Mac Photo Gallery Plugin Help Your Site for Excellent Image Management

The passion for photography is never dying. Interactive images have the ability to convince onlookers easily. Well, say you’re an ace photographer and have tons of awesome and rare photo collections. What will be the use unless you expose them in front of a huge volume of audiences? There won’t be any! Well, even if you plan to display them, it is better to display them online as it has captured the attention of huge volume of customers.

Say that you’ve chosen online as the platform to host all your precious photos. How will you set them up? You’ve to find out a way to set up your photos in an amazing and grand way to impress online visitors cutting through your site! A gallery would be a great option. But how to set up a photo gallery on a Joomla site?

Easy and cost-effective way would be using Mac Photo Gallery pluign for Joomla site. With this extension, you can not only build an awesome photo gallery but also can manage it perfectly. Have a look at the points below to realize how this plugin can help your business grow effectively.

Top features of the plugin include:

  • Mac Dock Effect (on mouse hovering, the image size enlarges and offers better user experience)
  • Countless photo upload option
  • Organize images in specific rows for better attraction
  • Adjust image height to attract users
  • Smooth scroll option to display images perfectly
  • Social share images with friends and relatives
  • Modify image styles easily

Deploy this extension, set up photo galleries with countless attractive rare and awesome images and manage them efficiently to drive significant traffic to your photo-based portal offering absolute user experience.

Hungry to learn more about this product, find other promising features here:

To try out the functionality of the product, check here:

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