How to Start an OTT Platform Similar to Netflix, Hotstar & Amazon Prime?

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Entertainment plays a critical role in today’s age. As technology is budding with its core technology innovation streaming platforms like Amazon, Hotstar or Netflix create a vast impact in delivering plenty of media content. As a result of this, audiences are amazed to access movies, games, tv shows, etc anytime in any part of the world. 

In a case if we look at overall entertainment market revenue growth it indicates an unbelievable upsurge of $2.6 trillion by 2023!

Source: SPD Load

Therefore content aggregators, media broadcasters, or streaming businesses like you who is looking to create your own Netflix can have ample opportunities to elevate their growth & gain the cornerstone of potential success.

It doesn’t just stop there… 

But, while you tend to analyze market trends there has been a gradual upward since 2019  where annual shelling stood up to 42 Billion above. Now recently, the latest report on OTT statistics is expected to flourish & reach 1.039 trillion by 2027… 

Can you believe that! 

Perhaps, you may now think of building an advanced OTT platform easily & take a share of pie from its flooding market line effortlessly, isn’t it..

Other than this, there are many other sets of queries that can let you know about how to create a site like Netflix. Here are other factors that we’ll address later:

  • Why there is a need to create an entertainment-driven OTT video platform?
  • Parameters that meet OTT business skyrocketing success criteria
  • How do business owners start with an OTT platform?
  • Key pricing aspects covered to build Amazon TV app platforms.

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Why Create an Immersive OTT Platform For Entertainment?

When we the success rate of big players in the market just as Netflix, HBO, Hotstar or Amazon content owners, publishers get inspired. That’s because many more businesses are looking to create many streaming services that are similar-like to Netflix. Some of the major players are entering the competitive cure with favorites of CBS All Access, Hulu, Fubo TV, Peacock, and Paramount Pictures. These are taken into consideration by big game streaming companies too. Thus there is a complete win on both sides… 

Moving on… There arises a question of what not…

OTT Market Brings To The Table 

  • At the time of pandemic, where households remained locked the overall video streaming services got a major revenue reach by 10% in viewership (Grandviewreasearch, 2020
  • In the video streaming segment the average revenue per user counts up to approximately $1,636 million in 2022 (Statista)
  • It’s a surprise to know that, most of the revenue from Netflix was generated in global sectors which makes up as 222 million subscribers (BusinessofApps, 2022)
  • Did you know, Netflix has the largest share of regional subscriber count when major countries like US & Canada is combined, it totals upto 75 Million (comparitech, 2022)

Did you know How does Netflix make money?

There isn’t any doubt that industry promises to make a huge leap of growth quite soon. Therefore, building a netflix like video streaming app won’t be a worry anymore as it would be built based on what users will love to watch. As you read the following segments below you’ll get enlightened with more on it..  

Factors That Make OTT Business A Grand Success

  • Monetization in your apps 

Succinctly, the monetization of apps would be implemented based on allowing users to choose variable plans. In order to build an app like Netflix different models which includes subscription can be included while you can offer free trial versions for a specific period.

Along with that, you can create a specific plan for users, deliver automated repeated payment options, auto-updates in terms of discounts, and fill up with video advertisements.   

  • Multi-currency support

Popularity is more with Netflix that its reach has been quite huge around the world. As a result of it, there has been an increased rise of users across the globe.

So while making your own Netflix it is important to integrate multi-currency support with convenient options as they can set to pay according to their preferences.  

  • Quality-driven Content

Starting your own streaming channel just like Netflix carries a great deal of importance when it comes to streaming quality–grade content. When there is a comparison of Netflix streaming, we all understand how users get hooked.

That’s because Netflix streamers boost content expenditure  of  nearly $ 14 Billion, last year. Now it is well-understood that, the better the content is invested on, the higher it gets when there is a spike of growth rate of subscribers. 

  • Video sharing and distribution

It’s like a piece of cake when it comes to watch movies, TV shows or documentaries on Netflix, with varied devices assuring an incredible eye-gluing experience. This statement highlights the use of multiscreen variability which has led to easy utilization of platforms like Amazon, Hotstar or Netflix. 

Ultimately, users are provided with flexibilities of watching them across devices & platforms. Also, sharing is another option that could be used, from anywhere at any time. Either its on the computer, you can simly log in to the platform of Netflix or even otherwise in other devices. 

