6 Best Onestream Live Alternatives in 2024

“Explore the crème de la crème of Onestream Live alternatives for HD-quality video streaming that just wows you with unique feature flavors, balanced pricing, intuitive UI havens, and just more .”

We all know that live streaming is the pacemaker for digital engagements, and I being an ardent streamer, was literally hooked up to the internet for so long trying to figure out which live streaming platform works wonders for my pixels. 

Though I had been using Onestream Live, I felt it had gaps and hence needed a powerful, reliable, and secure alternative to Onestream that would just up my streaming game and bring my streams to the limelight much faster than we spell out “stream.”.

Well, to my surprise, OnTheFly, Streamyard, and Castr emerged as maestros, offering a treasure trove of features. So I thought, why not share it with you as well? 

But before we delve into the listicle, we will see first,

What is Onestream Live?

Onestream Live is an online streaming platform offering live and on-demand broadcasting of videos to multiple social platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, and a few more at once. 

Plus, it gives you some of the basic features like analytics, custom branding, church and game live streaming capabilities, live chats, and embedding streams to your web pages. 

Considering their product suite, it is quite clear that any content creator, influencer, video-driven brand, or religious institution can earn revenue by streaming on their platform. 

But has Onestream Live got all that under its hood?

Well yeah, so if you are looking for an all-in-one service that allows you to podcast, record webinars, and multistream, you need to look for some of its alternatives.

Why should I choose an Onestream Live alternative?

Though the platform gives you a base to live stream easily, there are other factors like pricing, solutions, ease, and customer support that need to be carefully considered before choosing the right provider.

Above this, Onestream has quite a few pitfalls that make its peer competitors worthy of trying. Like,

  • An unreliable customer support team
  • Lack of other services like podcast recording and webinars
  • Devoid of audio and video editing tools and options
  • They do not work across various live events
  • Smaller file upload size and storage capacity
  • Their UI is not smooth and has room for improvement
  • They allow you to choose only one overlay feature
  • Takes time to broadcast videos to social media groups
  • The live stream limit is only for 8 hours

So, hope that now you have an idea as to why you should hop onto an alternative couch. 

6 Best Onestream Live Alternatives Acclaimed For HD- Video Streaming

Listed below are some of the top 6+ Onestream live alternatives and competitors like OnTheFly, Streamyard, Restream, etc. that are praised well for their user reviews, pricing, features, and more.

Hola, before we head on reading their broadcasting perks, we will see a quick head-on-head comparison of the top 4 live streaming platforms with Onestream Live.

AttributesOnestream LiveOnTheFlyRestreamCastrStreamyard
Custom BrandingYesYesYesYesYes
Streaming Hours8 hoursNo limitNo limit12 hours20 hours
Video Hosting Storage Up to 50GBNo limitUp to 10GBUp to 100GBUp to 25GB
Recording & DownloadingYesYesYesYesYes
Multi-screen VideoNoUnder-devNoNoNo
Revenue ModelsNoMultiple revenue modelsTVOD, SVOD, and AVODAVOD, TVODAffiliate Marketing, SVOD, AVOD, Donations
Social Media StreamingNo LinkedIn SupportAll PlatformsAll PlatformsAll PlatformsAll Platforms
Audience EngagementsLive chats and Q&A SessionsLive Chats, Polls, Q&A Sessions, and QuizzesYesYesYes
Multi-platformOnly live streamingRepurposing, Webinars, Podcasting, MultistreamingMultistreamingMultistreaming, Video hosting, OTT appsMultistreaming, podcasting, webinars, repurposing
Camera FeedsNoMultiple camera feedsYesYesYes

By now, you would have got a clear understanding of onestream live and how it differentiates from rest. Bet you, this detailed comparison will surely help you in deciding your choice of streaming platform. Therefore, without any ado, let us start with,

1. OnTheFly 

An Onestream Live Alternative That’s A Superhero In Multistreaming

onestream live streaming

OnTheFly stands as one of the best onestream live alternatives that is also a sensation to die-hard streamers, professional creators, businesses, and brands to live stream, record for instant playback, and broadcast pre-recorded sessions with ease to over 30+ social media platforms all at once. 

Besides the fact that it helps gather viewers from diverse platforms onto your center stage, the solution allows you to send alerts and notifications to your fanbase before the start of an event.

And even help paste URLs to your social media page to direct audiences right to OnTheFly. Therefore, with streaming and notifications done, you can see how your videos are performing and where to improve.

Plus, earn revenue through different monetization models available. 


