8 August, 2022

The 7+ Best Uscreen Alternatives – Compare Streaming Features, Pricing & More

uscreen alternatives

Video-on-demand platforms occupy all most everywhere in the world of Internet! Until recently, we could see the prevalence of big gaints dominance, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

According to Allied Market Research, OTT is expected to have a sharp rise of about 1,039.03B by 2027 & it shows no indications of slowing down. Source: Vaslou

But things have been rapidly changing..

All thanks to platforms like Uscreen.. Undoubtedly, anyone can now monetise their video content without writing a single line of code!!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a platform that will allow you to create a sophisticated video, Uscreen is a good option.

Let us outline some of its essential insights such as its definition, pros and cons & some of its top uscreen alternatives with its analytical reviews for your OTT business!!

What Is Uscreen?

Uscreen is designed to be a one-stop shop for video content delivery within a structured all-in-one video monetization platform established in Washington, DC. They allows video producers and entrepreneurs to upload, save, and organise their film or media content in a safe online environment.

uscreen OTT streaming

The features of Uscreen assist in revolutionizing the way to monetize on-demand or live streaming media services in best-rated level. We can say this because it facilitates you to both create and monitor videos. It will also provide you a lot of control over your video. Further to that, a paywall for their material, is created using a secure integrated billing and payment system.

Uscreen TV streaming services has many positive angles, with an option of publishing online and scaping the user experience at its best.. Adding subtitles, sharing them on social channels gives the vivacity to have upgraded personalization..

Want To Choose The Best Uscreen Alternatives For Your Streaming Business?

Next, we’ll examine into Uscreen video platform’s more about its strengths and weaknesses in one comprehensive list:

1. One unified platform in order to sell & manage on-demand videos
1. Found as slow and unresponsive with customer service
2. Provides subscribers with a whitelabel app & website with your branding to have downloadable content
2. Basic Plan comes with 3 customisable website themes unless employed a professional website builder
3. Instead of a revenue-share model, it operates on a monthly subscription basis, allowing you to keep all of your profits
3. Although affiliates cannot be paid directly through the site, you may track the number of referrals made by each affiliate
4. No hidden costs: Uscreen’s pricing is predictable, with a fixed per-subscriber count
4. Uscreen platform does not have an AVOD revenue option. You get SVOD & TVOD
5. Super-affordable price: Uscreen is hard to match when it comes to value.
5. Set own payment plan because affiliate payout aren’t available directly

While getting a chance to explore Uscreen while thriving within this profitable membership site, you can also get to know some of the other top competitors in the market

You might need to know about the Uscreen alternatives on occasion. Here are the alternatives to Uscreen that have been mentioned

However, Uscreen platform has its own pack of solutions there are other finest platforms in their respective locations. Usually, you may notice that the price plans may vary and have other features that you might think of getting instead.

Come, let’s explore them in detail one by one..

Top 7 Best Uscreen Alternatives Based On Reviews & Pricing

1. VPlayed

End-to-End OTT Streaming Solution 

Uscreen Steaming

VPlayed enables you to have a cutting-edge branded platform that provides you with more options. Having said to have VPlayed’s OTT solution to be the best of the bunch, & it is most essential.  The major role plays in terms of delivering more control in the hands of professional broadcasters than other players such as Uscreen.

Highlighted Features of VPlayed are:

  • Provides a 100% Bespoke Solution to stream using any device
  • Facilitates with varied video hosting opportunities for flexibility
  • Cloud video transcoding feasibility for seamless user experience
  • Manage streaming assets with in-built CMS library
  • 6+ revenue-generating models to have spiked ROI
  • Analytical marketing solution to be ahead of trends
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2. Dacast

Best video hosting platform for catering worldwide audiences 

Alternative to uscreen

Dacast has always been well-known for its distinguished live-streaming capabilities. Additionally, in contrast to Uscreen revenue, monetization in Dacast of live & on demand videos have been a piece of cake to many content owners. The platform’s fundamental approach is adopted with videos to utlize streaming as a service.

Highlighted Features of Dacast are:

  • Interface is designed to stream live events with video hosting
  • Dedicated team for 24/7 support with strong knowledge base
  • Allows to run an active online community by growing socially
  • Seamless delivery for HQ videos with advanced transcoding
  • Platform integration with inbuilt video content management system features
  • Consistent growth via different array of monetization models

3. Muvi

Enterprise-grade Video Streaming Platform Vs Uscreen

Uscreen Pricing

Muvi is the world’s quickest OTT platform to deploy. It allows content creators to rapidly build a video streaming website like Netflix, YouTube, Uscreen, Hulu! Muvi is a multiscreen OTT platform that provides completely packaged services. Generally, platform integrations can be implemented by content owners with their own branded solution.

