24 March, 2023

10+ Best Online Video Platforms To Build & Grow Your Streaming Business

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Videos have become our primary source that we are dependent while learning, marketing & enjoying entertainment, much so ever. And, this trendsetter will continue to make an impactful difference in the future as online video platform content gets to popularize day by day. It is evident that the online video in the professional space seam to occupy greatly and opportunities are endless. 

While video sharing platforms similar to Youtube provide a simple and easy way to host videos online where they can be embedded on your website, these leave much to be rely upon. Professional streamers and broadcasters need more authority over their streamed content. 

In other words, security and versatility in monetization options are required to validate it, & these free platforms fail to live up those expectations in ever-changing market.   

An OVP makes it easy to upload, manage and publish videos across all channels which includes social media and your website. It is important for you to increase sales by building awareness so that you can reach more people & OVP does all of these. Surely, content businesses can consider the large volume of content being added to online video platforms every day.

This can be seen by getting an idea from the statistics and video trends that highlight the importance of online video streaming: 

  • The value of the online video platform industry at global spheres is anticipated to rise up 8.4% from the year 2021 to 2028
  • The industry of live streaming is expected to have its revenue valuation of $184.27 Billion by 2027
  • The video streaming software’s market share is likely to grow from USD 6,144 million to USD 15,092 million by 2025 assuring 19.7% CAGR
  • Did you know that to increase business revenue video content marketing helps to speeden nearly 49% faster as compared to other types of content
  • You may be surprised to know that live streams capture attention for almost 10-20x much longer than pre-recorded streaming content

What Is An Online Video Platform?

online video streaming platform

An online video platform is referred to as video solution that allows users to upload and stream video content to their desired audience using the wireless internet. Generally, users will upload the curative video content via hosting service’s website, mobile or desktop app or APIs. 

Such platforms are often combined with live streaming software which has built-in video players allowing smooth playability on any device. 

Online video platforms can utilized for varied purposes like communication, entertainment, teaching or for quick recording. All of them have a unique significance which display in pre-recorded or live streaming format on a website. 

Are You Planning To Start Your Own Online Video Platform?

What To Look For In An Online Video Platform 2023?

Whether you’re a publisher, content owner or television provider, looking for grabbing a space into the world of OTT, here are some features that are must for you to look keenly into an online video platform. 

1. Customization 

When it comes to easily customizing your entire online video streaming platform you might have limitless opportunities across the solution. Right from the front-end to back-end you can modify existing features, request new ones to suit business needs, integrate 3rd party tools & a lot more.  

2. White-label Streaming

You can readily purchase the platform from a digital video streaming provider and whitelabel all types of services to gain complete ownership of your valuable streams. This allows you to focus on creating qualitative content instead of creating the intuitive software to host your videos.     

3. Video Monetization Models

online video monetization

The best online video platform allows multiple models to earn more than rigorous revenue without disturbing viewing experience. It makes it more worthwhile for content distributors and owners to monetize video content through SVOD, TVOD, AVOD & other lucrative models.   

4. Reliable Content Delivery 

A globally distributed network or CDN helps to improve the quality & delivery of content. It helps to deliver videos closer to the viewer, which enhances overall quality of viewing experience. In addition to that, a global CDN can accelerate video playback to ensure viewers can watch content quickly. 

5. Video Analytics

It is always better to have a platform that allows you to gain deeper insights of your showcased videos to target audience specifically. Some of the success metrics include number of views, bounce rates, conversions, user engagement & more. Based on them, you can modify content towards audience’s interest to engage them more via targeted content. 

6. Security Features

Security should be prioritized for any orgnanization, especially where there are large amounts of video data. During the secure video streaming process the content is transferred from storage to device which plays it. Mostly this is executed pivotally by video platform or application’s infrastructure. So, it is essential to consider the application’s security from start to end. 

