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How to Create a Successful Vacation Rental Booking Website like Airbnb?

For those minds aspiring to make it big in online vacation rental space, here is a write up that reveals the possibilities to build a Website like Airbnb.

Online travel planning and booking has become an integral part of everyday life. Websites like Airbnb, Flipkey, HomeAway are making it easier for discerning travelers to find affordable and frill-free accommodation on a budget.

According to Research and markets, vacation rental booking could be very well a $170 Billion USD industry by 2019.

There is never a better time to join this bandwagon and take away a pie of the market share. In what is to follow, we are going to discuss how to create a vacation rental website of your own, on your own terms, as per your own specifications easily and affordable.

So, let’s spare the talk and dive straight into the nitty gritty.

Phase 1 — Research the market trends

Whatever business you start; the first step will be to understand your audience thoroughly. If the properties listed in your accommodation booking website pertains to the taste of your audience, your site will be able to pull in more visitors.

The bar chart below shows the users of Airbnb site on an age-wise basis:

Airbnb Usage Statistics

Based on the above inference, you can decide on what properties to be listed on your vacation rental website. For instance, older people can be attracted towards serene atmosphere, while younger lot might prefer cannabis friendly accommodation. If you can find out your audience’s interest and list properties accordingly, you can certainly make money with airbnb like website

Phase 2 — Decide whether to build your vacation rental booking website like airbnb from scratch or use a readymade script

Well this is a question you will be pondering over. Then how to arrive at the right decision? You will have to weigh advantages of one over another and take a decision accordingly.

If you decide to build your accommodation rental website from scratch you need to have:

  • Technical expertise
  • Man power
  • Substantial capital to invest on employees and office space

If you are game for it, then building a rental website from scratch will be a good decision.

On the other hand, if you are looking for:

  • Cheaper alternative
  • Quality output
  • Instant solution

Readymade software will be the right choice

For entrepreneurs who want to get going with running the business rather have time locked up in custom development, readymade scripts are the ideal choice. Even from an economical point of view, a readymade choice is a far more feasible solution.

Also, these scripts run on the cloud implying that they can be scaled as and when the business picks up momentum that is far denser than its initial days.

Apptha Airhotels – A perfect readymade script to build a crowd-pulling vacation rental website

Apptha Airhotels is a readymade PhP script built to develop travel booking and renting websites without having to develop it from the scratch. Apptha Airhotels can be customized to any extent to make it local and appropriate to your business model.

What’s New?:

Apptha Airhotels is evolves time and again embracing the latest trends and user demand in the accommodation booking and rental market. The following are some of the new rollouts of the script

Highlight features targeted to turn vacation rental booking easier for guests:

  • Hourly booking
  • Map integration
  • User reviews & ratings
  • Advanced filters
  • Multi-lingual compatibility

Highlight features bolted to make vacation rental booking management easier for hosts:

  • Multi property management
  • Video banners
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Multiple payment integrations
  • Responsive design

Another interesting aspect of purchasing this software is that your website will be hosted on the robust Amazon cloud for free during the first 1 year period from the date of purchase.


Phase 3 — Getting your first guests using content

In this socially connected era, nothing works better than content marketing. It is cheap, effective and creates long-term customer lifetime value. To begin with Create and publish useful content on your blog and social media handles that will educate, engage and entertain your visitors. Such content will also help in gaining search engine advantage as well as in converting interested uses into brand advocates.

All that it takes to build a website like Airbnb is quality work with some proper planning. Feel free to share your thoughts on this post about vacation rental software.

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