Readymade Solution to Develop an eCommerce Website Like Flipkart

Flipkart, the first Indian eCommerce brand to have inspired loads of Indian entrepreneurs to venture into the ever booming and competitive industry, has grown leaps and bound since its inception.

It takes a lot, both technically and business ideologies wise, to build an ecommerce website like FlipKart. In this article we will discuss on the technical requirements and cost needed to create an online ecommerce website like FlipKart.

Before getting all technical, let’s brush up with the business model of FlipKart that contributes to the eCommerce website’s revenue strength.

The Difficult Custom Route or the Quick Readymade Route

There are two ways to building an online store. You can opt for custom eCommerce development which would command a large source of resources including money and manpower.

Scratch Development

Custom development renders total control at all corners of store development but is not a good option for startups and small scale business owners. Further, custom development requires owners to have an elaborate idea of how the final product should look like.

Readymade Software

On the other hand, a readymade marketplace software can be easily deployed and helps save time as well as costs. They come in the form of readymade scripts, just like most off-the-shelf software programs that can be installed. In addition to the quick installation, you can also customize the script with the help of the vendor from whom it is bought.

How to Estimate The Cost of Developing A Website Like FlipKart

On a broader perspective eCommerce project can be categorized into high-end, moderate and basic multi vendor websites. Here is how much eCommerce website cost estimate would amount to approximately.

Particulars High-end websites with specific functionalities Moderate websites with common features Basic eCommerce websites Independent contractor or eCommerce consultants Readymade scripts
 Average Product Cost  $500,000  $15,000  $15,000  $15,000  
 Project Cost Range  $100,000 – $1000,000  $7,000 – 150,000  $1,000 – 10,000  $1,000 – 10,000   $999
 Hourly Rate  $400 – $800  $100 -$200   $100 -$200   $50 -$250  

The cost to build a website like FlipKart will depend on the technology requirements and the digital sales channels you prefer. In most cases, entrepreneurs plan for eCommerce website and building an instant messaging app so we have taken efforts to provide cost of technicians involved for both so that you it would be better to estimate the cost of developing a website like FlipKart.

Want more information on the cost to build an online ecommerce store like Flipkart ?

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Apptha Marketplace Software

Apptha Marketplace is a multi-vendor marketplace script that can be customized to create an eCommerce website personalized to the brand’s specifics. It’s preloaded with features necessary to make a website like FlipKart in quick time.

Multiple languages, currencies, payment gateway integration support gives plenty of choices for marketplace owners to go for their region specific options. You can create your online ecommerce website on Magento 1.9 or Magento 2.

Highlighted Features

  • Customizable – 100% friendly towards customizations, 3rd party integrations
  • Exclusive dashboard for admin and sellers
  • Automatic payment split mechanism
  • Cloud Ready – 1 year free hosting on Amazon cloud
  • Single-step checkout for quicker payments
  • Simple’, ‘Virtual’, ‘Downloadable’, and ‘Configurable’ products type support
  • Global, vendor specific and product specific commissions
  • Internal communication system to contact admin

And 100+ more features

Apptha Marketplace script rolls out regular updates and is available in both Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.0 versions. Once the development is done, your website can be deployed on Amazon Cloud or third-party cloud or dedicated servers as well.

Build ecommerce website like flipkart

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      Hi Neha Sharma, ready made script is the best choice to build a website like flipkart. For more info reach our Apptha executives to get more details.

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    A post which shows a complete breakdown about how to create flipkart like website and the table which clearly gives how much does it cost to build a website like flipkart. Nice Blog

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    • Alex Sam

      Hello Michael! Good to hear from you! You can build a ecommerce website using Apptha Marketplace! Our team will get back to you shortly with the required details.

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      hi Josh Mendoza,
      Readymade eCommerce script is the best choice to make a eCommerce website. The cost & time is less when compared to scratch development.

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    what are the features which present when i choose to make a ecommerce website from readymade solution.

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