21 February, 2024

How Apptha’s Airhotels Played a Significant Role in Driving onyajollies.com to Success?

Case Presentation

Onyajollies.com is the brainchild of Mr. Richard Moore, a business tycoon from the United Kingdom.With the intent of helping globetrotters find out living spaces to their taste and budget, Richard contemplated of building an online marketplace for accommodation. After sifting through several options he found Apptha Airhotels, a readily built accommodation booking script to be the best fit for his requirements.

Business Challenge

Although our client was pretty impressed with the intrinsic features and themes of Airhotels, he desired some special features and exclusivity for his website. So for that some customization work had to be performed. However, as this Airbnb clone script is welcoming towards customization, implementing them weren’t a big deal.

Apptha’s Solution

From minor design changes to feature enhancements there were many things done backstage. Nevertheless, for brevity purposes we have furnished only some key implementations done as a part of customization.

Streamlined data fetching

Our client wished to inundate his customers with a vast number of choices. Although, he was pretty sure that it was not going to happen if he used the ordinary hotel booking services. Hence we integrated the API of expedia.com, which happens to be a popular online hotel search directory. As a result after integrating the API, onyajollies.com was able to retrieve adequate data related to the living spaces from expedia.com.



Accelerated the performance

The site was heavy in data. So our pundits predicted that heavy data might take a toll on the website’s performance. Since the site is built on a Magento platform we made use of Magento speed optimization techniques to thwart loading issues. The primary concern was HTTP requests and to reduce it we used sprite image and merged CSS files together.  Further, foreseeing frequent website revamp we tuned PHP files in order to reduce disk lookups. 

Homepage was made responsive

Responsive homepageDue to various design alterations implemented in the website, the property images in homepage were misaligned and looked haphazard when viewed through mobile devices. Hence, by using HTML5 & CSS3 techniques we designed the homepage to be responsive. As a result, the images looked appealing and were comprehensible when viewed through any mobile device.

notification template

Designed an exclusive notification template

In Apptha Airhotels script, when a customer books an accommodation, the admin, the property owner whose property has been booked and the customer will receive an e-mail notification. Our client wanted the mail template to be exclusive and also wanted his company’s logo to be imprinted in it. So our design team created an appealing template and incorporated the client’s company logo.

The customization work was executed exactly to our client’s liking and also within a quick span of time. So he was mightily impressed by our service and he was kind enough to share some good things about us.

Words of appreciation from our client
Client Appreciation

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