4 October, 2023
Cloud video streaming platforms

8 Best Cloud Video Platforms For Your Streaming Business in 2023

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In today’s fast-paced world, video has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the advent of cloud video platforms, video sharing and streaming have become much easier than ever before. These platforms provide an efficient and cost-effective way to host, manage, and stream videos online. As we are in 2023, the competition is expected to intensify as more businesses are increasingly turning to these platforms to meet their hosting & streaming needs.

In fact, cloud video platforms offer a range of features and capabilities, including the ability to upload and store videos, live streaming, etc. With various options in the market, it can be tricky to select the best one for your needs. That’s why we have created a list of the top 8 cloud video platforms that you need to know about in 2023.

Whether you are a business owner looking to host videos, a content creator looking to share your work, or an event organizer looking to live stream your next event, these cloud video platforms will help you in every possible way. So, let us dive in and explore them, and see which one is the perfect fit for your business needs.

The Top 8 Best Cloud-based Video Platforms

  • VPlayed – Empowering Enterprises With Cloud Video Streaming Solutions
  • Dacast – Your All-in-One Cloud Video Streaming Platform
  • Brightcove – Elevating Your Enterprise Video Cloud to the Next Level
  • IBM Cloud Video – Power your Service with Content & Upscale Video Experience
  • Vimeo OTT – Unleash the Full Potential of your Cloud Video Stream Content
  • JWPlayer – Boost Your Online Cloud Video Streaming Right Away
  • Wowza – The Ultimate Cloud Streaming Solution
  • VdoCipher – Stream Videos Without Interruptions By Cloud Server

What Is A Cloud Video Platform?

top cloud video platforms

A cloud video platform is a software solution that allows you to upload, manage, and stream videos online. These platforms provide businesses and individuals with an efficient and cost-effective way to host their video content, eliminating the need for physical storage devices and complex hardware configurations. 

“According to a recent survey, the video streaming market worldwide is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% from 2021 to 2028, highlighting the importance of cloud video platforms.”

In addition to video hosting and sharing capabilities, cloud video platforms offer a range of tools and features to enhance the video viewing experience for your audience. In short, with cloud video platforms, you can easily upload your videos to the cloud and share them with your audience via a web link or an embedded video player on your website. 

Looking For The Best Cloud Video Platforms For Your Streaming Business?

What Are the Benefits Of Using Cloud Video Streaming Platforms?

Cloud video streaming platforms offer a number of benefits to content owners or publishers. With cloud video platforms, businesses can eliminate the cost of purchasing and maintaining their own infrastructure for video distribution. These platforms also provide accessibility to video content from anywhere in the globe, as long as there is an internet connection. This makes it easier for businesses to distribute their content and reach a wider audience.

But that’s not all! Cloud video platforms also offer scalability, providing businesses with the ability to adjust their storage and bandwidth needs as their video content grows. Indeed, with better ingesting and integrations with other systems, you can deliver high-quality video content and enhance your overall user experience. So why wait? Let’s deep dive to know more in detail about the benefits of cloud video streaming platforms today!

1. Cost-Effective Streaming

Cloud video streaming platforms offer lucrative solutions for streaming your online content. With cloud-based technology, you can benefit from shared resources, which helps reduce costs to a much greater extent. 

This means that you can stream your content without investing in costly hardware or infrastructure. All in all, by using a cloud video platform, you can save on maintenance costs and upgrades, as well as benefit from pay-as-you-go pricing models. 

2. Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

With cloud video streaming, you can access your content on any device. This means that you can easily stream your content on multiple platforms, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices with ease. 

Cloud streaming platforms provide cross-platform support, enabling you to reach a wider audience. Moreover, with cloud video servers, you don’t need to worry about issues like buffering, low quality, or slow streaming speeds, ensuring your viewers enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

3. Zero Infrastructure Maintenance

Basically, cloud streaming offers zero infrastructure maintenance solutions, which means you can actually focus on creating and delivering quality content rather than worrying much about maintaining the software or hardware components. 

Cloud streaming platforms providers handle all server maintenance and upgrades, ensuring that your content is always accessible and available to your viewers. This is an ideal solution for individuals or companies who want to stream their content but don’t have to invest in the technical team or resources. 

4. Seamless Audience Scalability

Here, you can seamlessly scale your audience reach. Indeed, cloud-based technology provides scalability, which means you can easily handle traffic surges and accommodate an increasing number of viewers.

