Top 9 Best Online Learning Platforms In 2024

Ever thought about sharing what you know with people worldwide? Picture an online learning platform that lets you do just that, turning your knowledge into online courses. In this article, we’ll check out the best online learning platforms where EduTech and teachers team up to stir up education. 

We’ll uncover the cool perks these platforms bring, explore lots of options, and discover how to host your online courses & how you can let your teaching skills reach globally. Read the full blog onto the world of online teaching: A platform where you and your expertise meet learners from all corners of the globe and take your skills to the next level.

Benefits of Online Learning Platforms for EduTech & Teachers

Embracing EduTech, top online learning platforms offer a dynamic shift in education. From flexibility to accessibility, they redefine the learning league. Let’s explore the benefits for EduTech and teachers.

1. Global Reach

eLearning platforms cross geographical barriers, integrating educators and learners worldwide. This global accessibility broadens educational horizons, building a diverse and enriching learning experience for students and expanding market reach for EduTech companies.

For example, 

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2. Personalized Learning

Tailored content on online video-on-demand platforms addresses individual learning styles and paces. Students can grasp concepts at their speed, promoting a more effective and enjoyable learning journey, while EduTech companies showcase their commitment to student-centric education.

3. Engaging & Interactive

Exciting features like quizzes, discussions, and multimedia elements keep learners actively involved. EduTech companies benefit by providing an entertaining and engaging learning environment, enhancing content retention and making the educational process enjoyable.

4. Streamlined Content

Online platforms allow EduTech companies to organize and present content in a structured manner. WIth this streamlined approach, students can easily navigate through materials, leveraging comprehension and saving time for both educators and students.

5. Assessment & Feedback

Intuitive assessment tools facilitate continuous evaluation. Immediate feedback empowers students to understand their progress, while EduTech companies gain insights into content effectiveness. This fosters a responsive and adaptive teaching-learning ecosystem.

6. Teacher Efficiency

Online platforms automate administrative tasks, enabling educators to focus on teaching. Time-saving tools enhance teacher productivity, promoting a more efficient educational process for both tutors and EduTech companies.

7. Global Collaboration

Online platforms facilitate collaboration among students worldwide. Via shared projects and discussions, students gain a global perspective, cultivating cross-cultural understanding. Online Teachers and EduTech companies contribute to creating an interconnected global educational community.

8. Cost-Effectiveness

Online learning minimizes traditional costs associated with physical classrooms. EduTech companies offer affordable solutions, making quality education accessible. Reduction in overheads complements both students and corps, aligning with the modern need for cost-effective educational solutions.

9. Data-Driven Insights

Advanced analytics provide teachers, companies and educators with valuable data on student performance. This approach with updated data enables personalized interventions, ensuring a more effective educational experience for each student.

10. Future-Proof Learning

eLearning platforms adopt emerging technologies and trends, preparing students for the future job market. EduTech companies contribute to creating a learning environment that evolves with industry demands, providing a forward-looking and future-proof educational experience.

Best Online Learning Platforms in 2024

Let’s explore the best online learning platforms in 2024, tailored for creators, as the education landscape evolves. From diverse courses to user-friendly interfaces, these platforms empower creators in their quest for reaching and teaching across the world.

1. OnTheFly

OnTheFly is the most customer friendly and the best platform for educational streaming, this platform supports multistreaming for an enhanced viewership and engagement tools for an interactive session. The community building chat and user friendly UI makes it an easy and simplified solution for educational streaming. Custom RTMP, branding tools and real-time video analytic ranks it in the top as a superior platform among its competitors. 


  • Real Time interaction with viewers through polls, chat, tips, and feedback
  • Complete analytics to track each and every streaming session. 
  • Custom RTMP to multi stream in different destinations
  • Studio grade recording and pre-recorded stream to re-stream
  • Affordable pricing plans for all kinds of businesses and creators


Gudsho - Online Learning Platforms

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  • pay-per-view
  • ad revenue,
  • and live streaming,

enables you to earn while you teach. Take your education expertise global with GUDSHO, the comprehensive solution for empowering educators and connecting learners worldwide.


  1. Video hosting and live streaming
  2. Real-time analytics to track your students’ engagement with the video content
  3. Video CMS to provide a centralized approach for all needed operations
  4. 4+ video monetization options to maximize your earnings
  5. Video marketing tools to enhance the reach of your videos
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3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning stands out for its professional courses led by industry experts. The platform seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn profiles, enhancing professional credibility. Its drawback lies in the limited range of course categories, restricting diversity. Nevertheless, the platform excels in providing quality content for those seeking career advancement and skill development.


  • Career-focused courses: Upskill for your dream job.
  • Expert instructors: Learn from industry leaders.
  • Unlimited access: One subscription, endless learning.
  • Integrated with LinkedIn: Build your professional network.
  • Trackable progress: Monitor your learning journey.

4. Skillshare


Skillshare enables a creative community where teachers can monetize their skills. The platform’s focus on creative arts and practical skills sets it apart. However, a drawback is the potential inconsistency in course quality, as it relies on a community-driven model. Skillshare empowers educators to explore niche topics and engage with a like-minded audience.


  • Short, creative classes: Learn new skills in bite-sized chunks.
  • Community-driven: Connect and collaborate with learners.
  • Affordable monthly plans: Flexible pricing for any budget.
  • Hands-on projects: Build your skills through practical exercises.
  • Wide range of topics: Explore hobbies to careers.

