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In this article, we will take through the listicle of pioneer industry-competent fitness streaming platforms for you to know before starting to build one for yourself with a wide range of fitness video services. Additionally you can know how to own your engaging VOD fitness streaming solution to multi-stream your live or on demand fitness classes.

The demand For fitness live streaming platform is driven with a force by long while upheavals bypassing with a huge explosion of tech-driven workout studios. This has developed a predetermined schedule which has also been giving a new dimension to our healthy lifestyles all supported via online trends.

“All thanks to our Fitness Enthusiasts, Trainers & Mentors who have created this with a practical fallback in this essential industry, with better functioning in comparison to traditional repertoire.”

Regulatory framework for social distancing to overcome the pandemic is now no longer a challenge for fitness & wellness industries to kickstart & skyrocket their means of capitalizing!

An innovative approach to evolve within the effective guidelines also brings-in better relationships between your clients using the online streaming tech-stack connectivity.  Launching a branded fitness class platform has been the new normal solution for all fit-bit needs bringing comfort to every household via these extraordinary fitness streaming services.

“Efforts to move fitness sessions/classes to the online fitness platform with Chat application are both indulging and offers a Win-Win situation for fitness Centre owners and users.”

Did you know??

According to market reports, ‘Live’ or Video Streaming has grown from its initial tentative launch in 2015-16 into a full-fledged technology sector.

Fitness Live Streaming Platforms:

The below listicle talks about the best online video platforms that are also self-built by gym content owners and instructors conducting fitness classes.

Create the perfect fitness streaming services just like Apple Fitness Plus, Peloton, CorePower on Demand, Sona Fitness, DailyBurn, Practice with Clara, YogaGlo and lots more for you to target like-minded fitness excersiers and generate best money.

With these, you can delve deeper into fitness-oriented online communities and look into building an effective network of people who want also to keep visiting your custom-built fitness platform time and again!

Now let’s see some of the best fitness streaming platforms in the global health & wellness market online, this year.

Forrester Research identified that 1.8 million words corresponded to one minute of video.

Besides, as the Interactive Advertising Bureau represents live streaming viewership was 47% worldwide in 2018 led by social platform streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram, followed by 92% mobile video streaming platform.

In a case study, TigerFitness Created a fitness streaming platform with free workout content saw a 60% return customer rate with the highly differentiated brand, customers, and highly personalized interaction.

At the time of the launch, it used the only easily available platform for such private live streaming services, YouTube to launch TigerFitness videos.

However, lately, there is no dearth for such streaming platforms with the arrival of multiple video-supporting platforms – VPlayed, Zype, Muvi, and many more.

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World’s Top 10+ Best Online Fitness Streaming Platforms To Stay Healthy

It would be an understatement to say that the worldwide fitness video on demand (VOD) streaming services market is flourishing gradually. Here have the best 10+ stellar companies who have built their successful online fitness platform which are streamed with next-generation catch-it-all daily courses of fitness.

1. VPlayed – Online Fitness Streaming Solution

A Unified Live Streaming Best Online Fitness Platform For Your Video Business

VPlayed's online fitness streaming solution

Popularity of fitness live streaming platform with 100% customization, live to VOD, On premise/ on cloud features can help you to gain a complete ownership from VPlayed & leverage with best durability. Streaming gym workouts in a personalized white label fitness app is nothing but the best option for you to monetize and stay ahead of the game.

Hence on demand fitness video work-outs performed at home or elsewhere using pre-recorded and live stream classes are no longer new. VPlayed’s customized platform is always known for its precise video delivery with HD streaming managed for multi-disciplinary fitness packaged for home workout services.

Features That Make VPlayed Standout from Competent Online Fitness Platforms are:

1. Explore In-app Purchases
Offer special tips, courses, diet charts all under in-app purchases

2. Find New Ventures
Integrate with 3rd party collaborators & add means of profitability

3. Plan Your Meets
Live fitness interactive sessions can be scheduled easily

4. Give Anytime Attention
Conduct Personal training & interact flexibly from anywhere

5. Stream With Precision
Empower your fitness streams with 360° & VR Experience

VPlayed is the best-suited for your online fitness streaming service which efficiently supersedes live 1-to-1 consultation, fitness video courses, and group class experience.

