15 April, 2024
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How To Choose the Best Enterprise Video Content Management Platform?

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We all understand that every business need to be streamlined in an organized manner that were best enterprise video cms helps to channelize this very well.  When the communication delivery avenues are kept in an regulatory track, effective storage helps to keep away with chaos. Thus it saves from huge distortion caused by it.

All the more, when videos stay as the source of business asset, all savvy business leaders  as well as starter-ups need to shift to new-age of technologies. And, that’s were enterprise video content management come into play helping them to transform other areas of video streaming business.

Infact, there’s a unbelievable fact stating that….

Videos in the United States have paved its way, since few years & it indicates that users watch more than 100 million hours of content on a day-to-day basis – Source: Circle HD

Want To Choose The Best Enterprise Video CMS For Your Business?

Thus the massive surge in prevalence of online video has led many business brands to bud & flourish in the market realizing its true potential and jumping into the bandwagon…

Now, let us deeply delve into the underlying aspects of..

What Is An Enterprise Video Content Management System?

enterprise video management system

To simply put it, we come to know that enterprise video streaming solutions assist media companies, broadcasters or content owners to manage their precious assets in a centralized manner in order to deliver content online. And when that functionality reveals its simplicity, it’s more of that..

What is VOD? & why video content has expanded its boundaries in many sectors. Especially when it comes to corporate enterprises, many ways have been the primary growth drivers. Some of the mediums that has made this happen are video conferencing, employee-generated content, live entrepreneurial event coverage, on-demand training, & lot’s more..

Additionally, live video content has encouraged to promote better collaboration between teams in an organization. They help them to stay connected from differed parts of the world which has an effect of reduced travel costs & logistics.

The fact surprises us when we come to know

The entire enterprise video content management market is set to have its worth of around $13.3 Billion by the current year 2022

Now let’s look into some of….

Benefits Of Choosing An Enterprise Video Content Management System

A Video CMS can assist business firms to independently manage, stream videos successfully. Moreover, you can now set back & relax since your content archiving can efficiently be met by a variety of business difficulties. Thus, it enables to seamlessly deliver digital experiences with specific business-centric goals in mind.

1. HD Video Libraries With better Support

If your company is just getting started with video content, you’ll be surprised at how large some video files may get. Aside from storage capacity constraints, you’ll have to deal with the difficulties of distributing video material across your organisation. The right video CMS software simplifies the process by providing intuitive library.

video CMS Platform

2. Enterprise Management With Enhanced Delivery

Video management encompasses more than just hosting. Optimizing video delivery to your audience is another important aspect of enterprise video CMS. Your video experiences will be flawless if you use an enterprise-grade content delivery network (eCDN). Many online video platform boast available integrations using third-party solutions, you can have it natively integrated.

3. Findability In The Enterprise Platform

Metadata management and categorization are still essential for keeping your video library well-organized & user-friendly. Content type, major topic, department, & publish date are some frequent techniques that can help you to categorise videos & upkeep your content in a distinguished manner.

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4. All That You’ll Need For Access Control

It’s critical to pick a Video CMS platform that lets you automate the process of granting video access to the appropriate groups and people. Role-based access management, group-based permission management, video sharing, & other secure sharing methods can all help with this. This means you can keep an eye on what’s going on while also protecting your content from illegal manipulation.

5. Security Is The key For Video Enterprise

Video content is a critical knowledge asset in the organisation that must be handled and governed much like any other intellectual property. Ensure that videos have been appropriately examined before sharing. Surrounding video approval protocols and legal holds need to be considered pivotally. Critical components for your platform deals with processing transactions, storing customer information, etc.

6. Seamless Content Management System

Improving content creation with an advanced video content management system allows to easily create, store them at one place. Seamlessness is rendered in consistent fashion, assign permissions, and organizes to push content live. Furthermore, it can develop a next-generation enterprise video platform to distribute content anywhere, at any time.

7. Accessibility For Content Worldwide

The content that you name is to be found accessible when user tries to identify your curated content. So, enterprise video management system is a strong motivating factor which helps you to deliver content at its best manner regardless of location, device that your consumers are engaged with, & time your users are consuming the content.

