26 May, 2024
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8+ Best Video Platforms To Make Your Own Movie Streaming Website/App In 2024

Learn More About Movie Streaming

The movie streaming industry has seen its growth exponentially in recent times with a host of newly added streaming services entering the marketline.

A huge widespread adoption of video streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video have driven the change.

As a result, the streaming industry is now worth billions of revenue & it is expected to have a rise.  

We all know with this undeniable fact! There was a time when everyone had the habit of sitting in front of TV halls to watch their favorite movies, TV shows or either plan out for a cinema every weekend.

Today, after the discovery of streaming platforms like Netflix, everyone just take a leap to step into their favorite place & binge watch on the platform.  And also that’s the transformation been happening which have changed the industry. 

As plenty of audiences move to ‘cut the cord’ from traditional cable or satellite companies to online streaming platforms it’s clear that movie streaming services occupy a high rate of engagability.

And services like Hulu, Amazon or Netflix are here to make an impactful presence across the market.   

Some of the research studies from appsolutions indicate that global video streaming market forecasts its worth over $125 Billion by 2025 

With this behemoth of an industry, everyone is trying to get their piece of pie by implementing video streaming solutions in fully owned VOD Platform.

By all means, this rapid growth has led to fierce competition between each platform to win over the video streaming market share. 

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Why It Becomes Worthy to Create a Movie Streaming Service?

Looking at the results of mighty brands, many other businesses have started thinking to create streaming services like Netflix.

It makes a lot of sense in the process of making such a service today.

We all know that business model isn’t the only way you can accelerate growth by monetizing your business. 

It is also about how you embrace your audience & cater to their needs every time.

Moreover, to succeed in this competitive environment, you need to make sure to offer a superior user experience with a robust selection of incredible content.

Also, it goes with out saying that effective monetization needs to be implemented through video advertising or subscription fees. 

Before we could move on further, let’s look into some of the forecasted stats defining on creating movie streaming service’s worth. 

  • Did you know that there’s a prediction about video streaming services where number of users are expected to upscale to 1,4 Billion by 2026 
  • Video is said to be known as the king of content where 70% of consumers prefer to watch them instead of reading & listening. 
  • On Google sites number of video viewers in the United States count upto 204.9 Million
  • It is forecasted that 54% of internet users are watching more shows & movies on streaming services due to the Pandemic outbreak. 
  • Other streaming services like Disney+ saw its growth with 4 Million users with first-day installations and also ended the same day counting upto 10 Million subscribers. 

The above proven facts, gives you the solid proof about the role of create movie streaming website that redefine entertainment industry solutions. 

The topmost advantage of the monetization platform is that your users can watch them anywhere, even while they travel, with certain conditions of internet connectivity & device. 

Furthermore, the business model creates & enhances organization ecosystem, which can then be able to scale upwards in the near future.

We can consider one of the finest streaming model based on subscription & Netflix uses it. With the global expansion, this business model allows organizations to scale up their revenue streams quickly & steadily. 

Want To Build A Movie Streaming App Or Website? Share Your Requirements With Us.

What Are Benefits of Creating a Movie Streaming Website?

Create movie streaming website can open up new opportunities for your video streaming business and also know the benefits of owning a movie streaming platform that comes with various monetization options.

Streaming movies have slowly become a favorite hobby of online users.

The technology is said to get rid of waiting time which is put for the entire file to be downloaded before it is playable without any stoppage. 

build movie streaming website

There are many reasons why users prefer online streaming websites to watch movies, tv shows and what not! 

Read on to obtain more data about this and also understand why video streaming is essential in the world of entertainment business.  

Get to know its top benefits on creating movie streaming website …

1. Best Mode Of Accessibility

The requirements for video streaming is quite simple: a compatible device and also a favorable or stable & fast internet connectivity.

There isn’t any need to particularly install OTT TV applications from internet because there are multiple movie streaming websites that broadcast videos with just internet browsers.

There are several streaming services that are mobile-friendly which means users viewing videos from any device such as mobile or tablet won’t be any issue. 

2. Ardent Infrastructure For Big Movie Library

Online movie streaming websites tries to compete with their competitors by adding more movies to their library and also this has benefited consumers because they get more content to watch.