7. Inbuilt Video Marketing Solution

Being able to simply market your video content can help your brand grow in much refined ways unlike free hosting platforms like Youtube that may not.  When you’re likely to launch, you can embed videos anywhere on your own website & share natively to all of your social channels.  

8. Multi Device Support

Online video platforms that allow video playbacks on multiple devices are way ahead eligible for streaming across internet-abled devices. For instance, users can stream your content on smartphones, smart TVs. laptops, tablets, etc. In this way, you tend to get more views for your content & establish a new set of viewers who watch on multiple devices with depending on a single streaming source. 

9. High-quality Playback

An online video subscription platforms provide an in-built high quality video players that have the ability to play video content in high definition. This would be suitable for viewer’s bandwidth & lets viewers stream seamlessly. Also they don’t have to depend on other external video player as they traditionally may had to. 

10. Video Hosting

A huge advantage is to have video hosting as part of your video platform. Your life will be made a whole lot easier as you won’t have to search for a third-party hosting provider. Many OVPs also provide private video hosting services, which can further guard against content theft.

11. Video Content Management System

Publishers frequently have extensive video collections, much in abundance. Because of this, you will need to be able to manage all of these movies, tv shows, webseries, live broadcasts, etc more efficiently. You will be in a bind if your OVP doesn’t have a video content management system. Furthermore, even if your video library is now small, you shouldn’t ignore this capability because your orgnanization will undoubtedly expand in the future.

Comparing The List Of Top 10 Online Video Platform Providers

Video streaming platforms have now become a necessity in an organization or brand when it comes to showcasing content in an interactive form. As most of our audience is present online, it is important to have users’ attention & having videos compiled on your website. But, you may think about how to know which option is most suitable for you when you have many to pick presently.  Basically, it entirely depends on your needs, the content produced, and your target audience. Let’s check some of the top video streaming platforms to get a fair amount of ideas.. 

1. VPlayed

#1 Online Video Streaming Platform To Broadcast In Web, Mobile, Smart TV  

list of online video platforms

VPlayed is one of the prime online video platform providers that enables content owners, broadcasters to stream their content professionally across web, mobile & smart TV. You can get a favourable solution when you learn that your complete professional-alike video platform is customizedly developed at 50% faster implementation rate. Many well-known companies use VPlayed because it offers 150+ features, 6+ monetization strategies, and infinite services that enable businesses to serve their audience anywhere in the world.

VPlayed Online Video Platform Has The Following Highlights:

  • Ensure smooth streaming to your viewers via dynamic HLS player 
  • Centralize your video asset management with an in-built CMS solution 
  • Curb all sorts of digital piracy using encrypted DRM digital infrastructure 
  • Raise maximum potentialities to earn recurrently with 6+ video monetization models 
  • Using expert streaming tools you can customize your online video platform totally 

2. Dacast

Skyrocket Your Online Video Delivery To Provide a Branded Platform 

digital video platforms

Dacast is one of the secure online video platform that delivers your content in pristine quality using the top-tier CDN. The company was initially found by Stephane Roulland and Aldric Feuillebois in the year 2008. Dacast assists to take your content deliveries to the next level by powering your business with live & on-demand video streaming. It is headquartered in San Francisco which includes other locations like London, Beijing & Manila. 

For Top Online Video Platforms, Use Dacast’s User-Friendly Feature:

  • Record any number of videos while live streaming easily 
  • Build professional workflows with video transcoding
  • Power up your content with all-device video player
  • Customize branding with a whitelabel video solution 
  • Unlimited channels can be hosted on your own webpage 

 3. IBM Cloud Video

End-to-End Digital Video Engagement With Customized Platform 

top online video platforms

International Business Machines which is known as IBM is an American-based multinational corporation which is headquartered in Armonk, NewYork. It is in operations over 171 countries and the company began in the year 191l. The live events that are streamed every moth are over 2 million. You can now easily scaleup your videos to number of audiences virtually with any size, globally. Harness the power of live & on demand videos with end-to-end streaming services

