15 April, 2024
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Top 13+ Best OTT Software Solutions For Video Streaming in 2024

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Are you contemplating the launch of a profitable OTT platform to enhance your services? To streamline your decision-making process, we have assessed the top 13 OTT software providers and crafted a succinct buyer’s guide to aid you in making well-informed choices.

If you have ever immersed yourself in video content on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you have experienced firsthand the transformative power of OTT technology. For those still gauging the scope of the OTT market, consider the following statistics for more understanding.

The average consumer now has access to a plethora of over 300 streaming video services. The global OTT market is anticipated to hit approximately $332.5 billion by 2025, indicating a compound annual growth rate of 16.7% from 2018 to 2025.

A substantial driving force behind the momentum of the OTT industry has been the working culture (Hybrid and Work From Home), compelling a number of professionals to stay more at home and indulge in video content for leisure.

The global OTT market is estimated to touch approximately $332.5 billion by the year 2025. This roughly equates to a compounded annual growth rate of 16.7% between the period 2018 to 2025.

Source: prnewswire

What is OTT Software?

OTT, or Over-the-Top, denotes media services that deliver video content to audiences uniquely through the Internet. This approach offers users the flexibility to enjoy content at their convenience, thereby utilizing smart OTT devices and computers.

Best OTT Software Solutions For Video Streaming

OTT software providers play a pivotal role in launching video apps/platforms, facilitating the bulk upload of videos with digital rights management. The dynamic nature of OTT involves a sophisticated content management system that manages metadata, geo-blocking, asset management, uploads, and more.

With robust OTT video software, a number of content owners, as well as business owners, can effortlessly reach a global audience and efficiently monetize their content.

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Benefits Of Using OTT Software For Your Streaming Services

Now that we have a grasp of what OTT software entails and its key OTT features, let’s explore the significant advantages of leveraging OTT streaming software.

1. Multi-Device Support

OTT software’s notable advantage lies in its capability to broaden your audience base through multi-device support. This critical feature plays a pivotal role in your success, ensuring that your content is accessible across various devices, thereby eliminating limitations on audience reach.

2. Security

Top-tier OTT software ensures a secure viewing experience for your audience, preserving user data and personal creations. In fact, the incorporation of digital rights management within most OTT software solutions empowers you to maintain complete ownership of your content.

3. Wider Audience Reach

OTT software significantly contributes to reaching a broader audience by effectively promoting relevant content. Moreover, it provides detailed insights into audience preferences, enhancing your ability to tailor content for maximum impact. Above all, the provision of multi-device support further amplifies the overall reach.

Benefits of OTT Software

4. Connectivity

OTT software offers a distinctive viewing experience with minimal prerequisites. On a basic note, audiences only need a reliable Internet connection and a compatible smart device, such as a mobile phone, desktop or laptop, to access online video content seamlessly.

5. Cost-Effective

After the introduction of OTT, a revolutionary change has swept through the online video content industry. Despite this, OTT platform packages prove to be more economical than traditional cable TV packages, providing audiences with the freedom to pay solely for the content they want to watch. This not only ensures affordability but also elevates the overall user satisfaction.

6. Convenience

No doubt, we all will agree that OTT services are surging in popularity for providing end users with the freedom to watch preferred content at their convenience, free from restrictive schedules. In simpler terms, viewers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming whenever and wherever they desire.

7. Diverse Content

The contemporary variety of content accessible to audiences has undergone a significant expansion compared to the last decade, thanks to the emergence of OTT platforms. Viewers now have access to global content at nominal prices, enriching their overall viewing experience.

How Do You Choose The Perfect OTT Video Software?

Starting on the journey of launching an OTT platform demands careful planning, and a pivotal decision in this process involves selecting the right OTT video software provider. The field is diverse, offering various solutions tailored to distinct needs and budgets. 

How to Choose OTT Video Software

Navigating this landscape requires assessing potential OTT solution providers across a spectrum of factors, including top features, pricing models, and customer support.

1. 100% Customizable

In the contemporary digital landscape, personalization is the key. Opt for an OTT software solution that offers extensive customization options. This not only helps in establishing a unique brand identity but also sets your platform apart in a competitive market. The ability to tailor the user experience to your audience’s preferences is one of the powerful advantages.

2. On Cloud/On-Premise

Look into the deployment options offered by the OTT solution provider. Cloud deployment offers convenience, relieving you from daily technical management tasks. Conversely, on-premise solutions grant more control, allowing for a personalized approach to daily management responsibilities. Altogether, your decision hinges on the level of control and hands-on management you require.

