Top 7 Best Fitness Streaming Platforms for VOD and Live Streaming in 2021

Online fitness streaming platform

The Demand For Fitness Live Streaming Platform is driven by recent upheavals disrupting the fitness industry leading to dramatic changes in the way they traditionally operated. The Regulatory framework for social distancing to overcome the pandemic has come as a challenge for fitness and wellness industries to continue regular operations.

An innovative approach to evolve within the given guidelines is to leverage existing technology-reach. The solution has been the launching of fitness streaming services.

Efforts to move fitness sessions/classes to the online platform are both effective and a Win-Win situation for fitness Centre owners and users.

According to industry reports, ‘Live’ or video streaming has grown from its initial tentative launch in 2015-16 into a full-fledged technology sector. 

Besides, as the Interactive Advertising Bureau represents live streaming viewership was 47% worldwide in 2018 led by social platform streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram, followed by 92% mobile video streaming. 

Forrester Research identified that 1.8 million words corresponded to one minute of video.

In a case study, TigerFitness Created a fitness streaming platform with free workout content saw a 60% return customer rate with the highly differentiated brand, customers, and highly personalized interaction.

At the time of the launch, it used the only easily available platform for such streaming services, YouTube to launch TigerFitness videos.

However, lately, there is no dearth for such streaming platforms with the arrival of multiple video-supporting platforms – VPlayed, Contus Vplay, Zype, Muvi, and many more.

List of Best Video Streaming Platforms for Fitness Lovers

1. VPlayed – Online Fitness Streaming Solution

VPlayed's online fitness streaming solution

Popularity of live streaming for gym streaming workouts and packages for home workout services. Hence working out at home and office using pre-recorded and live stream classes are no longer new. VPlayed customized platform for delivery of HD video streaming for multi-disciplinary fitness.

  • Robust CMS
  • Live streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Personal training

VPlayed is the best online fitness streaming service that supports live 1-to-1 consultation, fitness video courses, scheduled classes, and group classes.

2. Contus VPlay – Launch Your Own Fitness Video Service

Contus VPlay OTT solution

Contus VPlay is listed as one of the Top streaming fitness platforms supporting video-on-demand platforms for help with digital libraries for multiple mediums to monetize for TV channels, online broadcasters, web and mobile media.

  • Hosting
  • VOD
  • Live streaming
  • Security

Online fitness streaming platform supports HTML5 for perfect viewing of videos on web browsers directly on any number of devices. With Contus Vplay, the special ViDeoJS supports hyper accommodative player for customized special requirements for live streaming fitness platforms.

Zype - platform to stream fitness classes

Calling itself the complete fitness streaming online infrastructure, Zype is a unique digital video distribution as well as management hub. The platform supports video streaming operations allowing devs to bring VOD online in any market with a fast turnaround.

  • Speed to market
  • Copyrighted video Meta CMS
  • Application Distribution
  • Video Analytics

Offering complete streaming distribution Zype is the fitness live streaming platform to deliver and monetize premium live video at any point of time.

4. Uscreen – Build a Fitness Streaming App

Uscreen fitness streaming solution

Top fitness streaming online service, Uscreen specializes in providing instant access to fitness subscribers and students. It allows experts, fitness gurus, and specialists to take their workouts online. The platform gives the studio owners the technology platform to live stream to support full-fledged video-on-demand libraries that allow every individual or business to Create/Build a fitness streaming platform for their own brand.

  • Live streaming
  • on-demand streaming
  • Schedule classes
  • App-based for mobile, TV viewing

Uscreen is the best online fitness streaming platform given the range of tools it offers from community management tools to scaling video streaming services.

5. Muvi – Fitness Video Streaming Software

Muvi video streaming solution

Monetization of fitness programs is possible for trainers and gym studios with professional video production such as Muvi. This platform for live video streaming for training supports on-demand videos including launching own brand coaching as well as training for connected TVs, mobile for custom support.

  • Off-air
  • on-demand library for viewers
  • Schedule classes
  • For mobile, TV, and web

Revenue models for online fitness platforms on Muvi such as SVOD, PPV, AVOD, TVOD provide new opportunities for monetization based on skills of the producer or the yoga instructor, fitness chef, fitness trainer, and even personal trainers to upload on Muvi and sell their content to the world.

6. Brightcove – Stream Your Live & On Demand Classes

Brightcove fitness video solution

Live streaming fitness classes on Brightcove run on an HTML5 video player for the fastest video quality which is crystal clear on display screens. It allows the development of a customized viewing experience for fitness studios and personalized fitness service providers.

  • Players module in studio
  • Player framework
  • Supports multi-device – mobile, TV, and web

Best live streaming solution for fitness for navigated access supporting different types of players – Brightcove player.

7. Livestream – Online Fitness Classes

Live streaming solution

Live streaming platform for fitness studio is built for the millennial teen with special features for searching, streaming, and exploring live content. The event is broadcast for thousands and hundreds of viewers with a special Pro offer. The free experience will allow access to AirPlay and Chromecast features.

  • HLS streaming
  • on-demand live streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Web-based Wowza Player

Online fitness class platforms like Livestream with network digital video recorder will allow trick features to be played. Besides, Livestream allows a wide range of hosting video features with backup analytics for a superior revenue earning model for fitness programs streaming online.


Live video streaming for training is an unexplored but high revenue-earning platform but will be driven purely by Quality content.

Publishers including fitness studios, personal trainers, and professionals in this spectrum of services can reap unbounded benefits with top-quality. An Online fitness platform is a perfect solution for an industry struggling to survive given the sudden upheaval.

However, the content of the fitness program, the innovation, and the value-add it offers subscribers will determine the final earnings of any publisher-studio.

Exploring free-on-net how to live stream fitness classes provide even the most inexperienced fitness studio professional the opportunity to offer their services.

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