31 May, 2023

How to Build a Viral Online Marketplace Website like Amazon, Etsy & eBay?

Marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, eBay

Marketplace? How worthy it is and why should I set up one? If this is a question lingering in your mind, the information below may help you realize why setting up an online marketplace website can help your business grow massively!

Unless you’re from a different planet, the names of Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba and aliexpress won’t sound new to you. And they’re nothing but most celebrated online marketplace websites today!! The amazing customer follow-up and massive cash inflow have made them powerful in the online market.

Why is there So Much Hysteria Surrounding Etsy, eBay & Amazon?

As of the end of 2014, there were approximately 250 million active users at Amazon.com and the marketplace website giant had earned total revenue of US $89 billion. Also stats reveal that 44% of online shoppers directly visit Amazon for purchasing or researching a product. Similarly, in the same year eBay had 155 active million users and it had generated revenue of $18 billion.

How could they Accomplish such Towering Success?

The answer simply lies in their business model. If you examine deeply, marketplace distinctly stands apart in the crowd as it offers a wide variety of products. Take the case of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Aliexpress; they offer a wide collection of products such as books, electronic gadgets, stationery items, vintage handicrafts, fashion accessories, kitchen appliances and many more.

As a customer won’t you be inclined to a site that sells everything under the sun? Also apart from offering a variety, online marketplaces simplify the customer’s job of finding products pertaining to their interests and budget, with a mouse click and that is why customers find it as an attractive online shopping destination.

Now, I’m quite sure that you’d like to create a marketplace Website similar to Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba or etsy as setting up such an amazing marketplace can not only enhance your popularity, but also can generate hefty profits.

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But Wait. Is There An Easy Way to Create A Top Notch Marketplace?

Definitely Yes.

Amazon, eBay and rest of the successful marketplace websites were not built in a day. It took thousands of manhours for coding, designing and deploying the final eCommerce website. Even after deployment, several tweaks are carried out in the backend to keep them in top shape.

How Marketplace Works

For an individual or a small-scale vendor, this can be quite a daunting task. Not to mention the complexity involved in coding and designing poses. Like we said before, that should not stop you ever!

The technical team of Apptha is here to help you with a ready-made multi vendor eCommerce script called Apptha Marketplace. Infused with trademark features that are available in popular marketplace websites, it is just the starting point to write the success story of your eCommerce venture.

The USP of this multivendor software is that it has been laced with features that make it beneficial for marketplace owner, vendors and the customers.

Apptha Marketplace Features

Apptha – a Complete eCommerce Website Builder

Apptha’s Magento marketplace script you can make an eCommerce marketplace website close on the heels of an Amazon or an eBay or an Etsy within a minimal time span. Another interesting aspect of this marketplace script is that it is 100% customizable. Whether it could be the design or the features, this script can be modified to align with your requirements.

On the other hand, Apptha Marketplace script on Magento 2 is introduced with unlimited features that enhances the visual aspect of your Marketplace Website. Additionally, the script can be amended to any of your expectation to entice customer in order to magnify your business revenue.

Unlimited Scalability. Uncompromising Performance

Apptha’s Magento marketplace script you can create an ecommerce marketplace store close on the heels of an Amazon or an eBay or an Etsy within a minimal time span. Another interesting aspect of this marketplace script is that it is 100% customizable. Whether it could be the design or the features, this script can be modified to align with your requirements.

Multiple themes to deliver exclusive eCommerce experiences

Apptha Marketplace Magento script is available in three free, cool looking multi vendor themes.

  1. Marketplace Ace Theme
  2. Marketplace Pro Theme
  3. Marketplace Blaze Theme

Apptha Marketplace Theme

The 3 given multi vendor themes are mobile and fluidic responsive which provides a uncompromising experience on screens of any size. While Marketplace Pro sports a professional look Marketplace Blaze comes with 5 different color options & Marketplace Ace with updated current trend of 2017 ecommerce theme. Also all the themes are 100% customizable.

Build Marketplace Store

The Many Avatars of Apptha Marketplace:

The versatility of Apptha Marketplace has been tapped for creating grocery website, building online clothing store, developing online jewellery website and many more for our clients from different parts of the globe. Here are some of the real life examples where this multivendor script has laid the foundation stone for some leading eCommerce marketplaces.

  • Grocery website
  • Fashion store
  • Book store
  • Home appliances
  • Digital merchandise
  • Among many others.

Apptha Marketplace Casestudies
Industriacriativa, Brazilian based marketplace website that sells vintage kitchen appliances was set up using this marketplace script.

Schoolahead, a US based multivendor eCommerce website for selling stationary articles and books was created successfully.

