Create a Marketplace Website that is Economical and Profitable

There has been a great buzz surrounding the Marketplace simply because many repute ecommerce firms like Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, etc. had towered success in short span of time by adopting the Marketplace prototype.

What is actually a Marketplace?

Marketplace is an expansive store that enables diverse merchants to sell products on a common platform. Primary benefits associated with a Marketplace are listed below:

  • Small merchants find it easy to sell their products in a marketplace.
  • Merchants can upload their products as Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
  • A multi vendor marketplace lures shoppers as it has a vast collection of products.
  • Sale conversion rate in a marketplace is comparatively higher than that of an online store.

Which is the best platform for setting up a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website?

There are many platforms available to build an online Marketplace. Some of the popular ones are listed here.
Multiple Platforms

It is an open source platform and is easy to customize. Users can download this for free. It is a very secure platform for financial transactions as it is built with the latest security technology.

It is an online store management system. It is built using PHP, HTML and MySQL. It supports multiple languages and currencies. Highlight about Zencart is that it is easy to edit products.

An open source solution built on PHP. VirtueMart can house unlimited products and allows sale of downloadable products. It supports innumerable languages and currencies.

Stats suggest that over 25,000 online stores use shopify. It provides an exquisite template that improves the visibility quotient. Also the built in SEO feature is an asset for marketing.

Magento is considered the best considering the quick scalability, high-end security and user-friendliness that it renders for customers and admins alike.Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform with powerful features for content management and Business Intelligence. Magento muscles millions of fashion, automotive, food and beverage, retail and several other online stores across the world.

Primary Benefits of using Magento

  • Easy to Customize as Magento is an open source code.
  • Can accommodate any number of products as it is spacious.
  • Offers an array of extensions that boosts the sales and attracts customers.
  • Responsive and hence it is compatible with portable devices.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways and also ensures a secure transaction.
  • SEO friendliness improves the page ranking

What makes Magento a preferred choice

What makes Magen
In fact ecommerce giant eBay acquired Magento for a sum more than $180 Million. Ebay so far has a tally of 2300000 sellers and 15000000 active buyers.

Is Marketplace a cake walk to success? Certainly not. There are some hurdles, which every Marketplace owner has to grapple with. Let us see what they are

Presenting products appealingly: As a marketplace houses products from diverse sellers, categorizing and presenting them to the customers in an appealing manner is an arduous task.

Maintaining customer’s goodwill: Selling ‘out of stock’ products, getting bad reviews and ratings, postponing the product delivery, etc brings disrepute to the Marketplace.

Calculating commissions: The marketplace owner is entitled to commission from the store owner after every successful transaction. To make sure he doesn’t miss it, he needs to employ a team to do the calculations. This consumes his time and money.

Wait, Building a marketplace similar to Amazon for $999! Did I hear it right?

Yes. With an objective of providing ecommerce aspirers a convenient medium to create a marketplace, our experts have come up with a ready made script named Apptha Marketplace.
Built for accelerating a multi-vendor store build, this script has loads of functional capabilities and add-ons that can help you market and manage effectively.

Here we have listed some key features that guarantee a good value for your money

  • AWS Cloud Services are provided for Free.
  • Products can be presented aesthetically by categorizing them.
  • ‘Latest Arrivals’ & ‘Popular Brands’ are displayed in the main page to woo the shoppers.
  • Products, their ratings and reviews can be posted only after getting approval from the marketplace owner.
  • This marketplace script is 100% customizable and responsive.
  • Admin can view the transaction history of vendors from Admin Panel.
  • Vendors can view the sales report, most viewed product, etc. from their dashboard.
  • Admin can view the product details and vendor’s sales account from the dashboard.
  • If the seller goes on a vacation then they can disable products using the Seller Vacation Mode.
  • Vendors can share their product information on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

All these come for just $999. But wait. We have something more on store for you.

Apart from getting to create a marketplace website for just $999, you also get 3 free extensions.

Free Extensions

What else is on offer apart from the free Add-Ons?

You’ve still got more free stuff to enjoy.

Apptha Marketplace Script provides 2 free themes namely Marketplace Pro and Marketplace Blaze.

