6 December, 2023

HD Video Share yet again shows up in powering videopunchtvnetwork.com



HD Video share has so far powered 5000+ websites and is still going strong in increasing its client base. While we have already jotted down a couple of detailed studies on this Joomla plugin, here comes another standing proof of how HD Video Share is serving to be one among the best plugins for websites requiring video contents as the key.

Punch TV network, one of the new TV networks in the United States which aims in bringing diverse video content for viewers of all ages, was interested in taking its online avatar which could benefit its internet-dependent and internet-friendly viewers.This initiative had Punch TV network in search for a powerful tool that could host their countless number of TV shows and video contents in a quality that could be matched with that of their TV network. Thus they found HD Video Share plugin and believed it to be the best bet for realizing their dream.

The following sections of this article will take you on a swift ride on how HD Video Share extension helped in shaping up the online platform for Punch TV network.

01 .mov file conversion

The foremost requirement of Punch TV network was to convert the file format of their videos into the version compatible to HD Video Share. As HD FLV Player, the video player of HD Video Share, plays only .flv video file format it became a necessity to convert .mov files of Punch TV videos to .flv files.

So the technical team of Apptha worked on the codes to moderate the default functionality (.mp4 to .flv) of the plug-in and successfully incorporated the functionality of .mov to .flv file conversion.This limited the need for the network to find an alternative for the file conversion and helped them to directly upload their videos without hassle. Moreover the latest update on HD Video Share helped the client in ditching out URL redirection issues too.

02Video ads: (Ad sense timing and add a video ad to multiple videos at once)
Video ads were one among the key revenue earning mechanism of Punch TV. So the officials of the network wanted a few changes to be made in the ad sense in order to better their earnings through ads. The first thing was the change of time limit for users to skip the ads.The skip ad timing was changed to 15 seconds as the minimum limit and this extra time helped in luring viewers to view the full add which eventually earned more clicks. Moreover, Apptha also managed to help them out in adding a single video ad to multiple videos in one shot.

03Featured videos(playing order change)

Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV wanted to manage the order in which the ‘Featured’ videos are played. According to his requirement the featured video was changed in such a way that with each page refresh a different featured video will be played so that all the videos added in the featured list will get a greater visibility and hits in equal numbers.

04 Video Categories (Category ordering)

As Punch TV had numerous categories of videos like ‘Interviews’, ‘Talks Shows’, ‘News and Info’, ‘Travel, ‘Cooking’ etc apart from the regular modules ‘Recent’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Featured’, they wanted them to be placed in a specific order. The technical heads of Apptha were involved in the category ordering and customized it in such a way that the order of the category will automatically increase when new categories are created in the future. This helped them in sequentially ordering the categories based on the interest of the viewers.Apart from customizations, Apptha is also known and has received laurels for its unparalleled support which it provides post the sale of its products. Right from assistance in installation and configuration to clearing technical conflicts and issues which arise due to different server environments, Apptha made sure that Punch TV network got served with all that was required. Here are the highlights of the support process

05 Vast ads Conflict

Punch TV network raked in revenue through the preroll, postroll, google adsense ads but faced issues in using VAST ads. The problem was that the videos were not playing properly while using VAST ads. This issue as and when received by the support staffs, was escalated to the technical department which worked on it and sorted out quickly.

06 Play Counter Issue

The play counter worked fine in the client’s site but a few of their viewers raised issues that while playing a video of Punch TV network in a third party site like blog, using the embed code, the view counter was not counting the views properly. This issue which came up due to a different server environment was fixed by making the necessary technical changes in the plug-in.

07Mobile Device Compatibility

Though the responsiveness of HD Video Share worked well on all mobile devices, the HTML 5 support, which enables uninterrupted video playing, faced a few issues in iPad and mobile phones. Moreover the client also faced the view counter issue while playing videos through these mobile devices. These issues were looked upon on an immediate basis and Punch TV was made compatible with the latest iOS devices and smartphones.

End result

Punch TV Network’s online platform took a perfect shape loaded with the functionalities and features desired by its inceptors. video.punchtvnetwork.com is now a crowded online place which offers multi-cultural and interesting video contents for viewers of all tastes and ages.

Client’s speak

First of all, we would like to appreciate the involvement of Apptha in providing support towards its clients as we are fresh from experiencing such support. We laid the foundation and the product (HD Video Share) is undoubtedly the building material which gave shape to the site. Their proficiency in Joomla was highly resourceful in sorting out minor issues and was crucial in creating a web platform for our TV network in the way we dreamt it to be.

Apart from Punch TV Network, HD Video Share has been used to create a number of video sharing websites and online television channels. Check out the other case studies on Video Share to get a better look of how well the extension helps to create YouTube like websites?

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