26 May, 2024
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9 Best Video Hosting Platforms: A Top Comparison & Reviews in 2024

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Today, we see that every platform consumers come across with anything is flooded with plenty of videos. That’s because online videos in use are so common.

Video hosting platforms like YouTube and Facebook draw the attention of millions of eyes for their ever-popular choice, sales videos, explainer videos, etc.

Certainly, if your homepage doesn’t carry an instructional video, it leaves visitors with confusion about what’s in there for them, leaving them just to swipe pics!!

The same story goes with other forms such as social media posts, product pages, business landing pages, professional ad video on demand hosting sites, & more.

Companies tend to leverage this aspect by focusing on content delivery solutions.

The key challenge they face is how can videos be created for targeted audiences and avail them from any device, at any part of the globe??

Moreover, due to big-sized files that have been taking a large amount of space in individual devices, with the advent of videos it makes businesses think all of it can’t be available at a click of a button..

And so streaming all of them is only setting them down for a race as there’s a fear of going to slow things down further…

Plus another angle comes into play, how can content owners like you ensure to have views of videos that’s viewable on multi screens?

Video hosting is the answer to all of the above. We’ll go over why it is needed, how to use it, and what to look for in an online video hosting platform in this post.

8+ Top Video Hosting Platforms

  • GUDSHO – First-rated Platform to Monetize Concurrent Streams
  • VPlayed – Video Sharing Platform Provider with Lifetime Ownership
  • Dacast – First-rated & Top Video Hosting Sites
  • Vidyard – Scalable Video Hosting Website
  • Wistia – One among the top video hosting websites
  • Brightcove – Best Online Video Hosting Platform
  • Kaltura – Best video hosting platform for eye-catchy experiences
  • Vimeo – The leading Video Sharing Platform experiences
  • IBM Video Streaming – A top-notch video posting platform

What is Video Hosting?

The process of uploading videos to a service that makes it available any place it needs to be is known as online video hosting.

YouTube, a video-focused social network, is an excellent example: you upload it once, and it’s instantly available in and around the world.

A professional video hosting site is a solution with in-built software that allows you to host videos & manage your content hassle-free.

In other words, it is exactly the place where all of your video stuff resides.

Mostly, hosting video or audio content is likely best-suited for businesses who primarily create content for consumers.

Looking for The Best Video Hosting Platform to Monetize your Videos?

The 9 Best Video Hosting Platforms in 2024


First-rated Platform to Monetize and stream Concurrent Streams

online video hosting platform

GUDSHO enables video streamers, content creators or media influencers to create their own brand by converting their value-added skills in a digital video ecosystem.

They can build their own channel to showcase their art in visual appealing mode which is backed up by versatile monetization models, limitless content library, and lots more. 

And the best part is, as creative video makers you can keep all the profit share with yourself alone.

Unleash your creativity to the core with a creator-friendly premium video channel where millions of fans can connect with you with zero barriers.

Grab some of its best highlighted features:

  • Upload, organize and stream videos with an inbuilt CMS solution
  • Powerup streams with 4K high-definition rendering in high quality
  • Enrich your video community with market-leading technologies 
  • Drive more engagement to your channel by embedding videos  
  • Enable viewers to keep a track of their viewed content organizedly.
  • CDN and AES encrypted
  • HTML 5 video delivery

2. VPlayed

Video Sharing Platform Provider with Lifetime Ownership

video hosting platforms

VPlayed is a single white label video streaming platform that provides a flexible streaming solution for businesses that includes cutting-edge OTT features and end-to-end encryption.

It gets even better when you realize that your entire professional-looking online video platform is being constructed at a rate of nearly 50% faster implementation.

Many well-known firms use VPlayed because it provides businesses with 150+ features and 6+ video monetization strategies, allowing them to serve their audiences in any area of the world.

VPlayed’s Video Streaming Solution Has The Following Highlighted Features:

  • Ensure flawless streaming with the help of a dynamic video player
  • An integrated video CMS can assist you in efficiently managing your video assets
  • Robust video DRM technologies are capable of eradicating all forms of digital piracy
  • Increase your revenue potential by using a variety of monetization techniques
  • Expert streaming tools assist you in completely customizing the platform at any level
  • Ensure seamless platform integration with on-premise or cloud alternatives

For quote-based plans, fill out this inquiry form, You may also opt for Free Demo Here.