A Few Of Its Potent Features Make It One Of The Best Options

  • IBM streaming supports complex infrastructure set up with built-in CDN support
  • Attract massive audiences while tracking performance with real-time dashboard 
  • Simplify communications by streaming to external & internal audiences via broadcasts  
  • Stream & share corporate videos with enterprise-grade platform streaming services 
  • Automate the generation of closed captions for live & on-demand streaming

4. Kaltura

A Virtual Event Best OVP Platform That Is Best Fit for Your Business

online video platforms

You can get everything that you need to launch, operate and manage streaming services under video platform solutions offered by Kaltura. An end-to-end multi-platform distribution is empowered by built-in features that capacitate to the assembly of video assets via robust CMS, build revenue with versatile monetization options, and lots more. It comes with the facility of white labeling apps that help you to discover a brand & make it your own that’s accessible on smart TV, mobile, tablet & web.   

Some Of Its Key Features Are: 

  • Furnish with consistent collaboration spaces for online team meetings 
  • Include video tools for live broadcasting, video messaging via emails
  • Deliver executive communication with podcasting experience 
  • Perform bulk ingestions & manage metadata categories all-in-one CMS 
  • Make sure every virtual event is added with preset templates & custom options 

5. Brightcove

Expand The Boundaries Of Viewing Videos Via Best OVP 

online video platform comparison

Brightcove provides the most reliable & scalable online video hosting platform which assists in training team members, sell online videos or services or entertain subscribers. The technologies used at Brightcove have helped customers globally to harness the incredible power of video since 2004. They have also won awards related to technology and engineering and they strive to expand video streaming capabilities and refine what’s possible. 

Some of its key features include: 

  • HTML5 video player provides high quality content playback 
  • Monetization of several content across client- side interactivity 
  • Video library management with top-class CRM integration
  • Hybrid digital TV with live streaming & on-demand hosting 
  • Deliver mobile broadcasting with screen-recording option 

6. JWPlayer

Customize User Experience In An Online Video Publishing Platform

online video platform providers

JW Player is an online video platform which is designed to assist businesses for uploading, streaming and delivering high-quality online content using an advanced streaming software. Administrators or content owners can track advertising revenue, profits accrued fro subscription & one-time watches to utilize video intelligence for improve audience engagement. The platform has grown to encompass video hosting and distribution with on demand & live streaming options.

Some Of Its Enticing Features Are: 

  • Playback is delivered in variety of formats & resolutions 
  • Immersive viewing experience distributed on every device 
  • Leading industry Ad support that maximizes fill rate 
  • Capture viewer’s attention with article matching product
  • Optimize business strategy with video valuable intelligence

7. Flowplayer

Online Video Streaming To Empower Experiences Across Any Screen 

video platform

A flowplayer is an online video platform that is built for evolving digital video economy. Mainly, it is for publishers, broadcasters who need to deliver their best video on demand or live content at any scale. Flowplayer’s next-gen video solution initiates brands to enhance experiences with powerful and scalable tools like real-time streaming analytics, dynamic playlists, recommendation engine, monetization potentialities and much more. The ultra lightweight video player can be configured to provide enriched engagement. 

Some Of Its Features Include: 

  • The robust flowplayer can be quickly integrated with extendable architecture
  • Its HTML video player provides maximum flexibility in terms of speed 
  • Video interface helps to manage on-demand, live or simulated live globally 
  • Effortless ad management with client-side & server-side ad insertion, ad-pods
  • Reliable playback on any device with adaptive bitrate support upto 1440p(4k) 

8. Brid.TV

First-to Market Streaming Solution To Improve Monetization Process

Brid TV is an enterprise video platform that provides encoding, streaming and video monetization solution to capacitate fast video streams. Using secure Amazon servers upload, & host videos through user-friendly CMS and embed them in just a few clicks. Brid TV offices are located in Los Angeles(US) and Belgrade (Serbia) & was found in 2018.  Online video publishers and media businesses can utilize the opportunity to monetize video content and implement an HTML5 video player for rendering smooth playability.

