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Well, it’s a known fact that the pandemic has left the demand for VOD platforms skyrocketing. 

Now, consumers invest more time in video consumption across multiple devices. This has aided content owners and content aggregators in expanding their subscriptions via digital advertising. 

With smart TVs and smartphones becoming increasingly affordable, The demand for video-on-demand platforms has risen exponentially.

Many businesses of small to large scale and content broadcasters are venturing into the VOD segment and also are looking to build their own video streaming solutions.

“The size of the video-on-demand market was at 55 billion USD in 2019 and is steadily growing at 15% CAGR from 2020 to 2027. In 2021, the user penetration will be 23.9% and 28.5% by 2025.”

Video on demand market revenue

A VOD (Video on Demand) platform is a digital service allowing users to conveniently access and stream video content. VOD platforms offer a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and also other types of video programming.

Examples of popular VOD platforms include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

VOD platforms are popular because they allow users to watch content on their schedule and at their own pace. 

Users can pause, rewind, and fast-forward through content as needed, and also they can access the platform from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.

“Video On Demand revenue is expected to reach 85,759 USD by 2021, and the revenue reflects an annual growth rate of 10.43% projecting a market volume of 127,512 USD by 2025.”

Source: Statista
In this blog, let us look into some of the crucial aspects that make an application the best white-label ott platform.

What is a White-label Streaming Service?

White-label video streaming refers to a service in which a company provides a video streaming platform to other businesses or organizations to offer branded video streaming services to their customers or audience.

The platform is designed to be customizable so enterprises can brand it with their logos, colors, and other design elements to make it look like their own.

The white-label video streaming service provider takes care of all the technical aspects of video streaming, such as hosting, encoding, transcoding, and delivery. 

This allows businesses to focus on creating and delivering their own video content without worrying about the technical aspects of the video streaming process.

With more advanced integrations, there are user-friendly VOD solution and white-label streaming services that require no technical backgrounds. More content broadcasters are aided by the white-label players for the promotion of online video content.

White Label Video Streaming Platform – Categories

The discussion on white label ott is only complete with categorizing the two types of online video content: Video-on-demand and Live streaming. Below is the range of streaming varieties infused into the white-label platforms for the desired outcomes.

White Label Streaming Platforms

White Label OTT Platform

It capitalizes on the best OTT platforms delivery approach to stream video content with the nuances of a white-label video player. The video on Demand hosting content, live streams, or a mix of both can happen smoothly with this platform.

Over the top or OTT is a simple media distribution that enables both On-demand and Live video streaming. It differs drastically from the traditional video distributions as it stays above in streaming with the advanced technological OTT TV app & features via the internet.

White Label Live Streaming Platforms

It is an online video channel with particular attributes for live-streaming video content in real time. In addition, live streaming hosts various areas, such as remote audiences, connecting with viewers, virtual events, etc.

The prime aspect of live streaming is that it gives a more authentic experience than any VOD app and helps grab viewers’ attention.

In addition, businesses and organizations have access to the advantages of having the best online video platforms for increased security, HQ streaming, and more.

White Label VOD Platform

A white-label VOD refers to a Video On Demand platform with a custom-built exclusive video player featuring your branding.

When a product is created under a “white label,” it means it was built and sold by another company. The white-labeled product does not bear the name of the original producer.

Something is typically done to save money or provide a lower price point.

A white-label VOD platform capitalizes on the best OTT platform delivery approach to stream video content with the tools broadcasters typically need to host & deliver on-demand video content via a personalized white-label video player. The video on Demand hosting content, live streams, or a mix of both can happen smoothly with this platform.

On-demand video streaming ensures the availability of live-stream videos for repeated views, and it boosts viewership and increases revenue prospects with monetization.

Advantages of White Label OTT Platform

There are vibrant benefits associated with white-label video streaming, and they enhance the output of content broadcasting with more flexibility, organization, and video monetization. In addition, by using a white-label VOD provider, you can infuse industry-standard attributes to outsmart the competition in the market..

White Label Streaming Service

1. Assured High Quality

As more VOD channels give free hosting services to showcase your content, you end up being at their mercy. Streaming quality will dip; sometimes, they might take down your content for violations or legal regulations. When you own a white-label VOD platform, you have complete control over your streaming quality.

