31 May, 2023

Things to Consider before developing Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

Online shopping is flourishing out like anything and if it is for a successfully running eCommerce store, Magento is the only platform to choose with. This popular eCommerce platform got its emergence in 2008 and is expected to sooner serve one million websites. Any CMS has its own credibility and functionality that keeps people to stick on it consistently. There are a number of extensions released for Magento so far, each with unique features. However, among the several thousands of extensions, only a few shine up with some great results. There are several factors like functionality, features, reliability and cost that judge the success rate of an extension. With all such factors formulated in a best way, can the extension be acknowledged.

If you are actually planning to come up with an absolute extension for Magento, then here are certain things you got to consider initially.

Begin simple
If you are a beginner to Magento Extensions development, then it is wise to create an extension that is simple. Do not go with lengthy codings and higher solving functions, since the field is new and has lot to be learned with. Making your first creation simple would greatly work and find you some good recognition. If you have a longer idea, then cut them all and make into separate modules.

Choose the appropriate languages
Once you’ve decided to create an extension for Magento, be specific on the languages you choose to build it. Ensure whether you are quite knowledgeable on that languages and never simply go with the ones that are commonly used.

Let your extension serve some need
This is Magento, which has been used by nearly a million users all over the world. And, each one of this user is going to look for an extension that serves their site in some way. Hence, do not just go about creating a plugin that everyone does. Wear the shoes of your audience and go with what they actually need.

Know your target audience
It is not needed that your plugin needs to convince each single user of Magento. It is just enough to cover up your target group. Having decided on the purpose your extension serves, now relate it with the targeted group which is going to use it. It doesn’t matter about having a smaller target, since it is the quality that is going to speak more.

Look over your competitors
Your competitors also need to be closely observed. First of all, you need to know who your competitors are! The ones who are making the exact thing you are about to do. Check with them and get to know the principles they are following, the steps for their success and the reviews they’ve got from their users.

Make it user friendly
Ensure that you are providing the extension in an easily installable manner to your users. The users needs to have a good guidance for maintenance and support on your product.

Building an extension for Magento is never an easy thing even if you have got enough expertize in development industry. Considering the above things in mind, you can really come up with an ultimate extension.

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