5. Thinkific


Thinkific offers complete control to educators, allowing them to brand and customize their courses. Its intuitive interface simplifies the course creation process. But, the absence of a built-in marketplace may limit initial exposure. Nevertheless, Thinkific provides a powerful, white-label solution for institutions and teachers keen on maintaining their brand identity in the e-learning space.


  • Create & sell your own courses: Be the course creator.
  • All-in-one platform: Build, market, and manage your courses.
  • Branding & customization: Make your courses your own.
  • Multiple pricing options: Offer subscriptions or individual purchases.
  • Engaging student tools: Keep learners connected and motivated.

6. Coursera


Want to partner with big universities and offer fancy certificates? Coursera’s your friend. Their courses are deeper and more respected, but can be a bit pricier. Perfect if you have high-quality, academic content and want learners worldwide to recognize it.


  • Partner with top universities: Earn prestigious certificates.
  • Specializations: Deep dive into specific areas of study.
  • Financial aid options: Make learning accessible.
  • Globally recognized platform: Build your resume worldwide.
  • Rigorous learning experience: Challenge yourself and gain expertise.

7. edX


Ivy League schools like MIT and Harvard got together to make edX, so expect university-level stuff! They even have “mini-masters” degrees you can take online. Just be warned, it’s not for beginners – things can get tough. If you’re all about serious learning and academic cred, edX is the champ.


  • University-level content: Learn from world-renowned professors.
  • MicroMasters programs: Earn credit towards advanced degrees.
  • Open-source courses: Free access to quality education.
  • Global community: Connect with learners worldwide.
  • Focus on academic rigor: Deepen your understanding and expertise.

8. Kajabi


Think of Kajabi as an all-in-one kit for online courses. Create, market, sell – it does it all, and with fancy marketing tools too! But it costs more, so if you’re on a tight budget, maybe look elsewhere. Great for people who want everything in one place and powerful marketing features.


  • All-in-one course creation: Everything you need in one place.
  • Powerful marketing tools: Reach your target audience effectively.
  • Membership communities: Build ongoing engagement with students.
  • Beautiful sales pages: Showcase your courses professionally.
  • Automated sales & delivery: Streamline your course business.

9. Podia


Easy-to-use platform? Podia wins! Perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to jump right in and start selling courses or digital products. Just know that you might miss out on some advanced marketing features. Still, a great choice for simplicity and getting started fast.


  • Simple & user-friendly: Start selling courses quickly and easily.
  • Affordable pricing: Perfect for budget-conscious creators.
  • Sell courses, memberships, & downloads: Generate diverse income streams.
  • Built-in email marketing: Connect with your audience directly.
  • No transaction fees: Keep more of your hard-earned profits.

These online learning platforms provide users with invaluable tools and features, fostering a continuous journey of learning and skill development in the expanding digital studies.

How To Monetize Your Course On Online Learning Platform?

Crafting an online course requires dedication, but monetization strategies pave the way for its success. Here are four sellable methods:

  1. Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD): Offer monthly or annual access to your entire course library, ideal for recurring revenue and loyal audiences.
  2. Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD): Sell individual courses or modules, catering to specific needs and flexible budgets.
  3. Live Streaming: Conduct real-time lectures, workshops, or Q&A sessions, fostering engagement and potentially charging premium fees.
  4. Advertising: Integrate ads within your course materials (with platform limitations) to generate additional income, though audience experience might be affected.

Choosing the right strategy depends on your course content, target audience, and platform regulations. Research and experiment to find the mix that maximizes your learning impact and financial return.

Key Takeaways

  • Online learning platforms break down geographical barriers, connecting educators and learners worldwide by cultivating an enriching learning experience.
  • Exclusive study content accommodates individual learning styles and paces, promoting engaging learning journeys for students.
  • Exciting features like quizzes and media elements keep students actively involved, enhancing retention and making the educational process enjoyable.
  • Online learning platforms allow for the organized presentation of content, making it easy for both educators and students to skim through materials.
  • Intuitive assessment tools facilitate continuous evaluation, empowering students to understand their progress and providing insights for educators.
  • Automation of administrative tasks on online learning platforms enables tutors to focus on teaching, promoting a more efficient educational process.
  • Online learning platforms facilitate collaboration among students worldwide and build a global perspective and cross-cultural understanding.
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  • eLearning minimizes costs associated with physical classrooms, making quality education more accessible and affordable across the world.
  • Advanced analytics provide valuable data on student performance, enabling personalized interventions for a more effective educational experience.
  • Online learning platforms adapt to emerging tech, preparing students for the future job market and providing a forward-looking educational experience.
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Choosing any of these platforms empowers EduTech companies and educators to reach wider audiences, personalize learning experiences, and create a more engaging and accessible educational ecosystem. With their data-driven insights and future-proof approach, these platforms pave the way for continuous learning and skill development.

However, navigating many options can be challenging. GUDSHO offers a solution specifically designed to empower educators and connect learners worldwide. Its suite of 100+ features facilitates high-quality online teaching, diverse monetization options, and seamless international reach.

If you’re an educator with a passion for sharing knowledge and a desire to make a global impact, consider exploring GUDSHO. Join the growing community of educators shaping the future of learning!


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