Here, you can reach a global audience without any limitations. This scalability also means that you can easily adjust your resources to meet your audience’s needs, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

5. Potentially Unlimited Storage Capacities

Cloud video streaming platforms offer limitless video storage, which means you can store your content in the cloud without worrying much about the storage limit. Cloud video servers offer near-unlimited storage capacities, making it simple to store large quantities of data.

This ensures that you don’t have to compromise on the quality or quantity of your content and that your viewers can enjoy high-quality video streams without any interruptions. So, a win-win situation for both parties.

6. Built-in Security and Content Protection

Cloud streaming platform providers use advanced security measures to ensure that your content is protected from hackers, viruses, and other malicious attacks. This means that your content is safe and secure, thereby bringing peace of mind. 

Apart from this, cloud video platforms offer content protection measures such as DRM (Digital Rights Management), watermarking, and high-level encryption, which ensures that your content is protected from all future piracy and theft.

7. Consistent Video Streaming

It is worth mentioning that video cloud platforms offer consistent streaming, assuring that your viewers can enjoy your content without any delay. Also, cloud video servers use advanced adaptive bitrate streaming

This feature automatically adjusts the streaming quality based on the viewer’s internet connection, ensuring that your viewers get the best viewing experience. Thereby ensuring that your content streams without any buffering or stuttering issues.

8. Video-Focused Content Delivery Network

Cloud video streaming solutions provide reliable and video-focused content delivery, ensuring that your content is always available to your viewers. 

Cloud streaming providers use video content delivery networks (CDNs) to ensure that your content is delivered efficiently and quickly to viewers anywhere in the world. 

9. Large Bandwidth and Speed

On a basic note, video cloud platforms provide high bandwidth and speed, meaning that your content streams quickly and efficiently. Also, cloud streaming platform providers offer high-performance servers that are mainly optimized for online video streaming solution.

This high bandwidth and speed also ensure that your video streaming content is delivered quickly to viewers anywhere in the world, thereby improving the overall end-user experience. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is.

10. Efficient Video Transcoding

Usually, cloud-based streaming offers efficient video transcoding, making sure that your content is compatible with all devices and platforms. 

Here, the content comes in multiple formats and resolutions, making it accessible to a wider audience. This means that your viewers can access your content on any device or platform without facing any compatibility issues.

11. Seamless Platform Integrations

Some of the best video streaming services provide seamless platform integrations, allowing you to easily combine your content with other over-the-top platforms and services.

Also, they offer API integrations, which allow you to integrate your content with other platforms, such as social media, video content management systems, and e-commerce platforms. This means that you can reach a wider audience and generate more revenue from your content.

12. Low Maintenance Solution

The low maintenance benefit allows you to focus on creating quality content rather than maintaining infrastructure. Cloud streaming platforms handle all server maintenance, upgrades, and security, guaranteeing that your content is always accessible and secure. 

This means that you don’t need to worry about technical issues and can focus on delivering high-quality content to your viewers. Also, they usually come with affordable pricing plans that cater to different budgets and requirements.

Comparison Of The Top 8 Best Cloud-based Video Platforms in 2023

If you are looking for the best cloud video solution to start your streaming business, then you have come to the right place. Here we have discovered some of the top 8 cloud video streaming platforms are VPlayed, Dacast, Vimeo OTT, Brightcove, JWPlayer, etc

1. VPlayed

Empowering Enterprises With Cloud Video Streaming Solutions

Cloud video streaming

When it comes to cloud video platforms, CONTUS VPlayed stands out as an end-to-end video streaming solution that offers complete business flexibility to enterprises. Its high-end OTT solutions cater to diverse industries of various sizes. With its cutting-edge streaming technologies like microservice architecture, CONTUS VPlayed’s discrete video on demand solution helps in providing seamless streaming experiences to the end-users.

Wait! What sets CONTUS VPlayed apart from other cloud video streaming solutions is its white label OTT platform that enables enterprises to launch their own platform on any medium. Furthermore, the platform is reasonably priced (SaaP), offers ample capabilities, and allows businesses to reach global audiences. However, to make an informed comparison among the other cloud video platforms, let’s explore the other options as well.

