front of. Perhaps, this confluence of complementary interests gains traction for an AVOD streaming service.

Advertisers are also looking to turn things up in their marketing approaches. They are increasingly siding with disruptive ways of branding. This is reason enough for them to tie up with a AVOD advertising channel. The stats add up too, uncovering a growing market for it. There has also been a statistically recorded rise in the revenue from expansion of the avod market that goes on to show the status quo favoring the model under discussion.

What Are The Practical Benefits of AVOD Platform?

Sure enough, there are some great benefits in store for the stakeholders of the AVOD services. The following are advantages unique to an advertisement based video monetization services,

  • Mass Coverage of Audience: since the platform of this nature is intended to be available at no cost to its subscribers, it may very well tend to amass a relatively larger audience base than its counterparts (other model platforms). 
  • Promising Revenue Stream: This specific model of video solutions has a propensity for growth which is pulling in the attention of a lot of investors and service providers to this model. According to Statista, the monetary investment in video ads is set to shoot up to 39 Million USD around 2025.
  • Multi-choice Models: The ad-based venture doesn’t limit you to a singular way of advertising rather it presents a range of ad formats to pick from. The presence of a significantly high number of ad servers out there also presents convenience in choice of this model.
  • Scope of Personalization– This model takes advertising along a much engaged path by homing in on the audience demography and bringing only ads relevant to the pinned down demography. This does also prove fruitful to both advertisers and audience in terms of priming prospects and pleasant viewing respectively.
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6 Best VOD Platforms For Launching Your AVOD Service

Now let us engage with a list of AVOD platforms in the domain who have well-rounded services to offer that will is likable by broadcaster and advertisers,

1. VPlayed

VPlayed is a consolidated video monetization platform that caters to all industries alike. Its services are also chosen for being profusely customizable. It is one good video solution in terms of complete coverage of all aspects of video streaming such as migration, hosting, marketing, monetization, optimization, safety and security. 

VPlayed Has Strong Features Such as,

  • A guaranteed 100% customizability in every aspect of the business.
  • A smooth migration from a previous platform.
  • A white label OTT solution for best positioning in the market.
  • It provides its customers with over 6 models of monetization that is inclusive of ad based video-on-demand.
  • It also extends security as needed by the standards of a video business.
  • There is scope for video performance analysis and optimization via its built-in marketing tools.
Are You Planning To Build A AVOD Streaming Platform With 6+ Monetization Models?

2. Brightcove

Brightcove coming from Boston is one of the longstanding players in the field. It is well known with its customers as a robust video streaming solution as well as a name registered for its custom pricing scheme. It also extends highly supportive features such as ‘batch uploading’ and an organization system that simplifies the overall management.  

Brightcove Has Strong Features Such as,

  • It lends support to its customers for global-level content delivery.
  • It is inclusive of a multi-bitrate video player for better viewership satisfaction.
  • It employs adaptive streaming methodology for a buffer-less video experience.
  • It also shows its customers ways to monetize based on AVOD advertising amongst others.
  • Its platform has scope for CRM integration. 
  • It also extends complete technical support to its customers.


video on demand platform

GUDSHO is an all inclusive platform for video streaming needs of creators and video companies. The platform mainly helps video creators monetize their video creations with the additional help of video content management & security. That is why it can be quoted as a consolidated video monetization platform equipped with more than sufficient features to independently take on a video enterprise.

GUDSHO Has Strong Features Such As:

  • It allows users to have a streaming that qualifies as 4K, Superfast and multi-device compatible.
  • It presents creators aboard its platform with an advanced analytics dashboard that lets them in on all metrics to gauge the performance of their videos.
  • It ensures AES encryption to protect every video part of the platform against threats of piracy and other forms of cyberattack.
  • It takes payments in different currencies that correspond to a global accessibility of content on GUDSHO.
  • It extends more than a single way to monetize video content. It accepts svod, tvod and donations.
  • HTML 5 video delivery with record functionalities
  • It lets creators embed their video anywhere to let them see more traction for their content.

4. IBM Video Streaming

Avod services

IBM Video Streaming is an AVOD OTT platform solution rendered by the giant corporation of IBM. Perhaps, that is also why it comes with numerous features that might work in favor of the prospective customer if they were to have expertful broadcasting set up. 