Marketplace Pro is for those who prefer a setup like multivendor giant FlipKart. Marketplace Blaze holds a fresh design and comes with 5 color options.

Apptha Marketplace Theme

Benefits don’t stop here, pay further & get more.

If you are willing to pay more, you will get other valuable extensions like PayPal adaptive payment, which saves the Admin’s precious time and money by calculating the commissions after every successful transaction.

So why do you want to wait?

Build Online Marketplace

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44 thoughts on “Create a Marketplace Website that is Economical and Profitable

  1. Martin Butters

    For Setting up a marketplace store we need quality and data secure. Most of the peoples in industry prefer magento for it’s security purpose. Using magento open source for multi vendor is a good deal but need more knowledge to work on compare to other platforms. From my point magento is preferable for any ecommerce solution. Given data and the way of presenting looks great.

    • Vignesh

      Hello Martinbutter,

      You added a great valuable points here. Hope you liked this article! I look forward to hearing much more from you in future articles.

  2. Pragya Gupta

    We are newbie who gonna build a marketplace website? We need to know about this script’s front end and back end development in more detail & what are all the support & service you could provide while creating a marketplace website?

    • Vignesh

      Thank you so much Pragya for writing to us. I would suggest you to visit apptha’s marketplace site and interact with our experts though the live chat. They will be able to give you a clear picture

  3. Tomas Martinek

    Compare to other marketplace script, what’s new in this?

    • Vignesh

      Hi Tomas,

      Thank your for writing to us. I would say the robustness and performance makes this marketplace distinct from others. Also our recent version 1.5 make this script more adaptable & stable than ever before.

  4. Chintan Shah

    The comparisons of shopping sites & open sources usage looking good, also nowadays report suggest open cart is trending with magento because of it’s easiest module selection but however every open source platforms had some unique functionalities that drives better sales for ecommerce stores.

    • Vignesh

      Thanks for your inputs Chintan, we’ll analyze more in future and update with more current trends about estore.

  5. Dennis Seymour

    Is there any quick comparitive guide from your side to compare with other marketplace & how your’s will be differ in pricing & functionalities?

    • ramanathan

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your enquiry here. Please check out the below comparisons with different marketplace scripts. Hope it would be helpful to choose the best multi vendor script.

      If need any further assistance visit our site and chat with our live experts.


  6. Austin Zulaufe

    Comparative with other open source & it’s usage makes magento worth, but now shopify and
    prestashop is also booming. Hope this could reach more height in future.

    • ramanathan

      I’m agree with you Zulafe, from your point even Magento open source will get double in it’s height compare to other open source platforms.

  7. Yulia Moskaliuk

    Hi Apptha,

    For desktop the script works and what about for mobile and Ipads. Is it also available with mobile apps? I mean the same version of store in mobile app.

    • Ramanathan

      Hello Yulia,

      Thanks for your question here. This marketplace script is available in mobile app which is compatible for android and Ios. It would be great if you share your contact no and skype ID to discuss more.

      Let us know if you need any further assistance to create a marketplace website.


  8. Tyler McIntyre


    I want to create a marketplace website, I think most probably this is the way to build it from scratch. However, I need to know the transparency,
    source code and the software design etc.

    Contact me for discussing about this.

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Tyler,

      It’s great to hear your requirements. One of our execeutives will contact you shortly for discussing all the specifications in terms of source code and it’s
      robustness. Also, please share your contact number and skype ID to reach you as earliest.

  9. Candela Jimenez

    Hi there,

    While researching to create a marketplace website, I have landed here. Also, I checked the quick comparative on different marketplace scripts and this marketplace script looks fine for me.

    Need to talk with your persons, contact me apptha team.


    • Ramanathan

      Dear Candela,

      Great to be with you and thanks for visiting apptha. One of our apptha executive will contact you with your given mail. Kindly provide your contact number & skype Id to discuss more.

  10. Pietro Quitadamo

    I need to create a mobile marketplace store in online for selling electronic gadgets with multiple seller options. I want to know every bit of it’s functionalities and admin features. Also need the demo store for front end and back end.


    • Ramanathan

      Dear Pietro,

      With apptha marketplace script you can able to create your mobile electronic gadgets with multiple sellers. One of our techie expert will contact you to discuss more about the features and demo functionalities.