MyEverythingHalal, a UK based marketplace very much similar to Amazon has its origins in Apptha Marketplace.

SAP ebooks, an online platform hailing from the Apptha marketplace family was developed to sell digital products to SAP in PDF, ePUB, CHM, Mobile and kindle ready formats.

If you are game to explore the different arenas, then Apptha marketplace has certainly got the features to fuel your business ambitions.

If you are interested in setting up a multi vendor marketplace on cloud platform using AWS

Try Apptha Multi-vendor Marketplace

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  1. Yana Opa Reply

    Thanking you for sharing this article. Even I’ve been researching with the idea to create a etsy or similar store in short span of time. Your recommendations made me keen into the business process. Will check out your product and features.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      We are proud to hear your voice in comments. Thanks for sharing your ideas here. We’ll help you out to make an etsy like store with your scheduled time.

      Visit apptha.com & chat with our live experts to get more clear pixels to start an instant estore.


  2. Ramon Combes Reply

    You added more value & inputs about the grand marketplace stores. Yes off course people are now switching to online so even the small stores are searching a grand store to publish their products in online to get more sales & customers. Me also trying to place an online marketplace store, which is deliverable to my local area.

    Thanks for your post.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      We could help you out to create an estore similar to etsy. Mail your complete requirements to bdm@apptha.com or visit apptha.com and chat with our experts to start building your marketplace store.

  3. Morey Massica Reply


    Is currently setting up a multi vendor store is a beneficial one. I have some genuine vendors who deliver products for me. So, I am planning to create marketplace store. I would be helpful, if you guide me on this.


    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Morey,

      A recent survey suggests that online stores received more profits compare to physical store and peoples are more likely to buy online. It is obviously beneficial one. Our business development team will reach you soon to discuss more about your requirements.

  4. Riswa Singh Reply

    Hello Apptha,

    Gone through your over all specifications to build a marketplace store. However, I wanna build this with downloadable items for my ecommerce store. It will be good, if we had discussion before creating.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Riswa, we have recorded your exact requirements. As earliest our team will reach you to discuss more about this.


  5. Mcclussy Reply

    Hey Guys.

    This is Mcclussy, I just discovered your post while searching. I want to make my own marketplace store with my locality, so that small business peoples can tie up for vendors. Can you give me an idea based on this to start an estore with your marketplace script.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Mcclussy,

      It’s great to hear your specifications. Using apptha marketplace script you can easily build your marketplace store. I have forwarded your queries to the business techies, they will be in touch with you to explore your marketplace store.

  6. Orseni Angie Reply

    Currently, we are planning to start our marketplace website similar to amazon, ebay for our new start ups. So, we need front end and back end for the ecommerce store. I checked your demo store, but i need more customization on that. Could you people help me out and what are all the features and support provided by your side?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Orseni,

      Many thanks for your feedback!

      We will reach you as earliest to discuss all about your marketplace development.

  7. Sheila Cruz Reply


    Wanna to start a marketplace which is loaded with downloadable products. Any ideas will welcome to implement this.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      That’s great idea Sheila. With our marketplace script you can easily start with downloadable products. Our team will keep in touch for the same. Thanks for contacting us.

  8. Benson Leungh Reply


    I want to manage a multi vendor store. Also am having more than 10k products which need to be update in the new store. so, what and all service you can provide for that? Mail or contact me for more clarifications.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Sure, we have AWS cloud hosting which you can add more than 10k products and it will be easy to manage with our advanced reporting extensions. Our business development team will reach you soon with more information.


  9. Anna Michell Reply

    Hello Apptha,

    I am intrested in buiding a marketplace website, but this is not a physical products. I am going to sell online books, cards and PDF files etc with my regular ebook partners.

    Is it possible to create that with your marketplace script? Any help would be highly appreciate.


  10. Shamita Doss Reply


    I am trying to build one for my grocery store! Also, going to add vendors for different products based on brand.

    Need clarification on this:

    For example, If I’m going to sell a refined oil based on different brands and if user search for the oil then it need to show all the refined oil with the available brands, so that it would be helpful for our customers to choose their exact brands.

    So I’m going to implement all items based on brand. Is it possible with this marketplace script?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Shamita Doss,

      Sure, we can implement your requirement. And our team already had experience on that.

      Check the below grocery store which is implemented with apptha’s marketplace script

      najdik.com – 100% possible to build your grocery store with this marketplace script.

  11. Ginete Beauchampe Reply


    I am Ginete Beauchampe

    As the above product is a Magento one, I have heard that the Woocommerce is also better one for building a marketplace. Also the features are exactly same like as magento multi vendors like digital downloads option also available.