It is one of the best things that video streaming has bought in comparison to old movies, & that is, it is readily available elsewhere which can be seen again. 

3. Best With High-graded Quality Movies 

Gone are the days of poor video quality of movies that are available in the free websites found in the internet.

Earlier, the prime concern was to keep the file size to a minimum in order to upload the video in the internet.

But because of the improved speeds of internet connection, high definition movies are available for streaming.

It’s possible to watch quality-graded movies in your personalized device.  

4. Entertain Customers With Zero Waits 

Entertaining customers while they are waiting sounds more effective, isn’t it! Definitely no one likes waiting..

Movies are a great way to entertain users before they think to wait for watching the content.

Typically, they might prefer to wait to see the end of the movie! You can now create a movie streaming app and also look into scaling up revenues recurrently without any compromise. 

5. Affordable Movies In A Package 

Generally, movies are meant to be copyrighted work and this means a public showcasing license is required.

Annual movie licenses for unlimited exhibitions can be as little since only few hundred dollars a year are kept approx for expenditure.

This in many cases are comparable to business cable or satellite services. 

6. A Variety Of Content Is Available

There are instances where people say “there’s nothing on TV?” With movies online this isn’t the case.

Once an annual movie license is in place, users can get to have choices from thousands of titles that are mixed with all kinds of genre.

It is important to stream content that your customers are likely to appreciate.

Then, you can obtain the it from any legal source & decide to provide renting, purchasing options.  

7. No More Worry With Download Times 

Viewers can now play downloadable content at the same quality & is at much faster rate because they don’t have to wait for actual file data to come from network. 

It is said that when a content needs to be downloaded at a high quality, it takes more traffic in the process.

When it comes to streaming, the video is streamed at flexible bandwidth & deliver with nil interruptions. 

8. Quick Video Playback Is the Key 

In the early days of internet surfing, if a content owner like you wants to add videos to his website he had to post it as a link.

Website visitors then had to download the file completely before they get a chance to play it back. This is totally changed when it comes to streaming videos.

It allows files to play almost immediately since every content stays online. 

9. No Botheration About Storage Space 

The largest benefit of online storage is to deal with the convenience of the system where it simplifies the way for users to access files & share them across several channels. 

Moreover it also allows to create your own video streaming website and also collaborate worldwide. All it needs is to have the ability to access your content across any internet-abled device.  

10. Valuable Time Is Saved 

It is not always necessary to download movies to watch them.

This might consume much of user’s time for the process onto their PC. It is encouraged for audiences to view them online, so that it doesn’t waste much time.

While they choose to stream in devices, users have to only press play button & it continues.  Furthermore, you can provide options to rewind or fast-forward to suit preferences. 

11. No Barricades Across Geographies 

There are no geo restrictions as far as streaming is concerned. A user can view from any part of the globe and can never bound them to watch movies.

Many contents are added from different places in the world with varied genres as most movie streaming sites like Netflix have multilingual functionality. 

12. Ad-Free Streams Is An Effective Option 

Many consumers have never seem to welcome ads since it disrupts many times while viewing the main content.

Streaming offers a better-to-pay option since content businesses like you can now offer skippable ads in some of the premium on demand content.

At the end of the day, each streaming platform carried their own set of values over views on ads as users can relate more with the content broadcasted.

How To Create A Movie Streaming Website – The 8-Step Definitive Guide

1. Plan your content for the target audience

The foremost question is…how do you entertain the users within your niche with an OTT platform?

Creating engaging content based on the target audience should be central to your video streaming business strategy.

However, before starting, consider crucial factors like what your target audience will expect from your movie streaming platform. 

They should ideally include the following factors.

  1. Will you stream your original content or partner with third-party publishers?
  2. Will your videos release as a series or one-off episodes?
  3. Which business model are you going to choose?
  4. Will your videos be free for all or only for subscribers?
  5. What methods of subscription would you follow?

2. Define the USP of your movie streaming website

Your Unique Selling Proposition is one of the primary factors to remember before create a movie streaming app.

Therefore, it is essential to define your USP in clear terms and also project it to your audience in the simplest way possible. 

A clear USP offers you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Take Netflix, for example. 

Technology has been at the forefront of Netflix, allowing subscribers to watch any movie anytime and anywhere in the world. 

