23 January, 2022

Top 6 Best Audio Streaming Platforms For 2022

best audio streaming platform

The entry of audio streaming delivery services through fast internet connection has presented a new dimension in reaction to listening to audio playlists put into high-rated streaming platforms supported with multi-device compatibility. It has never been easier to develop the audio streaming platform with this technology.

We can view the model shift of changing from the recorder or portable music player to downloading music numbers or hearing live radio all produced with a resounding audio streaming service solution. Without a doubt, the best audio streaming platform still assure to fascinate millions of listeners with undisturbed reachability for on-demand services and products. You can now learn more about how to create an audio streaming app by browsing online.

In this blog, the top 6 audio streaming platforms have been selected which can create the top-rated, customized, enhanced with rich features for your business requirements.

Comparison Of Top 6 Best Audio Streaming Solutions For 2022

1. VPlayed

A Leading Audio Streaming Platform Provider

audio streaming platform

This white label business audio streaming platform offers every selection for Live Radio Streaming, Music Broadcasting, and On-demand Podcasting to make live & on-demand streaming platforms for both mobile and web applications. The audio streaming solution of this platform is equipped with a sturdy and upscale HLS player to send a distinct music streaming experience to international users. This live audio streaming service is enabled with a highly scalable content management system to offer rich audio content to fixed groups of geographic users on the basis of their subscription models. You can now create an audio streaming app easily.

The personalized audio streaming service has marketing equipment to make the audio content reach better like radio streaming, music streaming across devices. It also has Metadata management and social publishing facets. Conversely, the audio streaming platform has several monetization models like in-stream ads, in-app ads, Freemium model, and many more to get benefits from it.

Key Features Of VPlayed’s Audio Streaming Solution

  • Customizable
  • Data Rights Management
  • White labeling
  • Unlimited upload
  • Multi-device support
  • Ad Targeting
  • On-Premise/On Cloud
  • Intuitive Analytical Dashboard
  • Multiple Monetization Models

2. Dacast

The Best Audio Platform For Broadcasters

live audio streaming platforms

This audio broadcasting software offers you options of live audio streaming where podcasts, internet radio, and other types host a high-grade set of audios seamlessly. Enterprises can use it either for individual events or deliver it post which recordings are made accessible on-demand.

When it comes to online radio, you can opt for 24/7 audio broadcasting sessions in the system of linear streaming where you can focus on several sectors such as entertainment, music, education, sports, business, news, religion, and a lot more. You can now build an audio streaming app with Dacast’s superior technology.

Key Features Of Dacast Live Audio Streaming Software

  • White labeling accompanied by marketing tools
  • Live audio streaming supported
  • Adaptable across several social media platforms
  • Multi-user reachability for monetization plans of custom & scale
  • Live recording along with top built-in security protocol

3. Muvi

Reliable White label Audio Streaming Platform

audio on demand

One of the frontrunners as music and audio streaming service providers, Muvi is in the market to offer streaming solutions to create or own branded audio streaming platforms for music streaming, inspirational talks, podcasts, and audiobooks. This audio streaming solution offers all the requisite components like cloud-based servers, infrastructure cloud storage, CDNs, and user management to present an streaming audio platform and create an audio streaming website on several devices.

The whole audio streaming platform is set up with privacy and security policies like DRMs to safeguard audio content delivery to many devices and users. This platform provides an end-to-end combined audio streaming solution with many monetization models and multiple audio format backing.

Key Features Of Muvi’s Audio Streaming Platform

  • Website Templates
  • Embedded Audio Streaming Code
  • Multi-device Compatibility
  • White-label solution

4. Triton Digital

Professional Streaming Audio Solutions for Business

create audio streaming website

Triton Digital offers all the required tools to stream online audio content across devices. It provides customizable SDKs with Players, features, and audio streaming widgets to send a high-level audio experience to listeners across the globe. Triton’s audio-on-demand streaming technology is fully scalable and owned 100%. This audio streaming platform is a white-label solution.

The platform is equipped with a sturdy CDN or content delivery network which focuses on delivering the best audio quality with 13 CDN locations. Triton provides responsive players with fast and intelligent playback options. The audio streaming website is armed with cloud infrastructure for audio content streaming in the most optimum way. This best audio streaming solution has innovative analytical tools to offer the performance of your audio streaming content.

Key Features Of Triton Digital’s Online Audio Streaming

  • On-demand Analytics
  • low-delay streaming
  • Music Royalty Reporting
  • Live & Cloud Audio Streaming

5. Stream Solution

Most Powerful and Flexible Audio Platform

audio streaming solutions

This is one of the leading providers of audio streaming solutions which assist major HTTPS and standard ports with zero firewall issues. This audio streaming service aids protocols such as MPEG-DASH, RTMP, HLS, and RTSP. This platform offers an HTML5 responsive player which accommodates major platforms like Web, Android, and ios and devices to deliver high-grade audio content to users across the world.

Stream solution is fully congruent with major and newest HTML5 player and JavaScript technologies. The solution is armed with a real-time regulated dashboard to monitor user history, session time, devices, and geographical users on the basis of subscription plans. With the assistance of an analytical dashboard, the traffic extract produced from your audio content can be monitored for enhanced performance of the content.

Key Features Of Stream Solution’s Audio Broadcasting Software

  • Multiple Protocol Assistance
  • Mobile Streaming
  • Radio-link Streaming
  • End-to-end Analytical Dashboard


High Performance Audio Streaming Software

how to build audio streaming website

This is one of the best audio streaming platforms and cloud streaming service solutions that is exclusively designed for your audio streaming efforts. Wowza’s streaming engine is utilized to stream on-demand and live videos which have personalized usable options for operating systems. You can now build an audio streaming website with this solution. The media systems are planned with several methods of successfully assisted channels. Its on-time product upgrades aid content owners and digital promoters to greatly expand their presence in the market.

Key Features Of Wowza’s Audio On Demand Streaming Platform

  • Deep customization needs
  • Cloud-based audio streaming
  • Streaming solution behind firewall
  • DRM for audio streaming


Fortunately, it is not necessary to go through the many services to search for one best suited for your listening requirements. The majority of the streaming music services have commonalities at some level. It lets you create customizable channels and a few stand out from the crowds owing to their distinct feature sets. Some services have free options which you can try out before subscribing while others are premium experiences. There are a lot of differences between free and paid streaming music tiers in the majority of services. You can know more about how to create an audio streaming website by learning online. Streaming services have transformed the music industry landscape so much that audiophiles who like physical formats have to agree that it is difficult to resist the attraction of online platforms when it comes to getting your musical fix. Access to thousands of music tracks at a touchscreen tap means it has never been easier to search old favorites or look for brand new artists and bands.

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