For quote-based plans, fill out this inquiry form, You may also opt for Free Demo Here.

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2. Contus Tech- Launch Your Own Fitness Video Service

A Finest All-in-one Fitness Live Streaming Platform in the Market

Contus VPlay Fitness VOD solution

Contus Tech is listed as one of the top streaming fitness solutions supporting to develop help with digital libraries for multiple mediums to monetize fitness-oriented digital TV channels, online yoga broadcasts, workout webinars and mobile streaming classes in apps, etc.

It is an ideal source for delivering best fitness streaming services and people like content owners, publishers, fitness influencers, independent PT instructors, can gain maximum profits by acquiring a global customer base. Contus Tech also makes it simple to track and monitor the number of content views, graphical user locations, and other metrics.

CONTUS Tech Readymade Fitness Streaming Platform Features are:

1. 100% Taylormade Solution
Limitless customization for a brand-new trendy fitness website

2. Buffer-Free Streaming
Exponential video creations with powerful HLS, DASH technologies

3. Top Monetizing Opportunities
Primal revenue-shaping models & drive business ROI

4. Safeguard Streaming Support
DRM protocol for perfect encryption on valuable content

5. Promotional Tech-Stack
Active video marketing tools for varied demographic

Online fitness streaming platform supports HTML5 for perfect viewing of videos on web browsers directly on any number of OTT devices. With Contus Tech, the special Videos supports a hyper accommodative player for customized special requirements for live streaming fitness platforms.

3. GUDSHO – An Engaging Video Platform To Stream Fitness Sessions

fitness monetization

GUDSHO comes as one of the premium video streaming platforms that helps fitness enthusiasts and gym experts live stream HQ- video fitness training sessions or broadcast on-demand video classes to its subscribers. 

Yup! You heard that right, the platform is indeed all geared up to offer best-in-class services with its features and positives to its creators that none of the platforms would offer. 

Plus, being a subscription-based model, creators can now feel relaxed from hefty joining fees unlike other streaming platforms, and can either stream sessions on air or simply broadcast a pre-recorded video. 

Therefore, if you are a trainer looking to gain more audiences and drive up your revenue scale, GUDSHO is the best!

Features That Make GUDSHO Fitness Streaming Best:

  1. Drive income from live sessions

With over 5+ monetization models, streamers can earn simply well.

  1. Stream across any device

You can upload videos of any size and format like MP4, AVI, FLV, and MPEG.

  1. Powerful video CMS

Organize videos neatly in a single space or playlist to keep them discoverable.

  1. Buffer-free video streaming

As GUDSHO is backed by Akamai-based CDN, it helps deliver streams that are of ultra-low latencies.

  1. Intuitive video-sharing tools

Use the platform’s embed code option and WordPress integration to showcase your presence everywhere. 

Well, these ain’t all the features, as the platform is equipped with several lots, like HLS player to provide fast streaming of video quality and more. 

4. OnTheFly- An all rounder for live fitness streaming

OnTheFly is one of the most efficient fitness streaming platforms in 2024 with extraordinary features like multistreaming, screen share, live analytics, pre-recorded stream and  crystal clear high definition video output. It allows users to customize the branding opportunity for fitness studios and personalized fitness trainers to self brand using themes, overlays and  headers.

Features That Make OnTheFly a supremacy in fitness platform:

  1. Scheduled Online Fitness classes
    Not just live streaming in real-time , schedule them in advance using a pre-scheduler.
  2. Invite Fitness Streamers as guests
    Utilize the invite guest option to invite multiple trainers to the live stream
  3. All At One Place From Product To Workout
    Players module in studio upgraded with training equipment
  4. Customize Product branding
    Make a statement with branding overlays, headers and themes 
  5. Stream at almost every internet space
    Extend your  Fitness journey to almost every social media space with the multistreaming solution. 

