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The word, most liked by customers and most hated by businesses is “free-of-cost.” Who won’t relish something which is available completely at no cost! In fact, cost-free products have allured most customers worldwide and rightly so as it saves them a lot of money. Bearing this in mind, I’ve come  up with a post which could delight Magneto web store owners as there are a few high-quality free Magento extensions by Apptha (high-quality marketplace offering themes and extensions for Magento, Joomla, and WordPress) using which improving the business promotional activities becomes much simple. Though the extensions cost nothing, their qualities are always uncompromised. So, Magento store owners can hereby have a peek at some of the best selling free Magento extensions from Apptha here and can start downloading the best for their business promotions.

Product Sold Count:

It is an excellent extension for improving sales online as it helps customers find out the best selling products on your website. Yes, with the help of this extension, the store owners can display the “product sales history count” on each and every product page. This would shorten the search of customers as they look out for the best products selling hot in the market currently. It is an amazing tool to leverage customer traffic and increase sales percentage. Imagine, if you site has more numbers quality products, obviously your sales will be doubled in a short period of time on applying this extension. Download this extension today for business betterment!

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Price Countdown:

Every businessman in the world today realizes that setting up a deals page on the website is the best way to make profit. However, it requires a few innovations to attract customers toward your deal page. One such interesting implementation that could create a massive difference in your online deal page performance is the extension “Price Countdown.” As the name suggests this extension displays the time count on particular deal product on the product page. When displayed in the catalog, this extension helps customer find out deal product by highlighting it along with deal timings. It can be a worthy add to your website as it can draw customer attraction in no time. Download this extension for acquiring outstanding sales in deal business!

Elastic Email Extension:

Utilize this extension to send bulk emails and individual emails in a hassle-free manner onto the internet by discarding SMTP server by means of mail relay service. This could help web store owners to send bulk mails with ease for better business promotions, especially at the time of airing their set up. Download this extension for improving business promotions.

SmoovPay Magento Extension:

Cash transactions play a crucial role in all ecommerce business and an interesting extension SmoovPay for Magento comprises Singapore payment gateway. With the help of this extension, the customers will be allowed to transfer cash even on the go as it provides tremendous mobile-friendly experience. In addition, it is extremely suitable for web versions as well. Above, the entire process of payment is highly secure using this nifty extension. Download this extension for experiencing secured payment transactions!


I hope the information provided about the cost-free Magento extensions has helped everyone reading this. Buy the best free Magento extension of your choice and start expanding your business perspectives.

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