3. Dacast

First-rated & Top Video Hosting Sites

host video online

Dacast is the most widely used unified streaming solution for comprehensive online video hosting and live streaming. Dacast pricing provides complete control over their on-demand video platform to their clients.

This is a well-liked workplace video streaming solution for business growth.

You can develop professional workflows with video transcoding, live stream recording, and an all-device video player.

For online video sharing, use Dacast’s user-friendly feature platform:

  • Top CDNs that are trustworthy and appropriate for live events
  • Broadcast the best video using a security-graded unified platform
  • Streams are guaranteed to be buffer-free while using the HTML5 player
  • For real-time content delivery, support for live encoding is essential
  • Third-party players with a wide variety of system compatibility are integrated
  • Multi-bitrate streaming with adaptable internet connection rates

4. Vidyard

Scalable Video Hosting Website

video hosting sites

Vidyard is a video-sharing platform that allows you to stream professional recordings. Sales, marketing, and corporate communications are the focus of the cloud service.

Vidyard has a wide range of video creation, customization, hosting, and analytics capabilities.

At a reasonable charge, live streaming & on-demand collecting are available. Moreover, it allows videos to be streamed on mobile devices that are compatible. Allows for rapid recording of live broadcasts.

Learn how to use the platform’s path-striking features:

  • Secure video hosting allows you to stream an unlimited number of live channels
  • Video hosting with no ads & lightning-fast load times
  • Trim the beginning, middle, or end of your video to make rapid adjustments
  • At the start of videos, use an intro banner & title to introduce yourself
  • In your enterprise video platform, control user permissions and folder access
  • Possibility of complete white-labeling OTT platforms & branding

5. Wistia

One among the top video hosting websites

hosted video service

Wistia is delighted to have aided over 375,000 businesses in their video marketing efforts.

Based on the notion that everyone can utilize video to promote their business and brand, Wistia creates marketing software, video series, and educational content.

Chris Savage & Brendan Schwartz, both Brown University graduates & best friends, established Wistia in 2006. Wistia now employs over one 100 employees.

Features that can be benefit your brand when it comes to owning your audience:

  • Use a player that fits your brand, but not wistia’s to embed your content anyplace
  • With email collecting, CTAs, links, & more you can get quantitative results
  • Create a single streamable experience with a gallery of movies, webinars, and podcasts
  • Send engagement data to your CRM, ad platforms, & other places where you need it
  • Industry-leading analytics, you can see what media generates the most value for your company
  • Use engagement data to generate highly targeted search & social audiences

6. Brightcove

Best Online Video Hosting Platform

video hosting websites

Brightcove hosting & marketing suite is a best video content management solution.

It uses a variety of tools to improve online engagement & conversion rates, as well as the ROI of your video campaigns.

A video library, on-demand publication, SEO-optimized video portals, live video streaming, social media sharing, lead capture analytics, & outcomes tracking, reporting are all included in the solution.

Here are some appealing features of Brightcove that are future-proof:

  • Schedule video launch times based on geographies, as well as global launch rollouts
  • For each video hosted service, Brightcove provides HD streaming with 6 alternative versions
  • Style & brand your video players with templates, HTML5 delivery, & social sharing in-player
  • Real time analytics after you host videos online helps to gauge content performance
  • Video on Demand platform & live-streaming services are available to a wide range of clients
  • Server-side ad insertion for video monetisation has the best potential in your platform

7. Kaltura

Best video hosting platform for eye-catchy experiences

video hosting solution

Kaltura’s mission is to enable any sort of organization to benefit from the power of video.

To its most devoted content owners & distributors, this collaborative video network provides both live streaming & best VOD hosting options.