Some Of Its Features Include: 

  • Preserve your content files with a centralized library
  • Gain insights of your content performance via analytics 
  • Set your customizable brand for your content at any time
  • Leverage ad optimization at its core to gain best revenue
  • Socially share your streams to attract larger group of audience  

9. Panopto

Popular Video Conferencing Solutions Provide Complete Learning Experience

online video platform providers

Panopto is a lecture capture software that will be of assistance to businesses and educational institutions. It provide a solution to lecturers to record audio or video streams in their desktop whether it is live or on demand content. It can also be utilized as live streams for student group work, flipped classrooms, video assessment feedback & more. Recordings can be viewed online and so can access content from anywhere. All that is required is to have stable internet connection. 

Some Of Its Key Features Are: 

  • Highlight its video playback capabilities with platform user-friendliness
  • Class experience is converted to an engaging online training experience
  • These videos can be sent with stead-fast streaming via email & social media
  • Multiple videos can be streamed across devices at the same time
  • Monitor video library’s activity & size along with viewer’s statistics

10. Vdocipher

Best Video Streaming Platform Trusted Across 40+ Countries 

list of online video platforms

Businesses can broadcast content on their online video platform in a safe and seamless manner by using Vdocipher’s packaged with leading OVP solution. The main features include screen capture prevention, dynamic watermarking, and AES encryption to provide the best level of protection against video piracy. Aside from that, effective encoding at reduced files allows for the smoothest streaming across sluggish connections.

Some of its features include: 

  • Multiple internet videos can be uploaded in bulk
  • Streaming content is possible with closed captions
  • Support for mobile screens across all devices
  • Options for discretion for a safe viewing experience
  • video analytics for maintaining content performance


The streaming service market is filled with numerous go-to market video platform options. Choosing the right platform can be an enormous challenge for you, but we encourage you to sit back and analyze your business objectives that pair with a professional-grade online video platform which meets your essential business needs. It is also recommended to test platforms with free trails to make sure to find the one that perfectly fits your organization’s goals. 

If You Already Have An Idea To Start A Online Video Streaming Business, Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is An Online Video Platform?

An Online Video Platform (OVP) offered by a video hosting service allows users to upload, transcode, store, and playback video content over the Internet, which often occurs via a regulated, large-scale system that may bring in revenue. In other words, Online Video Platforms (OVP) are websites that offer both live and recorded content without much effort. 

2. How Does An Online Video Platform Work?

The steps below show how an online video platform works. In the first and foremost step, videos are uploaded onto the platform. The video is then transcoded to accommodate different bandwidths. Third, each video’s meta information is added, including its title, description, keywords, and category tags. When the user is ready to watch the movie, it is decrypted on their video player, which is part of the delivery process. Creators and distributors may then access analytics for their videos, which allows them to enhance their marketing, reach more people, and make tailored suggestions.

3. What Are The Features To Look For In An Online Video Platform?

While you are very specific about the features, here are the five points that can help you on your way to the right choice. Detailed Analytics, Seamless Interactivity, Customizable player, User friendly dashboard, Video hosting and Content Delivery Network

4. How To Choose The Best OVP Platform For Business?

Here are the top ten considerations when picking any online video platform for your business. Various, Customization options, Multiple Video Monetization Model, White-Label Streaming, High-Quality Playback.
Multi device support, Reliable Content Delivery, Integrated Video Marketing Solution, More Detailed Video Analytics, Improved Security Features, Video Content Management System.

5. What are the Top Benefits Of Creating an Online Video Platforms?

Nowadays, businesses employ Video On Demand (VOD) and live streaming capabilities for training, one-on-one interactions, product launches, flash sales, events, demos, etc. So, in order to interact, attract and engage a larger audience base without any geographical restrictions, a solid video streaming platform is therefore required. It helps in attracting people’s attention, thereby giving your brand or business much-needed exposure.                                                                

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