Make Money by Creating a Travel Booking Website on Magento

Years ago, planning a travel took a lot of time investment! But, today, the advent of technology has grown to such extent it becomes easier for customers to plan and book travels in a nick of time with a single click of their mouse. Read More »

Magento Ecommerce: How Following-Up Customers Can Increase Insights and Sales?

High-quality products and strong sales can’t measure the success of any business as they can’t just bring in repeat customers. Of course, one can’t deny the fact that creating quality products and achieving strong sales is vital; however, sustaining and doubling the success rate won’t be possible without customer follow-up. So, what are all the ways available to follow-up customers and which is the easiest and cheapest of them all? Well, find the solution down right here! Read More »

120% Increase in Ecommerce Conversions Using One Step Checkout

If you’re an online store owner, you’d have been aware of the fact that default Magento checkout page is too long. Often the most perplexed process during online purchase is checking out; to make it worse if it is too long you’ve 90% chances of customers abandoning shopping carts quickly! Is there any way to make this process short to encourage customers to shop fluidly? Of course, you’ve one: One Step Checkout! Read More »

How to Start Up B&B (Bed and Breakfast) Business Using Booking Script?

The reception for the bread and breakfast business is overwhelming; if I say a large number of books published on this business are selling like hot cakes today, can you believe it? You’ve to! Because this is the business which cares for people and even allows strangers to make use of it to its fullest, in addition to offering excellent revenues! So, raise a B&B business today; if not you might miss an opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors!

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How Online Booking System Works? How to Start an Expedia, Kayak like Rental Site?

Online Booking System – Saviour of the Traveler Souls

Imagine this: You want to travel to a destination that is located on the other part of the world. You don’t know that language or the local customs of the region. Read More »