5. Zype – Best Platform to Stream Fitness Classes

A Global Distribution & Live Streaming Fitness Platform

Zype - platform to stream fitness classes

Zype is a unique digital video distribution as well as management hub which provides the complete fitness streaming online infrastructure. The platform supports various video streaming operations using various monetization models, CRM software, business analytics and added integrations of any number SaaS apps. This allows techno-specialist devs to bring fitness or any type of online streaming video scalability in any market with a fast turnaround.

Zype Video on Demand Fitness Highlighted Features Are:

1. Acquire Cloud-Based Solution
Video distribution infrastructure to seamlessly manage, monetize fitness content

2. Sell Live/On Demand Classes
Subscription, pay-per-view event workouts all under single platform

3. Multicast To Social Platforms
Live fitness broadcasts can be casted in social forums at the same time

4. Monetize Well With Organized Content
Provide authentic in-gym experience with intuitive video CMS dashboard

5. Expansion Of Existing Membership Website
Enable users to watch fitness-freak VODs/live content in set-top box, android & Apple TV apps, etc

Offering a complete streaming distribution solution in Zype provides fitness instructor and physical-fitness practitioners to have a live streaming benefits platform and deliver online fitness classes live/on demand for monetizing them exclusively at any point of time.

6. Muvi – Fitness Video Streaming Software

A Streaming Fitness Platform For Powering Video Experience

Muvi video streaming solution

Monetization of online fitness programs is possible for daily-routine healthkeepers, trainers and gym studios with a professional video production like Muvi. This platform for live video streaming for training supports on-demand videos including launching own brand coaching as well as training transmitted via connected TVs, mobile for custom support.

Highlighted Features of Muvi to Build Online Fitness Class Platform:

1. Approach With Fitness Audios
Launch On-air live broadcast radio channel

2. Concurrent Live Workouts
Live streaming fitness sessions

3. Customized Fitness Recommendations
On-demand personalized workout library for viewers

4. Stay In Touch With Clients On The Go
Schedule classes within branded fitness apps

5. Stream In Any Language With Subtitles
Multilingual support for Mobile, TV, and Web

Revenue models for online fitness platforms on Muvi such as PPV, AVOD, TVOD, SVOD platform provide new opportunities for video monetization platform based on skills of the producer or the yoga instructor, fitness chef, fitness trainer, and even personal trainers to upload on Muvi and sell their content to the world.

7. Brightcove – Stream Your Live & On Demand Classes

A Simple Video On Demand Fitness Streaming Platform

Brightcove fitness video solution

The forefront fitness streaming platform of Brightcove has been creating a significant impact of video streaming for more than 15 years and strives to shape extraordinary Live streaming fitness platform classes. Brightcove runs on an HTML5 video player providing the fastest video quality which is crystal clear on display screens. It allows the development of a customized viewing experience for fitness studios and personalized fitness service providers establishing effective communication between its customers.

Features That Make Brightcove OTT Fitness:

1. Natural Shift To Online Fitness
Make your classes available via on demand/ live streams

2. Internet Fitness Streaming Trend
Cloud online video platform helping right from trainers to suppliers

3. All At One Place From Product To Workout
Players module in studio upgraded with training equipment

4. Customize Player Experience
Underlying Player framework with use of HTML, CSS, etc

5. Stream Informative Videos With Any Device
In-home Fitness with extensive library to stream in Mobile, TV, and Web

Best video streaming solution for fitness for navigated access supports different types of players – Brightcove player.

8. Livestream – Online Fitness Classes

A Full-scale Live Streaming Fitness Classes with Subscription Service

Vimeo Live streaming solution

Live streaming platform for fitness studios is built for the millennial teen with special features for searching, streaming, and exploring live content. The event is broadcast for thousands of viewers bringing the complete studio experience to your customers with special Pro offers in between.

The free experience will allow access to AirPlay and Chromecast features. Livestream, which has launched its own product of live streaming, known as Vimeo Live, makes live women workouts by broadcasting live yoga classes on Mobile. And for channelizing it further in social communities, they provide Bulldog athletics live streaming on Facebook.

