Online Travel Booking Statistics – Build Your Own Online Travel booking & Rental Website

World travel, as we see it today has evolved into a digitally influenced lifestyle. Mobile apps and web applications have revolutionized the way people plan, book and travel to their destinations.

Online travel itself has come out of its nascent stages to become an integral part of daily life. With the help of an online booking software it is now possible to plan journeys easily from doorstep-to-doorstep. We explore some of the mobile apps and web solutions related to travel that have helped globetrotters fly away to their destinations with great ease and poise.

Also a brief presentation of the big players and the market share they command on a global scale is also depicted in this infograph.

Online Travel Industry Infographic 2017

Airhotels: Best-selling vacation rental website

Airhotels is a popular online travel booking script to create a vacation rental website in a matter of minutes, or utmost an hour. The script holds great features that can convert your entrepreneurial idea into a business model with multiple revenue models related to online travel booking.

Anybooking: Book or Rent anything & everything

With Anybooking you can start a rental business that can rent out anything; from cars, bikes, trucks or even airplanes. Anybooking is fitted with hourly booking, smart search filters, multilingual compatibility, and many other features that facilitate things for both admins and guests.

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  1. Hi Ganesh, I am consistent of travel booking. Its really awesome statistics about travel booking. Thank you so much for providing the informative statistics on online travel booking.

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  3. Infograph clearly describes the travel booking industry stats. I am Sure that it will be more helpful for those who looking to make online travel agency website.

    • Dear Boris,

      Good to hear from you. Hope you liked this online travel statistics! Also check our other travel related topics to get more information.


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  5. Hey Sir, I am interested to buying the Airhotels. Is $599 onetime price ? Will you provide me the marketing solution for your Airhotels app in my country ?

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