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If you are here to check out the best instant messaging SDK for web and mobile apps, you are at the right place!

Thus, rather than moving with the same flavorless beginning as it’s for any other blog. Let’s look into the best instant messaging Chat SDK providers that can grab and boost your business engagement.

In this blog, we will explore the most out of them with their origin in the industry, their platforms, and their pricing data.

To start with, let’s have a quick view of the recent data metrics.

Growth Metrics of Instant Messaging API & SDK

Well, today in the current situation, building a chat app has made an immense presence across different marketplaces. And, several companies are building or integrating messaging APIs to boost their businesses.

According to a statistical report, the real-time communication market was initially booming at $2.75 billion in 2019. And we can expect the values to reach $45.91 billion by 2027.

As many customers as many queries!”

Yes, the engagement rate of your app will increase as your user base grows. And this is why you will need to build a messaging application.

So go ahead and read on to explore the top 10 chat SDK providers for iOS, Android, and web apps.

Top 10 Chat SDK Providers Ranked & Reviewed in 2024

In the upcoming list, I have listed the best instant messaging providers for your web and mobile apps, in the order of developer-friendliness and popularity.

1. MirrorFly

The #1 Provider Of Chat SDK!

MirrorFly is one of the leading in-app communication SDKs and API providers in the market. It offers an in-app chat SDK that helps developers build highly interactive chat apps with sturdy E2E encryption, easy-to-use messaging features, and quick integration capabilities.

Best Chat SDK for Android, iOS & Web Apps

Besides this, MirrorFly’s prime highlight is that it offers both cloud and self-hosted chat solutions to suit your needs as per your budget and requirements.

  • Founded by: 2008
  • Platform: iOS, Android, & Web Apps
  • Price: Recurring subscription (SaaS) & One-time license cost (SaaP)

MirrorFly just does not stop offering Chat SDK for developers. It extends to provide the best-quality video and voice calling capabilities for a wide range of use cases like Fitness, Transport, Fintech, Education, and Healthcare. 

This is one of the key reasons why MirrorFly is becoming the most sought-after mobile and web chat API provider in the market.

Features of MirrorFly:

  1. Allows scaling up to 1B+ conversations at ultra-low latencies and 99.999% uptime SLA.
  2. Its SaaS or cloud solution offers chat API service and allows to voice and video calls.
  3. The self-hosted chat solution model supports 100% customizations on 150+ call and chat features.
  4. Renders support building white-label chat apps as well for a one-time license cost.
  5. Offers on-premise and on-cloud deployment options to businesses so that they can complete control of apps and data.
  6. High-end scalability and security with undeniable protocols.
  7. Considered to be the best instant messaging chat software for cross-platform

We have recognized MirrorFly as the best real-time Chat API & SDK provider for mobile and web applications. 

How Much Does it Cost?

MirrorFly offers two different pricing models and they are:

  • On-Cloud/ Monthly Subscription: You can avail of all the modern messaging features for a monthly subscription. Also, you can host your app on MirrorFly’s cloud servers.
  • One-time License Cost / Self-hosted Solution: You can build white-label messaging system with completely customizable chat features. In addition, you also get the flexibility to host chat apps on-premise or on any third-party cloud servers. 

Interested in MirrorFly? Get more details directly from their Sales Team

Brands that use MirrorFly: TrueID, ICICI Bank, Travelsquare, Cellcard, Etisalat, STC, MyGate, and more.

Create A Modern Chat Experience With MirrorFly Today!

2 . Sendbird

A Complete Instant Messaging API Platform

Chat app users look for modern communication solutions and that’s what Sendbird delivers. This real-time messaging platform is best known for its highly scalable SDKs for Android, iOS, and web apps.

Best Mobile Chat SDK
#1 Instant Messaging SDK
  • Founded by: 2012
  • Platform: Mobile and Web Applications
  • Price: Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription )

Features of Sendbird

  • Most scalable chat backend, customizable chat API user-friendly UI with client-side SDKs
  • Reliable infrastructure that is built on WebSocket servers
  • Offers premium messaging experience with active customer support
  • First Android chat  SDK that officially supports Xamarin
  • Pre-built UI Kits for major platforms
  • Migration API for customers who use other chat services
  • Adaptable message formats like JSON, XML

Sendbird is a noteworthy chat solution with real-time chat and messaging platforms for mobile and web apps.

How Much Does it Cost?

