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The video on demand has been a trendsetter for offering high quality streaming services non-stop one after the other! All which is showcased is only gaining more & more attraction due to its exclusive and quality-graded content making it premium.

So video on demand software has been a top-most resource in terms of its efficacy & qualified uninterrupted delivering service.

As a result, the choices of customers have been overflowing & consistently remain to be a go-getter in this game!

This significant trend has been observed with the penetration of smartphones, which has given a new dimension for adopting multi-screen services, which has led to diversified growth of online users.

Statistics indicate that VOD’s global market is predicted to grow from $38.9 billion in 2019 to $87.1 billion by the year 2024.

A VOD Software is the full-fledged medium where on-demand platform providers deliver their online repository media content in the form of pre-recorded formats, best streaming video content which are in popular demand to your potential users.

Then, viewers can select a video from your premium content from an extensive library through advanced technology of VOD software using a customized website, mobile app, or smart TV platforms like Apple TV App, Android TV apps, etc.

In 2024, the following are the top Eight VOD platform which offers a complete video on demand solution were you can create a prospective room for various creators and also businesses:

You must be knowing that as of today, viewers need complete control over the streaming experience that is conveniently accessible through the best VOD platforms anytime, at anyplace on any device.  

Due to higher proliferation with advanced software & affordability of digital entertainment, growth has been witnessed globally.

Want to know what’s making it work… To know it all, let’s unveil

8+ Best Video On Demand (VOD) Solutions

  • VPlayed – A Unified White Label VOD Solution For Your Streaming Business
  • CONTUS Tech – leading HTML5-based video player in the market
  • GUDSHO – Hand-Pick Monetization Platform To Capitalize Limitlessly
  • Wowza – High-Def Video On Demand Streaming
  • Brightcove – Scalable VOD Solution Providers
  • Vdocipher – Complete & Secure Video Hosting Solution
  • IBM Media – Robust Live & VOD Streaming Solution
  • Vixyvideo – Exclusive On Demand Video Streaming Solution

What is VOD Software?

VOD Software

Video on Demand (VOD) is a service that allows various businesses and also media organisations of all sizes to host popular videos such as movies, tv shows, music videos, online. The best video on demand solution delivers any kind of VOD streaming that allows consumers to watch their favorite-chosen or any random video material they want to, at any point of time from anywhere. The advanced software of on demand video software gives them to stream now or download to watch it later.

I would also suggest you to get a thorough guide about.. 

The prime resource that makes them work seamlessly multi-folding with absolute flawless experience. 

Here are..

Must-have Video On Demand Software Features 

1. A Centralized Video Management Library 

As you may be having 100000+ content, it is necessary to procure an option of unlimited uploads along with custom thumbnails, multilingual subtitles, drag & drop options, etc.

2. Growth-driving Indicators via Video Monetization Plans 

Combined revenue-generating models like SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, 3rd party-ad integration, & more are a compulsory need to earn maximum profit share through your best VODs.

3. Unparalleled Video Experience Maintained via Transcoding Feature 

Smooth ingestion via cloud encoding software with hybrid servers provides seamless video deliveries for the best video-viewing experience for your users.

4. Exhibit High-End Video Streaming Through HTML5 Video Player

Scale up your streaming business with outstanding broadcast tools like compressing plugins, player ads, streaming protocols like HLS, DASH, etc.

5. Privacy & Security to Protect Your Valuable Content at All Times

Using major protocols like Multi-DRM, AES Encryption, Single-Sign on, and SSL certification you can vouch for streaming content with integrity and also copyrighted innovation.

6. Video Marketing Tools to Captivate Your Audience Engagement 

While undertaking platform ownership you can make sure of expanding your reach through social publishing, email notifications, reviews & ratings, recommendation engine, etc.

7. Strategize Your Content with Detailed Reporting & Analytics Solution 

Get insightful data about your viewers with a live dashboard report, audience engagement graphs & heat maps and also focused marketing initiatives.

video on demand (VOD) Market statistics

Source: Global Market Insights 

To understand what is all about on demand services & how does it’s software helps to deliver the best streaming possibility to your viewers, here are some popular brands of VOD hosting letting you know about its success of developing it with its intricate nuances!

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World’s Best 8+ Video On Demand (VOD) Solution To Monetize Video Content

If you’re starting out to pave the way for your successful video entrepreneurship, you can look for every option to empower yourself with your own branded website launched with no coding involved.

Here are some of the superior video on demand software solution that provide you with robust streaming technologies packed with other taylor-made video offering functionalities that you need.

