10 Popular Chat API Service Providers for Developers

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Planning to integrate in-app chat APIs into your communication app? Searching for the best developer-friendly SaaS-based models to build real-time chat services?

Then you have come to the right space. We’ve got a detailed insight on some of the best real-time chat API service providers in town that will help you make an informed decision.

Editor’s Note:

Did you know that messaging apps have transformed communication between individuals and over 3 billion users are using real-time messaging apps as of 2023. And the growth is said to rise to 7.5 billion users by 2025 as per statista report?

Boost Collaborations With Real-time Messaging APIs

Is your team still using the old-school email communication method for internal discussions? Then, you are missing out on the true benefits of real-time chat services that can enhance communication, collaboration, and team efficiency.

And if you agree with us on the above, you don’t need to build a chat platform from scratch, simply you may use a mobile or web chat API to integrate chat systems into communication apps.

So, it is time you reconsider your investments and go ahead with a chat API solution for Android, iOS, & web, and save dimes!

10 Best Chat API Service Providers For iOS, Android, & Web!

Below is a curated list of some of the best chat service APIs in town that are known to deliver exceptional real-time communication solutions.

Plus, a few providers like MirrorFly and Sendbird make embedding of customizable chat features into Flutter and React Native apps easy-peasy. We’ll see all those below.

Provider #1 MirrorFly

100% Customizable Chat API Service for Mobile & Web Apps

MirrorFly is considered to be the #1 API provider of in-app chats in the market majorly because of its feature-rich capabilities, ability to integrate codes in less than 20 minutes, giving complete ownership of codes to developers, low-code component libraries, and WebRTC-enabled video SDKs.

Plus, it gives businesses the flexibility to host apps as they require by bringing in two deployment models: SaaS and self-hosted solutions.

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MirrorFly Features


  • Supports 100-plus integrations and 24/7 technical support.
  • Mirrorfly offers free migration with no downtime.
  • Ability to scale up to 1 billion conversations.
  • Flexible deployment models and caters to multiple use cases.


  • There are no cons as MirrorFly has met all the demands of developers.

Compatible Platform

  •  Android, iOS & Web
Build an Interactive Chat App with Our Messaging SDK

Provider #2. Sendbird

Leading Chat API service & Messaging SDK Provider

Boost Communication Through In-app Chat APIs

It is one of the most reliable and trusted digital communication API  providers, based out of the US that comes with AES 128,  End-to-End Encryption, and other data protection mechanisms to safeguard data. 

Plus, it supports global language translation of over 500,000,000 messages every day and 1,000,000 concurrent connections per application.

You can build modern web and mobile chat apps with features like offline messaging, presence indicators, read and delivery receipts, analytics, and moderation tools. 

Sendbird powers its messaging platforms for millions of users on a highly scalable infrastructure that is built with security, and reliability, and also certified by the leading compliance standards.

Sendbird Features

  • Chat Moderation
  • User Muting
  • Image Filtering
  • Spam Flood Protection
  • Smart Throttling
  • Managing Moderator Roles & Permissions
  • Announcements
  • Profanity Filters


  • Allows the users to freeze a chat channel.
  • Enables scalability, since the Infrastructure is on AWS.
  • Fits several use cases like Healthcare, Gaming, Social, Education, and more.
  • Free trial on all Pro Features is accessible.


  • Starter plan does not offer access to necessary chat features like delivery receipts and announcements.

Compatible Platform 

  • Android, iOS

Provider #3. Apphitect 

Instant Messaging API & Chat SDK Provider 

A Self-hosted Chat SDK Provider Of Low-latent Chats

Apphitect is one of the best self-hosted API providers of video, voice, and chat that pose no limitations on scalability or performance.

Plus, Apphitect makes migration or integration seamlessly easy with cost-effective options and gives developers a chance to build a customizable white-labeled messaging app.

Apphitect Features

  • Fully Customizable Messaging Solution
  • Complete Code Ownership
  • White-labeled Solution
  • Scalable Self-hosted Chat SDKs
  • Dedicated Integration Support
  • Upload Large Video Files
  • Video & Voice Calling
  • Screen sharing 
  • Push notifications and offline messages
  • Presence Indicator & social integrations


  • Ability to scale up to a billion conversations
  • Gives complete source code ownership
  • Quick Integration with 24×7 developer support.
  • Provides unlimited storage and on-cloud hosting.
  • Zero downtime possibility.


  • There are no cons as such and caters to all developer needs.

Compatible Platform

  • Android, iOS & Web

Provider #4. Twilio

Define Meaningful Communications With Twilio’s APIs

Twilio, unlike other in-app chat API providers, is a CPaaS and omnichannel messaging platform that gives developers a chance to build messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Additionally, Twilio, which is now predominantly known as conversations API, was known to a lot for programmable chat API that made the addition of group chats and moderations into communication apps possible.

Twilio Features

  • One-to-one and group chats and calls
  • SMS and programmable voice services
  • IoT connections
  • Elastic SIP trunking
  • Voip Phone
  • Conversations chatbots


  • Highly scalable and flexible APIs that supports customizations
  • Detailed documentation on the integration process.
  • Offers two-step authentication and several encryption mechanisms.


  • Twilio seems to be a bit more high-priced than its other competitors.
  • Online support is sub-par and hence becomes difficult to resolve any issues.