Highlighted Features of Livestream Fitness Video Platform:

1. Generate Revenue From Live Seminars
Video creators to stream simple live events via HLS streaming

2. Videos To Work In Branded Positioning
Host on-demand or live streaming just in Netflix-style

3. Monetize & Distribute Classes With Any Device
Online fitness content distribution in platforms like Roku, iOS, Android TV apps, etc

4. Improvisation Of Your Fitness Content
Real-Time analytics player to target fitness athletes, across any location

5. Built-In Abr Streams With Full Hd Broadcasting
Adaptive bitrate supported with 4K viewing

6. Customizable & Ad-Free Player
Web-based Wowza Player with embeddable & syndication tools

Online fitness class platforms like Livestream empowers 10 M events per year and assists for over 10,000 subscribers like Spotify, Philadelphia Eagles, Dow Jones, etc. Besides, Livestream allows a wide range of video on demand hosting features with backup analytics for a superior revenue earning model for fitness programs streaming online.

9. Dacast – Live Streaming Fitness Class Platform

A Leading VOD Fitness Streaming Platform With Progressive Tools

Dacast  Live Streaming Fitness Class Platform

The uncontested leader of online fitness class platform Dacast delivers a professional broadcasting experience for both video on demand or live fitness workouts. Dacast is the dominant player which has made its way to the top 50 again right from the year 2010.

As remote fitness lovers, Dacast helps you to get paid from your students with fully-loaded whitelabel streaming solutions. You can easily cover the milestone of becoming a trusted online fitness instructor and cover your revenue scale by converting your fitness skills at all corners of the globe.

Unique fitness features of Dacast streaming to showcase are:

1. Top-Tier Fitness Content Metrics
Launch your own fitness platform with advanced analytics & video API

2. Plans To Inculcate Revenue Every Time
Video monetization options with a live fitness-centric channels

3. Universal Graded Tech To Avail Best Value
Live streams or recorded broadcasts can be delivered anywhere, anytime

4. Ready-To Stream Fitness Classes Exclusively
Comprehensive usage with a professional platform setup in fitness space

5. Make Your Content Available On Any Platform
Creating web channels on platforms like Roku, AppleTV+ is a matter of fact

With live group classes, fitness streaming in Dacast pricing is made effortless marking a record of 97 channels streamed in real-time all created per day. Get to engage your customers just like 300,000 broadcasters for you to bring in home-fitness exercise classes at the click of a button in Web, Mobile & Smart TV.

10. Zingfit –  Best Fitness Streaming Platform

A Powerful VOD and Live Streaming Fitness Platform

Zingfit Best Fitness Streaming Platform

Zingfit is known for assisting in the promotion of other products & building your own brand with its dedicated fitness streaming platform. They work in a systematic process where your online studio is put in the frontliners amongst global competitors.

With custom-built fitness streaming services allow yourself to create a fully branded experience for client acquisition, loyalty and reward campaigns, referral marketing, and more. They also give you complete control over your customer’s booking experience through an online fitness branded app which stages your brand to the centre front.

Here are some of its distinctive video on demand fitness features:

1. Scheduled Classes Made Simple
Customize and control scheduled classes directly on your website

2. Remove Friction From 3rd Person
Eliminate the need of third-party software scheduling

3. Chart-Out Your Fitness Goals Categorically
Integrate best-in-class workflows streamlined by Zingfit

4. Best Fit For Fitness Entrepreneurs
Completely personalize digital experience with Zingfit’s API

5. Monitor Customer Choices Through Analytics
Track your client’s journey across your website via iframe’s functionality

6. Social Integration For Sharing Your Classes
Channelize common platform deals by growing yourself in social community

11. Yondo – All-in-One Online Fitness Platform

The Most Valuable & Worthy Fitness Video Platform

Yondo All-In-One Online Fitness Platform

Yondo lets you build your own fitness streaming platform and easily capture the whereabouts of how to create live streaming classes, spectacular fitness workout videos and what not.. Yondo group allows you to interact with your health-exercisers while selling million+ on demand videos online, offering complete privacy with best encrypted video security DRM through webinars. You can have the liberty to control pricing scales, scheduling your group sessions, etc all under a single platform.

They help you to instantly create a number of professionally-validated online fitness services using industry-grade templates and customize your panel with interesting titles and dynamic images. Building short fitness video courses that can be embedded creates valuable opportunities to monetize your content with your very own digital streaming website.

