26 May, 2024
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Top 10+ Best Church Streaming Services to Broadcast Live Video

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The pandemic has forced people to turn inwards to religion and God for succor which has pushed churches to adopt live stream church services.

Even though church attendance has declined, 44% of people say they prefer to worship alone. Church is still important to them, but they don’t want to be physically present there.

Online live streaming helps reach this 44%. You’ll still be able to engage with them online and they might even recommend you to their friends.

The use of live streaming solution for churches has changed the way members of the congregation practice their faith. Streaming video is becoming a more popular means of reaching congregations around the world.

Today’s article will explore benefits of live streaming church services, how to live stream a church service and also compare the top 8 video platforms to help take your religious streaming services online

Benefits Of Church Live Streaming Services:

There are many benefits to using church live streaming services. If you are looking for a way to reach a wider audience, build community, and promote your church, live streaming is a great option

Besides the sheer fact that you will be able to reach people who would not be able to attend community services, streaming and broadcasting your church services also offers other benefits, for example:

  1. Allowing members who are otherwise unwell to attend your services
  2. Reaching people who are not part of your local community and are based much farther away
  3. Helping members who are traveling or unable to make it to church still access services.
  4. Allowing you to record live sessions so churchgoers can access the service in their own time.
  5. Gaining access to younger people who spend a significant amount of time online.

Here’s How to Live Stream Church Services:

Live streaming your church services is a great way to reach a wider audience, build community, and promote your church. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to live stream your church services using a variety of popular platforms

Setting up your church’s website and streaming live services might seem daunting. No worries, this 5-step guide will help you get going.

best church live streaming

1. Establish a Plan Based On Your Goals.

Before launching a new service, it is best to plan it to the minutest detail. Some things to think through are the kind of equipment you already have, what you would like to invest in, where you will be streaming from as well as what your budget is. This will help narrow down your streaming service.

2. Choose: The Features & Service Provider For You

Some of the features to look for in a streaming service are easy of use, advanced video analytics, strong security features, white-label online video platform, and budget fitment.

3. Prep: Take Stock Of Equipment Available & What is Needed

List out what you need before starting. Use a camera that is suited for you and set it up with what you would want your audience to see.

It is essential to choose a video encoder that will convert your video into data that can be streamed online.

While most live broadcast software for churches carries this as part of their offering, it might be best to use a dedicated encoding software.

The last few things to make sure you have in place are good lighting for better video quality and a separate mix for audio so it can be mixed separately and integrated with your video.

4. Test: Trial Run Before Going Live

A test run is highly recommended so you have a chance to fix your little snags, make sure internet speed is adequate as well as the chance make sure you have the licenses for all software, music, etc. that you will be using while streaming.

5. Start: Get the Show On Road

Finally, go ahead, start streaming and connecting with parishioners no matter where they may be!

Want to Start Your Live Streaming Church Services For Your Faith Communities?

Top 10+ Best Live Streaming Services for Churches 2024

To make things even simpler, here’s a round-up of the best Church streaming services in 2024. Looking for the best live streaming services for your church?

Here are the top 10+ options such as VPlayed, Dacast, Streamingchurch.tv, BoxCast, ChristianWorldMedia, Truthcasting, MyChurchWebsite, Vimeo OTT and more for 2024, based on factors such as features, and ease of use.

1. VPlayed

Broadcast Live Streaming Services For Churches

best online church services

With an extensive list of features like unlimited bandwidth, white-label video solutions, top-notch security, live linear streaming, private messaging, auto-archiving, and VPlayed offers everything you would need to start streaming your services right out of the box, including customizable video libraries.

With a host of basic features and advanced ones, you will not go wrong with choosing VPlayed for religious streaming solution and broadcasting your church services.

Key Features Of VPlayed’s Church Live Streaming Services

  • Easily customize your content management library to suit your needs and make it easy for users to access
  • HQ streaming video with a custom-built HLS player
  • Experience live linear streaming with adaptive bitrates
  • A white label solution that gives you complete control
  • High-quality video protection with protected sign-ins, video DRM, dynamic watermarking, and encryption to prevent piracy

2. LiveReacting

Grow Your Church With Live Interactive Church Streaming Services

church live streaming

LiveReacting is a simple-to-use streaming solution for Churches, Ministries, and Houses of Worship. This streaming platform allows to make live streams interactive, powerful, and easy to grow with.

Key Features Of LiveReacting Church Live Streaming Services:

  • Upload pre-recorded videos and schedule them as live.
  • Raise awareness and reach more people by adding interactive elements in a stream, like Bible Trivia, Bible Crossword and more.
  • Display the audience’s comments (as prayers or questions) inside of the stream.
  • Multistream to different platforms within one single click.
  • Run 24/7 live stream with Worship on Youtube, or other channels.


“The #1 Live Streaming Platform For Online Church Services”

GUDSHO is your one-sweet stop if you are looking for church live streaming platforms as it makes it possible to host live church sermons to congregations and people of the faith with ease and in the best streaming quality. 

Now, while the platform offers OTT features like a powerful CMS library, CDNs, playback options, security attributes, and many that any streaming solution would offer. It emerges as a winner when it comes to offering monetization options.

As GUDSHO is packed with multiple models that help video creators to draw revenue to the max. Of which, members of the church can enable donations as a monetization option to accept friendly contributions from remote audiences.

