Apptha One Step Checkout : Tutorial / Documentation

Magento One-Step Checkout has transformed the traditional lengthy checkout process into one single page for payment, which by many ways is comfortable for your customers and saves them valuable time during the checkout process.

The Magento checkout extension simplifies the customers’ checkout process by filling up the personal information, payment methods in a single page, and completes the purchase in seconds.

The One step checkout magento extension is easy to install, configure, and supports all default Magento options.

Step 1. Download and install the plugin

If you haven’t purchased Apptha One Step Checkout then follow the link to purchase it

If you had already purchased the extension from please sign in to your account and download the product from My Account -> My downloadable products -> Download

Download Products

Installation Procedure

For Magento 1.4,

- Extract / Unzip the file
- You will see the following folders “app”, “js” and “skins”
- Upload these folders to the root of your Magento installation
- Signout and relogin to the Magento admin

Uploading the files through FTP client

Uploading the files

After you Re-login to your Magento admin panel, if you navigate through System -> Configuration, you will see Apptha One Step Checkout at the left.

For Magento 1.5,

Login to your Magento Admin Panel, go to System–> Magento Connector–>Connect Manager and Upload the Package.

Magento Package

Step 2. Configuring One Step Checkout

If you click on Apptha One Step Checkout, you will get few options where you can enable One Step Checkout, you can decide whether to keep Guest checkout ON / Off, can set Default country on Checkout, can enable / disable discount coupon, can modify Checkout title which is by default Apptha One Step Checkout.

One Step Checkout Configuration

One Step Checkout Configuration

Enable One step checkout in cart page

To enable one step checkout module in cart page, go to Admin → System → Configuration → Apptha One step checkout → Activate One step Checkout in Cart and select “Yes”

One step Checkout Shipping Method

Default Shipping Method
This feature is used to select the default shipping method to be selected in frontend.
Note: The default shipping method should be enabled in Admin → System → Configuration → Sales → Shipping Methods.

One step Checkout Database

Enable GeoIP
If we enable this feature our default country and city will be selected automatically in frontend, and if we set payment and shipping methods for that country it will be selected automatically in frontend.

GeoIP database
This field is to set path for Geoip database to be downloaded from the link mentioned below and paste it in our root folder of magento store. Default path ( GeoIp/GeoLiteCity.dat)

Click here to get GeoIp database
If we click this link it will open(
Here, click Try out our free GeoLite City database and you will get another page scroll down and click Download the latest GeoLite City Binary Format to get the database extract the database and put it in folder named GeoIp.This path is mentioned in previous step.

Default Payment Method
This feature is used  to select the default payment method to be selected in frontend.

Note: The default payment method should be enabled in Admin →  System →Configuration →Sales →  Payment Methods.

Enable Comments
This is used to share customer comments to the site admin, i.e. the comments mentioned by the customer while checkout will be displayed in admin sales order list.

To enable:

Go to Admin → System → Configuration → Apptha One step checkout → Choose Fields to Exclude/Include → “Yes”

Choose Fields

To view:

Go to Admin → Sales → Orders and view the Customer Comments tab belowItems Ordered . Refer below screenshot.

Product Order screenshot

Automatic Shipping / Payment Updates

You can enable this feature, if you want to have the shipping information updated automatically when the Country or Zip code or State or City selected without refreshing the page (Ajax).

One step Checkout Payment Update

Terms and condition Tab

Option to enable terms and condition for One step checkout

Enable Terms and condition in frontend, add title and add Terms and condition.

To enable:

Go to Admin → System → Configuration → Apptha One step checkout → Terms and condition → Enable Terms → “Yes”

The added terms and condition with title will be displayed in frontend with popup box. Refer screenshot below

Terms and condition

Please note: You should apply the license key to get rid of the text ” Invalid License Key- Buy Now” in the Front end.

Step 3. Output


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