8. Platform API In Best Video CMS

If your company demands a lot of customisation, you’ll want to look for a video CMS that has a comprehensive platform API. This gives you a complete control over your content by allowing you to build your own best online video platforms with the features that you require. To simply put it, an API allows two systems to communicate in a standardised, programmable manner.

9. Effective Video Content Syndication

Getting your video content in front of as many people as possible is critical for its delivery in success as on date. And that’s were content syndication on hand can save you a lot of time. If your company is heavily reliant on social media, the ability to distribute your movies across several channels with a simple click of a button is a tool worth considering for management.

10. Best Solution For Video Library Migration

Another useful feature that you could find in the online video management system is the ability to migrate from one platform to the other. Millions of videos moving from one place might be tedious task and that’s where content migration system comes into play. Whether you’re a content owner/producer, a national archive, or a rights holder, library relocation is critical.

To Conclude

Having video issues is a major roadblock to expanding an online business.. You can actually save it from producing a lot of friction for you, your employees, & your customers if handled properly, which is the exact functionality of a video CMS.

That’s why finding the correct video content management & delivery solution for your company is critical, as it will be a huge step forward for your company, saving time, effort, & resources.

If You’re Ready To Incorporate Enterprise Video CMS Platform On Into Your Video Streaming Platform, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management is a set of defined processes where software allow businesses to effectively organize, manage & deliver critical data to its employees, stakeholders and its customers. There are different forms of content which have been introduced in the work atmosphere right from organization’s training content, employee on-boarding data, etc.  

2. How To Choose The Right Enterprise Video Content Management Solution?

In order to choose the enterprise-grade video CMS solution, it is necessary that the tools help to continuously focus on digitally-managed company’s information. It is vital to have a centralized repository from which the content can be accessed with due permissions. This in turn supports business processes via streaming & helps in achieving goals in plenty. 

3. Why Do You Need An Enterprise Video Management Platform?

An entrepreneur can now connect with their co-workers, stakeholders and enhance operations with curative media & improve business efficiency. Some of the operations such as remote working, client video conferencing, dedicated virtual meetings, or on demand training courses can be implemented for establishing brand persona that resonate organization’s objective.  

4. What Features Matter The Most In An Enterprise Content Management System ?

It becomes imperative to quickly create business plans that reflect the latest trends which are quintessential to follow your audience’s interests. Here to keep up with the pace of organization’s workflow, digital streaming solutions assist to achieve overall service quality & customer satisfaction. Features like 100% customizability, on cloud/ on premise deployments, Live to VOD facility, whitelablling option, versatile monetization models can assist to power up your business. 

5. Why Is Enterprise Content Management Important To An Organization?

Every organization deals with the critical information that employees use at their work. As technology has advanced the definition of capturing content has broadened into video & audio files, social media posts, web content, training material, & more. Enterprise content management system can handle those while storing in centralized online platform & deliver them throughout its lifecycle, in the form of live streams, VODs, etc. 

Vignesh is an online video platform expert at VPlayed. I specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize online video experiences. Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy delving into the latest advancements in movie streaming platforms and sharing my insights through blogging and discussions.


  1. Christy Bush Reply

    Hello, We’re developing the best video CMS and are looking for DRM Encrypted Video Hosting Solutions that allows video upload using APIs and playback.

  2. Harriet Parsons Reply

    Hi, We have a variety of videos on different topics that we want to sell and target separately (as an example, cooking and negotiation may need different customisation and targeting), therefore one Video CMS to manage videos and subscription, and separate sub-catalogs/storefronts to sell and target them. Best video content management system and your Player solution would be suitable. Please let me know if you see we can reach the above case.