OnTheFly offers budget-friendly monthly and year plans in addition to offering free trials. All these are on the roadmap and will soon be available for display.

Key Features

  1. Supports simulcasting to over 30+ platforms in the best quality.
  2. Offers real-time capabilities like live chats, polls, Q&A sessions, and beyond.
  3. Supports co-hosting up to 4 guests.
  4. Allows audiences to record and download streams for later perusal
  5. Aids enhancing streams with visual effects and background themes.
  6. Has in-built video editing tools 
  7. Provides analytical tools for tracking performance and viewer engagements.

And there are more!

OnTheFly Vs Onestream Live Features: What are the differences?

Major HighlightsOnTheFlyOnestream Live
Access Controls
VOD Recording
Social Media Integration
Screen Sharing
Free Trials
Customer SupportOnly KB articles
Platforms SupportedDesktop-based PlatformWeb, iOS, Android

2. Restream

A Tie-Competitor For Multistreaming & Content Distribution

one stream review

Restream is a platform that is much liked by 5M+ streamers around the world majorly for its streaming quality. Now when it comes to talking about Onestream live alternative, it is by far the best competitor giving a tough challenge with respect to features and pricing. 

Because, when we took a checklist of top 50 features, Restream offered 33/50, while Onestream could offer only 20. 

Similarly, when taking a look at the integrations, Restream is a  maestro with support for multiple social media channel integrations. Whereas, Onestream Live lacks integration capabilities. 


Restream offers three plans.

  1. Free plan forever
  2. Standard plan starting at $16 per month
  3. Professional plan starting at $41 per month

Key Features

  1. Streams to 30+ social platforms all at once.
  2. Supports on-premise hosting or cloud storage
  3. Can be integrated to top streaming software like OBS Studio, XSplit, Elgato, and SLOBS.
  4. Has tools to monitor frame and bitrate drops
  5. Allows co-hosting with guests to keep participants engaged

Restream Vs Onestream Live Features: What are the differences?

Major Highlights


Onestream Live

Multiple Camera Feeds

Content Management

Audience Analytics

Interactive Elements

Access Controls/Permissions

Real-time Analytics

Video Editing & APIs

Ideal For

Small, medium, and large enterprises

Small and medium businesses


On-premise only

Cloud and on-premise

3. Castr

A Premium Onestream Alternative For Seamless Live Streaming

onestream live streaming platform

Castr is the next competitor in our list that is known to render optimizations for quick responses. 

It comes in handy for content creators, businesses, non-profits, religious and educational institutions, and broadcasters looking to stream live content in the best quality. But how is it possible?

With its Akamai-based CDN, time-shifting attributes, overlays, and cloud storage. And when we compare it with Onestream Live, Castr has the upper hand.

Because features like live rewind, pause, and video archive capabilities seem to be admired much by users.


Castr offers five plans.

  1. Starter plan at $12.50 per month
  2. Standard plan priced at $33.50 per month
  3. Professions plan starting at $62.50 per month
  4. Premium plans at $104.50 per month
  5. Ultra plan at $250 per month

Additionally, the plan also provides a free trial to users.

Key Features

  1. Broadcast videos to 30+ platforms
  2. Ability to add and toggle between platforms without having to start the encoder again
  3. Record files in the cloud and download in MP4 format
  4. Stream to any RTMP publishing platform
  5. Supports streaming videos on an infinite loop

Castr Vs Onestream Live Features: What are the differences?

Major Highlights    Castr Onestream Live
Multiple Camera Feeds
Event Scheduling
Audience Analytics
Mobile App
Video Annotations
Video Monetization
Live rep Support
Ideal ForSmall, medium, and large enterprises, freelancers, individualsSmall and medium businesses
Live Polling

4. Streamyard

One Of The Best Onestream Live Alternatives

livestream alternatives

Streamyard comes to town as one of the easiest ways to stream live content to multiple platforms from the web browser in a few steps. With this platform, one can give users studio-like experiences. Such is its quality, smoothness, and finesse.

And it isn’t this attribute that makes them liked. What else then? People have rated Streamyard to be the #1 Onestream live alternative for its easy recording, co-hosting with guests, brand customizations, and live comments. 

Well, these are a few for now. The remaining we will see in the section below.


Streamyard offers three plans for users to explore top-notch features and enjoy streaming.