3. Choosing a suitable platform provider

To begin with, it’s advisable to transfer the heavy lifting work to a professional OTT platform provider. 

However, the OTT platform-building market is spoilt for choices.

So, how do you narrow the options and pick the most suitable platform provider?

Well, let’s get the basics right first.

Watch out for critical OTT features like cross-platform accessibility, live streaming support, the quality of content delivery, security tools, VOD hosting capabilities, and so on. Pick the platform that checks the maximum number of boxes and request a demo. 

For example, at VPlayed, we build the finest white-label movie streaming platform that lets you – distribute, manage, measure, and market your videos and also audio content – in one place. 

4.  Features required for the movie streaming website

The functionalities needed to build a movie streaming website, like Netflix, vary depending on the website’s needs that resonate with your brand image.

However, these differences play a major role in deciding the (QoE) quality of customer experience. 

So, here’s a pro tip. 

Develop a list of must-have features and also develop them in a minimal way to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. 

5. Reliable video hosting

Scalability is one of the important factors for a movie streaming platform.

So, be clear on where you wanna host your content, whether on-cloud or on-premises. 

Your video assets should have the necessary safeguards if it is on-cloud video hosting as it is dependent on third-party services.

But in the case of on-premise hosting your security is guaranteed as the video is hosted in your infrastructure.

6. Content availability

Once your movie streaming platform is built, you will stream the content to your audience. 

Now, you should choose the mode of content streaming, and also broadly speaking, it can be of two types.

  • You utilize videos from other service providers/distributors
  • Or would you stream the video content that you produce yourself?  

Both options need legitimate licensing for public streaming. 

7. Choose a suitable monetization model

You have multiple options to make money from your on-demand movie streaming business.  

To begin with, you can offer users subscription plans to gain unlimited access for a specific duration. 

Or, you can embed ads into your videos & earn profits, or you can provide content on rental or lifetime access for your users with a one-time payment. 

In addition, you may also consider hybrid streaming models, such as catch-up TV, SSAI, and CSAI  to gain maximum return on investment.

8. Address the security question

Security is one of those areas where you are supposed to make absolutely zero compromises.

Beware of the potential security threats while figuring out how to make a video streaming website. 

Consider the following suggestions to ensure that your movie streaming service is safe.  

  • 24*7 monitoring of the content available from the server
  • Domain restrictions to avert link embedding & use elsewhere, 
  • Geo-region restrictions with respect to broadcast licensing, 
  • Digital watermarking to deliver security in live streams
  • Multi-DRM support

Comparing The Top 8 Best Platforms To Build a Movie Streaming Website Or App

Looking to Create a movie streaming website can be a great way to increase revenue and reach a wider audience.

Here are some of the top movie streaming platform providers, like VPlayed, Vimeo OTT, Dacast, Vidizmo, Zype and more, let’s look at each of them in detail with their features.

1. VPlayed

Self-hosted movie streaming platform across any device 

create your own movie streaming website

VPlayed is a unified online movie streaming platform that offers a complete customizable solution powered with cutting-edge technologies.

Let your on demand or live streams reach across boundaries without any limitations where both types of services can be whitelabelled & you can choose best white label ott vod platforms.

Moreover, business entrepreneurs & content owners can fully leverage their potential by gaining platform ownership for lifetime all in a single go. 

Some Of VPlayed’s Full-stack Movie Streaming Platform Features Are: 

  • Stream & deliver your content like movies, series, etc geographically 
  • Track audience behavior through insightful analytical dashboard 
  • Amplify revenue opportunities via 6+ video monetization models 
  • Flexible streamability across several devices on the go 
  • Protect your content originals with integrated security protocols 


“The Most Platform-friendly Online Video Streaming Platform”

GUDSHO, finally comes as a premium video platform for indie filmmakers and creators to broadcast on-air content & pre-recorded videos using notch technologies and a feature suite. 

Audiences will surely find your channel delighted because GUDSHO caters to varied industries and creators can even create content libraries based on genre and produce it for their subscribers. 

Just not these, you can even create custom subscriptions to stream movie content to a select set of audiences and monetize content the way you need to. The benefit of opting for a membership platform like GUDSHO is that you get a chance to save all your hard-earned revenue without paying any commission to the platform. 