1. VPlayed – A Unified White label VOD Solution For Your Streaming Business

best white label vod platform

VPlayed is one of the most well-known video on demand solution providers for on demand streaming that delivers complete customization through video on demand software for your media content distribution. Their digital security protocols with 150+ streaming capabilities provide you with a remarkable customer engagement which uplifts your customized video on demand software solution with 6+ revenue generating video monetization platform models.

Know How to Monetize Your VOD Solution Using its Pioneer Features:

1. Manage Million+ Content All In One Roof

Inbuilt content asset library managed via Video CMS

2. Get Platform Hosting Flexibility

Use platform hosting options such as On cloud/ On premises

3. Bring On Revenue Stream Flow Quickly

Add value to curated content from Multiple Monetization Models

4. Stream Safely With Copyrighted Content

Content Integrity is protected via Multi DRM Secured software

5. Customize Entire Platform As Per Your Needs

Fully customizable with a complete platform development cycle

For quote-based plans, fill out this inquiry form, You may also opt for Free Demo Here

Looking To Build Your Own VOD Platform?

Start and Grow Your Video Streaming Service With 1000+ Features & 9+ Revenue Models.

  • Highly Customizable
  • Life Time Ownership
  • Own 100% of Your Revenue
  • Full-Branding Freedom
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2. CONTUS TECH – Leading World-Class Video On Demand Solution

Contus VPlay Video On Demand Platform

CONTUS Tech VOD server software comes with an ideal solution for all kinds of business industries where media-related professionals like content owners, publishers, media broadcasters, independent artists, etc. can aim to stream their creative content & connect to every audience on a global scale.

Its video on demand software comes with collective plug-ins like powerful CMS, simple analytical tracking tools, impactful video marketing platform strategies and also lot’s more to ease your video streams broadcasting experience.

Here Are Some of Its Taylor-Made Video On Demand Solution Features:

1. Solution For Your Custom-Centric Needs

Get an 100% customized solution along with Solution ownership.

2. Acquire Profitable Business With Surety

Monetizing videos via multiple revenue-generating models

3. Promotion Funnel To Rank As #1 Video Partner

Inbuilt video marketing tools for an automated workflow

4. Monitored Environments For Video Performances

In-depth Video Analytics with metrics like user-behaviour & more

5. Safeguard Copyrights Of Your Digital Media

DRM Protocols with End-to-End video encryption.

3. GUDSHO – Most Hand-Picked Video Platform To Capitalize Limitlessly

video on demand platform for business, creators

The platform of GUDSHO provides an opportunity for content creators, media broadcasters, filmmakers, production houses to get seamlessly empowered with their artistic skills. It potentializes them to showcase any genre of media content to targeted audiences and also create a revenue-driven channel to maximize with 100% ROI. 

GUDSHO allows you to upload, manage, publish streams of any kind anywhere. Apart from that to capacitate your content workflow further, they provide in-built marketing tools and also security features ensuring best support.

Get to checkout its highlighted features:

1. Channel management becomes easy ensuring complete control

Get a holistic dashboard to run video business in one place

2. Flexibly schedule content at the prime time 

Stream with easy scheduling options & increase visibility

3. Showcase your content to any screen with no barriers

Deliver streams across any device ensuring better reach

4. Enable dedicated screening for your selective audience

Send a special invite to selective users to stream privately

5. Use audience reviews to improve content performance

Collect viewer feedback straight to channel with offerings

4. Wowza – High-Def Video On Demand Streaming

Wowza Video On Demand Streaming

Wowza assists you to distribute cohesive & smooth streams to many destinations using the key source of high-speed connectivity & broadcast high-quality content material within its video on demand solutions all around the world. In Wowza the live broadcast premium video on demand helps to maximize viewership. They also emphasize on delivering free trial VOD streaming services in any form such as make a movie streaming website, music albums, tv shows, virtual events, etc.

Here are Some Enticing Future-Proof VOD Streaming Solution Features:

1. Enhanced Capacity Of Streaming Originals

Robust HTML5 Player which can be easily embedded to web pages

2. Scalable Wowza Streaming Engine

Seamless CDN distributed delivery to transcode VOD streams

3. Playlist Streamed By Hls Compatible Player

Create server-side playlist functionality for multiple files

4. Sequencing Files Flexible Bitrates

Enable adaptive playback for live/ on demand videos at any bandwidths

5. Stream Support For Low Latency

Access Control to HTTP streams with powerful streaming engine

6. Protection Mechanism For Secure Network

Digital-first security protocols with source authentication like SSL, DRM, etc.

