15 April, 2024

Build the Perfect eCommerce Store with Apptha Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

In an overcrowded online market, making a difference can be hard to come by. There are default choices that customers have become accustomed to. There are online shopping websites that people visit and shop from by habit.

That said, it can be extremely difficult for a new entrant to gain entry and establish presence in the ever growing eCommerce industry. Building an online store from scratch can be quite a Herculean task. There is a huge price tag attached to it too. All this combined together can force even the toughest entrepreneurs to bail out from the motive of launching their online store.

But, there is a ray of light on the end of the tunney. The eCommerce market does provide a host of best magento 2 extensions that allow any Internet entrepreneur to launch their online store easily without breaking their bank or getting messy with coding.

Apptha Magento 2 Multivendor Extension – A ready-to-market Marketplace Script

Apptha Marketplace is one such Magento 2 marketplace extension that comes loaded with features to build a Multi-vendor Website like Amazon, Etsy

Magical Front-end

A front-end that gives customer quick accessibility to products based on product categories, products being sold on offers, upcoming deals, best sellers, user rated products and so on. Separate sections for products and deals can also be setup to garner more conversions.

Rock-solid Backend

The modular backend is carried as it is in Apptha’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Extension. This gives utmost flexibility in code revisions and upgrades to revamp the store experience. Integrating new functionalities and selling options are also easier without the slightest dip in security or user experience.

Sell any Type of Product

The eCommerce industry sells several types of products, namely:

  • Simple
  • Configurable
  • Downloadable
  • Virtual

Vendors can enlist and sell a diverse range of products on their own storefronts integrated with the bigger multivendor marketplace scenario. Depending on the product type the SKU and pricing and delivery modes can be easily customized.
types of products

Sell Anywhere, Collect in any Currency

Apptha’s Magento 2 mutivendor extension comes with multiple payment integrations that hallow vendors to collect money from literally anywhere in the world in any currency denomination that their customers want to pay in. Multi-currency compatibility helps scale the business to any corner of the market without any restrictions.

Straight Forward

Admins can set commission rates for the overall store or for each individual vendors. The commission gets calculated automatically for each successful transaction without any fallacies.

Know Detailed Business Insights

Be on top of the business performance with insightful metrics that in-built analytics throw up on a real-time basis. Know how much visitors convert into paying customers, what is the average order size, average cart abandonment rate and much more.

To Know how the Customers Security works in eCommerce System

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A Single Software for Multiple Marketplaces

Apptha Marketplace Magento 2 multi vendor ecommerce extension helps build a wide variety of marketplaces including:

  • Multivendor marketplace: Fashion, gadgets, cosmetics, home appliances, footwear, etc.
  • Digital marketplace: Downloadable software, music, movies, paintings, photographs, etc.
  • Service marketplace: Consultancy services, technician services, pet care services, etc.

All these features on your online store can turn you into a customer magnet. Start selling today with unimaginable convenience.

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  1. Aneya Reply

    Hi i am looking for a ecommerce website like aliexpress, but don’t know how to make it. Could you tell me how this magento 2 script.

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi Aneya,
      Our Apptha technical team will contact you shortly & give a complete detail about your requirements.

  2. hanny Reply

    From this blog i have come to how the Magento 2 marketplace extension is is used and what are the features which are present. Great to know.

  3. farooq Reply

    I am going to start a eCommerce website in UAE, example i want to make a website like souq. Is this possible with magento 2 extension. Additionally want to add some other features.

  4. harry Reply

    a well written post about the magento 2 marketplace extension. Magento 2 is the best platform to create a ecommerce website

  5. Brook Brayden Reply

    Magneto 2 marketplace software is the best than magento 1 because magento 2 supports lot of features than magento 1. This post which tells how the readymade script works to make a marketplace website.

  6. Joey Barker Reply

    want to make a ecommerce website like amazon in magento 2 platform. i came through this blog and get a complete information about it. What will be the cost of this magento 2 marketplace extension.

  7. GK Reply

    I want to build a webiste like aliexpress.
    I want to know if the theme is customizable so that we can have an algorithm by which the correct products will be displayed on priority.


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