So when put together, GUDSHO does more than any ordinary OTT platform would do for streaming movies. 

Some of GUDSHO’s movie streaming platform features are:

  • Host, manage, and deliver content at ease
  • Track your video performance by gaining insights from the analytical dashboard
  • Boost your income with 5 different monetization models
  • Give flexibility to your viewers to stream videos on any platform
  • Safeguard your videos with secure cloud storage, screenshot protection, and AES-encryption

3. Vimeo OTT 

Professionally power up all concurrent streams worldwide 

create movie streaming website

Vimeo OTT is the best video streaming solution providers which was established in 2004.

The organization acquired Livestream in 2017, which was then seen to popularly promote content on own website.

Businesses get several opportunities to upscale their revenue flow on a global known platform. It is in close competition with YouTube that generates lots of traffic.

Moreover, Vimeo is likely to be best-suited for major brands, mid-scale enterprises or even content creators. 

Get to know some of its impactful features to build a movie streaming Website

  • Host to stream high quality movies in 4K Ultra HD viewing  
  • Easily organize videos & embed settings via robust video CMS 
  • You’ll never run out of space with flexible storage options  
  • Explore Vimeo app to backup content & provide offline watch
  • Allow viewers to control speed during the time of playbacks 

4. Dacast

Versatile streaming platform to broadcast across devices 

how to create a movie streaming app

Dacast provides one of the finest streaming solutions to cater to your business needs. It ensures to have a complete control over their OTT streaming.

Whether you’re streaming live or to build a library of on-demand content, Dacast provides the necessary tools that you need.

All in all, for steady business growth Dacast assist you to build a dynamic online video presence with a highly competitive edge. 

Some of its key characteristics to make a movie streaming website: 

  • Broadcast your live & on-demand video content in a feature-rich platform 
  • Allows you to upload, transcode & organize media content effortlessly 
  • Let viewers purchase content securely with SSL encrypted transmission
  • Track to measure your video performance in real-time with best insights 
  • Create branded viewing experience with customized video gallery   

5. Vidizmo

All-in-one on demand & live streaming platform 

make movie streaming app

Vidizmo’s enterprise video platform that offers a huge collection & ways to ingest & upload media content across flexible devices in your organization.

They tend to deliver the best user experience from start to end to their target audience with their intuitive team.

With the help of monetization opportunities they provide better revenue. Nevertheless, it holds highly scalable video CMS to broadcast content across geo locations.   

Some of its powered features to build a prefect movie streaming website: 

  • Create live or video on demand library for streaming with restricted access
  • Ensure ready playback with minimum buffering via video transcoding process 
  • Stream videos hosted under your domain via with customized white-labelling 
  • Let viewers enjoy an immersive video experience through HTML5 video player 
  • Analyze the performance of your content through engagement metrics 

6. Zype

Feature-rich app & platform creator for OTT streaming 

build movie streaming website

The digital ecosystem of Zype lets content owners to manage & distribute content all in one solution.

This platform serves a flexible API-centric architecture for creating personalized user experience.

The top online video solutions with its dynamic tools assist end-to-end on any device with facilities like own storage, encoding, video player, advanced CDN etc for making video distribution simpler and also easy. 

Look into its stunning A-grade features to launch a successful movie streaming website : 

  • They integrate 100+ major SaaS platforms across OTT distribution channels 
  • Delivery of playlist management right from long to short form video clips 
  • Live streams are powered with structured & unified video API integration 
  • Robust video paywall that is compatible with any player or payment provider 
  • Offers universal streaming support across all media with best monetization ways 

7. Brightcove

Launch and Manage their own movie-streaming website

create a movie streaming website

Brightcove is a well-known player in the streaming landscape. It’s a platform provider that helps businesses launch and then manage their own movie-streaming website. 

With Brightcove, content owners can easily upload, encode, and also share their videos across devices and also platforms.

The cool thing is Brightcove also gives you analytics to see how your videos are doing, customizable video players, and multiple models to monetize your content. 

Besides, it supports a Server-side ad insertion feature.
But how does it benefit you?
The SSAI feature helps you run targeted ad campaigns and also beat those pesky ad blockers.
Better the targeting, the more the income. 

It’s super user-friendly and trusted by many big production companies for making their own movie streaming Website.