Provider #5. Stream

Best Chat API For Mobile Apps

GetStream builds a real-time chat app for enterprise-grade collaborations and provides an activity feed provider to build a scaled real-time communication api within a few days that would normally take years to build.

Established in 2014, the chat API service provider has served over billions of end-users supporting the other activity feeds Twitter, Scaleforce, instagram, etc.

Stream Features

  • Direct and group chats
  • E2E encryption via TLS
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Threaded conversations
  • Spam and profanity protection
  • BGP + DNS routing
  • Audio and video calls


  • Activity, notifications and personalized feeds
  • Supports integration with easy-to-use REST API
  • Allows minimum coding and can be set with ease
  • Offers multi-region support in case of any queries


  • High pricing (499 USD/month) compared to its peers.

Compatible Platforms

  •  iOS, Android and Web Apps

Provider #6. Pubnub

Best Real-time Messaging API Provider

It is one of the popular real-time messaging API providers for best chat integration, even during traffic spikes, and also with a concurrency of 99.999% API uptime SLA.
PubNub’s real-time Chat API will ensure user engagement and retention with nifty moderation tools. Its powerful chat APIs are secure and reliable for one-to-one chat, group chat and live event messaging as well.

PubNub Features

  • ChatBot Device Chat
  • Ready-made UI/UX designs
  • Real-time Notifications & alerts
  • Community Chats 
  • Private, group Chat.
  • Content moderation and language translation
  • Live event Messaging


  • Offers sentimental analysis and other AI-based services.
  • Highly scalable and can assist over two trillion messages per month.
  • Powers diversified real-time use cases alongside the chats
  • Offers over 75 SDK options to choose.


  • PubNub functions such as HIPAA and GDPR compliance are not accessible with the standard plans.

Compatible Platforms

  • Android, ios & Web

Provider #7. Cometchat

Elevate Messaging Experiences With In-app Chat APIs!

Cometchat is a reliable and effective in-app chat API provider that has a stellar user interface. They also promote developers as the easiest and fastest means to integrate chat features into any communication app.

Along with the above, CometChat’s prime highlight is the detection of viruses through the data masking feature. It is available upon download. 

And even Cometchat’s scalability is unmatched just like its peers with no compromise on uptime and SLA.

Cometchat Features

  • File and multimedia sharing
  • Single and group chats
  • Unread messages count
  • Custom structured messages
  • Group messages, tagging, and search
  • Typing indicators and read receipts


  • They offer free trial and support related to integrations.
  • They cater their APIs to different diversified use cases.


  • Their integration services are not up to par and are a little high-priced.

Provider #8. TalkJS

Chat API Service for Website & Mobile Apps

It is one of the leading chat apps that permits developers to integrate real-time chat platform API on web, android, and iOS applications to communicate between users.

Plus, Talkjs offers cross-platform messaging SDKs to embed highly customizable chat services into Flutter or React Native chat apps.

The digital communication APIs work seamlessly with many languages and frameworks such as Angular, React, Laravel, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc. 

TalkJS Features 

  • Full conversation history
  • Chat Pop-up
  • Responsive Cross-browser UX
  • Multi-language support
  • Channels, Groups


  • Supports multi-user chat. 
  • Reliable and functional
  • Easy to implement.
  • Swift Notifications
  • The chat app can be integrated instantly


  • Needs more integrations

Compatible Platform

  • Android, iOS and web applications

Provider #9. Quickblox

A Ready Whitelabel Chat API Solution

Makes App Conversational With Chat APIs!

Quickblox is one of the best real-time communication solutions with a clean and simple UI/UX design. It offers a White Label Chat service API for developers to build chat apps by adding their branding elements.

Additionally, the app is embedded with WebRTC protocol that produces high-quality one-on-one Voice and live video chat

Quickblox Features


  • Video & Voice Calling
  • File Sharing
  • Screen sharing 
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Integrate on existing user management
  • Cross-platform compatibility.


  • Offers Q-Municate, a ready-made messaging app for QuickBlox users.
  • Available with support and has no license restriction. 
  • Dedicated servers facilitating Scalability
  • Secure, encrypted, and adheres to regulatory compliances.


  • Does not support multiple industry use cases.

Compatible Platform

  • Android, iOS, and web applications

Provider #10. Pusher

The Best In-app Communication API Provider!

Pusher’s flexible and versatile APIs make world-class messaging infrastructure possible by scaling to growing business needs and bringing in industry-best uptime.

Plus, they have SDKs and libraries for every language with a separate API termed Queryable API to query application state and get other information.

Along with the above, their plus points include options like offering debug tools to identify errors and integrate easily with services like Datadog and Librato.

Pusher Features

  • Presence lists
  • Collaboration tools
  • Webhooks 
  • E2E encryption and HIPAA compliance


  • Offers ultra-low latency levels with a fallback option
  • Flexible and intuitive messaging experience over varied use cases


  • Devoid of calls and audio capabilities.


It is clearly evident that all the top 10 Chat API service providers differ by technology features, merits and pitfalls, compatibility, and pricing options.

Therefore, as a web or mobile app developer, it is left to you to choose the right provider for your app development process. 

Well, you can always kickstart with MirorrFly if you wish to build your chat platform with exquisite features and experience the benefit of using a self-hosted chat solution.

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