Apptha’s Advanced Filters – Ensures a Pleasant Online Shopping Experience

An online marketplace swamps the shoppers with a vast amount of choices pertaining to products, their price, quality, reviews, etc. But on the flip side, too many choices lead to an utter chaos. With an ocean of products available, the shoppers find it really tough to pick a product to their requirements and even if they succeed in finding one, it comes at the expense of their valuable time.

To streamline a shopper’s search, our development team has come up with a new Magento extension known as the Advanced filters, which helps the shoppers grab their preferred products in no time. This blog aims to convey the functionality of advanced filters.

Grab the Latest and Popular products instantly

Popular products instantly In order to instantly catch the shoppers’ attention, two banners namely ‘New Arrivals’ and ‘Popular Products’ are displayed on the main page. By clicking ‘New Arrivals’ the shoppers can find recently launched products on the marketplace while the ‘Popular Products’ displays the list of products, which has garnered largest number of views in an ascending order.

Fetches products based on rating, pricing and attributes

rating, pricing and attributes

In order to cut down the shoppers’ effort of categorizing products through rating, ratings tab (from 5 to 1) is displayed on the main page. When the shoppers click their desired rating, then products pertaining to those rating pop out. For example a user clicks a 5 star rating, then all products that have acquired a 5 star rating starts displaying. This gives the shopper an idea about the quality of products.

In addition, a Price Range Slider enables the shoppers to quickly find products suiting their budget. The price range slider is present on the main page and the users can slide it to their preferred range and subsequently the products pertaining to the mentioned range springs up.

Furthermore there is a Multi Select Option, which lets the shoppers slick their search.For instance, users can select a product and with the help of this option they can click the attributes they intend to have in the product. By doing so they gets a list of products relating to their specifications. But this depends on the availability of stock.

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Ancillary Features

Ancillary Features

Our experts have also concentrated on the design aspects of the marketplace so as to offer a pleasant viewing experience to the shoppers. As a result the product categories are arranged in a tree structure and are marked with arrow symbols.To avoid a clogged look and to make the page look more crisper and neater, Accordion effects with +/- symbols have been incorporated in the categories.

This product filter extension has been designed using Ajax techniques. Hence the page loads at a faster rate and also an entire page reload is avoided for every selection. Meanwhile the site administrator has complete authority to either enable or disable these features from the backend. With most of the shoppers fed up with cramped online marketplaces, Advanced filters certainly looks to be a blessing.

To make your Magento store look vibrant and to convert you visitors in to shoppers.

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