Here are some of the highlighted VOD fitness platform features:

1. Quick Monetization & Get Best Results
Sell 1-1 sessions easily that reflects your fitness business

2. Have Direct Communication With Clients
Record your videos & send it to your clients all by yourself

3. Get Recurring Returns From Fitness Videos
Content can be sold instantly from your website through video subscription services

4. Market Your Content Getting High-Engagement
With clickable buttons extend your reach using effective call-to action

5. Draw Maximum Audience Attention In Appealing Way
Offer unlimited live webinars all with pre-built landing pages

12.Uscreen – Build a Fitness Streaming App

A Reliable Fitness Video On Demand Solution

Uscreen fitness streaming solution

With some of the top fitness streaming online services, Uscreen specializes in providing instant access to fitness subscribers and students. It allows experts, fitness gurus, and specialists to take their workouts online. The platform gives the studio owners the technology platform to live stream and support full-fledged video-on-demand libraries that allow every individual or business to build a fitness app for streaming their own brand.

Uscreen Fitness Streaming Services & It’s Highlighted Features:

1. Real-Time Cohesive Streams
Smooth daily live streams & fitness VODs delivered anywhere in the world

2. Best-In-Class Home Workouts
On-demand streaming with fastest video playback

3. Streaming Services Planned Beforehand
Schedule classes on custom-centric fitness OTT video platform

4. Easy-To- Launch Fitness At All Levels
With no coding involvement app-based for mobile, TV viewing

5. Readiness To Earn With Pretty Good Returns
Monetization models with seamless payments worldwide

6. Own It To Train Your Students Always
Whitelabel Fitness video on demand on multiple platforms

Uscreen is the best online fitness streaming platform given the range of tools it offers from community management tools to scaling video streaming services.


Live video streaming for training is an unexplored but high revenue-earning platform but will be driven purely by Quality content.

Publishers including fitness studios, personal trainers, and professionals in this spectrum of services can reap unbounded benefits with top-quality. An Online fitness platform is a perfect solution for an industry struggling to survive given the sudden upheaval.

However, the content of the fitness program, the innovation, and the value-add it offers subscribers will determine the final earnings of any publisher-studio.

Exploring free-on-net how to live stream fitness classes provide even the most inexperienced fitness studio professional the opportunity to offer their services.

If You’re Ready To Incorporate Online Fitness Platform Into Your Video Streaming Classes,
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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

1. How To Build A Fitness Streaming Platform?

You can develop your own fitness streaming platform with a range of solutions such as exclusive customized features, advanced streaming technology, whitelabelling, powerful video player, social publishing, fitness video recommendation, etc and monetize your live/ on demand streams effortlessly on the go.

2. How To Choose A Video On Demand Platform For Fitness?

Important fitness platform prerequisites can guide you before leveraging to start business in online wellness training.  You can have customizable streaming options to cater with effective VODs or any kind of broadcasting services anytime at your convenience. Also, streaming in a whitelabelled platform with lifetime ownership can take away your worries of upkeeping business profits with a one-stop solution.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Fitness Streaming Service?

Deliver easy access to viewers for on demand/live streaming services, provision of broad class offerings with HQ experience makes it interactive, most cost-effective way to provide fitness regime for your followers in fitness, & OTT space gives you complete freedom to provide personalized live/on demand classes as compared to workouts catered in actual spaces.

4. How To Monetize Online Live Fitness Classes?

Now seize the opportunity to create an outstanding online fitness class platform. Cast your on-demand workouts with SVOD, or conduct live streaming fitness sessions with a Pay-Per-View monetization approach. Also you can enable in-stream fitness content and generate X+ revenue with maximum scalability.

5. How Do OTT Fitness Platforms Make Money?

When you plan to move your best fitness exercising studio online you can offer right from fitness VODs to streaming packaged courses, specialized workshops or even dietary talk shows. And, encash your content through revenue-generating models like Subscription, Transactional or with Advertising-based. Even special coupons & 3rd party ad insertions will be helpful in the long run.

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    In addition to the fitness app, we also would like to offer live streaming classes.
    Does VPlayed have this feature?

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