4 October, 2023
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9+ Best Video Streaming Solutions for OTT Broadcasting (2023)

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There are lots of streaming platforms for consumers to choose from nowadays where entertainment is just one click away. It can be litte difficult to narrow down which one is better for you.  In the immediate future, as the video streaming war intensifies, the fight to acquire customers are becoming fierce among technology, media and telecom industry giants. All of them are trying to get consumers to add their service into a bandwagon of streaming platforms. 

While looking ahead, as the streaming competition increases anf moves into its next phase – scaling up and monetizing the subscriber base. Moreover, media and entertainment companies should leverage their potentiality by luring customers better than ever before. 

Below we have broken down some of the prime features, and a comparative list that will help you to decide in picking digital streaming platform that suit your needs. Whether your consumers are thinking to condem cable networks or want to try out a new streaming platform, this is a perfect guide for them. 

Top 10 Best Video Streaming Platforms

  • VPlayed – Top Video Streaming Platform Faciliating to all Content Needs
  • Brightcove – Biggest Video Streaming Solution Compatible Across Screens
  • IBM Video Cloud – Renowned Video Streaming Platform Provider
  • Kaltura – World-class Streaming Solution for Digital Collaboration
  • Muvi – Stream with a Live or Ondemand Video Platform
  • Flowplayer – Purpose-built Video Platform for Media Publishers
  • Dacast – Best Video Streaming Platforms for Content Businesses
  • Wowza – OTT Video Streaming Platform for Continuous Playback
  • Zype – Great Best Platform for Video Streaming

What Are Video Streaming Platform?

Video streaming platforms that is also known as online video platform are managed completely end-to-end or bundled solutions that facilitate content owners, creators and aggregators to broadcast video services. Video streaming platforms shouldn’t be mistaken with hosting solutions like Youtube, Dailymotion, for example. 

Whereas video platforms largely focus on video distribution solution on a large-scale alternatives for media-based companies who look to host their any type of content such as TV shows, documentaries, movies, etc. using cloud-based architecture. 

You can think of platforms that gift your company the ability to stream content just as Hulu, Netflix does for a variety of television networks. Some of the examples of best video streaming platforms include Disney streaming services, Comcast technology solutions and more. 

Let’s look into some of its 

Want To Build The Best Video Streaming Platform For Your Business?

Key Features To Consider While Developing A Video Streaming Platform 

People are now in charge of any video material they choose to watch, thanks to consumers’ quick viewing habits, growing mobile dominance, and changing work circumstances. So what are the fundamental components that a video streaming platform must have? know the excellent features by diving down.

video stream platform

1. Customization For Bespoke Solution 

It is necessary to have a unified streaming video platform that is completely customizable and be prepped with high-tech features.  Customizability gives video broadcasters freedom to own a whitelabel video streaming solution where services can be optimized at its core by adding brand name, logo or other feature for creating a compelling viewing experience. 

2. Integration Options Provides Feasibility 

As there is a vital need to extensively implement platform deployment solutions for several business needs, on-premise or oncloud hosting options gives a chance of gaining maximum flexibility. Specialized integration platform with as-a-service capabilities are designed to solve specific hybrid integration challenges. 

3. Leverage a 100% White-Label Platform

You need to choose a whitelabel video streaming OTT platform that reflects your brand communication in a better way resulting in faster means of operating business. In addition to getting best authority over your platform, you as content owners can have lifetime ownership value along with one-time licensing cost. 

4. Flexible Bandwdith Across HLS Video Player

HLS is compatible with a wide range of devices and firewalls, unlike other streaming companies. However, with HLS live streaming, will often be between 15 and 30 seconds. To accomplish this, you should make use of a variety of tools to obtain quick HLS video streaming. Ultimately providing a buffer-free screening should be your ultimate aim. 

5. Streaming Infrastructure Protection via Video Security

Since digital space are much vulnerable to outside intrusion, handing sensitive data exchange has posed a great challenge. So, a secure platform should definitely be developed with end-to-end aes encryption, security monitoring, advanced DRM, controlled user access, multi-layered server and much more. 

list of video streaming platforms

6. Video Monetization Becomes Profitable 

You can now quickly start video monetization, online courses or religious sermons with solutions built for your brand at any size of business growth process. With several monetization options you can tailor your real-time video strategy to meet suitable needs and connect with the audience at every step. 

7. Find What You Need From Video CMS

A video content management system serves as a extensive library for the videos with an API feature for you to build the way you want it. It has basic search functionality that can allow you to find the data that you need along with ability to use bulk commands for uploading your content. Hosting all of your videos files in a central location makes it easier to store and distribute them.  