    So, which platform is the best one to choose? Magento or Woocommerce?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Ginete,

      Magento and woocommerce platforms provide a full admin flexibility to access admin panels for opting multi vendor options.

      Both platforms provide an easy access to edit all the vendor orders. Also the previous order history and outstanding orders etc can be monitored.

      Compare to vendor account details, Woocommerce need slight improvements over the functionalities.

      So, both platforms provide some unique advantage over one another. Feel free to drop us an email at bdm@apptha.com to choose the perfect platform for your business.

  12. Leena Henckel Reply


    I am interested into this and I already have my magento shopping store. Is it possible to change with my existing store? contact me to discuss more.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Leena,

      You can create your own marketplace store with your existing Magento store. Our team will reach you to discuss more about your requirements.

  13. Joe Hoppe Reply

    According to me this script fulfills the needs of the entire marketplace ecosystem because the features are very beneficial to sellers, end customers and store admin. There are many advantages associated with this readymade script and yet the pricing is very reasonable.

  14. Irshad Ahmad Reply

    Hi Apptha,

    I Want to start an online multi vendor marketplace store? I welcome your Ideas and tips in terms of site creation and
    analysis based on my business.

    Provide me as soon as possible.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Great to hear your requirements Irshad. Our team will reach you shortly, also share your contact no and skype ID for enhanced connection.

  15. Felix Tejada Reply

    Hello Ram,

    While searching an alternate for creating marketplace website, I have landed here and I’m in a great need of this script. How much it costs and I want some front end store design based on some top collections of ebooks.

    How about customizable and other options? Need more information about this.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Felix Tejada,

      Welcome to apptha! It’s great you found our post and thanks for contacting us! One of our business excutive will contact you, in the mean while share your contact no and skype ID to reach you as earliest.


  16. Nisarg Leuva Reply

    I am interested to create marketplace website like flipkart, amazon. But, I don’t have much knowledge about magento platform. Is this script needs any other plugins and modules to perform. I need more advice on this, can you guys help me out for building this?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Nisarg,

      Thanks for reaching Apptha. Out magento experts will guide you on building a perfect marketplace website. Kindly add your contact no and skype ID to elaborate more about this marketplace script.

  17. Deandra Brown Reply

    So, how much would it cost to build an online shopping website like ebay, amazon and etsy?

    What are all the features available with this marketplace script? Is it perform like those marketplace giants?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Deandra,

      Thanks for reaching Apptha, our team will send the exclusive features of this marketplace script, which is updated with 1.9 version now. And this script costs $499 and this is one time payment.

  18. Kako Urushadze Reply

    I am interested in creating marketplace store like as etsy with multiple stores for hand crafted products. Also need to add multiple sellers located near my region. It will be good if you provide suggestions based on this.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Kako,

      Thanks for reaching us! Apptha’s executive will be in touch with you for discussing your requirements. Kindly share your contact no and skype ID to reach you as earliest.

  19. Justin J Cruz Reply

    How many developers I need for customizing this readymade marketplace script and what are the hosting server you will recommend? Also I need the best open-source for front end and back end maintenance?

    What are all the recommendations for creating marketplace store?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Justin,

      Thanks for your enquiry. We always recommend AWS Cloud hosting server for running marketplace stores and the developer requirements is completely based on your UI and customizations, apptha provides dedicated developers for any kind of customization.

      One of our support specialists will reach you to explain all the necessary details. If you need an instant solution kindly visit apptha.com and chat with our live experts for assistance.


  20. Nina Femminella Reply

    I’m looking forward to discuss the estimates on customization cost for creating marketplace website as well as an app. Contact me.

  21. Denny Fascan Reply

    Hello Apptha,

    I need to do an online business with marketplace store and I am collectively adding more datas in sellers and other sources and how helpful is ready made marketplace script compare to building it from scratch.

    Can you guys contact me for proceeding further?


    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Denny,

      Thank you for reaching Apptha, our executive will be in touch with you for more detailed information about building your marketplace store.


  22. Gracia Lozano Reply

    I want to build my own local e-commerce store by adding multiple sellers with their complete profile with GEO location based, so that my customers can buy from online or reach them directly to get products.

    Is it possible in this marketplace?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Gracia,

      Apptha’s Marketplace script enabled with GEO location and it shows the sellers map based on the given address. To explain more about this our executives will reach you shortly.

      Thanks for reaching us!

  23. Adrian Hsiah Reply

    I think it will take time to build a multi vendor in scratch, moving with already coded script saves time. I just want to checkout how the demo works and also the installation part etc.

    If any one can reach me?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Adrian,

      Sure, one of our executives will contact you for discussing more about your requirements. Thanks for reaching Apptha!