5. Brightcove – Scalable VOD Solution Providers

Brightcove VOD Solution Providers

All-featured Solution of Brightcove’s VOD streaming software is equipped with a complete pack of smooth media delivery, revenue-generating models & lot’s more. Brightcove has some major secret tricks that help for overcoming ad blockers & deliver promo video material which are compelling to its viewers maximizing customer conversion rates. Unrivalled video viewing experience is streamed across all OTT devices, at your own convenience build from vod solution providers.

Select These Takeaways for Leveraging On Demand Software Solutions:

1. Transforming Communication With Your User-Base

Live video streaming connecting with worldwide audience

2. Explore Comprehensive Monetization Opportunities

Ads & video-supported monetization models to grow faster

3. Publish Your Videos To Social Media Platforms

Social media integration tools for popularizing your content

4. Sensitive Video Content Protected All The Way

Robust security solutions to deliver streaming with reliability

5. Internalize Your Target-Market Preferences

Actionable analytics insights to create customized content

6. Vdocipher – Complete & Secure Video Hosting Solution

VdoCipher Secure Video Hosting Solution

VdoCipher is a video monetization solution that serves a variety of industries, including eLearning, media, and digital marketing. They’ve been serving potential customers in more than 30 countries and have a reputation for providing the best DRM video assistance. VdoCiper helps content owners with security best practices and is popular among media broadcasters and eLearning providers.

It’s Significant Listed Video on Demand Software Features Include:

1. Customizable Player With Unlimited Options

Smart HTML5 Video Player with speed change, multilingual subtitles, etc.

2. Highest Security From Unknown Video Piracy

Watermarking to Deter Screen Capture using advanced VOD software

3. Secure Video Hosting Facility

Quick & ready-made content protection via DRM Encrypted solution

4. Multicasting With A-Grade Compatibility

Multi-level Compatibility across varied smart devices and also browsers

5. Simplified Way To Host Rich-Media

Deploy Amazon AWS Server + CDN in a website with free cloud computing.

7. IBM Media – Robust Live & VOD Streaming Solution

IBM Live & VOD Streaming Solution

IBM Watson Media’s on demand video SaaS solution utilizes AI-driven technology for live streaming, interactive corporate communication, content management, etc. using robust video on demand streaming software. If you are looking to enhance your entrepreneurial talks with the help of virtual town halls, exclusive product launches, live stream events & others, then IBM Cloud is one of the best to start a video on demand business for boosting your overall online streaming business.

It’s Significant Leveraging VOD Solution Features Include:

1. Virtual All-In-One Broadcasting Tools

Multicasting Live Streams with scalable cloud-based broadcasting

2. Add Live Call-To-Action In Video Player

Clickable video overlays in addition to 1TB video storage

3. Powerful Streams Showcasing Best Performance

World’s fastest CDN infrastructure partnered with Akamai

4. Let Your Channel Be Password-Encrypted

Allow restricted access to password protected channels entirely

5. Preset Roles And Permissions

API-Access with controlled user roles for further Customization

8. Vixyvideo – Exclusive On Demand Video Streaming Solution


Vixy Video is a SaaS-based video on demand solution that offers white-label options for corporate, eLearning, and sports organisations looking to broadcast on-demand video through their own branded solution . To manage and distribute video content to the right audience at the right time, equip your video subscription platform with a scalable CMS and CDN. Vixy Video’s VoD technology allows you to broadcast streams with faster playback.

Here are Some Enticing Future-Proof VOD Solution Features:

1. Interactive Videos Instantly Available

Ultra-fast On cloud video playbacks creating unique experiences

2. Best Experience Can Be Offered At Any Device

Independent Device Streaming for targeting a wide viewer base

3. View Your Video With User Level Insights

Real Time Viewership Analytics to enhance best -performing content

4. Store Your Video Works Securely Online

All-in-One Video management software with centralized library

5. Stream Live With A Webinar Expert

Set up a live event securely with interactive streams for your audience

Now, we have got a fair knowledge about top solutions that trailblazing video on demand solution providers to offer..


With far too many VOD software options available in the market, broadcasters must choose a professional & white label video on demand solution provider that satisfies their enterprise-grade feature, unique selling points and also of course pricing criteria. When it comes to delivering video content to their potential & loyal viewers, businesses should not make any sort of compromises in the video streaming platform.

Thanks for taking your time to take a glimpse through the article. You can also let me know your queries & feedback in the comments section below.

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