8. Real-time Video Analytics

Streaming with real-time analytics empowers your significant business to predict and detect the content performance data i.e historical and fast-moving data. You can determine if there is any issue relating to equipment and prevent any kind of issues faced in future. With video analytics you can prioritize your streaming infrastructure needs & deliver the video experience.

Now let’s delve more into the

Comparative List Of Top 9+ Best Video Streaming Platforms For 2023

Are you looking for the best video streaming platform to start your streaming business? Here, we have discovered some of the top 10 video streaming solutions for you VPlayed, Dacast, Vimeo OTT, Brightcove, JWPlayer, etc…

1. VPlayed

Top video streaming platform faciliating to all content needs

best video streaming platform

It is a custom-built video streaming platform which equips professional broadcasters, content businesses to stream any type of media content. The streaming technologies like microservice architecture, end-to-end encryption, HLS/HTML5 video streaming player are integrated into the solution. Leading businesses pick VPlayed’s video platform provider as their first choice for various streaming needs. 

Highlighted Features Of VPlayed Video Streaming Solution Includes:

  • Equip your platform with multi-bitrate technology 
  • Extract maximum revenue with best monetization model 
  • Protect your assets with robust security tools 
  • Gain complete customization of your entire platform 
  • Platform integration in cloud or at premise facility   

2. Brightcove

Biggest video streaming solution compatible across screens 

top video streaming platforms

Brightcove is a direct video hosting service with unique features for marketing and revenue streams. It was primarily founded in 2004, and with the advent of video streaming, it progressively transformed into a service business.Large-scale businesses can benefit from Brightcove’s extensive B2B video platform services. Brightcove’s primary job is to host movies, with advance monetization and marketing solutions.

Essential Features Brightcove Provides For Best Streaming Platform 

  • Superior marketing and advertising tools to increase business growth 
  • Live streaming capabilities to outreach a larger segment of audience 
  • Video streaming app integration with customized add-on features 
  • Versatile the best video monetization platforms that increase revenue scalability 
  • Hightened privacy is encouraged with security tools for safe streaming 

3. IBM Video Cloud

Renowned video streaming platform provider 

video streaming platform

Live streaming and VOD hosting are both guaranteed by the scalable, trustworthy, and cloud-based IBM Cloud streaming solution. The more exclusive IBM Cloud is ideal for businesses and organisations. It is a professional hosting & online video streaming platforms  with a higher price tag that supports any sophisticated scaling setups through integrated CDN support. Also, it provides support for managing the dashboard for content management. 

IBM Cloud’s User-Friendly Features For Your Video Streaming Service

  • Exclusively constructed to stream for larger businesses and organisations
  • A private content delivery network which ensures seamless playability 
  • Excellent customer service provides full support for the entire procedure
  • Get reliable technical support for any kind of streaming glitches and lags 
  • Well equipped with easy integration of tools for broadcaster, publishers

4. Kaltura

World-class streaming solution for digital collaboration

streaming video platform

With its open-source design, the top online video platforms from Kaltura gives you the greatest customization options. Katura’s streaming solutions are made to support every kind of video use case that companies pick. From desktop video capturing to channelized webcasting, you have access to all the tools you need to fully empower them.

Kaltura’s Best Streaming Video Platform Features Are:

  • Seamlessness of the playbacks is maintained by use of cloud-based transcoding
  • It is versatile since it is simple to watch for the target audience on any device
  • Comprehensive video CMS platforms with capabilities for enhancing content creation 
  • Business is boosted by interactive customised video pathways and video quizzes
  • Real-time statistics make it possible to evaluate the platform’s overall performance

5. Muvi

Stream with a live or ondemand video platform 

video streaming platforms comparison

With Muvi, video and audio content owners can rapidly establish their own custom OTT multi-screen video and audio streaming platform spanning web, mobile, and TV ecosystems. Muvi is a SaaS-based over-the-top platform. They handle everything from start-to end, including IT Infrastructure, Online Video Player, DRM to your digital website, and Ready-to-Use Apps for Mobile and TV.

Features Of An Excellent Video Streaming Platform Offered By Muvi

  • The finest platform that supports live streaming & on-demand content 
  • Quick and easy set-up makes it viable with no coding required  
  • Options to combine varied types of content with monetization methods 
  • Muvi uses AWS Cloudflare CDN to deploy buffer-free videos worldwide 
  • Offers native TV or mobile apps to reach users via multiple devices   

6. Flowplayer

Purpose-built video platform for media publishers 

video stream platform

If your company needs a full video solution, Flowplayer is one of the widely recommended platforms to broadcast your online videos and place your bets. It is well-known to have developed into a full-stack solution that media businesses use and includes extra integrations for ad servers, customer relationship management, digital rights management, paywalls, and many other things.