Highlighted Features of Muvi are:

  • Safeguarding videos are taken cared by Muvi as its ISO certified
  • Gain profitability with specialized plans of video monetization
  • Enables with facility of whitelabel streaming of live or VODs
  • Live radio broadcast with complete control & stay hassle-free
  • Develop video streaming app for iOS and Android, as well as Smart TV
  • Accepts multicurrency for varied types of payment globally

4. Vimeo OTT

All-in-One Video Software Solution At Par with Uscreen 

Uscreen Competitor

Vimeo is the place to go if you’re seeking for high-resolution video streaming. Vimeo is a video-hosting website that is well-liked by its users in contrast to Uscreen. It’s a simple platform allowing enterprises and individuals to develop features with the help of advance cutting-edge tools. Moreover, full-scale subscription with Vimeo OTT helps you to transform your content in notime.

Highlighted Features of Vimeo OTT are:

  • Ability to live stream with auto-archiving
  • Branded in-app purchase anytime anywhere
  • Managing app upkeep is turned effortless here
  • Allotted with free migration, having zero downtime
  • Stream 1000+ channels for online video monetization
  • 24*7 support for your subscribers with real-time video analytics

5. Kaltura Video Cloud

Delivery of a world-class OTT streaming experience

Uscreen video platform

Kaltura’s SaaS-based solutions allow your company to satisfy flexible streaming needs in the form of live and on-demand videos, allowing you to provide video communication tools like virtual meetings, live webinars, inspiring podcasts, and interactive town halls. While you compare with Uscreen, it is an open-source video streaming platform with an API created with complete customization.

Highlighted Features of Kaltura are:

  • Tools for online video platform that are data-driven & effective
  • Transcode for the best possible streaming quality within website
  • Improved video marketing by using real-time audience metrics
  • Highly personalised live & on-demand TV experience like Uscreen
  • They guarantee 99.995% uptime along with best customer support
  • A chance to integrate varied 3rd party services upon request

6. IBM Cloud

Cloud Computing Platform for Digital Transformation 

Uscreen competitors

IBM Watson Media is also known in the name of cloud video provides you with an enterprise-grade solution. As content owners you can now take the liberty to create, store, manage and broadcast live & recorded videos. They can serve your business plans either for internal or private corporate communications in comparison to uscreen. Both editions include custom branding, content management which involves storage, event support & lots more.

Tired of using Uscreen?
See why Uscreen is not suitable to manage your Online video platform and why you need a Uscreen Alternative

Highlighted Features of IBM Cloud are:

  • Get OTT software with greatest CDN infrastructure
  • Market video streaming services with compelling content anywhere
  • Content license enforcement for your OTT platform
  • Similar to Uscreen get analytics data solution here
  • Better to go for customized Over-the-top like IOS, Roku, Android tv apps, etc.
  • Polling in real time and clickable video overlays

7. Brightcove

Powerful online video platforms in the competitive landscape

Uscreen reviews

Brightcove Beacon, the greatest OTT platform, helps you grow and retain viewers from all around the world through customizable monetization options. Eventhough there might be underlying factors like cost, USPs incomparison to Uscreen it upholds an authority of secure distribution with a global footprint. Nearly their services deliver 875 million views every week. Industry leading uptime is of approximately 99.95% in Brightcove.

Highlighted Features of Brightcove are:

  • Easy-to-use video content management software with playlists
  • Consistent viewing experience across all compatible platforms
  • Most secure storage and OTT content delivery solution with video DRM rights
  • Get all-device viewing reports with Google Analytics integration
  • Live streams can be recorded and replayed by viewers
  • Content delivery worldwide with device management tool


There are a plethora of best online video platforms available once you get to search the market completely. Broadcasters have a lot to consider when looking for the right platform because there are so many different features and varied factors to choose from. Keeping your brand’s streaming goals and feature requirements in mind you can get to compare platforms.

However, while we’ve reviewed a lot of remarkable platforms, the most important thing is to select the one that’s ideal for you. Ultimately, getting a hang of it, is what the real challenge which sets your video business careers better than or closer to Uscreen.

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