3. Video CMS

A robust Video Content Management System (CMS) serves as the backbone of any successful OTT platform. This system oversees metadata, geo-blocking, asset management, and uploads. In fact, an efficient CMS not only enhances the user experience but also streamlines workflows and ensures a secure online viewing experience.

4. End-to-End Development Support

Building an OTT app from the ground up can be intricate, particularly for those lacking extensive technical knowledge. Choose an OTT solution provider offering end-to-end development support, ensuring assistance throughout the entire development process. This guarantees a smoother journey, especially for those less acquainted with technical intricacies.

5. Secured DRM

Next on our list is Digital Rights Management. DRM stands as a critical component for protecting the rights of your digital content. Opt for an OTT solution provider that comes with robust DRM capabilities to ensure exclusive ownership. This not only safeguards your content but also significantly contributes to building a trustworthy brand.

6. HLS Video Player

An HLS Video Player is pivotal for delivering an exceptional viewing experience. Ensure it is not only powerful and customizable but also supports fast video playback across all the network devices. In essence to this, features like adaptive bitrate and player analytics contribute to an optimal streaming experience for your audience. 

7. Multiple Monetization Models

A versatile OTT software must support multiple video monetization models. This flexibility enables content creators to choose from various revenue making models such as AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD. Diversifying monetization strategies ensures that you can cater to different audience preferences and revenue streams.

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8. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience by reducing delays in loading web content. A robust CDN ensures smooth streaming for viewers across the globe. Consider the CDN capabilities provided by your chosen OTT software to guarantee an optimal streaming experience.

Concluding lines…

All in all, choosing the ideal OTT video software demands thoughtful consideration of the above mentioned factors. Each element contributes to the overall success of your OTT platform, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your audience. 

Aligning your requirements with the capabilities of your chosen OTT video software sets the stage for a successful journey into the world of OTT streaming.

Top 13 Best OTT Software Providers to Launch OTT Platform in 2024

Launching an OTT platform demands a judicious selection of a software provider to guarantee a resilient brand presence and a far-reaching global audience. Here are the top 13 OTT software providers for 2024, poised to assist you in establishing a prosperous streaming platform.

1. VPlayed – A Leading OTT Software Solution

At the forefront of OTT software providers is VPlayed, renowned for being one of the best self-hosted OTT platforms that caters to a diverse audience. The primary focus is on delivering robust live streaming and VOD services.

VPlayed extends personalized solutions tailored for various niches such as sports, religion, fitness, filmmaking, and other industries. The pricing structure varies based on the selected services and is available through quotations.

Some Of The OTT Software Key Features Of VPlayed:

  • 100% customizable.
  • Robust security with DRM. 
  • All-device player for accessibility.
  • Multiple monetization models for revenue generation.
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2. IBM OTT Streaming – OTT Video Streaming Platform

IBM OTT Platform

IBM OTT Streaming integrates intelligent content distribution capabilities, enabling seamless direct and third-party OTT streaming. This platform enhances user monetization opportunities and is a preferred choice among broadcasters for both live streaming and Video on Demand.

Now comes the ML part – Leveraging the advanced machine learning features of IBM not only enhances viewer engagement but also enables real-time monitoring of video performance. This invaluable data-driven approach empowers informed decision-making for content optimization.

Some Of The Key Features Of OTT Software Solutions:

  • Live polling for interactive engagement.
  • Multi-CDNs for reliable content delivery.
  • AI-powered captions for enhanced accessibility.

3. CONTUS Tech – World’s Best OTT Platform Developer

The CONTUS Tech is a convenient OTT streaming platform development that primarily caters to the need of people looking to expand their audience base by leveraging their video library. It helps video content owners to easily monetize their platform and earn revenue from the audience. It’s very dynamic as it serves customers in different industries including production houses, educational institutions, corporate houses, etc. The AES encryption together with access controls helps to build a robust and secure online platform that completely encrypts from cybercrime. CONTUS Tech provides a quotation for pricing based on the requirements of the users.

Some Of The Key Features Of CONTUS Tech OTT Platform:

  • Versatile video CMS.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools.
  • HLS player integration.
  • Cloud transcoding capabilities

4. JW Player – Most Popular OTT Service

JW Player OTT Solution

JW Player stands as a preferred choice for video hosting services, seamlessly integrating with a number of OTT platforms. Widely adopted by OTT platforms for hosting and live streaming, JW Player facilitates customization of OTT outputs through versatile tools from various providers. 

Integration with an existing website or application is also remarkably straightforward. Offering a captivating video journey across diverse platforms, JW Player empowers companies to stream video content, catering to those reliant on consistent online video streaming experiences.

