24 March, 2023

How To Start A Streaming Service Or App Like Netflix [Cost & Features]?

Make A Streaming Service Like Netflix

Are you looking for the perfect way if how to really start a streaming service?

Not a problem at all..

Entertainment has lead an incredible journey into the unknown world of enthralling experience.. Its a never ending chain of fictional or nonfictional narratives..

Making a streaming service with the rise of technology & internet, audiences love to enjoy & live through these narrations in the form of movies, songs, games, etc..

Studies indicate that the global video market is anticipated to expand its size vastly and upscale with a revenue of USD 184.27 Billion by the year 2027. 

Netflix has evolved into the modern equivalent of renting a movie in the 1990s. This individualized entertainment consumption, has come a long way.  It’s not too late to know how to start a streaming business just like Netflix and other big giants like Disney +, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and gain big success

Just like this quote indicates “Netflix is something I watch – Famke Janssen”

We comes to know that there are several production houses and TV channels who are taking a glance at how to build a streaming service & create a strong presence in the market..

Moreover, it is dependent on launching their own set of servies with all titles produced & distributed on their TV network.. And that’s how video streaming website is created to get a multibillion-dollar business worldwide which can be extremely profitable in forthcoming days..

Want To Know How To Start Your Own Streaming Service Like Netflix?

Having said that, you need to have a cumulative figures with facts that project their success in the streaming industry.. 

Industry Growth Insights: How Popular Is Streaming Video?

For instance

Let’s take top streaming players just like Disney, Viacom, AT&T, Netflix, together made up a revenue more than $6.15 Billion in 2020.  Followingly in the second quarter of 2021 Netflix generated about total revenue of $7.3 Billion.

When we look into big streaming brands like NBC Universal which is known Peacock, WarnerMedia (HBO Max), Quibi who are on set to release their most expected streaming services with a prediction of $184 Billion by 2027.

And the best part for all businesses & content owners who are researching on how much does it cost to start a streaming service can get the best news with this extraordinary stats from many sources…

Which would be..

Entertainment market to stream your curated content is estimated to sky high & sharply reach upto $ 2.6 trillion by 2023 & that’s simply unbelievable! 

Let’s reveal some of its distinguished..

What Are The Different Types Of Streaming Services?

1. Streaming Video On Demand

This category falls under a crucial one since creates a streaming website & takes a glimpse of it with actual downloading video has a vast difference inbetween. You can watch a movie when ever your need strikes and dots are joined for you in a tailormade manner.

In short you’ll have both time as well as opportunity that is required. Right now, to the closest to correlate Netflix the leading streaming service produces movies, TV shows itself & is streamed around 190 countries around the world.

2. Video Live-Streaming / Broadcasting

The case with live video streaming is slightly different.. When a business stakeholder like you think of how to create a streaming app/website like Netflix or any other online video platform, live videos are streamed.. Here you may catch it or miss it totally..

Prime example of it reminds us of Twitch which leads live in gaming broadcast service. There are other popular niches as well.. Also social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok have real-time streaming characteristics & can be used whenever people like to showcase something.

3. TV Live-Streaming

TV live streaming is associated with setting cables to their homes. Since you are getting into how to make a streaming service more impactful, then let me tell you, it;s not the same as on-demand streaming.

This genre is keenly used when one wants to keep abreast of news, sports broadcasting.. There are few examples like ESPN, FuboTV which they may offer movies & TV series, but not in terms of on-demand availability.

4. Audio Streaming

In audio streaming platform the most popular services set a clear way in providing streaming on demand. Some of them are Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, etc. Mostly these are top providers in the industy other than Google Podcasts, Amazon Audible, Apple Podcasts  & more.

Studies have shown that in first quarter of 2021, spotify holded 32% of music streaming subscribers globally which is almost double the profitability seeing its comparison with subscribers into Amazon Music. Others included Apple, Youtube, Tencent Music, etc.

Moving further.. Let’s take a look at

Steps To Create Your Own Streaming Service Or Website Like Netflix

how to build a streaming service

I am sure while creating a streaming app like Netflix, you may think of shaping it into highly interactive, engaging as well as responsive manner. But, ya… Of course to start it all from scratch here are some key steps you’ll need to follow… And they are:

1. Analyze Your Target Audience

The target audience is all about who are ready to invest in your service or product.  While building a streaming website you need to analyze whom to spot as target market & who might need your content.

2. Knowing Your Niche

Initially it is important to choose a specific target to build your content around. Residing on a particular niche creates a sense of rarity that allows to have a higher perceived value.  When you research on how to create a streaming app its important to bring clarity to your branding.

3. Content Aquisition Is The Key

Content is the foundation of all starting a streaming service like netflix & so in this how-tos list it is essential to know why people will be watching & approaching your platform. Therefore, make sure that services deliver engaging content – either it’s for enterprise or educational purpose.

4. Findout Your Own USP

In order to have your product to have a competitive edge, it becomes important for you to offer something unique and interesting. It takes detailed research on coming up with an innovative USP. And, it takes by researching user behavior with content i.e. to study their reviews.

how to create a streaming service

5. Consider Your Revenue Model

The key to make a profitable on-demand streaming app isn’t necessarily based only on user interface or its design. However, it is pivotal to have the right revenue model for your audience which acts as the base of entire business.

6. Select An Apt Video Streaming Solution

Choosing a video hosting provider is an important decision that might affect your app’s overall performance and design. You can choose to host your content stream on your own server,  but this necessitates a high level of technical knowledge. Or else partnering with a company that specialises in streaming hosting technology is another alternative for brands.