2. Use Of Expert Video Players

For a smoother video streaming experience, content providers use advanced industry technologies in the white-label video streaming business.

From the use of HLS players and UI to UX, expert video player technologies are used to ensure smooth integrations and streamlined management of content to deliver the complete viewing experience to the viewers.

3. Retention of Brand

You get to fully customize the features to suit your brand and its purposes. The viewing experience, colors, brand logos, controls, and many more can aid in the retention of the brand name. This builds brand loyalty and ensures one-step video access for the viewers.

4. Smart Ad-Free Viewing

Viewers will have to witness the Ads for a free experience when the VOD streaming happens in a 3rd party video player.

VOD premium payments can ensure an Ad-free experience by eliminating commercials, but it is a part of the streaming routine. In some cases, the advertisements of your competitors can fuel your loss of clients if they stream as ads on your channel.

5. Gain Full Control and Access

Owning a white-label OTT streaming service will let you personalize and customize the video-on-demand platform to suit your requirements.

Control the access of your video content, viewing experience, monetization, and also much more to build your business growth and grab viewers’ attention. This improves the quality and experience of streaming delivery.

6. Multiple Video Monetization Models

Check for the monetization models the white-label VOD platforms offer, as it increases your business prospects. It is one way of making profitable revenue without paying any percentage cuts or commissions on any income earned. Pick the top video monetization model and place the Ads as your choice while building a VOD platform.

6+ Best White Label Video Streaming Platform in 2024

Every white label OTT platform has its own process with customizing the entire streaming interface that reflects its branding guidelines. As a step going further, you can explore multiple customizable features in accordance with each streaming platform as to what they tend to offer.

Among the many top white label vod platforms available, some stand out as the best. We were going to see some of the best white label ott platforms, such as VPlayed, Dacast, Vidyard, Wowza, Brightcove, Kaltura etc.

1. VPlayed

Branded White Label Video Streaming Solution for Web, Mobile & TV

white label video streaming

Branded White Label Video Streaming Solution for Web, Mobile & TV. VPlayed is a customizable white-label ott platform that capacitates video streamers and also business broadcasters to stream life or VOD streaming services flexibly.

In addition, VPlayed supports entrepreneurs to have their branded digital library, which is fully leveraged by platform owners packed with 150+ streaming capabilities & 6+ monetization models.

Some of Its Magnificent Features Include: 

  • Enable stead-fast streaming with dynamic HLS video player 
  • Manage video assets efficiently via robust CMS 
  • Curb all forms of digital piracy via Multi-DRM technologies 
  • Customize the platform at any level using streaming tools 
  • Seamless platform integration either on cloud/ at premises
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2. Dacast

Easy-to-use platform to white label live or on demand streaming content

white label live streaming

An easy-to-use platform for white-label live or on-demand streaming contentProfessional broadcasters looking to build sustainable revenue with their white-label video streaming services can opt for Dacast.

The online video streaming platform of Dacast makes it easy to stream without any technical expertise to use their technology. In addition, the entire interface is customizable and designed by Dacast to fit best the needs of your brand image and offerings from the marketplace.

Stream with vast features using affordable broadcasting solutions: 

  • Get world-class uptime with top-tier CDN networks like Akamai & limelight 
  • Live stream unlimited channels on your own white label streaming platform 
  • Get a control of your private video hosting within your own website 
  • Ad-free streaming is a major plus for streaming limitless content 
  • Either VOD or live streaming plans, Dacast includes both in all plans

3. Vidyard

Easiest way to put your videos online for limitless streaming


The easiest way to put your videos online for limitless streaming

Vidyard shapes your video business from easy video creation to indulged video analytics. White-label streaming can be readily done with specialized OTT features to market your videos and generate sufficient leads.

These tools are vital to making remote selling of videos easy & discover new ideas for your entire streaming business.

Here are some of its Vidyard features: 

  • White label HTML player to make best online video hosting efficient
  • A powerful analytics solution for measuring content performances 
  • Ad-free video streaming with lightning-fast loading time 
  • Email your videos just in few clicks without downloading
  • Readily optimize your content with captions & metadata

4. Wowza

Video on demand or live streaming across any platform

vod streaming platform

Video on Demand or live streaming across any platformWowza was founded in 2005 as a solution to simplify the OTT video platform distribution process.