Chat Pricing:
Starter 5k (get started with chat) — $399/Month
Pro 5k (Most features for growing businesses)- $799/Month

Well, it’s always better to get some exposure from other brands who use Sendbird!

Brands that use Sendbird: Servicenow, Delivery Hero, Reddit, TELADOC, Hinge, PayPay

3. Apphitect

100% Customizable Chat Solution

Apphitect is one of my favorite IM SDKs after MirrorFly. If you are looking to add a touch of your brand to the chat features, Apphitect lets you do it with ease. 

Real-time Communication API for All Apps

You can choose features, tweak them as per your need, add colors and themes of your choice, and still need not mention Apphitect’s name anywhere on your app.

Yes, it’s white-label and you can simply purchase the SDKs and use it forever. 

  • Founded by: 2008
  • Platform: iOS, Android, & Web Apps
  • Price: Recurring subscription (SaaS) & One-time license cost (SaaP)

Features of Apphitect:

  1. Flexibility of pricing: You can either choose Apphitect’s cloud solution for a monthly subscription or use the self-hosted chat solution for a one-time license cost. 
  2. The SaaS solution offers a chat SDK.
  3. Video and voice calls are available.
  4. You can customize more than 150 features.
  5. Apphitect’s twin model also provides flexible hosting options: On-premise/ On-cloud

Apphitect can be a great choice for you whether you are an individual developer or an enterprise, due to its flexible pricing and hosting options. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Apphitect offers two different pricing models:

  • Monthly Subscription: Pay only for what you use with Apphitect’s cloud solution. 
  • One-time License Cost: Get the license key once and use Apphitect’s features for a lifetime. 

And that will be all you need to know about the finest in-app communication SDKs. 

Brands that use MirrorFly: TrueID, ICICI Bank, Travelsquare, Cellcard, Etisalat, STC, MyGate, and more.

4. Getstream

In-app Chat SDK for Mobile Apps

GetStream offers developers advanced chat components needed to establish in-app messaging for an interactive user experience. Stream avails unique chat solutions to build a scalable app that can give users a completely satisfied messaging experience.

Best iOS Messaging SDK

GetStream provides developer-friendly chat SDKs for customers in segments like healthcare, finance, and Education.

  • Founded by: 2014
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Features Of Getstream

  • Simple and Clean UX that helps users interact with your chat apps with ease
  • Connects millions of users with reliable chat SDK components 
  • Supports over 5 million concurrent connections via a single channel
  • Provides ‘Teams’ option to divide users and channels into unique groups while maintaining the security of the app
  • Offers demos for social messenger, gaming live streams, virtual events, and more use cases

Stream ( offers users an extensive chat infrastructure to build, scale and personalize their messaging experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

Chat Pricing

  • Startup Pack: $499/mo
  • Standard Pack: $1,299/mo
  • Premium Pack: $2,299/mo
  • Enterprise Pack: Custom Pricing
  • Free Trial: Available

Brands that use Stream: Hopin, Match, Adobe, Imgur, SoundCloud, PGA, Master Class, Crunchbase, Strava, Gojek. 

5. Twilio

A Communication API Provider

Twilio group of companies established Twilio’s chat SDK in 2008. It is one of the most popular communication services that lets your users make and receive calls on their mobile devices and web browsers.

They can also send and receive text messages and easily communicate with each other just with an internet connection. 

in app messaging provider
Android Chat SDK
  • Founded by: 2008
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Plus, it has built the foundation with great investors such as Bessemer, Redpoint, and Union Square.

Moreover, it can easily integrate phone calls and SMS messages into your applications.

Features of Twilio

  • Renders the foremost SMS and WhatsApp messaging solution that governs the telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud
  • Reached the sky much quicker by making an excellent growth of more than $200 million in venture funding.
  • Recently has taken a baby step when it comes to audio and live video chat apps.

Twilio is the best cloud communication service that allows the users to get connected via phone calls.

How Much Does it cost?

Twilio’s Pricing — All its pricing details are available for a monthly subscription.

Flexible pricing models
Per-hour pricing $1
Per-month pricing $150

Autopilot pricing
Voice ($0.40 per minute)
Messaging ($0.0001 per message)
Chat ($o.001 per message)

Brands that use Twilio: Uber, Dr+ on Demand, Redfin real estate platform, Lululemon, Zendesk, Twitch, and more.

6. PubNub

Real-Time In-Messaging Platform

PubNub was founded in 2010 as one of the most secure data Stream Networks across the world.