Advanced Features Of Flowplayer Video Platform

  • Realtime analytics solution assist to know viewer engagement
  • Provides CSAI & SSAI support in best monetization solution 
  • Reliable platform for streaming super-rated live videos 
  • Empowers video streams with robust HTML5 video player
  • Options of header bidding to simultaneously offer ad space

7. Dacast

Best Video streaming platform for content businesses 

digital video platforms

Dacast is a comprehensive & best VOD platforms to stream with many professional capabilities. They provide a unified sophisticated solution for both live streaming and on-demand video.

For broadcasters from businesses, universities, and other professional organisations, this platform has been meticulously designed. Enables you to build a video streaming website without any limitations in comparison to other competitors. 

Here Are Some Of Dacast’s Sreaming Solution Highlighted Features: 

  • Record the live stream & auto-archive the file for future playback
  • Video ad ingestion helps you to add another path to build income
  • Customize your video streaming services by whitelabelling them completely
  • Flawlessly live stream using reliable content delivery network
  • Securely host your valuable videos all within a single platform   

8. Wowza

OTT video streaming platform for continuous playback 

online video streaming platforms

Wowza enables the facility of live streaming with video on-demand solution for broadcasters with a wide range of budget. Accelerate your content development cycle with innovative streaming solutions packed with a comprehensive suite of tools and APIs. Nearly 38,000 organizations power up their streaming business with Wowza since it becomes easy for cost-restricted companies to leverage the flexibility in scaling up their business ROI.   

Advanced Features Of Wowza’s Online Video Streaming Platforms

  • Improved viewer statistics for detailed analysis in real time  
  • Easily connect to techy encoders while creating live streams
  • Allows users to run their streams 24/7 providing the best support 
  • Perfect solution who need to pass an IP camera feed via Youtube live
  • Best video content management library to access any number of videos 

9. Zype

Best platform for video streaming 

video streaming solution

The digital infrastructure that forms the basis of a digital video streaming platform is provided by Zype. It is to manage & distribute enterprise-grade video material that is of the highest calibre. The best video streaming platform includes top-notch technologies that support every audience demography end-to-end on any screen. Zype makes sharing videos easier so that more and more stories may be easily streamed to a larger segment of audience.

Below Listed Are Streaming Platform Features Provided By Zype

  • Provides options for developers with a configurable API
  • Zype offers solutions for both linear channels and OTT Tv apps
  • User-controlled access or permissions safeguarding your content
  • Social sharing across platforms with support for multiple screens
  • Adaptable branding with white-labeling capability for any service 


We hope this post has given you more information to help you make a better informed choice regarding video streaming platforms, regardless of your business route. We can assist you regardless of your streaming objectives, requirements, or audience size. Remember: before signing up for a streaming service, take the time to compare the cost, dependability, and other crucial features you’ll need. Also, whenever possible, leverage from free trials & demo.

If You Already Have An Idea To Build A Video Streaming Platform, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is Video Streaming?

Video streaming definition refers to the constant broadcasting of video files from a server to a client. It allows people to watch videos without having to download them. Streamed video content includes movies, TV series, YouTube videos, and live streaming content. Some other examples of video streaming services include Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Vudu, etc. 

2. How Do I Monetize Video Content?

For monetizing your video content, you have to choose a monetization model that suits you the best. The 3 best options are: SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand), TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand), and AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand). However, be aware of global content guidelines (certain rules that need to be followed).

3. How To Choose The Best Video Streaming Solution Provider?

Choosing the best video streaming solution provider is not difficult at all. Here are the top five things you should bear in mind:

Performing a competitive analysis.
Compare the prices of various platforms.
Examine whether the video streaming service provider can improve your workflow.
Look for the must-have essential video hosting capabilities.
Use free trials to help you narrow down your options.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Video Streaming Platform?

When it comes to the costing part, one can’t say a specific number. In order to build a video streaming platform that pushes your company’s growth, seek for a video streaming platform provider who can offer flawless infrastructure, features, and several monetization models. Do you know where you can find one? CONTUS VPlayed can provide a complete solution for establishing customizable OTT, VOD, and live streaming solutions to deliver content across many devices and platforms.

5. What Are The Key Features Should I Look For In A Video Streaming Solution?

The following are the top 6 features that an online video streaming platform/solution should have:

1. Video hosting services.
2. Option for live streaming.
3. Enterprise level security.
4. Excellent HTML5 video player.
5. Tools for encoding and transcoding.
6. Round the clock customer support.

6. Why Should You Secure Your Video Streaming Platform?

A secure video streaming platform is essential for a number of reasons. It protects user data from unwanted access and helps prevent video content from being interfered with or altered. AES encryption protects each stream with a unique key. Here, viewers must have the necessary digital access key to watch the content. They can obtain this key in a variety of methods, including watching the video on an authorized website or registering to see the video content.

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