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Twilio is sunsetting its Programmable Video and here’s what existing Twilio customers must do next. 

On December 5, 2023, Twilio officially announced the exit of its Programmable Video. The product will retire completely on December 5, 2024, and existing users are expected to find a new solution in the meantime. 

The video call market is changing a lot. Twilio, a leading video chat SDK provider has officially announced that they will stop supporting their video service on December 5, 2024. And existing users are expected to find a new solution in the meantime. 

The article discusses,

  • The details of Twilio video end of life
  • Expert recommendations of Twilio alternatives 
  • A brief discussion about migration. 

We know you are running out of time, especially if you are a Twilio customer. So, let’s jump right into the details. 

Twilio Programmable Video End Of Life: What You Need To Know?

There are several reasons why Twilio has arrived at this big decision, and we are listing a few of them below:

  • The giant CPaaS vendor has been focusing on Customer Data and Apps, beyond Communication. 
  • Video as a part of their communication product did not align with the core business strategy of Twilio. 
  • It is also speculated that Twilio’s pace of innovation was not as competitive as that of its competitors. 
  • Another reason is the low revenue yield of Video when compared to its other products, especially after the end of the pandemic. 
  • Besides, Twilio also faced a downturn due to its products – Segment and Flex. 

A Quick Peek Into The Growth Rate Of Twilio

Now, besides the above mentioned reasons, there is disheartening data on how the growth rate of Twilio depreciated with increasing numbers in its workforce. 

This compelled Twilio to cut off its workforce via three rounds of layoffs, with an official note from Twilio’s CEO, Jeff Lawson.

growth rate of twilio

This must have been overwhelming for Twilio to handle, and without any choice, Twilio ended its services, Twilio Live and Twilio iOT, in consecutive years. The reduction in its products eventually impacted the jobs of employees who were working for it. 

From the image above, you can see that the growth of Twilio was proportional to the number of employees until 2019. But, by 2020, as the workforce crossed 4500 employees, the growth of Twilio dropped from 100% to 60%. This is a deep indication that something wasn’t right. Eventually, the growth did not increase more than 70% while the employee count crossed 7,000. 

While these situations were (unfortunate, we came across the “Twilio Video API Exits” news, which was expected to a few, and a mere shocker for the rest.)

Yes, we need to agree that Twilio video is no more. But what must you do next to keep your business going with Twilio?

Let’s get you the best-in-market solution!

Why Should You Migrate From Twilio To MirrorFly?

Switching from Twilio is not an easy thing to do. But when the situation demands it, leaving you juggling between managing your service and your customers, we’d like to remind you that there is a solution that is better than Twilio

Take this as a great chance to move towards better features, better reliability, and better quality. 

Look no further than MirrorFly, the best Twilio alternative in all aspects of your needs. 

  • HD Quality

MirrorFly is known for its quality of communication features, owing to its low-code development. 

The SDKs are built to be robust and smooth at the same time. 

This typically means that you can expect to deliver quality that is better than what your customers have been experiencing with Twilio. While Twilio did its best, we cannot deny that MirrorFly outperforms it better. 

  • 100% Customization

The best part that customers love about MirrorFly is its full freedom to customize features. We know you’ve set it all up and running with Twilio for years. But to replicate a similar communication system or do it even better, you need a flexible solution.

Undoubtedly, MirrorFly eases the situation, empowering you with the option to customize your features as it was with Twilio and better. 

  • Unlimited Calls

In Twilio Video, If you don’t turn on the 24-hour maximum call duration setting, the longest your call can be is four hours. But if you’re using a trial account, your calls can only last for up to 10 minutes, even if you change this setting. Whereas, MirrorFly offers unlimited calls without any kind of restriction. 

  • White-labeling Option

MirrorFly’s name or logo will not appear in any of your products or services, even though you build your communication system with it. 

The features will blend perfectly with your app, making it look and feel like it was built in-house with a touch of your brand’s tone and style.

  • Full source-code ownership

You know the business better. And MirrorFly leaves it all to you to take complete ownership of the source code. 

So that you can tailor it as much as you need to drive your brand experience to your customers. 

  • Custom Security

Every user’s data must be protected, without a doubt. But each business demands unique levels of security. 

You need not bombard an app with heavy security protocols when all it needs is end-to-end encryption and regulatory compliance

Whereas, a few other businesses require multiple tiers of security and privacy. By understanding your business needs, you can customize your security layers with MirrorFly’s protocols. 

  • Flexible Pricing

Now, you may wonder if a solution that offers so much flexibility and security would empty your pockets. 

Worry not, for MirrorFly lets you rebuild your communication system better at a budget that you’ll feel comfortable with. You can talk to MirrorFly’s experts and customize the payment as per your convenience. 

How MirrorFly Can Help?

MirrorFly is very dependable and is better than Twilio in a number of ways. It offers over 500 customizable chat and call features. Plus, it guarantees an uptime of over 99.999%, meaning it’s almost always available.

It also has super fast response times, with an average delay of just 3 ms, and very low latencies, making conversations smooth and quick. Thus, prompting businesses to migrate to MirrorFly in the aftermath of the “Twilio Video End Of Life” scenario.

You can switch from Twilio to MirrorFly videos for the following reasons:

Get Complete Support With The Migration

This is time-sensitive and at the same time a big decision for you. We could sense your concerns about downtime, cost of migration and loss of data during this transition. 

It is natural and we empathize with you. Beyond that, we take a step forward to help you with the complete migration. Your data will be safe and no customers will ever notice that a huge change is going on at your backend. They’ll keep enjoying your services without any interruption. 

migration to mirrorfly

Gear Up More Powerful Features On Your App

MirrorFly has been in this industry for over a decade, and that makes it more prominent how efficiently the features are honed for customer satisfaction. As you move to MirrorFly, you get to see cutting-edge features that you’ve never gotten to experience with Twilio.

Besides video, you can get topic-based chat, activity feeds, a chatbot, chatGPT-powered support, and more than 500 features. Each feature has been carefully designed to meet the future of communication. And this is, in fact, a great chance to give them all out to your customers. 

Simply put, this transition will look more like a feature-upgrade than a service-migration. 

Hire A Full Team To Develop Your App

If this migration sounds overwhelming to you, we’ve got a full team of experts who can do this for you, while you can sit back and relax. Yes, MirrorFly can lend a hand with your migration by onboarding the best in the field. 

This saves you time, energy, and resources. You need not look into setting up new teams. Leave it to us so we can rebuild it all for you the way you want, along with maintaining the infrastructure from time to time. 

Deploy On Your Own Premise

Do you know that you can deploy your infrastructure on your own premise with MirrorFly’s self-hosted solution? Yes, it’s true that you can choose to self-host your app on your company’s own servers. This gives you full control over the security and data of your platform. 

But that’s not it! If you feel you cannot handle it all by yourself, you can easily move your infrastructure to MirrorFly’s dedicated cloud servers at any time. This is one of the reasons why MirrorFly has customers who stay for years. 

This flexibility is a serious advantage whenever you need to scale up or down your infrastructure, and the deployment will be smooth, regardless of its hosting location. 

Get Ready For Your Next Step!

(Twilio video shutdown)is unexpected, but do not let your business down with its impact. Do enough research about MirrorFly on the official website, and if you make up your mind to restart with MirrorFly, we are always open to welcome you. 

Contact our experts, discuss your requirements, and start switching before December 5, 2024. So that your customers will have an uninterrupted communication experience. While delivering the best communication experience is your priority, building one for you is our responsibility. 

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  • 100% customizable
  • White-label solution
  • Full source code

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