This unified white-label streaming service supports both live as well as on-demand content. It has become easier to build highly customized streaming workflows using Wowza via 3rd party integrations, APIs & other high-tech features.

Capture an array of Wowza features to stream content with high-definition: 

  • Broadcast content adaptively to stream on bandwidth & storage space 
  • With prerecorded video over any protocol deliver VOD to any device 
  • Efficiently scale up multiserver installations with centralized servers
  • View details of stream processing time, network usage,etc with statistics
  • Allow seamless CDN distribution for your live streams right on the go

5. Brightcove

Transform Your Business with White Label Video Solutions

White Label Video Solutions

Transform Your Business with White Label Video SolutionsBrightcove, which is, Boston-based, was initially founded in the year 2004. Being one of the oldest video streaming platforms, you can deliver the expected value of your white-label VODs. Moreover, as it offers cloud encoding, live streaming, or on-demand hosting, you’re time & money invested in excellent video content becomes worthy. Indeed Brightcove is a good choice when it comes to serving ads & monetizes numerous content.

Some of its astonishing Brightcove characteristics are: 

  • Organize entire video library with batch editing, drag & drop playlists
  • Multi-bitrate player for HQ delivery at a rapid speed 
  • Enterprise-grade secure protocols like watermarking, IP restrictions 
  • In-depth analytics software for thorough understanding of audience 
  • Suite of monetization models that includes SSAI, AVOD, SVOD, etc

6. Kaltura

Wide range of video solutions to powerup viewing experience

video management solution

With utmost flexibility, Kaltura sets a standard for video accessibility across the digital media industry. It delivers video that is constantly reachable to the audience, serving all their needs. Viewers can engage with your content connected to every video use case that establishes the cutting edge of digital transformation. Kaltura works with its industry partners, clients, etc., who keep video delivery at the forefront focus.

Get to know some of Kaltura’s enticing features: 

  • Centralized video management solution for media distribution
  • HTML support along with automated captioning in the player 
  • Perform bulk ingestion with metadata management 
  • Boats ultra-fast loading times to enhance streaming delivery 
  • Study some of the granular insights with tools like heatmaps

7. Muvi

muvi white label ott

Muvi is a feature-rich white-label OTT platform. It empowers businesses to create their fully-customizable video streaming service. 

Like VPlayed, it offers comprehensive tools and features to manage, distribute, and monetize video content easily.

What sets Muvi apart as a superior white-label OTT platform? 

Firstly, it provides extensive customization options. Businesses can personalize their streaming platform to resonate with their brand image and target audience. 

Secondly, Muvi offers robust monetization options. It includes subscription models, pay-per-view, advertisements, etc., for sustainable revenue generation. 

Additionally, Muvi boasts seamless integration with popular systems. And this makes it convenient to connect the platform with existing workflows. 

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Muvi stands out as a top choice for businesses seeking a reliable white-label OTT/VOD platform.

Important Muvi White-label OTT Features Include:

  • Customize the look and feel of a fully-customizable online video player.
  • Deliver high-quality video content with stunning clarity on 4K Video quality with an HTML5 player 
  • Create immersive audio streaming experiences for your audience with audio streaming apps and websites.
  • Build a visually appealing website with a fully featured white-label OTT website on pre-built designs/templates.
  • Monetize your videos with ad placements with skippable and non-skippable ads (SSAI & CSAI).
  • Easily upload and share music files with your audience with the audio files upload option.
  • Reward and engage your loyal users with a loyalty program on Muvi white-label video streaming
  • Protect your content from unauthorized access with Digital Rights Management (multi-DRM solution)

8. JW Player

white label vod platform

JW Player is a white-label OTT video platform developed by a company based in New York. 

It allows embedding white-label videos on web pages. Consequently, it is used by news organizations, video-hosting companies, and individuals who want to host their own videos. 

JW Player is a comprehensive video platform designed for media professionals. These include filmmakers, hosts, publishers, advertisers, and journalists. 

The white-label platform provides a range of industry-leading features. Hence, it is no wonder JW player is considered a preferred choice for professionals in these industries.

