26 May, 2024
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10+ Best Pay Per View Video Streaming Platforms

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For businesses and content creators, there are various monetization options available. Of all these options, PPV is the emerging one that is becoming the first choice of many. By opting for PPV, you don’t have to rely on advertisements and subscriptions to earn; instead, you can price your premium and exclusive content on your own terms and make more revenue.

Many streaming platforms offer PPV as a monetization option. You can use it as your only revenue method, or you can use it with another revenue method and form a hybrid revenue system. Below, we will understand more about PPV and share the list of best PPV platforms with you.

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What Is Pay Per View In Video Streaming?

PPV, also known as TVOD, lets you monetize premium quality content. Creators or businesses can monetize newly released movies, TV shows, sports events, concerts, and other exclusive content under the Pay-per-view model. Viewers can stream PPV content by paying for the specific piece of content they wish to watch.

How Does PPV Work?

PPV works by letting content creators and businesses monetize premium content. This content is different from what you provide under the subscription category. Hence, viewers need to pay a separate amount to stream PPV content. PPV lets you decide the price of the video content, allowing you to earn more.

Users purchase their choice of video content or take it on rental for a specific period. Once a user has paid the amount, he can access a URL or key to stream the content for the given period. When PPV is combined with other monetization models, such as subscriptions and advertisements, it can make content providers earn significantly more.

Best Pay Per View Video Streaming Platforms for Content Creators

Let’s now head on to knowing what the top PPV video platforms are that you can rely on. Having these video streaming platforms ready to explore means you don’t have to look further; this would help you save time and effort.

#1 GUDSHO Video


GUDSHO lets you sell your videos using multiple monetization options such as PPV, subscriptions, and advertisements. The platform also supports various popular payment options, making it easy for your viewers to make the payments. With their centralized CMS, you can manage all necessary actions and your content effortlessly. So, if your business is focused on providing content that is eligible for PPV model or if you want to blend more than one revenue option, GUDSHO can be the finest platform to do so! 


  • Security features like AES, SSL, and password-protected videos
  • Revenue streams such as PPV, Subscriptions, Ads, and more
  • Akamai CDN to respond to users’ requests faster
  • Options for gifting videos, special screening, single sign-on, geo-blocking, etc.
  • Live streaming to connect with the audience in real-time
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#2 WpStream


WpStream is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to stream straight to your WordPress site without the need for any third-party infrastructure. WpStream provides support for a wide variety of monetization models thanks to its interaction with WooCommerce, including Pay-Per-View and Subscription live streams and On-Demand videos. You can also create your Twitch-like platform and allow regular users to livestream on your website!


  • Live stream and on-demand WordPress plugin
  • Total control over your content and appearance
  • Support for all of the most popular forms of monetization
  • Go live from your browser; no need to download any tools or software
  • Compatibility with third-party apps and multistreaming tools

#3 VPlayed 


Launch your own PPV streaming platform with VPlayed and enjoy the ownership. VPlayed brings you all sorts of developments, from platforms to mobile applications. Here, businesses can develop custom streaming solutions with their choices of security features, 7+ revenue options, customization options for video players, and much more. 


  • Lifetime ownership of your PPV streaming platform
  • Application development for easier access to your services
  • 7+ ways to earn money from your videos, including PPV
  • Complete white-label platform to brand your video player and videos
  • Advanced security features to keep any threat at bay

#4 Dacast 


Dcast is another on our list known for its well-established reputation and years of experience in the industry. The platform lets you earn from PPV or TVOD, where you can put your content under rentals and let viewers stream by paying a separate fee. Additionally, you can earn from subscriptions and advertisements, increasing your earning potential.


  • 3+ revenue streams for maximized earnings
  • Live streaming and on-demand video hosting solutions
  • CDN streaming for a faster and smoother experience
  • Advanced video analytics for your viewers’ engagement behavior
  • Video marketing assistance to advance your overall reach

#5 Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT

One of the well-known platforms, Vimeo, offers scalability for enterprises. It means that if you have an extensive video library to manage and continuously want to upscale the resources, Vimeo can perfectly fulfill your requirements. They provide PPV categorization of content, which means you can set your own prices and let your premium content earn for you. Businesses can also earn via subscriptions, where users can pay you monthly or annually.


  • Options to earn money through PPV and subscriptions
  • Video marketing tools to edit and repurpose videos
  • Go live from your browser; no need to download any tools or software
  • Employee communication facilities for training, onboarding, and more
  • Streaming options for both events and pre-recorded videos

#6 Muvi 


Muvi lets you launch your own video platform and perform video monetization using PPV, AVOD, and SVOD. Businesses can use a video platform to provide their users with both live streaming and on-demand content. You can migrate an entire platform as Muvi offers seamless integrations that are secure and rapid. Their marketing assistance eliminates relying on other platforms and lets you have all essential operations from one place.


  • Customizations for your website, mobile, and apps
  • Muvi Blue lets you have a white-label experience
  • Various parameters to organize your content library neatly
  • CDN to fulfill global requests instantly
  • Muvi Mini to create shorts and reels and have instant engagement

#7 Kaltura 


Via Kaltura, businesses can conduct webinars, virtual events, and employee communication. The platform is also dedicated to online tutors and provides them with an LMS or Learning Management System. Creators can create their videos and host them on Kaltura. They can also have livestream and communicate with their audience in real time. You can monetize here using PPV and SVOD revenue models, which means viewers can rent your content and subscribe to your channel.


