4 October, 2023
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Top 7: Chat API Service Providers for Mobile App Developers

Are you a business owner looking to invest in building your own chat solution? or are you planning to buy a subscription-based model real time Chat service?

Then, this article will guide you to choose the best real-time chat service tool along with the details about the top-used and best-rated real time messaging SDK Tools.

Around 2.77 billion users are using the real-time messaging apps to communicate on a regular basis and it is estimated to grow by 3 billion users in 2022, as per the Statista Research Report.

Real-time Chat Service for Effective Collaborations

The purpose of building a chat platform as a communication tool in companies is to enable effective conversations that offer convenience, privacy and group communication as well at the workplace.  

Digital communication APIs will be efficient in your Business communications. So, it’s time to re-think on the investments you make and start knowing more about the chat api services to enhance the business production. 

Is your team still using emails to communicate? Well, Hold on! You are missing out on exploiting your team’s abilities. With minimal interventions, companies can boost the proficiency of communication and also collaborate with teams via instant messaging.

7 Best Chat API Service Providers for Android,iOS and Web

Depending on various standards and detailed interpretations, here is the list of top 7 real-time communication platforms that deliver the best chat service APIs & real-time Messaging SDK solutions.

Provider #1 MirrorFly

100% Customizable Chat API Service for Mobile & Web Apps chat service providers

MirrorFly is rated as the No. 1 in the chat API service and messaging SDK solution providers for companies to build a real-time chat platform equipped with multiple interaction mediums. The real-time messaging API solution is equipped with WebRTC video chat for enabling HD video conversations with a solid VOIP Calling feature for dynamic voice engagements. The chat API service provider adheres to GDPR & HIPAA Compliances and highly scalable with real-time communication API infrastructure that facilitates over 1 billion conversations and connects 10M+ users.

MirrorFly Features


  • Whitelabel Solution guarantees you to retain your brand identity.
  • Assisted with on Cloud & on- server hosting premises.
  • Enriched with UI/UX designs multiplies user experiences.
  • One-time license cost


  • No Subscriptions available

Compatible Platform

  •  Android, iOS & Web
Build an addicted interactive chat app with our voice and video SDK

Provider #2. Sendbird

Leading Chat API service & Messaging SDK Provider

It is one of the most reliable and trusted Chat api service providers, based out of the US. The Send bird digital communication API solution comes with AES 256 End-to-End Encryption data protection and enables global language translation to support over 500,000,000 messages every day and 1,000,000 concurrent connections per application.

The app builds modern chat application for website and mobile with offline messaging, presence, translation delivery receipts, analytics and moderation tools. Sendbird powers its messaging platforms for millions of users on a highly scalable infrastructure that is built with security, reliability, and also certified by the leading compliance standards.

Sendbird Features

  • Chat Moderation
  • User Muting
  • Image Filtering
  • Spam Flood Protection
  • Smart Throttling
  • Managing Moderator Roles & Permissions
  • Announcements
  • Profanity Filters


  • Allows the users to freeze a chat channel 
  • Enables scalability, since the Infrastructure is on AWS 
  • Fits several use cases, such as 1-on-1 messaging and closed group chat.
  • Free trial on all Pro Features is accessible.


  • Starter plan does not offer access to necessary chat features like delivery receipts and announcements.

Compatible Platform 

  • Android, iOS

Provider #3. Apphitect 

Instant Messaging API & Chat SDK Provider 

Apphitect API communication solution comes with several unique features such as  offline messaging, personal-chats and social interaction types. The Instant Messaging API & Chat SDK provider is 100% customizable and also uses cutting-edge technologies including AWS, Erlang, and Apache Cassandra. The Apphitect IM solution is focussed on supplying enterprise-grade technology solutions that is grounded on mobile-app development, cross-platform development, enterprise mobility, etc. Apphitect IM exploits the expertise of technologies to rejuvenate the end-user’s app experience with the prowess of their UAE-based instant messaging SDK provider.

Apphitect Features

  • Fully Customizable Messaging Solution
  • Video & Voice Calling
  • Screen sharing 
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Push notifications & Offline messages
  • Presence Indicator & social integrations


  • Scalable and Reliable.
  • Easy Integration with 24×7 support.
  • Provides unlimited Storage and on-cloud hosting.
  • Zero down time possibility.


  • Requires 10 business days to integrate Chat APIs into a Website.

