6 December, 2023

How Apptha’s Marketplace Proved to be Handy in Envisioning Marcio’s Dream?

Case presentation

Apptha’s Marketplace script has paved way for sundry multi vendor eCommerce stores in the market. Similarly Industriacriativa.com.br is also one such online marketplace in Brazil that has its origins in apptha Marketplace. The CEO of industria.com, Marcio Tucunduva was very keen to set up an online marketplace for selling vintage kitchenware and home appliances in his website. Impressed with the features he decided to procure Apptha Marketplace.

How were Marcio’s requirements accomplished?

As Marcio wished to set up his marketplace for selling vintage kitchen utensils, he found the framework of Marketplace to very conducive for his business. Now let us explore the features of Marketplace that left him enthralled.

Customized design theme

Design ThemeAfter purchasing Marketplace script, our client wished to have an exquisite theme that could enliven his website and draw the customers at the drop of a hat. He was also very insistent in not having a gaudy theme that could turn away his visitors. So we suggested the super store theme, which is also developed by Apptha. Marcio was convinced and we had performed customizations at the backend to align the Super Store theme with our client’s website.

Integrated paypal adaptive

Paypal Adaptive

Marcio found it an arduous task to calculate his commissions from the vendors after every transaction. In fact that consumed much of his time and required manual labor to implement the same. So we integrated Paypal adaptive to his website. As a result all his commissions were calculated automatically. So he could save his precious time and money spent on manual labor.

Exclusive page for discounted products

Discounted ProductsOur client intended to target his clients through discounts. However he was particular that the discounted products should be distinctly visible among the non discounted one. That was when the Super Deals extension came handy. This extension enabled the client to display the discounted products on an exclusive page. Hence Marcio’s worries of discounted products escaping customer’s attention were put to an end.

Conversion centric features

Centric FeaturesMarcio never wanted to lose customer on account of rigid user unfriendly options. So he requested to make his website more user-friendly. So we had made sure the overall design layout was tidy. Also the Social Login add-on facilitated a quicker registration process by allowing customers to register through their social networking accounts. Similarly the One Step Checkout add-on rendered a short checkout form, thereby saving the customer’s precious time.

End Result

Marcio was really happy with our work. In fact he had profusely appreciated the support team for a pleasing and prompt service. Impressed by our work he has approached the developing team to execute a series of customization work as a part of his website rejig.

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  1. Joyce Thobias Reply

    Customized theme and functionalities made the store better. Checked the online store, as it looks appealing and design makes great feel. But the admin functionality and other back end integration elements are the main factors for any ecommerce store. Hope this store have all the needed one.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hello Joyce,

      Thanks for your review. It’s great to hear your words as you said that, the admin back end options are steadily built with our certified experts. Makes it robust and secure one.


  2. Elena Reply

    I visited Industriacriativa.com.br. As apptha marketplace is customizable I feel it to be very utile from a business perspective. Integration of one step checkout, social login extensions are very beneficial from conversions point of view, paypal adaptive is a good extension for payments splitting.

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