1 July, 2022

How Ratings and Reviews of Products and Services Can Improve Online Sales?

Have you set up an online business? Is your product page perfectly designed? Is your Magento shopping cart highly captivating? Still not satisfied with the traffic inflow and expected sales? Well, one of the reasons might be failing to promote your products or services amidst huge volume of customers. According to statistics, most customers have developed the habit of searching for products by keying “product name + reviews” in search engines to find the best voted products by other customers who have bought them. Of course, these “word-of-mouth advertisements” have helped surplus customers to end up with reliable products at competitive rates. I hope the above information is more than sufficient to emphasize the role of customer reviews on the product pages. As a Magento ecommerce store owner, if you suppose that the above-mentioned system can be highly useful only for promoting products, you may be in for a surprise. In fact, reviews and ratings system has got more than what one practically thinks of. We will discuss the hidden potential of this wonder tool in the sections below.

Why customer reviews are constructive?

As I’ve pointed out in the beginning, reviews are the best sources to expose the credibility of your product in front of a huge volume of customers worldwide. A simple review of just two words, say for instance “Excellent product!” by a customer on any product page has the ability to add more solidity to the product page. If you’ve checked some of the high-quality online stores that are performing scintillatingly in the market today, the customer reviews on their product pages would have played a crucial role in their furtherance. The product pages of ecommerce stores without customer reviews have started to experience sudden dip in the sales. From the above statement, it is quite obvious that reviews are indeed significant for the business improvement, conversions, and eventually sales.

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SEO perspective:

I don’t know how many of you can relate the customer reviews with Search Engine Optimization. If you do know, fine; anyway, if you don’t, no problem as I will be discussing it next. The search engine Google has a unique algorithm which often prefers newly updated content on web pages and it plays a huge role in faster indexing. When it comes to adding fresh content on a regular basis, customer reviews are the best options and if the reviews comprise the product keywords, obviously the possibility of the page getting crawled by web spiders is always high. So, from SEO perspective, the reviews added by customers on the product pages can help your product rank better in Google for better conversions.

Ratings advantage:

Ratings combined with reviews can help your product stand out from other competitor products online. Say, for instance, if you have 5 products with same number of reviews and third product has 4 Star Rating voted by a user, obviously the third product will stay way ahead of other search results when searched online. This could really pile up traffic to your site and eventually you’d spot a gradual pickup in sales too. So, ratings have become a must-have tool for online businesses that sell products via online.

If beneficial, how to help users add reviews and ratings system to your ecommerce store?

The tremendous growth in technology has enabled us to witness some innovative products and one such is Reviews and Ratings extension for ecommerce sites. The ecommerce owners don’t have to put in any sorts of hard efforts to set up a ratings and reviews system on their websites, as just installing this nifty extension on their websites can help their business grow bigger. The system installed on the websites, helps user to add their reviews easily, check out the most helpful reviews, share the reviews by social network sites, etc. In fact, the Reviews and Ratings for Magento ecommerce websites is an excellent tool to enhance the customer base and conversion rate.

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How to persuade customers to write out a review?

Keep in mind, customers are convinced only when they feel they are comfortable on your site and you really care for them. Even if the customer leaves your cart, with or without buying a product, request him/her for a review. Persuade him/her with how a simple review written could help other customers in enjoying the complete benefits of that very product. Similarly, don’t be afraid of taking up negative reviews on your product page. But, try to work on the issues spotted by customers and enhance the quality of the product and ensure that you listen to their words. This would help customers build trust and relationship with your business which in turn results in the better conversions. To be candid, it is the combination of positive and negative reviews on your product page creates a positive impact on other customers that visit the site.


To sum up, Magento reviews and ratings extension installed in any website helps both the customers and the ecommerce owners mutually. So, set up one on your website and start listening to your customer views over your products and how to improve them. This could eventually improve your business standards to a great extent in a quick succession of time, provided if you concentrate on selling quality products. I hope entire post was beneficial to everyone and helped everyone reading it.

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