  • Smart Downloads In Platform

The feature of smart downloads will assist you with auto-deletion of the episode once viewers have watched it. Then, download the next one with the stable resource of a wireless Wi-Fi network. 

Besides that, users get a chance to avoid the clutter of deleting & downloading content which was previously done manually.

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How to Start an OTT Business for Media-based Industry?

When you discover on how to start a Netflix-type business you’ll know that there are multiple ways to invest & get the best revenue for your business goals. But at the same time, its surprising to know that, if you plan to shell out money within a concept like Netflix, it doesn’t completely guarantee with astounding success in the OTT business.  

So, it’s necessary for you to figure out a new modus operandi that holds better value as compared to Netflix, & becomes a steady medium of procuring a profitable revenue-generating model for you.  

1. Find your Niche

The primary thing that’s essential to decide is what kind of content will your OTT TV app stream to its targeted users. To build an app like Netflix, you need to find which kind of streaming niches are profitable to your business.

2. Conduct Customer Research

Customer research is an important phase of identifying customer needs & their behavioral viewing patterns. Even so, it focuses on potential platform users who get to know about specific streaming media such as the latest movies or TV shows and express their individual likes and dislikes.

3. Decide on the content availability

Since the content is on the basis of an on-demand or live streaming service, you’ll need to determine what sort of content you will be putting across to the audience. The two options like videos from distributors or own content creation would decide on those criteria. 

4. Content Licensing

You need to acquire licensing permissions of originals from content creators in order to stream into your platform. The type of license that’s required is dependent on the type of the content. While researching on how to build a video streaming app like Netflix, you will have to look into receiving royalties or viewership-based payments if you are the owner. Or in other cases, the initial license fee will need to be settled.   

5. Choose the monetization model

In the market, there are three major models proposed for your on-demand or live video service. 

Pay-Per-View – In case you are thinking of how to start an OTT platform similar to Netflix, it is the most direct pricing model that helps platform owners to reap benefits from each video that users tend to watch. You can simply apply to broadcast concerts, conferences, sporty events, trade shows, etc.   

Advertising – Get to charge other companies for running any video that’s injected to the main content on your platform. While figuring out in how to start it off just like Netflix, this monetization strategy would work to your advantage when the platform becomes evident enough for users to recognize it.

Subscription – Netflix uses this category of monetization strategy. Besides, the subscription model, it is used majorly by professional broadcasters. Subscribers are charged a particular fee either monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The monetization technique will let you earn regularly with periodical new content releases on to your platform. 

6. Decide OTT Streaming Platform Features

  • User Login, Profile & Registration

It is a must to know about the how-tos of user registration while creating your own OTT platform. Users can register in accounts & login it later via email, Google or any social platform

  • Payment Gateway Integration

After the end of a free trial session, the service of any kind chosen by users will need payment integrations such as Paypal, Stripe, Visa, etc. 

  • Notifications & Push Messages

Push notifications mainly help users with receiving messages or notifications when their subscription is about to expire, when it’s been renewed, or while the choice to cancel or upgrade the subscription. And most importantly it is quintessential when a new episode is made live. 

  • Diverse User Settings

Users in your platform like Netflix can be given with access to user-level settings. You can allow them to upload photos, choose preferred genres, a wide selection of movies, shows, artists, etc. 

  • Multiple-Language Support

While broadcasting you can have an option to deliver media assets with multilingual support to global audiences. Also, you can translate & stream live videos attached with numerous audio languages along with closed captions.  

  • Blocking of Screenshots

Enable screenshot prevention that has an inbuilt mechanism in your video streaming solution as compared to Netflix. There is an option to block all screen recording options easily.  

  • Administrator Panel

While you look into how to start a business like Netflix,  one fact clears it all. The entire admin panel can be well-controlled by you with options to create, update, delete or track artists from the backend & change the various configuration files quickly.   

  • Multi-Platform Support

Some of the best ways to reach & engage your set of demographics will lead you through multi-platform viewing support. Connect them through varied sets of streamable devices anywhere at any time.  

  • UI/UX

Make sure your application is love-worthy for your platform users. It is pivotal to keep them hooked by providing them all they are looking for. Some of the studies indicate that nearly 77% of users find difficulty in choosing content that they should be watching.  