Some Of The Key Features Of JW Player:

  • Advanced Video API
  • Robust content protection.
  • Live streaming capabilities.

5. Vimeo OTT – OTT Video Platform

Vimeo OTT Video  Software

Vimeo, a longstanding player in the video content industry, offers a versatile array of solutions encompassing live streaming, VOD, OTT, Android TV apps, Apple TV applications, and more. The flexible pricing structure caters to users with affordable entry-level charges. 

Notable features include robust anti-piracy measures, interactive elements such as polls and live chat, and a growth-oriented fee structure for developing advanced applications. Vimeo OTT provides a variety of avenues for video monetization, offering subscription models, transaction-based revenue streams, and advertising-driven approaches.

Some Of The Key Features Of Vimeo OTT:

  • Comprehensive real-time insights.
  • Seamless migration with zero downtime.
  • Branded apps featuring in-app purchases.
  • 24/7 support for both creators and subscribers.

6. Zype – OTT Streaming Software zype OTT platform

Zype offers an API-first SaaS, empowering teams to tackle video streaming challenges and construct a resilient OTT TV application. Providing comprehensive solutions, Zype enhances revenue and engagement across mobile, OTT, connected TV, social media, and digital platforms. 

The platform’s standout features, coupled with its support and quality, set it apart among many other OTT video platforms. Zype presents four pricing plans, each offering a distinct set of features. However, the price tag is a bit on the higher side, which can make creators think.

Some Of The Key Features Of Zype:

  • Robust reporting and analytics.
  • Seamless or effortless third-party integration.
  • Tailor your branding according to your needs.

7. Uscreen – OTT Video Service

uscreen OTT services

Uscreen is the go-to solution for meeting fundamental video streaming needs with reliable quality. It allows easy video uploads and the creation of a go-to-market website. Uscreen also provides OTT apps as an additional feature. The pricing structure includes a starting monthly plan, while the enterprise plan is available by quotation. 

Uscreen is equipped with an advanced HTML5 player supported by a global CDN, ensuring a seamless streaming experience. The streaming experts at Uscreen provide a range of tools to enhance user engagement, making it a comprehensive platform for content creators.

Some Of The Key Features Of Uscreen:

  • Video hosting capabilities. 
  • In-app purchases can be made. 
  • Integrated marketing and sales tools.

8. Muvi – End-to-End OTT Platform

muvi OTT Streaming Software

Muvi stands out as a SaaS-based OTT solution provider, enabling content creators in the video and audio domain to establish their brand and launch their own streaming platform. The platform offers solutions addressing various aspects such as IT infrastructure support, DRM, video players, and applications for mobile and TV.

Muvi boasts multiple monetization options, robust piracy protection measures, and the added feature of offline viewing. With a professional standard plan at the initial stage, Muvi provides scalability, thereby offering exclusive pricing for the ultimate plan.

Some Of The Key Features Of Muvi:

  • White-labeled solution.
  • Efficient metadata management.
  • Built-in CDN for enhanced content delivery.

9. Kaltura – Cloud OTT TV Solution

Kaltura OTT Platform

Kaltura stands out as a cloud-based OTT TV solution, providing a versatile video platform ideal for collaborative projects. Its capabilities extend to hosting virtual conversations, facilitating activities such as business meetings, online classes, and town halls with ease.

Some of the standout features of Kaltura include custom workflows, high-level customization options, ensuring a quality user experience, and more. Kaltura adopts a transparent pricing approach with no exclusive plans, offering quotation-based pricing. It’s worth noting that Kaltura, while slightly higher on the price scale for basic customers, brings substantial value with its robust features.

Some Of The Key Features OTT TV Solution Of Kaltura:

  • Comprehensive media collaboration and sharing tools.
  • Advanced video transcoding and processing capabilities.
  • Variety of extra apps, plugins, skins, widgets, and services.

10. Brightcove – Saas-based OTT Software

brightcove OTT

With a foundation laid in 2004, Brightcove has solidified its position by offering a unique toolset that simplifies video delivery, ensuring a seamless experience across diverse locations and devices. Its reach extends across various sectors, from e-commerce to art and entertainment.

Brightcove excels in combining hosting for on-demand videos, live streaming, and cloud video streaming. This approach positions it as a versatile solution that caters to the evolving needs of content creators. Furthermore, Brightcove provides a wide array of video monetization platform strategies, empowering users to explore diverse avenues for revenue generation.

Some Of The Key Features Of Brightcove:

  • Seamless social media sharing options for wider reach.
  • Advanced interactive ad capabilities enhance engagement.
  • Multi-screen video distribution ensures broader accessibility.