7. Learn Streaming App Requirements

It is necessary to know what your content truly needs. It is important to have high quality internet speed as it impacts the playability and its adjoined experience. The standardized speed to stream needs to be kept more than 2MB per second. Also we recommend, that cloud platforms can be better for you to allow quick access rather than being dependent on hard drives.

8. Support Any Device And Platform

You may ask a question on how to start your own streaming service when your users are using different kinds of devices, right? No worries.. However, if you want to maximize your demographic targeting, it’s imperative that your service is available in multiple screens. Despite you are in one place, it becomes easy to deliver streams in devices, platforms & be ideal.

How about all of these traits getting available in one place in a unified platform?

How to Get started Streaming Services With CONTUS VPlayed?

CONTUS VPlayed is a all-in-one streaming solution that helps content owners, broadcasters to monetize their valuable content across all devices worldwide effortlessly. So, one can now how to make a streaming website with any niche that they choose.. Some of its best video streaming platforms features are:

how to make a streaming website

1. Customization

You can easily customize your platform according to bespoke business requirements completely and gain best means of profitability

2. Lifetime Ownership

When you are searching the right means of  how much does it cost to build a streaming website, you can put your worries by getting lifetime ownership all at once from CONTUS VPlayed

3. 3rd Party Integration

If you have any plans to extract other ways of best revenue, then 3rd party integration can be the best choice for you. You can utilize it using advanced collection of tech stacks

4. White Label Platform

Get the best white label OTT streaming platforms which you can own it forever by whitelabelling your services all under one umbrella

5. Multiple Content Delivery Network

Create a stable connectivity and prevent your video servers to overload & speeding the content delivery across worldwide geographical locations

6. Security

Protect your content from any sort of unwanted intrusions from varied sources in the internet. Enable video multi-DRM for complete end-to-end encryption for content infringement & data theft.

secure streaming service

7. On Premise/ On Cloud Hosting

You can now stream videos through your own servers or through our secure cloud servers. The choice of platform integration is totally yours now.

8. Transcoding

Now you may start an OTT business by streaming your films on any operating system or media player, with a variety of codecs such as MPEG-2, AV1, H.264, and others.

9. Cross-platform Support

When you are in need to diversify your platform’s availability across all devices, then cross-platform support via multidevice compatibility elevates your brand’s vicinity.

10. Video CMS

In-built video content management system will help you to assemble content in a centralized manner all under a single roof. Now to create, stream & manage your assets in an organized way is turned simple.

Are You Planning To Build A Streaming Service Like Netflix?

11. HLS Video Player

Video distribution is no more a concern for you since creating a video streaming app or website with HQ videos is made cohesive. Elevate you content with Buffer-free streams easily.

12. Analytics

If you are searching for how to create a streaming website it is crucial to know about analytical features to track revenue generation. Improve your engagement rates with detailed metrics.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Streaming Service?

After you decide on how to start a streaming service, it’s required to much know about its cost to create one, isn’t it! When you kickstart in that journey definitely a lot of time & financial resources come into major play.. Certainly every business idea needs to resonate with the cost factor.. And that would entirely depend on more features you add, customization, & lots more to consider..

With that, you can inclusively take in the development process that can also involve in creation of different apps for end-users & back-end admins.. All of this put together, will help you to count on validate estimation & entrepreneurial growth.

In A Nutshell

We understand what it takes to create a streaming service similar to Netflix in an innovative way. Despite its increased popularity, you can have expert guidance & assistance on developing one lucrative business idea. Hence, planning with market-driven products or services is now in much of a need in order to save your precious time & money.

If You Already Have An Idea To Start A Video Streaming Business, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why You Need To Start A Streaming Service?

As we can see the spike of success achieved by Netflix, HBO, Hulu or any other service, it is highly inspiring. Looking at the results of their strategies put in, many businesses have started to consider monetizing many of their creative work just like Netflix which estimates a market size of over 42 Billion as per the statistics. There are a lot of beneficial factors that you could think of in this decision which stands for itself to make such a service today. 

2. What Is Streaming?

When we get to know how to start a streaming service  it is essential to know that streaming refers to the technology of transmitting audio or video files. It is initiated by distributing them in a continuous flow with the help of wireless internet connection. Media files are prearranged and transmitted in a sequential collection of data so that, that can be streamed instantaneously without any buffers or delayed latency. 

3. How Much Does It Cost To Start A Streaming Service?

It surely depends on the number of customization that is needed for every individual business to grow. Some of them depend on various factors such as platform deployment: whether it’s needed to be on cloud or on-premise, mobile OTT TV app development at various compatibility mode, whitelabelling facility, and many others in the line.

4. How To Build A Streaming Service Like Netflix?

While you checkout how to create a streaming service like netflix, take a look at some of the prime factors that initially you can leverage on. Decide on the right strategy to start Netflix-like app, then it comes to prepping with your business-kind model. After that, comes with the usage of essential tech stack which can support in creation of streaming service, add significant features, & consider all important requirements to shape it in accordance to your business needs.

5. How Does A Streaming Service Make Money?

It entirely depends on how you plan to build a streaming service with the resourceful means of monetization. Any video platform is well performed using lucrative monetization models in which subscription model, AVOD or even pay-per-view model can be useful to make big money. These variable plans can benefit your viewers along with free trial versions that you can offer for a month. Or either you can propose to subscribers with new content to unlock with in-app purchases. This way you can grow app revenue too.

Brindalakshmi Rajkumar is a blogger & digital marketer. I'm enthusiastic about learning about new advancements in the video streaming services & online video platforms in the market. I collaborate with various organizations and help analyze their competitors to provide them with better strategies to improve and keep their businesses up to date.


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