Contus Releases Hd Flv Player 4.0 with 5 Out-Of-The-Box Features for Rich User Experience

HD FLV Player, releases version 4.0 with 5 amazing features recently! Reckoned as one of the best downloaded players with more than 150,000 hits, this player now is added with 5 additional features which will provide the users an unbelievable visual experience. Compared to the last version, the new version promises a lot as the features included now can provide users a complete control over the player, next to enthralling video watch. So, enhancing your websites visual experience is never hard after implementing our HD Flv Player 4.0.

Now, take a look at the features incorporated on this fabulous player.

Streaming Videos –  Pseudostreaming feature:

  • This is an excellent feature which will delight most users. Pseudostreaming feature can help in the process of viewing part of a video which is yet-to be downloaded or on the process of downloading. Upon customer requests, our expert team of developers has added this feature in this new version.

Full control on your player:

  • Compared to the last version, this version promises a complete control over the player. In the previous update, you don’t have any option to change the quality of your videos, addition and removal of a few front-end features like volume control, toggle, progress bar, etc. By now, our new player helps you in customizing your front-end amazingly for better user experience. Also, this feature can help you in the process of changing the positions of recent videos on the side bar to be displayed on the center of video space as well.

Stylish skin with multitude of colors and designs:

  • Compared to last version which comprised multiple skins with a few colors, the new version of HD Flv Player 4.0 comes out with a stylish skin but with multiple color options, you can design and choose from. This is an interesting feature as it can help you customize your skin of player with any color you wish for in no time!

Streaming from video sharing community:

  • The last version of this player was packed with only YouTube sharing community support. However, based on the customer feedbacks, our experts have worked tirelessly to make this player support a few other streaming video sharing communities like Viddler, DailyMotion, next to YouTube. So, by now you can relish a lot of video stuff amazingly.

  Ads to monetize:

  • The new HD Flv Player 4.0 is packed with another exclusive monetizing feature called Interactive Media Ads, which can be initiated and included at the center of the player even when the player is playing videos of any kind.
Impressed over the existing features, eager to learn more? Well, click here to checkout the other interesting features of this player.

Download the player today and start impressing the visitors that cut through your site in no time!

Checkout the live demo here:


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  1. After i look through this blog post. I tried the live demo, visually it impressed me. By the additional video sharing option update helps to target the viewers from the video community peoples. I’m really excited by this features update.

    • HD FLV Player Well, if you are interested in HD FLV player, you can also take a look at the HD Video share module and the themes which we have developed for video portals. Thanks for registering your opinions.


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