  • PPV and SVOD monetization using the InPlayer module
  • Entire media management via CMS
  • APIs, SDKs, and developer tools
  • Pricing is based on per-use; no fixed plans
  • 14 days of free trial with 10 GB of storage

#8 JW Player

JW Player

JW Player supports all business sizes with scalability, bringing resources as much as needed. The revenue options like PPV and SVOD help you earn more than relying on a single monetization method. Businesses can also live stream their events 24/7 or deliver VOD streaming of pre-recorded and uploaded videos. The digital rights management and geo-blocking work to keep your premium content secure.


  • Applications to launch your streaming across devices
  • Monetize premium content using PPV and other content using SVOD
  • Keeps your content safe with DRM, geo-blocking, and URL token signing 
  • Works for sports, religious content, and news
  • Fully customizable to add your logos, themes, layouts, etc.

#9 Uscreen 


Uscreen provides businesses with a beautiful streaming platform with Netflix-like catalogs. It supports individuals and businesses and provides the needed resources for storage, bandwidth, security, and other factors. With Uscreen, you can provide your audience on-demand content and live streaming. The platform supports all major monetization options, such as AVOD, TVOD (PPV), and SVOD.


  • Launch your own platform and apps without any coding knowledge
  • Monetize your live streams with PPV 
  • Keep your audience engaged with real-time chatbox
  • Marketing toolset to grow your channel and retain your fans
  • All-in-one video CMS to swiftly and efficiently manage everything

#10 Zype

Zype is a product of Backlight Streaming that facilitates streaming and monetization for enterprises or big organizations. For monetization, they let you monetize through subscriptions, rentals, and purchases; all of this can be managed from one single dashboard. Zype Playout and Zype Apps Creator give you a full-stack software solution to access their entire OTT ecosystem.


  • SaaS-based platform with centralized video CMS
  • Browser-based operation for organizing and managing videos
  • Multiple CDNs to ensure the fastest and smoothest delivery
  • Video analytics about individual visitors’ engagement behavior
  • Earn through subscriptions, rentals, and one-time purchases

#11 Cleeng

Cleeng is dedicated to subscriber retention with its products like Core. Core is a complete suite for managing your subscribers and methods to monetize. You can opt for any revenue model, like subscriptions, PPV, and seasonal offers. You can experiment with these revenue models and pricing and adjust the parameters according to your success rate. 


  • Multiple products to manage subscribers’ retention, billing, and customer support
  • Monetization options like subscriptions, PPV, seasonal offers, Pass, etc.
  • Target your at-risk subscribers with the right campaigns
  • Provide discounts, trials, extensions, and more
  • Manage data from multiple sources on Cleeng

How Do You Choose The Right PPV Platform?

Various platforms offer various features and charge a certain fee to let you use their services. Before finalizing, you should always explore a few options and check their pricing plans, features, and other factors. Below are some things that any ideal PPV platform comprises. 

Video CMS

CMS or video Content Management System lets you perform all the operations and controls from one centralized place. You can manage and organize your videos, handle subscriptions, maintain payment methods, and conduct other actions. Always ensure that the platform you choose provides a CMS.

Security Standards

A platform should be secure enough to protect your videos from unauthorized access. It should also keep your data and information safe against any piracy. For this, popular platforms always use encryptions like AES and certifications like SSL. They also use DRM (Digital Rights Management). Look for these terms while searching for a PPV video streaming service.

Monetization Options

You need to ensure that the platform you consider comprises PPV or TVOD. Some platforms offer more than one revenue option; the more such options there are, the better. You can unlock more earning opportunities by choosing a platform with multiple revenue methods.

Content Delivery(CDN)

CDN is responsible for instantly fulfilling your users’ requests, regardless of location. Always search for the term CDN while going through the streaming platforms. CDN consists of several servers located in different geographic locations. When a user requests a video, the request gets fulfilled by the nearest server, and hence, the user can start streaming the video in less time. This instant fulfillment of users’ requests is impossible if the platform doesn’t employ CDN.


Next, you can look for scalability, which means the ability to provide resources as per a business’s requirements. Enterprises have more requirements for resources than individual creators and small businesses. So if you are an enterprise, contact the platform support team about scalability.

Pricing Factors

Among other factors, pricing is also an essential factor that can make or break a deal. Pricing should be budget-friendly so you can continue using the services without straining your pockets much. Many platforms offer different pricing plans with varying amounts of resources, suitable for different sizes of businesses.

The Art Of Pricing Your PPV Content

Once you have finalized a streaming platform, you will start using it to upload PPV content. However, it’s important to price the content wisely so it lets you earn while not putting viewers off because of the high charges.

Here are a few ways to determine your pricing:

  • Look for your competitors and get an idea about the pricing of their PPV content
  • Consider if you had to spend money to conduct an event
  • Consider the percentage of commission your streaming platform charges from you

It’s also important to figure out the revenue goal from a specific piece of content. Once you know this goal, follow the formula-

Total Revenue Goal / Your Sales Price = Number of Sales Needed

You can also use an online subscription calculator, put the needed numbers, and keep adjusting them until you get the ideal results.

Looking to monetize your videos with Pay Per View Streaming Channel?


We hope you understand how PPV works and how it is the most suitable revenue stream for those who bring exclusive content to their audience. Your audience also loves PPV as it keeps their viewing experience neat and clean without the interference of any ads. Now is your chance to pick up the most suitable platform, start adding content, and utilize the PPV revenue stream. 


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