Key Features Of CONTUS VPlayed Cloud Video Platform Includes:

  • Flexible hosting options – on-premises or on-cloud – to suit your business needs.
  • Choose from 6+ revenue models for maximum monetization of your video content.
  • Manage your videos with ease using the powerful CMS.
  • Achieve effective branding with 100% customization of your apps and websites.
  • Experience seamless streaming with intelligent cloud transcoding and variable bitrates.
  • Stay on top of your video strategy with real-time analytics for constant improvement.

2. Dacast

Your All-in-One Cloud Video Streaming Platform

cloud video stream

Basically, Dacast is a comprehensive video hosting platform that has been catering to the needs of the online video streaming industry since 2010. It provides a variety of streaming solutions that enable content owners to distribute their OTT content worldwide. Designed primarily for professional broadcasters, Dacast’s video player offers industry-leading features that can significantly improve conversion rates.

With Dacast, users have complete control over their content and broadcasters, giving them the freedom to customize their content as per their preferences. The platform also provides robust security features like HLS encryption, which can both encrypt and decrypt data. However, users have the flexibility to opt for additional encryption techniques like DRM for added security.

Key Features Of Dacast Cloud-based Video Platform Includes:

  • Access to professional tools and utilities over the cloud.
  • Multiple monetization models to help users maximize their revenue.
  • White label and branding authority to establish a unique brand identity.
  • Seamless integration of iOS and Android players with the SDK.
  • The domain name and geographic restrictions to ensure content security.
  • Passwords, paywall integration, and encryption technologies for enhanced content security.

3. Brightcove

Elevating Your Enterprise Video Cloud to the Next Level

best cloud video streaming

Brightcove is one of the top-notch enterprise-grade video cloud providers that offer exceptional live and on-demand content hosting services. Their OTT platform is renowned for delivering the best quality online video content playback experience. It is particularly well-suited for eCommerce stores, although its custom-priced plans are more suitable for larger enterprises.

Moreover, Brightcove’s OTT platform ensures a rapid increase in organic traffic, as it enables users to reach a broader audience through various devices and platforms. Professionals can also enjoy the versatility of its marketing tool control, which allows them to customize their content and monetization strategies according to their specific business needs.

Key Features Of Brightcove Video Cloud Platform Includes:

  • Effortlessly upload and organize content with playlists and folders.
  • Enhanced security with domain restrictions. 
  • Video security features are built into all Brightcove plans.
  • Tailored video monetization platform tailored to your company’s requirements.
  • Simple editing options for quick and easy changes to your videos.
  • Advanced activity tracking to monitor video performance and viewer engagement.

4. IBM Cloud Video

Power your service with video content and upscale the entire experience

cloud based video streaming

Are you tired of dealing with complicated video hosting and streaming solutions? Then IBM cloud video could really help. This end-to-end platform provides seamless live and on-demand video content delivery across multiple platforms, including employee communications and virtual conferences. With advanced AI capabilities, you can enhance viewer engagement and optimize your video performance in real time.

But that’s not all. IBM Cloud Video offers unique customization options to make your content stand out from the rest. And with the global network of CDNs, you can rest assured that your audience will enjoy the best possible viewing experience, regardless of their location or device. So why settle for less when you can power your video content in this cloud video streaming marketplace? 

Key Features Of IBM Cloud Storage Streaming Video Includes:

  • No bitrate restrictions for content streaming.
  • Schedule video playback at specific times.
  • Comprehensive video hosting, streaming, and analytics capabilities.
  • Share videos seamlessly across multiple platforms with encoding support.
  • Closed captioning options with automatic video publishing.
  • Multi-DRM and language support for a seamless viewing experience.

5. Vimeo OTT 

Unleash the full potential of your cloud video stream content 

best cloud video streaming service

Vimeo is one of the reliable OTT platforms for content owners who are in the race to achieve big in the entertainment industry. With a large number of businesses relying on Vimeo to deliver video content to their audience worldwide, you can trust that your content is in good hands. Also, with a wide variety of customization options, you can tailor your app, website, and checkout page as per your desired needs. 

But that’s not all. Vimeo stores your data in the cloud, protecting it from most online threats. And with the ability to create, share, host, manage, and store all of your videos in one place, Vimeo becomes one of the convenient options for content producers of all sizes. While it’s true that Vimeo may have lower traffic than some other video platforms, it’s still a great choice for enterprises with a large customer base.