  1. A free plan forever
  2. Basic plan starting at Rs.1499 per month
  3. A professional plan billed at Rs.2899 per month

Key Features

  1. On-screen comments
  2. Supports multistreaming to up to 8 destinations
  3. Ability to share screens and download recordings
  4. Has 7 separate video layout templates
  5. Allows up to 10 people on screen

Streamyard Vs Onestream Live Features: What are the differences?

Major Highlights  Streamyard Onestream Live
Multiple Camera Feeds
Audience Engagements
Audience Analytics
Video Annotations
Split Screen
Live Chat Support (24/7)
Ideal ForSmall, medium, and large enterprises, freelancers, individualsSmall and medium businesses
DeploymentsCloud hostingCloud and on-premise hosting

5. Wirecast

The Ultimate Onestream Live Alternative For Quality Streaming

onestream software competitors

Wirecast is the next competitor on the list which is for any professional looking to showcase their talents to a wider audience group. 

From giving creators the ability to stream to any destination via RTMP or SRT modes at the same time to ISO recording to multi-viewer capabilities, it is surely a worthy alternative to try.

Well, in addition to all that we discussed above, it also supports a lot by giving automated workflows, social media integration, and access to over 500,000 stock media assets via the portal.

And their audio support for WASAPI, ASIO, and CoreAudio, and the ability to mix up to 8 independent tracks is simply the best. 


They offer two pricing options for creators.

  1. Wirecast Studio that comes at $24.92 per month
  2. Wirecast Pro that can be billed at $33.25 per month

Key Features

  1. Include powerful automation features like hotkeys, playlists
  2. Supports social media integration
  3. Allows viewers to replay, set timers, and check scoreboards

Wirecast Vs Onestream Live Features: What are the differences?

Major Highlights  WirecastOnestream Live
Audience Engagements
Content Management
Social Media Integration
Audience Analytics
Platform SupportWeb, iPhoneWeb, iPhone, Android
CustomersSmall, mid, larger enterprises and freelancersOnly small and midsize businesses

6. Streamlabs

A Reliable Onestream Live Alternative For Enhanced Experiences

onestream reporting

Known to many as completely free software, Streamlabs is yet another alternative that is packed with hordes of live-streaming benefits for vloggers, creators, gamers, and enthusiasts.

Plus, the platform is cloud-based, and hence you may not worry about storage or hosting capacities and can deliver a smooth streaming experience to users. 

And the best part of it is that Streamlabs has a mobile app too.


Streamlabs offers two pricing solutions for creators to elevate their reach and turn their passions to income.

  1. Starter plan that is free always
  2. Ultra plan that is billed at $19 per month

Key Features

  1. Streaming to popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube
  2. Gives customizable widgets to users
  3. Supports integration with the OBS Studio and other software services
  4. Possess live chats and feed overlays
  5. Has alerts and notifications

Streamlabs Vs Onestream Live Features: What are the differences?

Major HighlightsStreamlabs Onestream Live
Activity Dashboard
Audience Engagements
Collaboration Tools
Mobile Access & Distribution
Multimedia Support
Live Chat
Platform SupportWeb onlyWeb, iPhone, Android
CustomersSmall, mid, larger enterprisesOnly small and midsize businesses

Finally, the list is over and did it help you in finding the best alternative from the lot? If you are still haywire and clouded with what best features to look for in a platform, then see below.

What features to look for in the Onestream Live Alternatives?

Below are some of the top features or requirements to add it to your checklist before deciding on the platform.

1. Social media platforms: See whether the right onestream live alternative supports broadcasting to multiple social media platforms or platforms of your choice.

2. Complete customizations: If you see software that gives you the option to personalize your streams, brand your identity, and add logos and graphics, then go ahead with it.

3. Dashboard analytics: This feature is very important to post your video distribution to track the performance of your videos, how you can improve, and where you went wrong. These results can help you achieve goals faster.

4. Forlong Stability: Check for platforms that offer stability and are not prone to any technical issues or defects, thus improving the quality of your stream.

5. Customer support: Imagine you are using a platform and have doubts in the middle or want to learn how to use a feature, in that case, you need a  rep to help you resolve your queries.

Along with these points, make sure you also look for pricing and UI attributes as well.

Final Thoughts

There you go! With the best alternatives to Onestream Live, bet your search in finding the right one for your requirements is met. 

Just remember how much audiences love live streaming as it is filled with joy, the same zest level needs to be throughout your session. And for it to happen, only an ideal live-streaming partner like OnTheFly can do it.

So, if you are interested in learning what more the platform offers, hit the like icon and leave us a comment below, and we will respond to you shortly. 

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