Let us see what else does the platform offer: 

Key Features Of GUDSHO’s Church Live Streaming Services

  • Ability to convert live streaming to VOD content
  • Akamai-packed global CDN capability for buffer-free streaming
  • 5+ monetization models to draw maximum revenue from each video
  • Analytical dashboard to track the performance of every content
  • Embed code option that allows copying the code onto any website or channel to stream videos
  • Screenshot prevention security parameter to restrict viewers from recording sessions from the app.

4. OnTheFly

 The best live streaming platform for church services

onthefly live streaming solution

OnTheFly is a top-end streaming solution for churches and ministries. With an interactive chat solution, a simplified user experience, and best-in-class features, it is designed for all kinds of streamers. 

Key Features of OnTheFly Church Live Streaming Services:

  • Stream 24/7 to multiple social media platforms. 
  • Stream pre-recorded videos and pre-schedule them before you go live.
  • Invite multiple guests to host your stream as you stream.
  • Build engagement with interactive chat elements like real-time chat, comments, polls, and emoticons.
  • Record your stream and store it in the cloud
  • Custom RTMP stream and embed url to extend your viewership
  • Industry best CDN to manage content
  • Superior video analytics to monitor the stream in real-time

5. Dacast

Fully loaded With Professional Online Church Services

church live streaming services

Dacast streaming offers you a free trial with 10 GB of free bandwidth. After the trial, their pricing starts at 39$/month going up to 188$/month. They also offer customized pricing plans based on your needs.

Key Features Of Dacast’s Live Streaming Services For Churches

  • An analytics dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of user behavior
  • By enabling users to record live streaming and store on-demand videos for future viewing
  • Providing 24×7 customer support
  • To combat piracy of any kind, the company provides strong privacy features
  • Multi-user access on custom and scaled plans

6. Streamingchurch TV

Grow Your Ministry With Online Church Streaming Services

church live streaming solutions

Streamingchurch.tv claims to have not had a single minute of interruption over the past two years. An impressive feat considering the amount of data streamed online in recent times.

They also offer a 30-day free trial. Starting at 79$/month though, they are not as competitively priced.

Key Features Of Streamingchurch.tv’s Church Live Streaming Software

  • Support for live streaming church services
  • Provides ad-free streaming
  • Compatible with Facebook and Twitter
  • Supported by multiple mobile devices and Roku
  • Detailed information about attendees through an interactive map

7. BoxCast

Highest Quality Experience With Streaming Live Church Services

Live streaming church services

Streaming events across multiple screens with a maximum runtime of 8 hours, BoxCast promises casting solutions for you no matter the size of your congregation.

They offer a trial period as well as advanced video analytics as part of all their plans. Plans start at 99$/month and go up to 199$/month in addition to custom options.

Key Features Of BoxCast’s Live Video Streaming For Churches

  • Provides ad-free streaming of religious services
  • On the website with easy embedding
  • Expert email and phone support available
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter support
  • 24/7 reliable and uninterrupted broadcasting

8. ChristianWorldMedia

Step Up With Your Streaming Services For Churches

best streaming service for churches

As the name suggests, ChristianWorldMedia is a streaming platform specifically geared towards churches and their services.

They have very affordable plans starting at 35$/month going up to 89$/month.

Key Features Of ChristianWorldMedia’s Best Live Streaming Software For Churches

  • Hassle-free streaming of religious content 24 hours a day
  • up to 50 viewers at a time
  • Supports Roku and flexible streaming across devices
  • Integration with social media and the Bible for easy access
  • Pro plans offer exclusive features like live recording, unlimited archiving, adaptive live transcoding, etc.

9. Truthcasting

Get Affordable Church Online Platform Streaming Providers

church streaming services

Keeping their USP as reliability, Truthcasting keeps it simple. They focus on reliability and offer all-in-one plans starting at 39$/month but with limited support.

They also offer unlimited streaming and unlimited viewers.

Key Features Of Trustcasting’s Live Stream Church Services

  • Streams without ads for a completely uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for viewers
  • Compatibility with multiple mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones
  • Provide reliable content delivery for religious streaming
  • Live video streaming platform that uses embedded code

10. MyChurchWebsite.com

Powerful Church Live Streaming Software

live stream options for churches

Focused on churches and increasing their reach, MyChurchWebsite began as a church website provider.  Over time, they expanded into other areas like live streaming and IOS, Android tv app development for churches, and offer social media integration. They have various pricing options available on their website that allow you to a custom plan from all their offerings.

Key Features Of MyChurchWebsite’s Church Video Streaming Solutions

  • Streaming of religious services without advertisements for a dedicated prayer experience
  • Compatible with every mobile device and flexible streaming of prayers
  • Integration of social networks
  • Using Google analytics for gauging user behavior and measuring performance 

11. Vimeo OTT

Easy To Use Live Video Streaming For Churches

best church streaming software

Vimeo was one of the earliest providers of best video streaming services. This gives them a lot of experience in this field. Having now entered church broadcasting services, they use their expertise to provide services across platforms.

Although their video plans start at 7$/month, their plans with live streaming solutions start at 75$/month.

Key Features Of Vimeo OTT’s Best Live Streaming For Churches

  • Customizable player to meet your specific needs
  • Social distribution across all social media platforms
  • Google analytics and metrics to measure the performance
  • Better streaming experience with unlimited live events
  • Integration of polls, graphics, Live Q&A


With the world preferring more to look and stay indoors, it is the ripe time to tap into the vast potential that live streaming and broadcasting offer for churches and their parishioners.

This quick guide has hopefully answered a lot of your questions around why you must consider it for your church as well as the best platforms to consider. Do let us know if you have any more questions to be answered.

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