Compatible Platform

  • Android, iOS & Web

Provider #4. Getstream

Best Chat API For Mobile Apps

GetStream builds real-time chat app for enterprise-grade collaborations and provides an activity feed provider to build a scaled real-time communication api within a few days. Established in 2014, the chat API service provider has served over billions of end-users supporting the other activity feeds Twitter, Scaleforce, instagram, etc. The getstream team builds the chat messaging software or the activity for your apps within a few days to create an amazing user-experience that normally takes years to build in-house teams. The communication software is used by a billion end-users for its reliability despite the demands.

Getstream Features

  • Direct and group chats
  • E2E encryption via TLS
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Threaded conversations
  • Spam and profanity protection
  • BGP + DNS routing


  • Activity, notifications and personalized feeds
  • Integrated with easy-to-use REST API
  • Giphy, emoticons and file attachments
  • Allows minimum coding and can be set with ease
  • Multi-region support


  • High pricing (499 USD/month)

Compatible Platforms

  •  iOS, Android and Web Apps

Provider #5. Pubnub

Best Real-time Messaging API Provider

It is one of the popular real-time messaging API providers for best chat integration, even during traffic spikes and also with a concurrency of 99.999% API uptime SLA. PubNub’s real-time Chat API will ensure user engagement and retention with nifty moderation tools. Its powerful chat APIs are secure and reliable for one-to-one chat, group chat and live event messaging as well.

Pubnub serves their customers with real-time alerts including in-app alerts, push notifications and SMS. Its APIs are customised with bidirectional monitoring and triggering device action. Other features of Pubnub include, Language translation, content moderation, and other best-in-class 3rd party services with natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and other AI-enabled services.

PubNub Features

  • ChatBot Device Chat
  • Ready-made UI/UX designs
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Community Chats 
  • Private, group Chat.
  • MultiChannel messaging
  • Live event Messaging


  • Assists over two trillion messages per month
  • Reliable and Scalable 
  • Powers real-time use cases alongside the chats
  • Offers over 75 SDK options to choose.


  • PubNub functions such as HIPAA and GDPR compliance are not accessible with the standard plans.

Compatible Platforms

  • Android, ios & Web

Provider #6. TalkJS

Chat API Service for Website & Mobile Apps

It is one of the leading chat apps that permits developers to integrate real-time chat platform API on web, android, and iOS applications to communicate between users. Talkjs is a cross-platform messaging platform that is fully featured, scalable and reliable. The digital communication apis work seamlessly with many languages and frameworks such as Angular, React, Laravel, jQuery, Ruby on Rails etc. With TalkJs, users can shape their conversation in their own preferred way like creating a private 1-on-1 conversation or engaging with multiple users in a single channel, group, topic or chat rooms. TalkJs  is integrated to fit all the customer use case needs.

TalkJS Features 

  • Full conversation history
  • Chat Pop-up
  • Responsive Cross-browser UX
  • Multi-language support
  • Channels, Groups


  • Supports multi-user chat. 
  • Reliable and functional
  • Easy to implement.
  • Swift Notifications
  • The chat app can be integrated instantly


  • Needs more integrations

Compatible Platform

  • Android, iOS and web applications

Provider #7. Quickblox

A Ready Whitelabel Chat API Solution

Quickblox is one of the best real-time communication solutions with a clean and simple UI/UX design. It offers a Whitelabel Chat service API Solution that authorizes flexible data storage. The app is embedded with WebRTC that produces high-quality one-on-one Voice and live video chat. The chat features of Quickblox are embedded and designed to enhance the user experience. It thus drives customer engagement with high-quality voice and video calls. Users can create real-time group interactions to boost their business productivity and improve collaboration methods. Quickblox is also flexible with data storage that compliments the messaging process and refines the brand identity by sending friendly reminders to customers.

Quickblox Features


  • Video & Voice Calling
  • File Sharing
  • Screen sharing 
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Integrate on existing user-management
  • Cross-platform compatibility.


  • Offers Q-Municate, a ready-made messaging app for QuickBlox users.
  • Available with support and has no license restriction. 
  • Dedicated servers facilitating Scalability
  • Secure, encrypted and adheres to regulatory compliances.


  • Does not support multiple industry use-cases.

Compatible Platform

  • Android, iOS and web applications


It is clearly evident that all the top 7 Chat API service providers distinctively differ by technologies after analysing the features, Pros and Cons that are compatible, affordable with multiple options, and features. Now, as a business owner you can opt for the best suited platform from the listed providers that meets your specific business metrics. What are you waiting for, Kickstart and Build your own real-time chat platform to increase your business productivity.

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