4 October, 2023
Apptha Magento2 Marketplace

Apptha’s Multi Vendor Marketplace in Magento 2 Greets The World

Magento 2 is on a roll. Ever since it is release last June, the ecommerce platform is winning the hearts of ecommerce retailers swiftly. In fact, the recent list of Alexa website ranks 19 online stores using Magento 2 are placed amidst the top websites.

Isn’t that great? Well, if not consider these awesome features of Magento 2 that make its predecessor look slightly weak, if not outdated.

Whats New in Magento2

Yes & No

Yes, if you want your online store to climb up the next level of powerful performance.

No, if Magento 1 (Enterprise or Community) serves your purpose without any glitches.

However, you will be missing out on some terrific features like:

  • 50% faster page loading speed

  • Streamlined checkout process

  • New improved file structure

  • Testing friendly environment

  • The concept of view

  • Fuss-free upgrades and installation

  • And the eternal brotherhood, i.e, Magento Community

Introducing the New Avatar of Apptha Multi vendor Marketplace in Magento 2

Apptha’s Magento 2 Marketplace extension is a ready-to-go multi vendor solution that will bring to life your own complete ecommerce store in matter of minutes. The Magento 2 script is a perfect option for anyone who want to build a state-of-the-art online store like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, etc.

It is jam packed with sales boosting features that every online retailer wants to make his mine without shelling out too many bucks. Plus, there is always the goodness of the latest Magento 2 platform.

Highlights that go behind the scenes of a crowd pulling online store are bundled into the all new Magento 2.


Seller Dashboard

Vendor-specific URL


Control interfaces for sellers to monitor their respective store performance, key metrics and vital stats.

Branding and store ownership gets a boost with vendor specific URL. SEO friendliness is another added benefit.

Sellers can compile complete product portfolio pages comprising of product images, videos and any other desired information.

Custom Attributes

Admin dashboard

Custom theme

Admins can create and configure custom product attributes for sellers to select while adding their product portfolios in the store.

Admin can have a bird’s eye view of the entire happenings of the marketplace in a single screen interface that feeds real-time information and metrics.

Custom store themes of premium look & feel which are optimized to fit in snugly into any screen sizes without any compatibility or resizing issues.

3 benefits

  • Social logins

  • 1 year free cloud hosting

  • Free month technical support

Features for Admins, Sellers and Customers:

Admin features

Marketplace Admin Features

  • Separate commission rate fixing for each vendor

  • Global commission rate for vendors without commission rate attached to them

  • Bulk emailing system to contact sellers

  • Ajax powered page loading

  • Quick logins using social media account credentials

  • Manual or automatic product approvals

  • Moderate seller profiles

  • Enable or disable product sales count or product sales count

Seller features

  • Simple, Virtual, Downloading and Configurable product categories

  • Efficient product listing and categorization

  • Provide related product suggestions with every product

  • Universal shipping price can be set for products without a preset shipping price

  • ‘Manage Products’ grid for end-to-end product management

  • Fabricate product URL for SEO friendliness

  • ‘Transaction history’ for complete order and sales information

  • Option to enable or disable user reviews and ratings

  • Seller Dashboard that gives vital stats like sales revenue, best sellers and other insightful analytics

Customers features

Social Login

  • Social logins that eliminate the need to create and use separate usernames and passwords

  • ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ handles for customers to share their reviews or purchases

  • Advanced filtering that makes finding the right product easier

  • Elaborate product information including technical specs, previous user reviews and ratings

  • Compare similar products for making better decisions

Start your Marketplace Store

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