  24. Dhawal Barott Reply

    Just discovered this post while finding a solution to build a multi vendor site. I am going to get this one and wanna make some customization too. For building marketplace store like flipkart what are all the essential things needed apart from this extension?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Dhawal,

      Thanks for choosing apptha marketplace, initiated a request to our business development team and they will reach you shortly to explain more about your requirements.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Mike,

      You can contact our business team executive with the below number: +919500401650 and we will contact you with your given mail, also can we have your number to reach you as earliest.


  25. Norbert Reply

    Thanks for this informative article. Please how do I get this apptha software and how much does it cost?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Norbert,

      Great to hear from you. Here is the product page https://www.apptha.com/magento/marketplace you can make a purchase of your software copy here and it costs $999 but apptha offers it for $799 and the offer will get expire in 13 days. You can grab it now & save your $200.

      For assistance visit apptha.com and chat with our live experts to get more information about this apptha marketplace product.

  26. Sutosome Basu Reply

    I am currently a vendor in different marketplace websites, currently handling more than 500+ products and I wanna start my own marketplace store with amazon like front end theme and inside the product page it need to be look like etsy, also I had some other ideas that need to be implemented.

    If it is possible with this script, kindly reach me as earliest.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Sutosome,

      It’s great to hear from you. Our executive team will reach you soon to get more about your requirements and possibilities of making your amazon like marketplace website.


  27. Farooq Khan Reply

    I want to start an ecommerce website like ebay with this script. So, I would like to know more about this readymade estore software and it’s functionalities.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Farooq Khan,

      It’s glad you found Apptha to create your own ecommerce store like ebay. Could you please share your contact no or skype ID. It would be helpful to reach you as earliest for discussing more about this. Thanks.

  28. Jonathan Dennis eyo Reply

    I want to start an online marketplace like esty and alibaba where local manufacturers in my country can sell their product (Nigeria) but for now I will love to start with art, fashion and accessories funiture . how much does it cost to get an apptha script.. Plus I don’t know a thing about programming I will really. Need your help

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Dear Jonathan Dennis eyo, Pleased to hear your requirements. Our team will reach you shortly to discuss more about your exact requirements. Thanks for contacting Apptha! Good Day!

  29. Jeremy Chloe Reply

    I want to know which is the best multi vendor ecommerce open source platform to create online marketplace website

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi Jeremy Chloe,

      Thanks for reaching Apptha. Magento will be the preferable among other cms platforms for building a multi vendor ecommerce website. Feel free to drop us an email at bdm@apptha.com to choose the perfect platform for your marketplace startup.

  30. Jeremy Wilken Reply

    I want to run an online multi vendor marketplace website which is exactly same as the popular marketplaces like etsy, ebay, amazon. So, I would like to know more about this marketplace script.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Jeremy Wilken,

      It’s great to hear your requirements. Thanks for reaching Apptha, our executive will be in touch with you for discussing more about this.

  31. Tessa Mero Reply

    Is the readymade script is suitable to create an online shopping website similar to alibaba, aliexpress. I want to know much more about this.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Tessa Mero,
      Yes, you can make your online store via this multivendor marketplace script. One of our Apptha Techie will contact you soon to give more idea on this. Thanks for contacting us!

  32. Steve Marcus Reply

    how to create a marketplace website like amazon, how long does it take to develop a website. Can you send me the details about it.

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi Steve Marcus,
      Glad to hear from you, when you are choosing the readymade solution it will not take much time to develop a eCommerce website. Our Apptha Team Executive will contact you & give a complete information about it.

  33. Robin Reply

    Readymade solution is the best choice to develop a marketplace website or scratch development is the wise choice. Want to make a online store instantly. Please send me the details about it.

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi Robin,
      Readymade eCommerce script is best than custom development. Our Business team executive will contact you shortly about your requirements.

  34. Isabella Reply

    I am located in Florida, want to make a online shopping website exactly like aliexpress.com & also i need all the features which are present in the aliexpress website. Is it possible with this marketplace script.

  35. Pablo Corral Reply

    I am looking for a amazon clone script to make a marketplace website like amazon. I want to know about what will the cost & time it actually takes to start a ecommerce website with this readymade solution.

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi Pablo Coral,
      Great to hear from you, Our business team executive will contact you shortly & give a complete breakdown about how to make a website like amazon.

  36. Veronika Stoma Reply

    amazon is best ecommerce website though it has the lot of features. Looking to make a ecommerce website like amazon, what will be the cost?

  37. FARHEEN ALI Reply

    I’m looking to implement a marketplace app within a specific community. There would need to be some sort of verification form where only authorized members are allowed. This also needs to be integrated with a calendar app. Pls contact me with options.

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