Document Management Web Part – Apptha’s Ultimate Invention for Sharepoint

It is now damn easy to manage your documents in Sharepoint!

With the launch of Apptha’s new Document Management Web Part, Sharepoint users can experience a fully featured document management platform with advanced functions. Our document management web part comes with single window document operations comprising of document downloading, uploading and delete functions.

sharepoint document  management web part

Document management is necessary in any field. While a manager accesses documents to keep his team informed, a businessman needs documents to automate procedures with work flow. No field in this world could work without documents. If documents are of much importance, so is its management. Knowing the importance of Sharepoint platform in today’s e-commerce business, Apptha’s document management web part comes with some extraordinary features which is not available in most of the Sharepoint sites.

User Features: With this application, any registered user can login and upload documents to the system. You also have the option to download and delete documents from the system. It also lets you to filter the document by entering document library name and file name. However, all these operations done by the user is based on the admin’s permission level to let him add/delete documents.

Admin Features: The admin has all powers to create the document library. Admin only can provide access to the group. This application also lets the admin to provide limitations to file size and file type for the document library.

Why Document Management Web Part?

Generally, Sharepoint doesn’t come with an option for uploading multiple documents in a single window. In this case, each time you have to open the document library for downloading and deleting. Our Document Management Web Part overcomes this scenario. The web part can be used in multiple sites and the data fetch will be made from site collection level. Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 50 Mb as default. But you can change the size by central administrator →application management→general settings.

Apptha’s Document Management Web Part is an excellent boon to Sharepoint users to collaborate on documents just by being on a single window.

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2 thoughts on “Document Management Web Part – Apptha’s Ultimate Invention for Sharepoint

  1. Tushar


    Thank you for this post Document management. It is necessary for any field and Apptha has given valuable features in this share point. The best part is it also lets you filter the document by entering document library name and file name.

    Very useful information.!!!

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Tushar,

      It’s great to hear from you, keep reading our other informational articles too.

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