  3. Phyllis Spencer Reply

    Hello, Our company is researching for on demand video for e learning system. Our plan is to have videos on our site but hosting from vPlayed cloud service. For this purpose, I would appreciate if you can answer some of questions I have. 1 do you provide tutorial or example code for connecting or subscribing your MRSS or any queue service? 2 We are currently located in Seoul, Korea. What is uptime SLA ? 3 what is possible pricing plan do you have ? 4 Is your cms for video content available in Korean language ? 5 Is it possible to get a link from your service and automatically list and play videos on our site when we upload and publish a video from your CMS service using API? Best regards

  4. Franklin Welch Reply

    Hi, We are interested on building a web radio streaming station and I came across with your product. I would like your help according to some questions I have if it’s possible! We want to build a very simple website through wordpress CMS and we want to have specific analytics about the streaming and we want the site to be easy manageable to mobile users with 4g or wifi. So, my questions are: Can we use your product with CMS? Do you offer hosting? Do you also have a video streaming feature too? I would be glad if you could answer the above questions! Thanks,

  5. George Rios Reply

    Hello Team, FedEx is looking to field proposals for an enterprise video hosting and player platform that will power all videos seen on fedex.com. The ideal solution would be a cloud-based repository with robust measurement and workflow capabilities that can connect seamlessly to a player that would need to be executed on multiple types of video CMS platforms. The minimum requirements for this solution are: – Ability to host large amounts of video in various file formats on a cloud-based platform with cost effective solutions for scaling of size – Ability to allow for complete asset management by client – uploading, tagging of assets, downloading, sharing, and robust measurement – Player functionality that can seamlessly integrate into multiple types of CMS (Adobe Experience Manager is a requirement) – User-friendly interfaces for content access – On-demand video viewing (live-streaming is not a focus of this effort) – Solution for downloading of upload assets at high-resolution

  6. Margaret Beck Reply

    Hi, We are launching a service with free content supported by advertising as well as a subscription model where content is available without advertising. Eventually we also plan to promote on-page products that feature in the video content. We are in the process of identifying the right platform to be able to support our MVP launch goals with the potential for us to expand. I have seen the monetisation options available via Vplayed, which seems ideal. I am not clear, though, what tools the platform actually provides – and what the pricing structure looks like. Does Vplayed allow us to host an entire branded video subscription service? What CRM and CMS functionality is available? Or is the expectation that VPlayed manages only the video content and that it must be integrated with a separate website e.g. via API? Ideally I would like to arrange a session with someone in sales to discuss the VPlayed service and establish how suitable it is for our plans.

  7. Alicia Adkins Reply

    Hi, We currently already exist on Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, etc and exist on 3 FAST Networks. We are with an enterprise content management system now but have had a lot of problems and need to switch. Our biggest need is a playout system to our OTT FAST Network partners with SCTE 35 Marker capabilities.

  8. Paulette Knight Reply

    Hi, we are looking for our first enterprise content management solution. Including a subdomain buildout, we intend to add monetized video content and live classes to our company. If you would like more information and pricing, please contact me.

  9. Hannah Baldwin Reply

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I hope all is well with you. We produce all the content for the courses for a group of colleges, so I run the content production unit. As part of our workflow, we are looking for an ecm enterprise content management . I would like to get a demo. Thanks,

  10. Ron Spencer Reply

    Thanks for letting me know about your platform. What are the pricing models? Could you please let me know? What are some of the online sites you have? Is it possible to test drive the enterprise content management software backend? Thanks in advance,

  11. Homer Payne Reply

    Hi, We are a video content management system development company that seeks DRM-encrypted video hosting solutions that will enable video uploading and playing via APIs.

  12. Jenny Lawrence Reply

    Our company has a variety of videos on various topics that we want to sell and target individually (cooking and negotiation, for example, may require different customization and targeting). Therefore, one Video CMS can be used to manage videos and subscriptions, and separate sub-catalogs/storefronts for selling and targeting. Your Player solution would be suitable for the best video content management system. Please let me know if you see we can reach the above case.

