About Us

Apptha serves customers all at one place who searches for different types of extensions and themes for popular CMSs such as Joomla, Magento Wordpress and other individual Scripts. The founders of Apptha have more than 6 years of adept experience in web applications development for all the major CMSs such as Joomla, Wordpress etc. and for the leading E-commerce platform, Magento.

In the current business world, having an attractive and user friendly websites is a mandatory need. Position your business in the right sense which will provide a lot advantages to any business. It could be either an ecommerce portal to sell your products online or a fully functional CMS website to showcase your capabilities or a blog for daily content distribution for internet marketing purposes.

Setting up a well designed and fully functional website is always a time consuming and expensive affair. At Apptha we want to address this effectively for our clients.

Since 2008, Contus is involved in more than 500 successful Ecommerce, CMS and mobile apps development projects for our clients all across the globe. We are located in Chennai,India with more than 130 professional developers and designer.

Apptha is another promising venture of Contus. With the ambition of providing high quality products, we keep researching on what’s next? Such extensive research has resulted in outcome of various exclusive products. Our team with vast technical knowledge, creativity and passion always maintains to keep up the promise of delivering the best. We grab all favorable circumstances and edge it to the enhancement of overall development. Understanding the CMS popularity, we have come up with various extensions and themes for these CMS.

We value our clients and focus in customer satisfaction. That is why after-sale support is a key factor in our approach. With all this rich experience, now through Apptha we are bound to meet customer satisfaction and establish trust.

If you are looking to enhance your websites with videos and galleries, Apptha functions as the best one stop solution with easy plug-ins, extension, themes and templates with prices that match your budget.

To get in touch with us you can use our support desk system, or feel free to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Please do not hesitate to contact us.