      Once again Thanks for reaching Apptha!

  11. David Portney

    These are really fantastic ideas to create a marketplace website. However there are some certain factors which need to be to accomplish to erect marketplace stores.

    The factors like payment gateways, shipping options, delivery of the products, managing sellers, online and offline marketing etc.

    Valuable one apptha!

    • Ramanathan

      Hello David,

      I agree with your factors, because the factors which really describes the marketplace core functionalities and apptha’s marketplace script contains all the back end settings for that and mainly need to promote via online and offline for getting popular.

      Thanks for your valuable points.

  12. Jon Aandrel

    I’m impressed along with this marketplace script and need to build a marketplace store for craft items. Is this script available with customization theme from your side or myself need to find anyone to do this developments?

    • Ramanathan

      Hello Jon,

      It is 100% customizable and we have dedicated magento developers, you can hire them for your customization needs. Kindly share your contact no or skype ID to reach you as earliest for discussing more about this.

      Thanks for reaching Apptha!

  13. Ernn Mccartey

    I’m planning to start my own marketplace store soon, but I’m having a difficult time making a decision between choosing the open source platform and some of the blog suggests shopify would be a better option in CMS platform. Here this is on magento platform, however I’m looking for something completely unique.

    Reach me at: (205) 4**-***1

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Ernn,

      Thanks for reaching Apptha. It’s great to hear your requirements and one of our executives will contact you for discussing more with your given number.


  14. Radu Trifane

    I most certainly checking out for building marketplace store and hope I found the quality ready to go script. It will be good if any one from your team contact me for more inputs.

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Radu,

      It great to hear your requirements and thanks for reaching us. One of our executives will reach you out. For more visit and chat with our live experts instantly to get started.

  15. Jorge Gutierrez

    While searching the tip about creating marketplace, I have landed here and read your post. For me this is a good idea to invest on this readymade script.

    It is more betterment, If I get more Idea about this to build a marketplace store.


    • Ramanathan

      Dear Jorge,

      One of our Apptha Techie will contact you soon to give more idea on this. Thanks for contacting us!

      Good day!

  16. Shiful Ahmed

    I am interested in this business. I have my own online book store? Is it possible to create a marketplace website with this script, also I need to convert this with my existing online store.

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Shiful,

      Yes, this is possible with apptha’s marketplace script. Either, you can contact our live experts by visiting else add your contact no and skype ID to reach you for discussing this!


  17. Orite Penningtone

    I am trying to create a marketplace website for handmade vintage brooches, let me know the possibilities for building this marketplace store with adding multi vendor options.

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Orite,

      Yes, you can create your own marketplace with vintage items and more over you can easily add multi sellers to you store. For more visit and chat with our live experts.

  18. Adam Kelly

    I have some queries about creating a marketplace website based on my geographical area of melbourne, can anyone contact me here is my no: +61 1**1 6** 9*5

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Adam,

      We have added your contact no in our registry, one of our executive will call you in short span of time to discuss more about your marketplace website requirement. Thanks!

  19. Elliot Lazarus

    I want to build a marketplace website with configurable products, do contact for more detailed information.

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Elliot,

      Thanks for contacting Apptha. One of our executives will reach you to discuss about your requirements. In the mean while could you share your contact number for immediate response.


  20. Raima Chowdhury

    Hi !

    I’m really satisfied with your factors, All the factors are nicely described about the marketplace’s major functionalities and information. I’m interested to create a marketplace store and gonna get one.

    Thanks for your kind information !

    • Ramanathan

      Dear Raima,

      Great to hear from you! If need any assistance on purchasing this marketplace script, please let us know.


  21. Chris Kubbernus

    Is this marketplace script able to create a multivendor store with website template like ebay, etsy and their functionalities. How much time the script will take for the installation. Reach me at chris******

    • Ramanathan

      Hi Chris Kubbernus,

      Thanks for your question. One of our executives from apptha will reach you as earliest with the given mail id.

  22. Malcolm Fynn

    I want to know much more about building a multi vendor ecommerce website via magento platform. So, please guide me on this.

    • Alex Sam

      Hi Malcolm Fynn,

      we initiated a request to our business team and they will reach you shortly to explain more about your requirements.

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