Here, the API allows you to connect, measure, manage, and scale your users on a real-time in-app chat SDK and IoT devices.

top chat sdk services
Best Chat SDK Provider for Web
  • Founded by: 2010
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Features of PubNub

  • It holds over 70+ SDKs for each platform.
  • Offers 250 ms of global data transfer time with high-end scalability.
  • Provides low-latency real-time messaging apps for Android and iOS.
  • Messages can be sent easily between two devices in a fraction of a second
  • Can build amazing and simple API alongside SDKs. You can connect and scale real-time Team Chat Software on the PubNub DSN or Data Stream Network

PubNub is a leading secure worldwide Data Stream Network that is much easier to use.

How Much Does it Cost?

MAU pricing for basic in-app chat

  1. Free: ($0/month) — can try up to 200 MAU
  2. Starter: at $49/month plus MAUs
  3. Pro: contact sales

Brands that use PubNub: SWIGGY, Medx, PELOTON, match, Life360, PLUTO

7. Cometchat

Pro SDK for Mobile Apps

CometChat is a real-time communication platform that offers chat widgets, APIs, SDKs, and UI Kits to develop reliable chat infrastructures for apps and websites. Cometchat delivers simple and safe chat solutions with interactive features that help apps achieve high user engagement.

Leading Chat Platform Provider

With a diverse range of chat solutions and advanced innovations, Cometchat has established itself as a market leader.

  • Founded by : 2009
  • Platform : iOS, Android
  • Price : Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Features Of CometChat

  • Highly flexible and scalable APIs for creating a 
  • Offers Chat rooms, widgets like stickers, polls, and chat masking features
  • Provides UI kits with customization features
  • Chat SDKs are available for integration in different languages like Flutter, JavaScript, Swift, React JS, etc. 
  • Enable Webhooks and Bots to allow apps to perform assigned tasks and schedule notifications.

CometChat makes connections and collaborations easy by providing Chat SDK and API integrations for mobile and web applications

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Startup Pack: $ 149/ mo
  • Growth Pack: $ 399/ mo
  • Scale Pack: $ 749/mo
  • Enterprise Pack: Custom Pricing
  • Free Trial: Available for all packages

Brands that use CometChat: Swedbank, Calix, Endeavor, Udaan, Nagarro

8. Pusher

A Leader in Chat API & SDK

A group of Pusher Companies established Pusher in the year 2011. This platform has been a great way to build collaboration among millions of users with real time messaging API

It is simple, easy to use, and is one of the most developer-friendly solutions to build communication into any app.

chat sdk android
Pushed Chat SDK for ios
  • Founded by: 2011
  • Platform: iOS, Android, & Web Applications
  • Price: Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Plus, it contributes to creating a scalable instant messaging application for iOS, Android & web apps. And makes the task easier by utilizing its core product, developers, and channels with its most interactive features.

Features of Pusher

  • Provides a developer-driven chat feature.
  • Its codes build a simple path for developers by wrapping up the ChatKit along.
  • Provide complete control over the users who have access to a room.
  • Gives updates once users change their status to online/offline.

Pusher’s ChatKit has grabbed most of the attention by being adaptable to add chat SDK to any Android and iOS. It allows you to have 1–1 and group chat rooms to your application.

How Much Does it Cost?

All its prices are available in a monthly subscription

Messages per day — 200K
Concurrent Connections — 100
Level of Support -Standard
Monitoring Integration — No
Price — Free

Messages per day — 1 Million
Concurrent Connections — 500
Level of Support -Standard
Monitoring Integration — No
Price — $49/month

Let’s have exposure from other brands who use Pusher!

Brands that use Pusher: Swedbank, Calix, Endeavor, Udaan, Nagarro GitHub, MailChimp, Intercom, The New York Times, ABC, and Draft Kings.

 9. TalkJS

TalkJS is a perfect reason why you must not reinvent the wheel in building communication features into your app. 

This developer-friendly solution helps you add messaging features to your platform within just a few minutes, which usually takes months to build. 

Best Messaging SDK for Mobile & Web Apps
  • Founded by: 2016
  • Platform: iOS, Android, & Web Apps
  • Price: Recurring subscription (SaaS) & One-time license cost (SaaP)

Features of MirrorFly:

  1. Pre-built with 100+ design elements to create intuitive chat interfaces. 
  2. Notifications to alert users on any incoming message/ call.
  3. Themes to personalize your chat app and make it more attractive for users. 
  4. Moderation & analytics to track user activities and protect the integrity of your app. 