  13. Shawna Cannon Reply

    Hey, we are looking for on-demand video for our e-learning system. Videos will be hosted by vPlayed cloud service on our site. In order to assist me in this endeavor, I would appreciate if you could answer some of the questions I have. Which is the possible pricing plan you have? 4 Is your best enterprise content management for video content available

  14. Blake Lane Reply

    Hello, I came across your product while researching building a web radio streaming station. I have a few questions and would appreciate your help if you can! It is important to us to build a very simple website using WordPress ecm system and to have specific analytics for the streaming, as well as to make the site easy to manage for mobile users. Can we use your product with CMS? Do you offer hosting?

  15. Darlene Gordon Reply

    Proposals are being sought for an enterprise video platform that will power all videos. Ideally, a cloud-based repository with robust measurement and workflow capabilities would be able to connect seamlessly with a player that runs on multiple types of video CMS platforms.

  16. Alberto Porter Reply

    Hi, We need a breakdown of the pricing structure. Is it possible to host an entire branded video subscription service on Vplayed? Does the CMS and CRM offer any functionality? Do you expect VPlayed to handle only video content and to integrate it with a separate website?

  17. Garnette Bernard Reply

    I am creating an APP that hosts a video library with a rich and complex filtering search system. Hope you can be my enterprise video content management.

  18. Dina Adelheid Reply

    Hi, I am looking for a enterprise video CMS for my educational service-based business. Something similar to what Udemy offers, but on a much smaller scale. I offer video-recorded training to parents and students.

  19. Sundara Calixto Reply

    Hi, We have commercial representation in South America (Brazil)? I would like to talk about enterprise video cms solutions, monetization, integration and distribution of video content on multi platforms.

  20. Boglárka Idun Reply

    Hi, Mainly need enterprise cms for vod videos for sale as individual, package, and grouping. Should have around 200 videos (150 5-7min, 50 60-120min) to start. Hope to build up to 1000 in several years. Live stream ability would be great as well. Concerned about security as well as ownership and usage of our videos by the host.

  21. Odila Marissa Reply

    Hello, I’d like to see a demo of your platform and its capabilities in terms of CMS management with 3rd party partners uploading their contents onto our VOD + using mobile payment billing.

  22. Azad Aldric Reply

    Hi We would like to know more in detail about your enterprise video content product that needs to interface our existing CMS and we quotation also. Thanks

  23. Jéssica Myron Reply

    Hi there, We are interested in building our video cms for vod and streaming, also monetizing with ads. Are interested in the price quota and how cms works, can be installed in pur server or how it works? Many thanks

  24. Miriam Florênci Reply

    Hi, We need a central enterprise Video CMS platform that can distribute an MRSS feed to 3 places each with a unique MRSS specification. Our team can configure the MRSS integration if you have that capability. Is that something you can support?

  25. Sholto Gilberta Reply

    We currently already exist on Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, etc and exist on 3 FAST Networks. We are with a CMS now but have had a lot of problems and need to switch. Our biggest need is a playout system to our OTT FAST Network partners with SCTE 35 Marker capabilities.

  26. Nefertari Þórný Reply

    Currently, We have 3 TV Channels and we want to improve our OTT services. We need storage for 2.000 videos and about 10TB. Also, we need content management system, Google Tag Manager and Analytics integration. Could we get a simulation and price for your tools? Thank you so much. Best Regards.

  27. Courtney Castro Reply

    Hi, I have a subscription based website. Users subscribe and watch our videos. I just need to store my videos and get share code to add my website. – I need 20 TB video storage – A enterprise cms to manage my videos such as adding softcore subtitles etc

  28. Garry Butler Reply

    Hi, wish to inquire about demo app development for OTT tvOS app and Android TV app, working with our own enterprise video management. And google AD manager integration

  29. Guillermo Hernandez Reply

    Hi, we are currently on Uscreen and looking to see what else is on the market. we would like to see the feature set, enterprise video management systems and customization options from you?

  30. Carolyn Olson Reply

    Hi vplayed support team i would like to start an OTT business for my students i want to know more about your pricing for the apps & cdn & enterprise video content management thank you previously

  31. Wm Neal Reply

    Hi, I’m looking for a vendor who can acquire live content, dump it into a enterprise video management software and then deliver it to commercial bars and restaurants, probably through a new set top box.

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