  • Behaviour Tracking

Behavioral tracking uses the majority of real-time stats such as user activity in page visits, content viewed, searches conducted, purchases, etc. This is generated for matching creative video needs with audience viewing habits & knowing the whereabouts of starting a business like Netflix

7. Find a Branded OTT Solution

The purpose of how to make an OTT app like Netflix is fulfilled by accessing the application simultaneously no matter where the users are… Consequently, multiple requests are given to process, thus delivering a flawless user experience. One can say that the state-of-the-art sketched in microservice architecture along with new technologies has scaled the streaming brand personality more.

Hire Our Developers To Kickstart Your OTT Platform

Are you prepared to transform your vision of launching an immersive OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime into a reality? Our team of skilled developers are here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your platform stands out from the competition. 

Leveraging a profound comprehension of the industry, user preferences, and cutting-edge technologies, we present you with all-encompassing OTT platform development services meticulously tailored to your distinct prerequisites.

Why Opt for Our OTT Platform Development Expertise?

Crafting Your OTT Vision:

Starting on an OTT platform journey requires more than just technical skills; it demands a deep understanding of the brand’s vision. Our developers work closely with you to transform your ideas into a cohesive, captivating OTT platform. 

Tailored Monetization Strategies:

Monetization isn’t one-size-fits-all. We look into your business objectives and target audience to formulate monetization models that maximize revenue while delivering value. Whether it’s subscriptions, advertisements, or hybrid models, our strategies align best with your vision.

Innovative Feature Integration:

Staying competitive means integrating innovative OTT features. Our team identifies trends and user preferences to bring interactive elements, seamless content sharing, and personalized recommendations to your platform, ensuring engaging user experiences.

User-Centric Design Philosophy:

User experience is at the heart of our development approach. We create intuitive interfaces, smooth navigation, and fluid interactions, ensuring your end viewers are at the edge of the seat from the moment they access your platform.

Continuous Optimization and Growth:

Launching your OTT platform is just the beginning. We employ analytics and insights to fine-tune your platform, making data-driven optimizations and updates to keep your offering fresh, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

What are the cost factors to build an OTT platform like Netflix, Hotstar & Amazon Prime?

In the midst of learning to create an OTT platform, there are many factors that determine the total cost taken into account.  They are:

  • Mainstay features & advancement level of the platform  
  • Size & geo location of developers to create an app 
  • Platform integration deployments: either on-premise/on cloud 
  • Time required to build the overall OTT platform
  • Advanced tech stack needed to initiate streaming business & much more…


If you are interested to make an OTT or over-the-top platform, but wondering where to start with, then this article is for you. Apart from other mentioned elements, you can find essential features that are a must in the platform. Also to begin with its development process, you can reach out to customized OTT solution providers like VPlayed. You can completely rely on them to dedicatedly build a unique platform in similar to Netfix & Amazon & cater to audience-specific viewing needs seamlessly.

If you already have an idea about creating an OTT platform like Netflix, Hotstar & Amazon Prime, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Much Does It Cost To Make an OTT Platform?

Like anything else, the cost of making an OTT platform depends on your niche set of requirements. The eventual cost of it is determined by various factors, which include: the feature & its complexity, technology that’s required to create a unified structure, whether services are needed to be whitelabelled, amount of time necessary to develop the website, & much more.

2. How To Start An OTT Platform?

While you get set to start an OTT platform it is important to look into necessary parameters such as choosing your niche that align with your brand objectives, plan to host particular genre of content, pick any monetization model to content accessibility, safeguard your content pieces with best security protocols, promote your platform to grow socially & finally analyze its performance.

3. What Are The Essential Features Needed To Create An OTT Platform?

If you are looking for the simplest way to create your own OTT platform just like Netflix, then you’ll need to check out some of the key features. And they comprise of, 100% platform customizability, flexible deployments, supportive of 100+ add-on integrations, 6+ revenue-building models, whitelabelling facility, free migration with 99.9% uptime & lots more.

4. What Are The Business Benefits Of Launching An OTT Service?

Since users of OTT can readily access & consume content on their own terms, through advertising media you can explore the opportunity to interact with prospects irrespective of times & places. An increasing number of consumers have adopted OTT providers instead of cable networks supporting wider reach, fix up your customized price for the content with a wide array of monetization models, etc.

5. What are the OTT Business models available to monetize content?

Over-the-top television rules with prime video monetization models that helps in increasing revenue growth easily. The content is the categorically subdivided which consists of ad-based video on demand where it helps to generate revenue selling ad space, SVOD that enables to captivate income via customer subscriptions. Next comes TVOD which helps to extract profitability for specific piece of content, and many more are available in the market.

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