TalkJS can add amazing chat features to your web and mobile apps, without having to spend much time, cost, and effort. 

How Much Does it Cost?

TalkJS offers its messaging SDKs for monthly and annual plans:

Basic: $279/ month

Growth: $569/ month

Enterprise: Customized

Check out their pricing page to know about their annual plans. 

I believe you got a basic idea of how TalkJS can help you build in-app communication into your apps. 

Brands that use TalkJS: Classtime, Decathlon, Riot Games, Hyundai, Elise, British Gas, VU, Arkadium, Honeypot, and Cool Blue.

10. HelpCrunch

Pavel Pavlenko and Valery Kurilov founded the famous multi-channel messaging platform Helpcrunch in 2016. If you are planning to set up a reliable customer support platform, Helpcrunch is the top-rated choice of most developers. 

Real-time Chat Messaging SDK for Android

It is highly recommended for sales, marketing, and support teams to use Helpcrunch to keep customers and support representatives in the loop. 

  • Founded by: 2016
  • Platform: iOS, Android, & Web Apps
  • Price: Recurring subscription 

Features of MirrorFly:

  1. Live chat for users to communicate with each other.
  2. Pop-ups to keep your users informed of the latest updates, and incoming messages/ calls. 
  3. Chatbot that bridges the gap between users and customer representatives.
  4. Email marketing to keep your users posted via emails. 

Helpcrunch is a 

How Much Does it Cost?

Helpcrunch offers both monthly and annual plans. Here are the details of the monthly packages:

Basic: $15/ month

Pro: $25/month

Unlimited: Annual only

So that’s it, mate! This information is all you need to decide which 

Brands that use TalkJS: Classtime, Decathlon, Riot Games, Hyundai, Elise, British Gas, VU, Arkadium, Honeypot, and Cool Blue.


Alas! We have come to the end of the blog post. And I hope that I have covered almost all the end-to-end points of the most popular live chat service providers in the current marketplace.

Now, choosing the best chat SDK provider for your business needs is up to you. Well, if you are clueless about your choice, you can opt for MirrorFly if you want chat APIs for free.
Yes, it renders free chat SDK solutions for developers to build interactive apps as they require.

With this, MirrorFly’s added benefit is the self-hosted SDKs. It lets you build a 100% customizable chat solution for iOS, Android, and web apps for a one-time license cost.

So, what are you waiting for, get up and running!

Get Started with MirrorFly’s Secure Chat SDK for iOS & Android

Drive 1+ billions of conversations on your apps with highly secure 1000+ real-time Communication Features.

Contact Sales
  • 200+ Happy Clients
  • Topic-based Chat
  • Multi-tenancy Support


  1. : Hi.. i need peer-to-peer chat system to connect the user with experts. we need real time massaging, audio call and video call. our requirements are as followed; Real Time Chat with unique UI Template; 1. push notifications 2. offline / online status 3. Last seen status 4. Send Mark 5. Delivery mark 6. Read Mark 7. Audio Call 8. Video Call 7. Chat, Audio Call and Video Call History in Admin portal or your provided portal. MirrorFly Chat SDK is fit all my requirements?

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    • Hello Nelly, Your project sounds great and of course the features that you were looking out for are really awesome. Our instant messaging API and SDK’s are capable enough to provide you with your needs as we offer the option of custom features that are made available as per specific business need. You can feel free to contact us to set an appointment have you queries clarified with our dedicated and potential team. Thank you!

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    • Hello Tanvir, Great to know about your project – it really sounds great! Yes, of course building an application from scratch is really time consuming as well as costly. But you can be relaxed enough by relying on our real time chat API and SDK’s. Our solution is capable enough to fullfil all your requirement with custom features as per your business needs. So, feel free to contact us to set an appointment to proceed further. Thank You!

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    • Hello John, Great to know about project and your concerns with regards to group video calling and in-app messaging API and SDK. I am glad to tell you that our real time chat solution does support your requirement and something more than that with custom features as per business needs that differs on demand. So, to have more clarity over our solution, feel free to set an appointment to proceed further. Good Luck!

    • Hello Kumar, Great to know about your requirement with your project. Our messaging API and SDK supports a variety of requirements as per the business models. So, your requirement will be taken care with ease. To have more calrity on video call user engagement and other related stuff, it’s better to set an appointment to proceed further with your queries. Thank You!