11. Setplex – An affordable OTT Solution Provider

Positioned as a leading provider of white-label OTT software, Setplex boasts a rich history of successful global partnerships. The platform stands out for its simplicity, robustness, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for launching your branded streaming service. With Setplex, you gain the flexibility to manage your platform either on the cloud or on-premise. 

This ensures instant availability on major app stores and third-party markets, enhancing accessibility. Setplex takes it a step further with Middleware integration, allowing you to customize the user interface, content, main menu, and more according to your preferences. Notably, Setplex’s flagship set-top box, the SPA210 HD, takes center stage with top-notch performance and features tailored for swift deployment.

Some Of The Key Features OTT Solution Provider Of Setplex:

  • Multi-language support for a diverse user base.
  • Offers a stable and expandable streaming infrastructure.
  • Streamlined content management for efficient platform operation.
  • Fully customizable OTT software for a personalized streaming experience.
  • Real-time analytics and reports to monitor performance and audience engagement.
  • Dual capabilities of live streaming and on-demand streaming for varied content delivery.

12. Brid TV – A Professional OTT Software

Brid Tv is a leading OTT solutions provider. It offers simple and accessible OTT video hosting, monetization, and management software. 

The OTT video platform is ideal for content creators, publishers, bloggers, and website owners.

In other words, it is suitable for anyone who wants to distribute their video content and generate revenue in a user-friendly manner.

Brid Tv provides a high-speed HTML5 video player that remains efficient regardless of the number of videos uploaded. 

Although it may appear complex initially, the OTT software offers extensive documentation and reliable support to address any inquiries. 

Brid Tv provides an easy-to-use interface, various monetization options, and compatibility with different devices. It also includes analytics tools for tracking video performance. 

Key Brid TV Features:

  • A white-label OTT software that is extensively customizable.
  • An OTT video platform that enables batch processing for efficient operations.
  • Gain in-depth user analytics, including detailed insights on bandwidth consumption.
  • Seamlessly import videos directly to popular platforms like YouTube and others.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, for article-matching purposes.
  • Enhance social sharing capabilities with comprehensive analytics and detailed reports.
  • Super-fast video playback on an HTML5 player

13. Wowza – An All-inclusive OTT Solution Provider

Wowza is a powerful live-streaming OTT video platform enabling seamless cloud and live encoders streaming. It now offers a hybrid platform, combining VOD and audio-on-demand services. 

With Wowza, broadcasters can create highly personalized streaming workflows. It provides a range of developer tools that make it quick and easy to build channels. 

These tools include streaming clouds, video APIs, SDKs, and sample code, among other helpful resources. 

Wowza’s OTT software is renowned for its scalability, flexibility, and advanced infrastructure. So, it is an excellent choice for professional broadcasting needs.

Wowza Features:

  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Video recording and editing tools
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Integration with learning management systems (LMS)
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Automatic video transcoding for optimal playback on any device


Selecting the right video software provider holds the potential to be a transformative decision for your organization. It is crucial to carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each OTT solution provider before arriving at an effective conclusion. 

However, the chosen OTT video platform should align well with all your requirements, encompass the essential features discussed earlier, and be conducive to cost-effectiveness as well. So, decide wisely! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is OTT Software & What Does It Do?

OTT software can also be defined as a service or technology that allows users to deliver pre-recorded and live-streamed material to others. Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming sticks, and personal PCs may all access this content over the internet. Most OTT platforms nowadays provide more than just video streaming & hosting.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Using OTT Software?

Users can create a monetization strategy with OTT software, which could include advertising, subscriptions, or transactional purchases. It’s intended to reach viewers quickly and effectively, allowing them to conduct searches and create user accounts. Through a single, efficient platform, OTT software solutions enable businesses to boost income and reach a broader audience.

3. How To Choose The Optimal OTT Software For Your Business?

The primary thing that your streaming business needs are to have advanced OTT software with components like multi-device compatibility, an HLS player for a buffer-free experience, inbuilt monetization models, multi-shield security protocols, and much more. And to have lifetime ownership added with a white-labeling facility, you can now connect with the best software providers in the market & look into other sorts of customizability

4. Which Are The Features That Make An Efficient OTT Platform Software?

The efficient OTT platform software that makes stand out amongst the competitors is to have 100% customization solution, complete ownership to control its revenue profitability, flexible platform integration. Apart from that, one must have complete end-to-end encryption support, third-party service integration & much more.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Have OTT Video Software?

According to niche OTT-business requirements that uphold brand value will make all the difference in deciding cost factors right from content management to studying the video metrics with analytics solutions built within the software.

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