IBM Video Streaming Has Strong Features Such as,

  • It supports multi-bitrate streaming for smooth video streaming experience.
  • It provides monetization support via a couple of models.
  • It makes possible china hosting which translates to getting across the great firewall of china.
  • It operates on a cloud-based scheme that uses cloud encoding.
  • It has in place the availability of additional services of video library migration.
  • It provides the needed security to its customers’ platform.

5. Dacast

ad based video on demand

Dacast is considered to be a sophisticated AVOD streaming service provider that also puts focus on innovation. Two special features its name goes for are China Streaming and Zoom Live Integration. The first one is the virtual equivalent of crossing the barrier of the great wall of China. The second being an expansion of the scope of live webinars by integrating with zoom to bring guests aboard the platform for creating special virtual experiences.

Dacast Has Strong Features such as,

  • It employs cloud transcoding technology for easier video encoding at multiple bitrates.
  • It enables multi-bitrate live streaming that automatically detects the variance in bitrate whilst streaming video.
  • It provides its customers with the exclusivity of video streaming.
  • It helps establish integration with platform of zoom for elevating virtual experiences.
  • It helps set up virtual gallery of videos for interested customers. 
  • It has tools for bulk video uploading. 

6. VdoCipher

Avod streaming service

Vdocipher provides online video hosting solutions to businesses in the education and media sector especially. It can build a video streaming website on a website or app either way. It is supposed to provide Hollywood grade security for its AVOD streaming services

VdoCipher Has Strong Features Such as,

  • It employs the use of a HTML 5 player for video streaming.
  • It enables easy uploading and embedding of the player with auxiliary services such as subtitles.
  • Its security is set in place by DRM form of encryption.
  • It extends utmost device compatibility on android tv apps and iOS software alike.
  • Its platform is tied to Amazon AWS server enabling multiple support functions like analytics, transcoding and so on.
  • Its ‘dynamic watermarking’ fends off-screen grab whilst streaming on app or site.

In Conclusion,

As we are nearing the end of this discussion about some of the top AVOD services, it is time to part with the last piece of suggestion. The platforms mentioned are best for their unique strengths so it is only recommendable to take up an individual analysis of each of them for finding the apt one for you. 

In case you are looking for one best video streaming platforms to immediately launch your video business on, check into VPlayed  and our sales team will get in touch with you.

If you are looking for readily launching an OTT monetization platform then look into VPlayed right away.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Does AVOD Mean?

The definition or the meaning of AVOD is another distinctive genre of service where content owners get options to inject ads between the main content. There are two types in it. One mentions skippable ads where users get a chance to avoid them, another is about unskippable ads where one would watch them for free to view rest of the content.  

2. What Are The Examples Of AVOD Models?

Advertising-based video on demand which is commonly known as AVOD provides viewers with free content that entices their attention. Much like in broadcast television, the manifold revenue you can gain comes to about 100% from selling engaging ads on videos. Some prime examples of AVOD platforms that you can think of are, Youtube, Dailymotion, MX player, Roku, Pluto TV, etc.  

3. Why It Is Important To Choose AVOD Streaming For Your Business?

AVOD which is free, makes it increasingly accessible for every user across the globe. This monetization model is much treated as a one-stop solution for advertisers in & around, since it allows them to represent brands in front of large audiences to build brand awareness. Moreover, it creates a room for content owners to get an extra payback in their platform by partnering with them online. 

4. How To Generate Revenue From A Video Advertising Platform?

AVOD has incredible potential to boost revenue ladders for advertisers & publishers as they are investing constantly into into. Forecasts let us known that global video ad spends is going to reap more profitshare by instream ads, outstream ads, header bidding, ad waterfalling & much more. That is why it is a perfect time to upscale your platform revenue by leveraging with the growing trend. 

5. How To Choose The Best AVOD Platform Providers?

It is always better for one to explore the best platform providers who are in favour of providing wide variety of advertising, one who streams using powerful technologies, added with multi-DRM securing rights & more. Also streamers need to find opportunities to capitalize their assets by partnering with various advertisers or third-party professionals.  


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