21 February, 2024
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5 Types of Guests every Vacation Rental Website Owners will Meet in their Lifetime

Travel is for everyone. It opens us to the vistas of the world and the amazing experiences that are rare to come across in the city where we live.

The Internet has made it easier for people to book and seek travel arrangements with few gestures of their fingertips. Vacation rental software and travel websites like Airbnb have also changed the way we check in to spend a night at a strange place.

If you are someone who is running a vacation rental website, you will notice that no one guest is like the other. Each one has a different taste, different demands and totally different perspectives about travel and its experience.

So, the bottomline is you cannot have a single standard offering that will win the entire market. Here are some such different guest types that you have to prep your vacation rental website template exclusively to win more bookings and occupancy.

5 Guest Types

  • The Solo Traveler
  • The Fantastic Family
  • The Digital Nomad
  • The Business Class
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The Solo Traveler

Who are they:
Typically individuals who are just exploring places on a limited budget but with high expectations to see, experience and indulge in experiences.

How to Win Them:
Solo travelers typically need accessibility and affordability. They be delighted if you serve something unique and chic for a short-term that does not cost a bomb. Although, they travel solo, most solo travelers are social beings who love to meet new people from diverse backgrounds.

So, dormitory kind of rooms of property sharing suites serve them best. They also expect the host to give them reliable advice on nearby local attractions and landmarks that they can make quick visit to.

The Fantastic Family

Who are they:

Typically a pack of three or four, consisting of a mom, dad and siblings. Families, especially ones with newborns and toddlers are bit difficult to handle. They need specific and timely food servings. Also, not all kinds get used to a new place easily.

How to Win them:
Allocate them to private rooms tucked away from noise and disturbances. Provide large size beds or have separate beds ready for the children. Secondly, have equipments like chair and table set, toys and play area to keep the kids engaged and to give peace of mind to parents.

If you a swimming pool or balcony in your property, ensure that they are properly railed to keep children safe from harm’s way. It would also be nice as a host if you can give the parents a list of nearby pharmacists, paediatricians, hotels, convenience stores and other utility services to reach for emergencies.

The Digital Nomad

Who are they:
The Digital Nomad kind are a mix of working professionals and wanderlust individuals.

How to Win them:
They need an ambient vacation rental with a combination of workplace utilities like reliable Internet connection, telephone connectivity and distraction-free environs. Although not all, some might have the need for makeshift conferences rooms to have a quick client meeting or to have a video conference call.

They also want to taste a dose of adventure like hitchhiking trips that won’t take not more than 2 days, one day cycling sessions, a hike to a clifftop and so on. They will also need a safe place to store their equipments like laptops, cameras, gadgets, etc. while they are out on enjoying the outdoors.

The Business Class

Who are they:

Fully professionals, always hopping in flight to flight. Speed and convenience is what they yearn for.

What do they Need:
a quick to check in and check out rental place with little or no frills. The rent should be something that their boss would of and the comfort level, something that would make them want to come again. Amenities like uninterrupted Internet and telephone connectivity, wake up calls, cab facilities are typically expected. Some also prefer to have their breakfast or dinner served in bed.

How to Win them:
Sign up local cab owners or register your location as a pickup point for taxi hailing apps. Use on demand services for food delivery. The accommodation must be extra comfortable that will help them catch a good night’s sleep so that they can get going for the next day.


Who are they:
A gang of college goers, officemates, sports teams, girls day out, bachelor parties, and so on. They are people who travel together to spend quality time together or to relax in private.

What do they Want:
Lots of space and privacy. Groups usually want to let their hairs down, swig some drinks and have a mini party of their own without disturbing anyone. They also want to have a tour itinerary planned for the entire group complete with a driver, transportation and a driver who knows his way round.

How to Win them:
connected bedrooms or large halls that double up as staying places work fine for them. The vacation rental website design must provide for flexible bookings. In a group, until the data arrives, the final number is never final. So your vacation rental must provide the group to book a maximum number so that everybody gets involved and nobody misses the trip. Having additional facilities for booking transportation, food and beverages, event management will also go a long way in pleasing them.

Bringing it all Together

Although you are a small scale vacation rental website, you will have to serve to a wide spectrum of guests with diverse expectations of the place where they are going to spend few hours or days.

Little gestures from your side that will satisfy their needs will help cement a long-term relationship. We have identified few types of guests every vacation rental business owner will meet while running his business.

Know them, understand their needs and serve them wholeheartedly to grow your business naturally.

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