Key Features Of Vimeo OTT Video Streaming Server Cloud Includes:

  • Get access to video editing software for online video creators.
  • Enjoy team collaboration with up to 10 members.
  • Choose from pre-made video templates. 
  • Reach your audience on smart devices and social media with ease.
  • Select your desired bandwidth limit based on your plan. 
  • Customize your video player with the cloud video platform.

6. JWPlayer

Boost Your Online Cloud Video Streaming Right Away 

cloud video player

JW Player is a well-known cloud video player that enables publishers and broadcasters to manage, grow, and monetize their video content. From video hosting services to web content streaming, JW Player empowers businesses and individuals to create a video streaming app for seamless watching experience on any device, including mobile, tablet, or Connected TV.

With a customizable interface and a range of powerful tools, JW Player allows users to personalize their video-page interactions, switch between resolutions (HD or SD), and even add multi-language support. Whether you operate a small business or even a large enterprise, JW Player provides everything you need for effective cloud video streaming. 

Key Features Of JW Player Cloud Video Player Includes:

  • The platform provides several APIs for content delivery.
  • Offers affordable plans suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Benefit from quick upload times and fast streaming delivery. 
  • Client-side ad insertion (CSAI) ensures seamless and uninterrupted ad delivery.
  • Easily integrate into your applications using their user-friendly APIs and SDKs.
  • Studio-approved DRMs and other capabilities provide robust security features.

7. Wowza

The Ultimate Cloud Streaming Solution

cloud streaming

Wowza is a robust cloud video streaming platform built for businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of features that allow you to deliver high-quality video content without any interruptions. One of the key features of Wowza is its patented software that is designed specifically for live streaming. The platform ensures flawless performance even during peak traffic conditions. 

With Wowza, video owners can customize video format, delivery options, and video quality and access patented software to enable flawless live streaming performance. The highly configurable architecture allows instant scaling of live video streaming performance. Its advanced features and functionalities allow you to deliver top-quality video content to your viewers. 

Key Features Of Wowza Cloud Video Server Includes:

  • Effective brand management tools to customize your video content.
  • Get assured that your video content is safe, thanks to its video security features.
  • Supports streaming in ultra HD and 4K resolutions, ensuring the best possible quality.
  • Simple-to-use tools to create, organize and manage your video content with ease.
  • Auto-archiving to ensure that your content is available for on-demand viewing.
  • API integrations, allowing you to add more features to your cloud streaming platform. 

8. VdoCipher

Stream Videos Without Interruptions By Cloud Server

video streaming server cloud

Looking to securely host and sell your video content online without the risk of piracy or unlawful distribution? Then VdoCipher could really do wonders. With end-to-end encryption and DRM solutions, VdoCipher assures that your video content is fully protected from the beginning to the end. Apart from this, it comes with the ability to stream online content in high quality. 

Whether you are a content owner or a creator, VdoCipher has all the security and performance capabilities that you need to succeed. Overall, VdoCipher is an excellent option for someone looking to make a name in the cloud video streaming market. What’s more, VdoCipher offers a range of customized player options and interfaces with third-party applications, making it simple to incorporate into your current workflow.

Key Features Of Vdocipher Cloud Video Platform Includes:

  • Seamless integration with third-party tools saves you time and effort.
  • Securely host and distribute your videos with peace of mind.
  • Powerful end-to-end encryption and DRM solutions that provide unparalleled security. 
  • Customize your player options to match your brand and engage with your audience. 
  • Ensure optimal viewing experience with consistent playback capabilities. 
  • Comprehensive analytics tools that enable you to measure every action and gain valuable insights into your content. 

Summing Up 

In conclusion, cloud video platforms have revolutionized the way we share and stream video content online. These platforms have made it easier and more cost-effective for businesses and individuals to host and stream their videos. With the competition among these platforms heating up in 2023, it is quite important to know the best options available.

Based on our research, we have listed the top 8 best cloud video platforms in this article. Hope it was useful. However, if we had to choose the best of the best, VPlayed stands out from the rest. With its advanced cloud video streaming service, VPlayed provides businesses and individuals with a comprehensive platforms for video hosting and streaming. 

It offers a number of features, such as secure video streaming, live streaming, video analytics, video monetization, and much more, all at affordable prices. Overall, we can definitely say that the cloud video platform market is expected to grow in 2023, with more businesses and individuals turning to these OTT platforms for their video hosting and streaming needs. 

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