31 May, 2023

Managing A Marketplace is Now Way too Easy!

Marketplace version update

Keeping in mind, the varied needs of an online marketplace from the perspective of owners, sellers and customers, Apptha lab has released its major enhancement which is the Marketplace version 1.1 extension. This new launch is the update of the widely used version 1.0 of Apptha Marketplace Script which serves as a platform for multiple vendors/merchants to sell their products.

Compatible with: 1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7.x and 1.8 Magento extensions

Summarized below are the keynote updates of this extension:

Integration with Social Login:

Apptha’s social login has been integrated with the new version of Marketplace software which allows customers to login easily through their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo accounts thus reducing the need to remember a separate ‘User Name’ and Password for the marketplace.

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Integration with One Step Checkout:

Integration of Apptha’s One Step Checkout extension, allows users to furnish essential details like billing information, shipping address, choose shipping and payment method and make use of available coupons for purchase, all in a single page which quickens the checkout process.

Integration with Apptha Paypal Adaptive:

This adaptive payment system which is a standalone extension from Apptha has been integrated with the new version of Marketplace. This adaptive payment mechanism allows marketplace owners to either choose between parallel or chained revenue splits with the merchants which limits manual efforts for calculation and enables instant payment transfers.

Updated Seller Dashboard:

Seller dashboard has been enhanced with provision to view details like ‘Sales Report’, ‘Life Time Sales’, Average Orders’, ‘Last Five Orders’ and Most Viewed Products’ view counter and ‘Transaction History’ option in Seller page.

Other major improvements include:

Vendor specific URLs for better visibility and promotion, exclusively designed theme and social sharing icons on ‘Product Details’ page for customers to share products with others easily.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Meta info issue in ‘Product Detail’ page
  • Design alignment issue in “Manage products” page while adding new products
  • Duplicate ID generation issue under Seller’s ‘Manage Products’
  • Status of the canceled orders has been changed to ‘Canceled’ from ‘Pending’
  • Status change issue (from Pending to Canceled) of canceled orders in the ‘Order Status’ column
  • Invalid date range entry (From Date and To Date) alert issue while fixing time limits for ‘Special Price’

For a complete insight of this feature-rich extension have a look at the demo here:

Live Demo

If you feel impressed with the new updates of Marketplace1.1 go ahead and download it from Apptha store now.

Download Now

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  1. Tyson Reply

    It’s a perfect package for ecommerce stores. Really it’s a right choice for who are looking to build online market place. I’m fully satisfied with this package. Thanks

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Am glad to hear your feedback Tyson. Your feedback value us. Keep viewing our blog post for many more informative posts.

  2. Hardy Phil Reply

    Marketplace can able to manage multi vendor merchants to maintain their sole responsibility to add their products in shopping cart. With Integrating one step check out and paypal adaptive it enhances the ecommerce business more values. Very Informative & Interesting article.

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