Why Top Brands Adapt to Facebook Store?

The following news may force a lot of brands and online entrepreneurs to throw their hands up in joy as Facebook has revealed recently that 80% of customers on this platform follow brands they are fond of!

Sounds interesting, right? Want to know why Facebook is targeted by most popular brands as their platforms? Well, at the end of this post you’d find out why!

Social strategy is on the rage and any brand launching on to this is making its presence felt by winning the hearts of millions of audiences. Provided below is the list top corporate bonds that have made the most of the Facebook stores.

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A list of corporate that has broken into top 10 positions of Facebook store includes:

  • Coca-cola
  • M TV
  • Disney
  • Red Bull
  • Walmart
  • Samsung Mobile
  • Pepsi
  • Amazon
  • Subway
  • Intel, etc.

Candidly speaking, the organizations mentioned above didn’t participate in any paid advertisements yet they’ve achieved the milestone amicably. Wondering how? Well, it is quite simple. All they have tried and employed is customer engagement attributes. They realized creating best user engagement lies in analyzing customer needs and listening to their queries. With such approach it won’t be difficult to impress your audiences.

How they accomplished this rare feat?

Creating cover image:

Hope most of you would be aware of this. But not to forget, the cover image posted on the FB page can create remarkable impact on visitors mind.

Creating the FB cover image requires some serious thoughts and efforts which could help you produce a striking connection with your audiences.

  • Dove
  • Coca-cola
  • Honda
  • Skype
  • M TV

Creating profile page:

I’ve provided below some useful tips to create a successful profile page for your business on the Facebook store front.

  • Create a picture adhering to the rules of Facebook
  • Make sure the profile picture and photostrip work together
  • Enable profile thumbnail to impress visitors
  • Include tab navigation

Creating app tab page directed at business pages:

A simple way to make your business stand apart from the rest on the Facebook page is by utilizing the tab options effectively. Creating an app tab page is a best option to direct visitors to business pages. By pointing arrows at the specific tabs which take your business to the specific pages you’ve aimed, you can easily bring in more visitors. Also, adding photos and likes to the page can improve customer conversions.

Why not transfer your online store to Facebook?

With such mammoth benefits, why not try to integrate your online stores with the Facebook? Wish to know how? Here you are with the method. All you’ve to do is to deploy an extension labeled Facebook app on your Magento site. It allows you to set up storefront on Facebook page from where you can promote your products and services exclusively for better conversions.

I think now might be hooked toward the product and would like to implement such a one on your ecommerce portal for taking your business website to Facebook. Start your marketing campaign on Facebook and improve conversions.

To learn more about this product and features, check the link: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Magento/Magento-Facebook-App/

To learn the functionality of this product, check the link: https://apps.facebook.com/appthastore/

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