How to sell products via Facebook page

Isn’t it quite surprising to hear there are 955 million active shoppers only on Facebook? It’s been around six months, since we started to listen to terms like Facebook commerce, social shopping, Facebook shopping and eCommerce online store. It was once e-shopping, then the social shopping and now the Facebook shopping. Every eCommerce store owner is focusing on the shoppers who make purchases exclusively via Facebook. Social eCommerce solutions are greatly looked over in recent days just because of the massive popularity of social networks.

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Facebook falls to an exception from few social networks that stay away from marketing strategies. Knowing its power and understanding the need of e-shopping, Facebook is either making a favor to e-stores or to itself by receiving some funds. Whatever may be the reason for Facebook to enter social shopping, the move is absolutely welcoming. In addition to selling your products via Facebook, your website and e-books also have their own benefits from Facebook store. If a Facebook store can bring you such advantages, wouldn’t it be more interesting if you could set up your own Facebook store? So, here is what you need to do in order to setup a Facebook store.

How to setup your Facebook store?

  1. Facebook appInitially, Download package.
  2. Extract it and you will get a folder called “magento-facebook-store-app-1.1” with child folders “app”, “fbapp”, “lib”, “skin” and readme.txt.
  3. Copy those folders and paste them into the project root of your existing magento directory through ftp or Cpanel. Once it is completed, the    installation process gets over.                          [Note: The files will not be replaced while copying. Only new files will be added to the existing directory].
  4. Now, go to Admin->System->Configuration-> FACEBOOK APP STORE(at the left) Below, you will find a tab named “Facebook App Store”.
  5. If you are unable to find that ‘Facebook App Store’ side menu tab and any 404 Error or Access Denied Message occurs while clicking on that tab, do    check the following possibilities:
    - Check by logging out the admin session and then login again and check.
    - Go to Admin->System->Cache Management and click on “Flush Magento Cache” and   check it.
  6. Now, by clicking on the ‘Facebook App Store’ tab, you can configure the Facebook App in a few simple clicks.

Now the entire online store is brought to Facebook, giving the users a complete social shopping facility.


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