Important JW Player White-label OTT Features Include:

  • Stream 24*7 live channels and events – Web, OTT & CTV
  • One of the fastest HTML5 video players on the internet for reliable streaming
  • Supports MPEG-DASH for adaptive bitrate streaming and lower data consumption (only in paid version)
  • Digital rights management (DRM) (in collaboration with Vualto)
  • Interactive advertisements on the white-label VOD platform
  • Protect white-label videos with Studio DRM
  • Customization of the interface through cascading style sheets
  • Automatic multiple image frame options for selecting video thumbnails

9. Brid.TV

white label ott

Brid.TV is a fast-growing technology company that started in 2018 and has become popular in the United States and Europe. It provides an enterprise-level white-label OTT platform called Brid.TV. 

The platform helps publishers and ad networks monetize their videos effectively. This is done by displaying high-quality advertisements to a set of target audiences.

Publishers and content owners can maximize their earnings with Brid.TV. 

Because showing suitable ads to the correct set of people increases the conversion rate drastically. And this results in increased return on investment (RoI).

In addition, Brid.TV allows users to customize the appearance of their video player. And they can also track video performance with built-in analytics.
Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or website owner, Brid.TV can be effective in launching your white-label streaming service online. 

Important Bird.TV White-label VOD Features Include:

  • Detailed user analytics: Track bandwidth consumption for each user
  • Direct import to YouTube and other sites: Seamlessly transfer videos across platforms
  • AI article matching: Utilize artificial intelligence to match white-label videos with relevant articles
  • Social sharing with analytics: Share videos with real-time insights
  • Secure cloud servers with a global CDN: Ensure smooth white-label streaming across the world
  • Efficient encoding & transcoding: Optimize bandwidth usage during video processing.
  • Reliable stream security & server-side uptime: Maintain secure and stable streams.
  • 24*7 platform maintenance by experts: Continuous support and maintenance.


A white-label online video platform allows ownership of video content, improves business, and increases ROIs and your customers exponentially.

Get yourself associated with a fully customizable white-label solution provider like VPlayed to carve your niche in the streaming industry.

If You Already Have An Idea About Launching A White Label VOD Platform, Feel Free To Schedule A Personalized Demo. Build Your Self-Hosted Video Streaming Platform In The Next Few Weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.What Is White Label Video Platform?

White label video platform are crucial to keep your content originals secure & give a professional look to it. By whitelabelling video services under your brand name, it essentiates the independent authority of your content. Also you can provide the best user experience by customizing the video player and label it under your brand with other necessary add-ons you need for your business.

2. How Does Whitelabel Streaming Work?

While you would focus on white label streaming, you don’t have to create a video hosting platform, all by yourself to stream. Instead you can purchase the platform from a top-notch provider for you to customize the online domain & fit your business needs. This allows you to put all your efforts only in creating quality content instead of shaping the streaming architecture, to host them from a centralized channel online. 

3. What Are The Features To Look For In White Label VOD Solution?

With modern-day streaming platforms being highly capable, distinctive organizations need to know what really should be expected from them to produce effective results. white label vod has the features like 100% customization, complete branding freedom, ready-to get live in less than a month, platform ownership entirely in broadcaster’s hand, multi-device streamability, fast additional integrations are some of them to name.

4. How To Choose The Best Whitelabel OTT Platform?

As several white label OTT platform providers now facilitate solutions supported with cutting-edge video streaming technologies & AI-driven tools to power up viewer experience, there is a challenge in choosing the best video platform. So it becomes necessary to have a branded video player, platform integration on cloud/ on premise, gain video infrastructure built with dedicated SDK across screens, & other features suggestively.

5. What Are The Benefits Of Building A White Label Streaming Platform?

When you use a whitelabel video streaming platform, you’ll gain the following benefits such as, retaining complete control over streaming quality, cutting-edge technologies like HTTP streaming, Adaptive bitrate, brand building elements, deliver ad-free viewing experience to viewers, gain complete access control over your content, numerous monetize opportunities, etc.

Vignesh D

Vignesh is an online video platform expert at VPlayed. I specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize online video experiences. Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy delving into the latest advancements in movie streaming platforms and sharing my insights through blogging and discussions.


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