Features of Brightcove Movie Streaming Website: 

  • Customizable video players for a branded movie streaming experience
  • Advanced video analytics for insightful metrics on video performance
  • Flexible monetization options for sustainable revenue generation
  • Seamless live streaming capabilities of events, concerts, and also special screenings
  • Easy integrations of the movie streaming app with other systems
  • SEO optimization for improved visibility on search engines 
  • Multi-device support for a broader audience reach

8. Muvi

Customize your platform according to your brand and preferences

build movie streaming website

Muvi is a platform that helps you create a movie streaming app and launch your own streaming service. 

The platform offers you a full-fledged website where you can upload, distribute and monetize your videos.

Unsurprisingly, businesses across verticals, like production houses, content creators, fitness trainers, teachers, and musicians, use Muvi as their go-to video monetization destination.

It offers a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for movie streaming and also monetization. This includes managing billing, subscriptions, video hosting, etc.

Undoubtedly Muvi offers an excellent avenue to share and also take your videos to a broader audience.

So if you have incredible movies and also videos people would love to watch, Muvi can help you turn them into a business and make money!

Features of Muvi Movie Streaming Website :

  • Muvi provides a white-label movie streaming solution that allows you to customize your platform according to your brand and preferences.
  • Easily upload and organize your videos with bulk upload options, custom filters, and also tags on your movie streaming website. 
  • Stream your videos on-demand, allowing viewers to watch your content at their convenience.
  • Schedule and host live events, engaging your audience in real-time and also creating interactive experiences.
  • Build a customized movie streaming app for your videos. Also, provide a dedicated platform for viewers to access your content on their mobile devices.
  • Muvi offers seamless payment processing. So you can receive payments from your viewers without delays.
  • Muvi provides clear and also transparent pricing plans. It ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for and avoids hidden fees or surprises.
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Movie streaming platforms facilitate video content owners and also premium brands to connect with their target audience at a large rate to meet their business goals.

Video streaming is one such vertical of the popular entertainment industry which is at its peak now. One of the businesses that took its stand & raised due to high demand is associated with video streaming business

The reason for its spiked revenue scaling is due to the global lock-down after the pandemic outbreak happened.

As a consequence it indicated great growth as when threatres remained closed.

There is no doubt movie streaming line got redefined and witnessed an unprecedented growth exponentially.

If you are thinking to take a leap into a higher plateau in the business of movie streaming, then its a great opportunity to seize & win millions in the game.

If You Already Have An Idea To Create Movie Streaming Platform, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The features on creating movie streaming website or app, it all depends on your present business requirements and future prospects. However, we have outlined the top 5 important features that you can have a look at:
1. Content Management System (CMS).
2. White-label feature.
3. Effective payment integration.
4. Precise analytics in real time.
5. Seamless multi device support.

Top benefits of Creating movie streaming website is an exciting venture. If done correctly, it can raise your income and even improve your standard of living. Some of the benefits include:
1. Easy monetization.
2. Able to collect pertinent user data.
3. Getting more exposure through unique branding.
4. Increased brand value.
5. No hidden costs.
6. Improved accessibility.
7. Independence & better scalability.

There is no doubt that the movie streaming market has become a billion-dollar business and picking the right video streaming solution provider can do wonders for your business.
Here are the top 5 things you can perform:
1. Undertaking a competitive analysis.
2. Compare different platform costs.
3. Check whether the video streaming provider can boost your workflow.
4. Look for the must-have essential features for video hosting.
5. Make use of free trials to narrow your selection process.

To start a movie streaming service like netflix, We all are aware of the huge potential that a movie streaming website or service can give to an online business.
Below are the top 5 things you should consider right away:
1. Understand the video streaming market.
2. Pay attention to tech stacks.
3. Consider multiple monetization models.
4. Have a look at the cost structure.
5. Look for a trustworthy partner to build your own platform like Netflix.

There are several ways to monetize your website, including through advertising (AVOD), subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (PPV), or a combination of these methods. Consider what will work best for your target audience and the type of content you are streaming.

Vignesh is an online video platform expert at VPlayed. I specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize online video experiences. Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy delving into the latest advancements in movie streaming platforms and sharing my insights through blogging and discussions.


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