They primarily provide video solutions to media telecom firms, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, & other digital tech workplaces. The following are some of the most notable highlights:

The following are some of the features of Kaltura’s video streaming platform:

  • Akamai, eCDN, & Limelight content delivery services integrated in website
  • Services for live software production & transcoding
  • A global content delivery system that will appeal to a larger audience
  • Supports video resolutions of up to 1080p
  • Premium subscriptions include unlimited file storage
  • Developer tools and APIs for video posting
  • Improved video security through a variety of encryption mechanisms

8. Vimeo

The leading Video Sharing Platform

video hosting provider

Vimeo, which has been active since 2004, is one of the most powerful players in the OTT sector.

Vimeo has contributed to the development of OTT video platform infrastructure by building 1500 apps and establishing a user base of roughly 5 million with its full-scale subscription SVOD platform.

The following are some of Vimeo OTT’s most notable features:

  • Ios & Android TV Apps with a branded look & the ability to make in-app purchases
  • Many monetization choices with complete brand management for increased growth
  • No hidden bandwidth prices
  • Content management is easier with a centralized dashboard
  • With a real-time analytics system, you can support simulcasting

9. IBM Video Streaming

A top-notch video posting platform

professional video hosting

IBM Watson Media SaaS software uses strong video on demand streaming technology to provide AI-driven solutions for live streaming, interactive corporate communication, content management, and more.

IBM Cloud is one of the greatest platform providers for improving your entrepreneurial discussions with virtual town halls, unique product announcements, live stream events, and other tools.

Some of its most significant features in IBM Video are as follows:

  • Live streams with multicasting facility to screen anywhere, anytime
  • Clickable video overlays within the content for prospective monetization
  • Best-in-class CDN infrastructure helping you to deliver HQ videos
  • Password-protected channels for best in-class security
  • API-Access for further customization to scaleup business further
  • RTMP-based setups with a branded live streaming app.

Advantages of Choosing a Professional Video Hosting platform

When choosing a video hosting platform according to brand objectives, one of the first decisions to make is whether to go for a free platform such as YouTube or Vimeo or a paid, professional platform.

There are numerous advantages to use a professional video hosting server for your business, including:

Online enterprises are now choosing to upload a wide range of videos to private video hosting sites, to serve both internal & external audiences.

A whole host of reasons that can benefit your video hosting websites via professional server & its related teck-stack include:

  • Improved website interaction
  • Gaining more control over possible leads
  • Improved video data
  • Increased content personalization & control over it
  • Optimized security
Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors

✅ Improved website interaction

When you utilize a website for hosting free videos, it puts your viewers into a dilemma, if they can stay with you for a long time. What’s more, is that your website is under stake of it being shuttled off to view curative videos.

✅ Gaining more control over possible leads

There are a few key negatives to moving customers back and forth from your website to a free video platform.

Firstly, a free platform will do everything possible to keep that user on its site, interacting with other content that may be used to generate revenue.

Even if a user comes to the platform, viewing algorithms will try to promote direct competitors seeing the content.

✅ Improved Video Data

Most free video hosting platforms include some information about your videos, such as viewing numbers and likes-to-dislikes ratios.

While these data points may appear to be useful on the surface, they are unlikely to have a significant impact on your business decisions.

✅ Better way of customization & content control

Likewise, if you want to bring in your users to watch your targeted ads, the platform can help you with embedding those advertisements in each video that you upload.

In addition to that, the player helps your visitors to view your content with branded information within the platform rather than choosing to create your own branding.

✅ Optimized security

Entire video streaming services are dependent on intellectual property & to safeguard it from being stolen by someone else has never been an option.

This process is further being eased out via strict controls who can & can’t see your videos in order to protect the code.

This zone of liberty is not hundred percent valid with free hosting websites because it puts your work at risk.


Professional live broadcasting requires the use of online video hosting systems.

The majority of business-grade best video hosting & sharing sites come with all of the capabilities you’ll need to have a great broadcasting experience.

Choosing to utilize videos in your company plan is a huge step, and you’ll need a professional video hosting platform to back up all of your high-quality recordings.

If You’re Ready To Incorporate a Video Hosting Platform Into Your VOD Solution Content Strategy, Get In Touch With Us Right Away.

Kiruthika is a Senior Digital Marketer specializing in SaaS Marketing at Gudsho, where she leverages her expertise to drive result-oriented strategies. With a passion for innovation, she has expertise in navigating the complexities of online marketing.


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