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    • Hello Rios, You ideas seems to be very nice and good luck for your project. Yes! our voice chat API and SDK’s are capable enough to fullfil your demands with regards to SIP/VoIP calling and much more. You can get any of your feature being customed as per your business requirement. So, feel free to contact us and set an appointment to have more clarity concerning your queries to proceed further. Thank You.

    • Hello Harry, Yes! our real time messaging SDK and API is available with over 150+ chat features that are easy to integrate into any mobile or web app. Moreover, you can utilize our custom features too as per your business requirements. With regards to the pricing, you can purchase our solution by making one time payment. To have more clarity about the pricing model, feel free to drop your details for us to set an appointment to proceed further. All the best!

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    • Hello Sagar, Your project sound cool – an e-commerce like app is something great wherein our real time solution can support you will all chat, voice and video features that includes video conferencing, instant messaging, group chat, etc. Concerning price, our real time messaging API and SDK’s are available at one time cost. To have more clarity with pricing model you can drop your details with us to set an appointment for further move. Good Luck!

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    • Hello Baba, Nice to hear from you and glad to know about your interest in building your chat app with us. Our solution is available at one time license cost wherein you have to pay only for the custom features with no monthly subscription. You can own the product once purchased. To have more clarity kindly drop your details with us to set an appointment to proceed further. Thank you!

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    • Hi Saleem, Glad to know about your school app and your interest in our solution. To brief about our in app chat API and SDK, our solution is a real time communication with voice, video and chat features which is 100% customizable and can be easily integrated into any existing mobile or web app. With regards to pricing our solution is available at one time cost. To have more clarity you can drop your detail for us to set an appointment to proceed further. Thank you!

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    • Hi Manish, glad to hear that you are building a chat platform for connecting healthcare providers and patients. MirrorFly’s APIs and SDKs offers a wide range of chat features that include voice and video calling features capable of connecting users across your healthcare app with utmost security. Users can book appointmnents with doctors, send reports and avail virtual consults without any risk to the privacy of their health information. I’m sure our Sales team can get you many other details helpful for you. Do contact the team via our website. Wish all the best to you!

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    • Greetings from here Zelijko! It’s interesting to know about your healthcare platform with unique medical services for users. You are right that MirrorFly’s in-app chat APIs and SDKs offer interesting communication solutions. In particular, you will be able to establish fastest communication services like text mesaaging, voice calls and video conferencing among your app users. Patients can contact doctors directly via 1 to 1 calling features and video calls to avail the emergency support they require at critical situations. I’d recommend contacting our sales team to get the right advice on unique features that can perfectly fit your needs. Wish your app saves more lives!

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  29. Hi I am building a website for social cause/Charity and it is completely free. I am using my pocket-money to bring together students in science from minority backgrounds, so that they can form a community/network online. I am looking for a text-chat function only for my website, with a 5mb file attachment limit to send science articles, photos, etc between user accounts. What can you do for my charity please ? I really cannot pay monthly subscriptions or buy chat SDK. Please let me know thanks Dr Singh

    • Hi Parker,MirrorFly will be able to offer the APIs and SDKs needed to create chat rooms for your users to interact. You may track and monitor user activity to ensure a safe communication space for your app users with the support of our features. There’s more that I could add on to suggest the best features for your app. However, I’d highly recommend you to get in touch with our sales team to be advised on your requirements right on time. Wish the best to you!

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  31. I would like to know more about pricing. I am looking for instant messaging sdk for web/android/iOS devices. And have limited yearly budget for using it – so I need to calculate. Could you provide me information, if the payments depends on video/audio calls duration? Or monthly payment based on used services?

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  33. Hello. We want to develop a mobile chat application using your infrastructure. Our number of users is around 2 million and it will only include chat and file sharing. What criteria do you base your pricing on? How much would your monthly pricing be for 2 million users? Regards, Sefa

  34. I need a guide to how to build my mobile application using your chat sdk platform. In the pricing “Included upto 5000 mins ” is this number renews on monthly basis? how do you calculate the minute? e.g if the call was for 10 minutes, do you count it as 10 or 20 min?

  35. Thanks , I’ve recently been searching for information approximately this subject for ages and yours is the
    best I’ve discovered so far. But, what about the bottom line?
    Are you positive about the source?

  36. Hi MirrorFly team, I have a startup, it is an IT firm and we are into building e-learning web and mobile chat apps for one of our clients and I wish to know what is the benefit of using your self-hosted solution for my new project.

  37. Hi, Nice post guys, you have framed everything so well. Reading your blog about MirrorFly provider, I had a doubt whether both the pricing models offer 99.999% uptime SLA.


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